IM in Lust


SashaBunny [12:47 A.M.]: *cuddles up with you and nuzzles her head against your chest*

FallenAngel [12:47 A.M.]: *stroking your hair* hi, you

SashaBunny [12:48 A.M.]: hi.

FallenAngel [12:48 A.M.]: you're purty.

SashaBunny [12:48 A.M.]: *blush*

FallenAngel [12:48 A.M.]: *kisses your blush*

SashaBunny [12:48 A.M.]: *grin* you're nice. I like you.

FallenAngel [12:48 A.M.]: yay! You can keep me, if you wanna

FallenAngel [12:49 A.M.]: I don't eat much and I don't mind warming up cold feet.

FallenAngel [12:49 A.M.]: and I'm all about showering together to save water.

FallenAngel [12:49 A.M.]: I can also do delicious things with eggs come breakfast time.

SashaBunny [12:49 A.M.]: oooh

FallenAngel [12:49 A.M.]: if'n you like eggs for brekkers.

SashaBunny [12:50 A.M.]: sounds like you're making me an offer I can't refuse.

FallenAngel [12:50 A.M.]: there is a catch, though.

FallenAngel [12:50 A.M.]: you have to hold my hand in public so I can show you off.

SashaBunny [12:50 A.M.]: k

FallenAngel [12:51 A.M.]: I'll even treat your roommate like an actual person and not just some other female to hit on. Eh? Eh? Respect for your friends? Eh?

SashaBunny [12:51 A.M.]: Aww, you'd do that for me?

FallenAngel [12:52 A.M.]: unless you told me to hit on her because she was feeling lonely or dumped or something. And then, jus' cause you told me to.

SashaBunny [12:52 A.M.]: I don't share very well.

SashaBunny [12:52 A.M.]: and I have a jealous streak.

SashaBunny [12:52 A.M.]: so um

SashaBunny [12:52 A.M.]: probably not.

FallenAngel [12:52 A.M.]: aye. No problems here.

FallenAngel [12:52 A.M.]: I like to be kept.

SashaBunny [12:53 A.M.]: I attribute both things to being an only child.

FallenAngel [12:53 A.M.]: I'm a youngest child. I'll soak up 100% of your attention.

FallenAngel [12:53 A.M.]: I've been wanting to NOT be shared my whole life.

SashaBunny [12:54 A.M.]: *kisses your neck*

FallenAngel [12:54 A.M.]: *shiver*

FallenAngel [12:55 A.M.]: *offers more neck for your sweet kisses*

SashaBunny [12:55 A.M.]: lol

SashaBunny [12:55 A.M.]: don't be greedy.

FallenAngel [12:56 A.M.]: *pout*

FallenAngel [12:56 A.M.]: I want more Sasha.

SashaBunny [12:56 A.M.]: *kisses your cheek* no more pouting mister.

FallenAngel [12:56 A.M.]: yes ma'am

FallenAngel [12:56 A.M.]: *turns to catch your lips before you pull away*

SashaBunny [12:57 A.M.]: *grin* Sneaky, you.

FallenAngel [12:58 A.M.]: I like your kisses. I'm gonna collect them.

SashaBunny [1:00 A.M.]: *nibbles your earlobe and then kisses down your jawline back to your lips* you can collect other things, too.

FallenAngel [1:00 A.M.]: *lost in the sensation of your face against mine*

FallenAngel [1:01 A.M.]: *tracing one fingertip lightly up your spine*

SashaBunny [1:03 A.M.]: mmm. *sighs contentedly*

FallenAngel [1:03 A.M.]: *fingernails scratching lightly back down to your waistline*

SashaBunny [1:03 A.M.]: are you attempting to seduce me? *kisses your cheek*

FallenAngel [1:04 A.M.]: am I succeeding? *absently playing with the soft hair on the back of your neck*

SashaBunny [1:04 A.M.]: *shrugs* I dunno. *grins a little*

FallenAngel [1:05 A.M.]: see now, I'd check, but you got all these clothes in the way... *smirk*

FallenAngel [1:05 A.M.]: that's fine. Half the fun of gifts is unwrapping.

SashaBunny [1:05 A.M.]: Well, as long as you don't mind making a little effort.

FallenAngel [1:06 A.M.]: *half serious look* I'm willing to give more effort than you expect.

