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I'm Not Bad, You Just Drawn Me That


A/N: Hey everyone, what's up? I've noticed that there weren't a lot of sexy Jessica Rabbit lemons on Literotica (I can be wrong though,) so I've decided to make one. It's also my first story, so enjoy!

Oh yeah, and to say this for the record, I don't own Jessica Rabbit. However, if I did, I'd be the luckiest guy on Earth, let me tell you......

Okay, enough of all that mumbo jumbo, let's get on with this!!!


It was a beautiful summer day. My parents were out of town for a couple of days, and I was left in charge of the house, which was one of my favorite occasions, which was due to the fact that I was completely alone, no one to bother me, no one to tell me what to do for a couple of days. It truly was paradise.

I was in my room, simply bored. Sure, I could've gone outside, but there was nothing to do out there. I could've gone to the local pool, but I knew that it'll be packed, and thus there wouldn't have been enough room for me to swim. And besides, there's not much to do in a pool anyway.

I sat on my bed, simply wondering what to do. I stared at the ceiling, and suddenly my thoughts strayed off of what to do to another object of interest-girls. I didn't have a girlfriend, simply because of the fact that I was too shy to talk to one. I've seen a couple of girls during my last couple of days at college before summer vacation, wearing those sexy summer clothes like those short skirts and tank tops......I snuck a couple of glimpses every now and then at them, and I suddenly felt myself get hard seemingly at every glimpse.

I suddenly felt my hand rub my now stimulated rod, ready to release its load. I spread my legs and pulled down my shorts and underwear, and began to slowly stroke it, focusing on those sexy girls.......however I couldn't work up enough energy to do it.

I tried to find another source of stimulation, when I reluctantly gave up, and just flopped down in front of the TV set. I started to flip in between channels, and finally I flipped to who Framed Roger Rabbit. Seeing as there was nothing else to watch, I started to watch the movie.

And that's when I saw her......

As I watched her scenes, I began to stroke, and successfully came to that sexy creature of a cartoon woman.

I was still watching the movie when it ended. Suddenly I felt horny again, and I began to stroke again, trying to focus on that sexy cartoon vixen, her curves, her breasts, and that voice of hers! I swear to god that voice was sexier than the combined voices of all the girls I had a crush on in college. Also that name...Jessica......Jessica Rabbit......

However, I was unsuccessful, and that started to frustrate me. Here I was, horny as hell, single and home alone, and trying to stroke to a sexy fictional vixen of a woman......when a sudden idea popped into my head. I went back into my room, grabbed a clean sheet of drawing paper, a sharp pencil, and set to work. I started to draw the curvy frame, the sexy features, and the alluring breasts of the object of my mindless lustful desire: Jessica Rabbit.

A couple of hours passed when I finally finished my drawing of her, colored in from memory, and her wardrobe modified to my tastes; a short skirt that showed off her long legs, and a bikini top that revealed her sexy breasts. I stared at my newly drawn vixen, and I began to stroke to it, when I felt a strange feeling....as if I was being pulled by a mysterious magnetic force....and that force was coming from the paper.....wait...did I just say...THE PAPER?!

I tried to move away from it, but the force kept getting stronger and stronger, and suddenly I went, feet first, INTO THE DRAWING!!!!!

I know, it's weird, right?

Anyway, I woke up, and I found myself...yep, you guessed it, inside the drawing. However, when I looked around, i wasn't on a sheet of white paper....I was inside someone's room! When I looked around, I saw a magnificent bed with an elegant red canopy topping it, and a dresser with golden framed mirror that gleamed. This room definitely belonged to a female....and that female was sitting there on the bed, staring at me with those sexy alluring eyes......

"Welcome, my love," she began, with that angelic voice.

"Um....H-hi," I stammered back, choked up.

However, she just giggled at my reply, and smiled provocatively at me. "Hmm....cute." was all she said, shifting her position in such a way that it made my mind drool.

"Um....excuse me?" I stammered again.

Again she giggled. "I said that you're pretty cute, love."

Upon hearing those words, my heart skipped a couple of beats, not to mention that I felt hard again.

However, she must have sensed my excitement, because she got off the bed, and walked up to me, her curvy hips swaying with every step she took towards me. When she did get close to me, she took me by the hand, and guided me back to the bed.

I suddenly felt my hardness painfully increase, and I knew that she wanted it that way, and she was getting it by these seemingly innocent gestures.....

We sat there on the bed, and I felt her gloved hands run down my clothed chest. I closed my eyes and felt a soft moan escape my lips.

"Mmm, enjoying it are we, my sweet?" she whispered in my ear, her breath playing around my ear canal as she rubbed my chest slowly and more and more sexily.

A moan was all I could muster as I pulled my shirt off of my body, allowing her to now explore my now exposed chest.

"Mmm.....so soft...so muscular....." I could hear her seductive voice say. And I could've sworn that I wasn't at all that muscular. However, I dismissed that thought and began to enjoy her soft sexy touch more and more with each passing minute.

Then she decided to make a beeline for my shorts. I heard the zipper unzip, and felt the shorts sliding down my legs. Then I felt my underwear slide down as well, my hard rod now exposed, and my mind going a mile a minute.

"Mmm," she moaned when she saw it, her tongue licking her lips in a sexy kind of way. Then, what she done after that gave me a feeling that I wasn't expecting.

"Mmmmmmm...god......" I moaned out as I felt her angelic lips cover my entire rod. Like I said before, I can't describe what I was feeling. All I know is that it felt heavenly.

As she began to lightly increase suction on my hard rod, I began to moan out her name. The more I moaned it, the more that the suction she had on me seemed to increase.

Finally, I felt it coming as she began to bob her head faster and faster. "OH GOD YESSSSSS!!!!!!!!! JESSICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!" I screamed out as I felt my cum surge out of my rod, and into her mouth, her mouth now sucking at it greedily as I felt my orgasm fade out.

Still feeling pleasure from her awesome blowjob, I pulled out of her mouth, and I began to lay her on the bed. "My turn now, my sweet sexy Jessica" I whispered in her ear. A sexy moan was all I got as an answer.

I began to undo her bikini top, revealing her magnificent breasts. "Mmm, you like what you see, sugar?" she asked in that sexy seductive voice. In response I flicked, licked, and fondled them for a bit, making her moan and giggle at the same time. "Hmm, ticklish, are we?" I asked her. "Mmm, yes" was her moaned answer.

I then began to put my still hard cock between her sexy tits, and began to thrust it back and forth between them, both of us moaning in absolute pleasure.

A couple of minutes into it, I began to pick up the pace and thrust even faster between them, Jessica licking my head every time it came up. Finally...


Again, I felt my orgasm erupt, all over those magnificent tits, between them, and even some got on her face. She still looked sexy as hell, and I still wasn't done with her yet.

I pulled out of her cleavage, and I began to kiss her lips passionately, moaning about how fucking hot she was in her mouth, her responding with some moans of her own.

Then, the time came. I began to gently lift up her skirt, and sure enough, her sexy bright white panties were soaked. I smiled and licked my lips. I knew that this was going to be one sexy pussy that my prick is going to enjoy fucking.

I slid her skirt down her legs, which made her spread them wide, and I began to shift her panties to one side, exposing her other lips, dripping wet with her sweet honey. I lowered myself to that spot, and I began to lick her wet, sweet flower.

The response was a moan, followed by a couple of obscenities, and her moaning at me to lick her pussy and make her cum all over my face. I took that as my spur to continue licking at her swollen pussy, picking up my pace, making her moans turn into screams, followed by more obscenities, and finally, that one phrase that I so wanted to hear..."SHIT!!!!!!!!!!OH FUCK I'M CUMMMMMINNNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!"

And with that, I felt her juices wash over my tongue......and let me tell you, it tasted heavenly, just like honey.

I raised myself from that spot, and I kissed her again, letting her taste her sweet juices, mixed with my saliva. We both moaned, at how passionate we were, and how good this concoction tasted.

Then, the true time had come. I slid her dripping wet panties down her legs, and saw her fully shaved, smooth, and fucking sexy as hell pussy, still dripping wet.

I began to gently insert my hard prick inside that sexy wet flower. However, something was bothering me, and I stopped in mid-insertion.

"What's the matter, sugar?" she asked, sitting up.