FallenAngel [1:06 A.M.]: *fingertips tracing below clothes, over hipbones*

SashaBunny [1:07 A.M.]: *kisses your lips softly* well...that's good then.

FallenAngel [1:07 A.M.]: this, here, is one of my favorite places to nibble. *cupping your hip with my palm*

SashaBunny [1:08 A.M.]: *shivers a little, getting goose bumps* Oh really? That is probably one of the most sensitive places on my body.

FallenAngel [1:08 A.M.]: I promise to be gentle. Right up until I don't want to be gentle any more.

FallenAngel [1:09 A.M.]: *lips against yours, taking in your breath as you exhale*

SashaBunny [1:10 A.M.]: *bite my lip* and what happens when you don't want to be gentle anymore? *fingers softly moving along the skin just below the hemline of your shirt*

FallenAngel [1:11 A.M.]: then you find out just how much effort I'm willing to pun in... *tracing fingertips over your knuckles as your hand caresses me*

FallenAngel [1:11 A.M.]: put... heh. *nuzzles noses*

SashaBunny [1:12 A.M.]: *kisses your lips firmly as I slide my hand further up your tummy* Oh. It all seems to be very beneficial to me no matter what.

FallenAngel [1:12 A.M.]: *deep shiver*

FallenAngel [1:13 A.M.]: *squeezing your body firm against mine, turning to face you*

SashaBunny [1:14 A.M.]: *stares into your eyes and gives you a half smile*

FallenAngel [1:14 A.M.]: *lightly traces your smile with the tip of my tongue*

FallenAngel [1:15 A.M.]: *hand on your waist, pulls your hips tight against mine* I want you to feel me.

SashaBunny [1:16 A.M.]: *pushes my hips against yours just the slightest bit and bites my lip a little* I like that idea.

FallenAngel [1:17 A.M.]: *clutches your clothes tightly in my fist, kissing you deeply*

FallenAngel [1:17 A.M.]: there isn't a part of you that doesn't feel good to me.

SashaBunny [1:19 A.M.]: I can safely say the same. *presses my lips hard to yours again before pushing my hips into yours more firmly*

FallenAngel [1:19 A.M.]: *rolls you onto your back, my weight now between your legs*

FallenAngel [1:20 A.M.]: *kisses your neck warmly, and blows gently against the moisture for a chill*

SashaBunny [1:21 A.M.]: *moans softly* okay, so the seduction worked. *grins a little*

FallenAngel [1:21 A.M.]: *my weight still firm against you, I slither down until my mouth is at your ribs*

FallenAngel [1:21 A.M.]: I could make a feast out of you.

SashaBunny [1:22 A.M.]: *sliding my hands through your hair down to your shoulders* I bet you could.

FallenAngel [1:23 A.M.]: *savoring the heat between your legs against my stomach, licking and nibbling each rib on my way up to your chest*

FallenAngel [1:23 A.M.]: I think this will be my first course.

FallenAngel [1:24 A.M.]: *my mouth close to your breast, exhaling firmly so that you can feel my hot breath against you*

SashaBunny [1:26 A.M.]: *blushes a little* Oh my. Only the first course? *heart beating faster*

FallenAngel [1:26 A.M.]: *lips against your upper chest, keeping still so that I might feel your heartbeat*

FallenAngel [1:27 A.M.]: *hands deliberately freeing your chest of any clothes, so that I may savor you at my will*

FallenAngel [1:28 A.M.]: *pulls head back for a moment or two of admiration* god damn, I love looking at you.

SashaBunny [1:28 A.M.]: *blushes deeply this time, fighting the urge to cover up* Heh. You're sweet.

FallenAngel [1:29 A.M.]: and you're delicious. *lowers my mouth to resume kissing your breast, in a slow spiral until I reach the center*

SashaBunny [1:30 A.M.]: *gasps, arching up to your mouth*

FallenAngel [1:30 A.M.]: *taking you in with my tongue, and rolling you around firmly, giving hints of what will lie in store when my mouth is focused elsewhere*

SashaBunny [1:31 A.M.]: *hands sliding up and down your shoulders, grasping them tightly*

FallenAngel [1:32 A.M.]: *arching my back against you, pressing firmly between your legs*

FallenAngel [1:32 A.M.]: *my fingertips paintbrush your ribs, as I start kissing down the center of your stomach*

FallenAngel [1:33 A.M.]: (you're good. I like you.)

SashaBunny [1:34 A.M.]: *hips pushing up against you, hands clutching your shoulders trying to pull you up for a kiss*

FallenAngel [1:34 A.M.]: *deliberately and slowly dragging my body up yours, never breaking contact*

FallenAngel [1:35 A.M.]: kiss me as hard as you want me.

SashaBunny [1:36 A.M.]: *hands on the back of your head and neck, pulling your face to mine, opening my mouth to yours and kissing you deliberately and passionately*

FallenAngel [1:36 A.M.]: *slowly grinding my hips against yours at the same pace as my tongue*

SashaBunny [1:37 A.M.]: *moaning into our kiss, hands sliding down your back, hips pressing back against yours just to get that little bit of extra friction between our bodies*

FallenAngel [1:38 A.M.]: Sasha, I want to be inside of you.

FallenAngel [1:38 A.M.]: Let me know which part of me you'd like there first.

FallenAngel [1:38 A.M.]: because I'll happily explore your body with any part of mine you choose.

SashaBunny [1:38 A.M.]: *blushes, pondering the possibilities*

FallenAngel [1:39 A.M.]: *soft kisses against your cheek, waiting for your prompt*

SashaBunny [1:39 A.M.]: *blushes deeply* Maybe your fingers first? *looking into your eyes*

FallenAngel [1:40 A.M.]: *shivers dancing up my spine* as you wish...

SashaBunny [1:40 A.M.]: *giggles* should I start calling you Wessley?

FallenAngel [1:41 A.M.]: hahahaha *pokes your nose* dork.

FallenAngel [1:41 A.M.]: *one arm behind your neck, laying at your side... my free hand brushes your cheek with the back of my fingers...*

FallenAngel [1:42 A.M.]: *caressing slowly down your neck to your chest*

SashaBunny [1:42 A.M.]: *leans up and captures your lips in a kiss, hand caressing your face*

FallenAngel [1:43 A.M.]: *my eyes closed as we kiss, I take your breast into my hand, stroking softly and arousing you*

SashaBunny [1:44 A.M.]: *whimpers softly into our kiss, distracted by your hand*

FallenAngel [1:45 A.M.]: *fingernails trace down your ribs to your stomach, pausing to circle your navel*

SashaBunny [1:46 A.M.]: *kissing down your cheek and jawline to your neck*

FallenAngel [1:46 A.M.]: *traces a heart shape around your navel, grinning deviously at you*

SashaBunny [1:46 A.M.]: *grin*

FallenAngel [1:47 A.M.]: *my palm flat on your stomach, my hand slides further south, breaking the boundary of clothing*

FallenAngel [1:47 A.M.]: *my grin widens as I start to feel your heat envelop my fingertips*

SashaBunny [1:48 A.M.]: *my breathing is becoming more shallow as I pepper your neck with kisses*

FallenAngel [1:49 A.M.]: *guides your mouth to mine, smiling softly as I feel the texture underneath my fingertips change from smooth, to rough, to... wet*

SashaBunny [1:50 A.M.]: *moaning deeply, canting my hips up immediately to meet your fingers*

FallenAngel [1:50 A.M.]: *catching your moisture on my fingertips, and spreading it evenly over you in slow circles, playfully avoiding the most sensitive spots*

SashaBunny [1:52 A.M.]: *eyes closed, jaw clenched, breathing heavily, hands finding your back, sliding them underneath your shirt caressing your warm skin*

FallenAngel [1:52 A.M.]: *pulling my head back to watch your face, as I dip one finger barely into you...*

SashaBunny [1:53 A.M.]: Oh...*my hips pushing up immediately to meet you*

FallenAngel [1:53 A.M.]: *mischievously withdrawing it, so that I may suck your taste off into my mouth*

SashaBunny [1:54 A.M.]: *whimpering softly, opening up my eyes and looking at you* Mean. *pouting playfully*

FallenAngel [1:54 A.M.]: *kissing your pout* patience, sweety

FallenAngel [1:55 A.M.]: *I free your lower body of any remaining clothing, unbroken stare between your thighs

FallenAngel [1:55 A.M.]: *

SashaBunny [1:56 A.M.]: *blushes instinctively closing my legs, burying my face into your neck*

FallenAngel [1:56 A.M.]: *ensnaring your closer leg between my own legs, softly guiding your far leg to reveal you fully.*

SashaBunny [1:57 A.M.]: *bites your earlobe and kisses your cheek*

FallenAngel [1:58 A.M.]: *pulls up the covers over the both of us, to keep us feeling safe, warm, and... Wet, of course*

SashaBunny [1:58 A.M.]: *whispering into your ear* you know, you've got too many clothes on.