"Um..... I never done this before"I began nervously. "Are you sure you want this?"

She leaned over and kissed my cheek gently. "Sugar, I'm a cartoon. Cartoons don't have virginity. It'll be OK." She added, gently stroking my cheek now.

Upon hearing that, I smiled mischievously. "Hmmm, good then," I said, kissing her cheek back.

"Mmm, glad to hear it, love. Now don't keep me waiting."

She spread her legs wide, and I began to insert my hard cock inside her, my heart pounding fast, both with excitement and passion. I couldn't believe that I was going to fuck a sexy cartoon character. Sure, I've had dreams where I was fucking a sexy Anime or videogame character, but actually fucking a cartoon character? I must've died and gone to heaven!!!

We both moaned as my cock entered her. Her pussy felt so perfect; just the right tightness, along with the right amount of slipperiness. In a nutshell, her pussy was heaven for my hard prick.

I began to thrust at a steady hard rhythm inside her as she moaned out how good it felt. "Oh, sugar, oh yesssss, fuck me baby, mmmmm yes fuck me hard" was all I could hear, and that spurred me onwards, me thrusting inside her, and her thrusting from below, helping me out with achieving orgasm.

Finally, after several minutes of thrusting and moaning, it happened...



The resulting orgasm both knocked the wind out of both of us....It just felt so good as we kept thrusting until we couldn't thrust anymore......

I pulled out of her, and struggled to lie next to her, and to hold her in my arms...

"Wow....Jessica...." I panted, exhausted from our little fuck fest, and starting to feel the sleepy after-effects of it, like a cool down after a long jog. "Looks like being a bad girl....isn't your only strong suit...."

"Mmm.....I'm not bad, sugar," she began to murmur back, "You just...drawn me that way......" she finished, holding me in her arms.

We both kissed for a couple of minutes, just lip-locked to each other, feeling our tongues just dancing with one another, until we both fell asleep, just snuggled in each other's arms.....

A couple of hours later, I woke up. However, I didn't wake up next to my sexy little cartoon fuck doll....I woke up in my room.

I looked around my room, and I found a note, sitting on my night stand. The note read:

Hey sugar,

Did you enjoy our little alone time? I know you did, and I did too.

Listen honey, I would like for you to not do anything to damage this drawing. I would really like it if you could preserve it anyway you can.

Also....if you want to see me again, just talk to this drawing, and I'll let you in. Just make sure that you're alone first!!!

Until then love.......

Your sweet sexy Jessica Rabbit

A smile spread across my lips as I read this note. Then, an idea came to mind.

I went into my closet, and pulled out a laminate sheet. Then I cut it to the exact size of my drawing, placed it in there, and then I sealed the two ends of the laminate shut, making sure that no air can get at it. After that, I smiled to myself as I looked at my handiwork. However, something caught my eye when I looked at my drawing. Jessica wasn't wearing the same wardrobe I drawn on her; she was wearing the outfit I saw her in when I was watching the movie. However, I didn't mind. She was mine, and that was that.

As I gazed at this glorious creation, I heard the phone ring. I dashed to it, and picked it up. "Hello?" I greeted.

"Yeah, son?" It was my mom's voice.


"Dad and I are going to be here for a couple more weeks. It seems that this is going to take a little longer than we talked about. Is that OK?"

I smiled to myself. It was a dream come true. "Sure," I replied.

"OK son, just take it easy now, and enjoy yourself. You deserve it for being on the Dean's list."

"Ok and thank you. Bye."


I hung up, and returned to my room, feeling happier than before. And I knew just the perfect way to celebrate.

I picked up my drawing, and whispered to it, "Want to go for round two, love?"

And just like that, I was sucked into the drawing, and back into Jessica's room. This time she was wearing a black lace camisole, and lying on her bed, her legs spread out and giving me a broad view of her sexy red thong.

"Mmm, that sounds good sugar." she said, in that seductive voice as I lay there with her. It was going to be a good week, for both of us......


A/N: Well, there you go!! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making it!!!

And also, to all the guys that are reading this, feel free to stroke to it, I know I did when I was typing this!!! Jessica is sexy as hell, that's for sure!!!!

Also, Please Make Sure To Read and Review!!!

See you around!!!


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