FallenAngel [1:59 A.M.]: *soft smile, as I pull my shirt off over my head* better?

SashaBunny [2:00 A.M.]: *shakes my head* Nope. Pants off too.

FallenAngel [2:00 A.M.]: *smirk* greedy.

FallenAngel [2:00 A.M.]: this is my time to savor YOU.

SashaBunny [2:00 A.M.]: You still can.

SashaBunny [2:00 A.M.]: but. I can savor me in your boxers, right?

SashaBunny [2:00 A.M.]: *grins a little*

FallenAngel [2:01 A.M.]: hahaha.

FallenAngel [2:01 A.M.]: indeed.

FallenAngel [2:01 A.M.]: *grumbling, I shuffle my pants down and off, and resnare your leg between mine*

SashaBunny [2:01 A.M.]: *turns to you and kisses you deeply* Thank you.

FallenAngel [2:02 A.M.]: *savoring the taste of your sweet kiss* save your thanks... you'll need them later.

SashaBunny [2:02 A.M.]: Haha.

SashaBunny [2:02 A.M.]: Very well.

FallenAngel [2:03 A.M.]: *fingertips caressing down your stomach in lazy s-shapes, down to your hip closest to me...*

FallenAngel [2:03 A.M.]: this is for me, though, while I wait... *I pull myself out the front of my boxers, laying my hard skin against you*

FallenAngel [2:03 A.M.]: I just need to feel you against me.

SashaBunny [2:04 A.M.]: *moans softly, hand grasping at your back just a little more tightly*

FallenAngel [2:05 A.M.]: *gently parting your legs with my free hand, and tracing down the inner thigh of your far leg, following your heat inwards*

FallenAngel [2:06 A.M.]: *my fingertips trace lightly over soft pink skin, catching and smearing a little moisture*

SashaBunny [2:06 A.M.]: *my hand curling against your back in a fist, and then relaxing again, taking in a deep breath*

FallenAngel [2:07 A.M.]: *laughing softly to myself, I dip one finger into you, shallow*

FallenAngel [2:08 A.M.]: *rotating softly in circles, caressing you just barely inside over your full circumference*

SashaBunny [2:08 A.M.]: *leaning my head back, closing my eyes, hand idly sliding up and down your back, the other laying at my side*

FallenAngel [2:09 A.M.]: *my fingertip soaked with your moisture, I pull out slowly, and trace upwards over your outer skin, barely parting your lips...*

FallenAngel [2:10 A.M.]: *...and, as lightly as a person can touch or FEEL touch, I graze the outside of your clitoris...*

SashaBunny [2:11 A.M.]: *gasps softly, body tensing* Oh...*biting my lower lip, attempting to keep some semblance of control*

FallenAngel [2:11 A.M.]: *softly, and arrythymically, I lightly tap against it, listening for changes in your breathing and moaning*

FallenAngel [2:12 A.M.]: *and, pressing down with slightly firm fingertips, I start to slowly slide over it in little circles*

SashaBunny [2:13 A.M.]: *my hips jerking upwards, breathing speeding up* God...*hand sliding up your back, grasping tightly*

FallenAngel [2:13 A.M.]: *meeting your mouth with my own, my tongue caressing yours with the same pace as I am stroking you below*

FallenAngel [2:14 A.M.]: *flat palmed, I slide my hand downwards, curling a finger such that it penetrates you, shallow*

SashaBunny [2:16 A.M.]: *moans quietly into the kiss, then beginning to kiss you with fervor, nails grazing gently over the skin of your back, hips pushing upwards*

FallenAngel [2:17 A.M.]: *at an excruciatingly slow pace, I slide further inside of you*

FallenAngel [2:17 A.M.]: *after several sweet seconds, I am penetrating you as fully as our position allows...*

SashaBunny [2:18 A.M.]: *breaking the kiss, and breathing deeply for a moment before letting out a low moan, fingertips curling against your back* Oh god...

FallenAngel [2:19 A.M.]: *feeling your inner moisture coat my finger, I softly explore you on the inside, smiling as I feel your inner texture pass over the surface of my fingertip*

FallenAngel [2:21 A.M.]: *withdrawing slowly, I collect any dripping moisture on my fingers, and suck the taste off*

FallenAngel [2:21 A.M.]: would you like more of this, or maybe something else? *grin*

SashaBunny [2:23 A.M.]: *glares at you momentarily* you are such a tease. *turning towards you, sliding a finger down your chest and stomach, and then sliding my finger up your length* what do you want to do? I made the first choice.

FallenAngel [2:24 A.M.]: *mind awash with ideas* I know how I want this to END, that's for certain. The path THERE, however... I'd happily spend all night learning you, inside and out.

FallenAngel [2:24 A.M.]...that being said, though...

FallenAngel [2:25 A.M.]: *freeing your leg from my own, I shift my weight over and on top of you*

FallenAngel [2:26 A.M.]: I've tasted you and felt your heat. I need to be inside you or I am just going to die.

SashaBunny [2:26 A.M.]: *reaches a hand down and strokes your length* Oh really? Well, I wouldn't want to kill anyone. *grins a little*

FallenAngel [2:28 A.M.]: *reaching down, and taking your hand into my own... your wrists in either one of my hands, I press them over your head against the mattress*

SashaBunny [2:29 A.M.]: *staring directly into your eyes, as I lift my hips just the slightest to feel contact with you*

FallenAngel [2:29 A.M.]: *meeting your contact, I allow my tip to trace the path up your soft skin familiar to my fingertips

FallenAngel [2:29 A.M.]: *

FallenAngel [2:30 A.M.]: *arching my back, to slide the same path downward*

FallenAngel [2:31 A.M.]: *my forehead against yours, mouths close enough for a kiss but not kissing, I push my hips forward just far enough for you to feel me part you slightly*

SashaBunny [2:32 A.M.]: *glances down between us, and then up into your eyes, licking my lips in anticipation*

FallenAngel [2:33 A.M.]: *swirling my hips, penetrating you just barely more with each slow rotation...*

FallenAngel [2:33 A.M.]: *...I pull out entirely and grin at you like a bastard*

SashaBunny [2:33 A.M.]: *pouts again, pushing my hips up to find you*

SashaBunny [2:34 A.M.]: You're really mean.

FallenAngel [2:34 A.M.]: *playfully pulling backwards, nibbling at your neck as you struggle beneath me* yup.

SashaBunny [2:35 A.M.]: There will be retribution, you realize this, yes?

FallenAngel [2:35 A.M.]: *taking both of your wrists into one hand, my free hand cups your shoulder blade, as I ravenously pull your breast back to my mouth*

FallenAngel [2:35 A.M.]: I'm not afraid of your retribution.

FallenAngel [2:36 A.M.]: the only real torture would be to not see or touch you at all.

FallenAngel [2:36 A.M.]: I can tell I could become quite addicted to you.

SashaBunny [2:37 A.M.]: Well, you better watch it, or maybe there will be severe retribution...*my words lose their conviction as you pull me closer to you*

FallenAngel [2:38 A.M.]: *whispering, my hips moving forward, parting you slightly again* I hope the punishment is thorough.

FallenAngel [2:39 A.M.]: *I free your wrists, sliding one arm behind your head, and cupping your hip with my free hand...*

FallenAngel [2:39 A.M.]: *...I pull myself fully into you*

FallenAngel [2:39 A.M.]: *every breath of air leaving my body as I penetrate you*

SashaBunny [2:40 A.M.]: Oh my god...*quickly grasps your back legs tightening around you, eyes closing for an instant to enjoy the sensation*

FallenAngel [2:40 A.M.]: *overwhelmed by your heat, I collapse my full weight on top of you, hoping my wits return quickly, if ever...*

SashaBunny [2:42 A.M.]: *kissing and nipping at your neck, hands sliding firmly down your back, legs wrapping around you, and gently squeezing you with my kegels*

FallenAngel [2:42 A.M.]: *deep shivers*

FallenAngel [2:42 A.M.]: *grinning like a spoiled child, I hug you tight and pepper you with cheek kisses and nose nuzzles*

FallenAngel [2:43 A.M.]: *evolving into a deep kiss, I slide myself out slowly...*

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