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I'm Only Sleeping


Life can be quite predictable, for short periods of time. Every so often, something happens that you never expected, or anticipated. I never dared dream I'd be eating Annie's pussy, and certainly not with my wife's blessing.

A little over a week ago, I noticed that Brenda came home from work somewhat distraught. I asked her if anything was bothering her. She assured me that everything was fine. I knew it wasn't, but Brenda would eventually tell me what was wrong.

When I first brought Brenda home to meet the family those many years ago, my folks thought I was letting my little head do my thinking. She was, and still is, a beautiful woman. To say she was unsophisticated would be putting it mildly. Her father was a mechanic, and a real good one. Her mother was a cashier at a local retail store.

I had been drawn to Brenda because of her beauty and her figure. I was twenty one and she was nineteen. It didn't take me long to determine that Brenda was quite uncomplicated. She had struggled to get through high school, mostly because she had difficulty reading. Her vocabulary was somewhat limited and her math skills almost nonexistent.

How hard would it be for a suave college stud like me to get into her pants? I allowed myself three dates to seduce Brenda. I knew that she would be no match for my charm, wit, and experience. A year later, I was still working on that same goal!

I don't know when I finally realized what I was up against. It had just crept up on me. I had fallen in love with Brenda. Her family was a close-knit, loving group. They weren't rocket scientists but they all worked hard, were extremely honest, and fiercely loyal to each other.

Brenda had been taught by her folks to avoid casual sex and she did. It was simple for her. She didn't spend time worrying about what others would say or think. She always did what she felt was right; what she had been taught.

I gradually realized that Brenda's family was an exceptional group and not the bunch of halfwits I had initially assumed. I fell in love, pretty much with the whole damn family! I didn't need to brag, bluster, lie, or make excuses with them. They accepted me, and they seemed to genuinely like me.

My parents weren't as easily convinced that Brenda would make a good life partner. Somehow, they had envisioned me with a woman of so-called class and breeding. I was their fair-haired boy and could have my choice of successful women. A lawyer or doctor with wealthy parents would have been appropriate for me, at least in their minds.

Their thinly veiled insults never fazed Brenda. At the time, I wasn't sure if Brenda failed to catch their meaning, or if she simply refused to take the bait. I had more than a few arguments with my parents and my older sister over their treatment of Brenda.

By the time Brenda and I were married, my family seemed less opposed to our union. By our fifth wedding anniversary, we had had two children. My parents appeared to love Brenda far more then they did me, or so it seemed to me. I couldn't blame them, either. When Brenda became part of my family, she embraced my relatives with the same loyalty and honesty as she did her own. She showed all of us the real meaning of class.

After twenty-two years of marriage, I still marvel at my good fortune. Brenda could not have been a better mother or wife. Her dedication to our kids, and to me, was inspirational. It made me constantly strive to be improve as a father and husband. Over the years, Brenda helped my mother through a couple of difficult medical problems. My dad always lit up when Brenda was near. I had hit the mother lode!

Brenda never told me what was bothering her that night. I did notice that she was extremely amorous when we went to bed. She wasn't aggressive so much as she was insistent. She wanted to give me as much pleasure as she possibly could, and that girl could deliver the goods!

I probably wouldn't have thought about it so much, except it continued every night. Brenda had always been passionate and loving. Now she was smokin'!

I began to worry after three nights of rigorous sex that she was having an affair, as difficult as that was to believe. Many times I had heard that a cheating wife will try to soothe her conscience by screwing her husband to death. Married men should always be wary if the wife suddenly wants a lot of sex, and especially if they want it in new and different ways.

I pressed Brenda a little about her feelings about me. She had never lied to me in our entire marriage, to the best of my knowledge. In fact, I had never heard her lie to anyone, not even telemarketers and salesmen. She kept telling me she was fine, and she just wanted me to know how much she loved me.

"If you could do anything you wanted, what would it be, Jeff?" she asked me one evening after an arduous bout of love making. "If we won the lottery or something, what would you do?"

"Brenda, I did win the lottery when you agreed to marry me," I laughed. "I am a very contented man. Our kids are doing well in their careers. We have each other and now you're screwing me to death. What more could I want?"

"Am I too demanding on you, sexually, Jeff?" worried Brenda with surprising emotion. "Are you feeling weak, or tired?"

"Well, yeah! It's a damn good feeling, though," I admitted as I kissed Brenda's beautiful breasts. "It's great exercise and I'm getting more stamina every day, sweetheart. Don't let up. I'm not crying "Uncle" yet!"

"Okay, but don't say I didn't give you a chance to rest," chided Brenda. "You don't have any secret wishes or dreams that you can think of, Jeff? Wouldn't you like to play golf in the Masters or something?"

"Brenda, I'd love to win all four majors five years in a row, but I may as well wish for wings and a twelve inch dick," I chuckled. "You have to work years to get good enough to even qualify. For that you have to start when you're very young. Then you need more talent that almost anyone else on the planet. That simply isn't a possibility, but thanks for suggesting it."

"Would you like to travel someplace exotic, Jeff?" asked Brenda. "Maybe you'd like to see Europe or Australia! I could check into getting tickets and we could leave right away."

"Where is this coming from, Brenda?" I questioned gently. "You've never told me you wanted to do that. Is that what this is? Do you want to travel someplace, so you're asking me if I want to do it? If you'd like to do that, we'll save up and make plans, Sweetheart. That isn't something you do on the spur of the moment. Maybe we could plan on doing that for our twenty-fifth anniversary."

For some reason, Brenda jumped out of bed and ran into the bathroom. I could hear her sobbing. She was in there for ten minutes before she finally blew her nose and came back to bed.

"What did I say, Darling?" I asked Brenda softly. "If it means a lot to you, we'll go right away. You've been a wonderful mother and wife and I would do anything for you. I don't think you've ever even asked for anything for yourself before. Now I feel like a heel."

"I don't care about any trip, Jeff! I was just thinking how hard you've worked to take care of your family all these years and how it would be nice to reward you for everything," confessed Brenda.

"You have rewarded me every day of our marriage," I whispered as I held her to my chest. "You have been such a good wife and mom that I always wanted the best for you, and the kids. I was happy to be able to provide for you. That was my duty as your husband and as the kids' father."

"So you're happy, Jeff? Have I been a good lover for you? Are you happy with our sex life?" she questioned me.

"My Gawd!" I groaned. "I don't think I could stand it if you were any more amorous! You are incredible, Darling."

The next night, Brenda's younger sister, Annie, stopped in to visit. She had married a man twelve years her senior and he had died from a massive heart attack a couple years back. She was a younger version of Brenda. She had a wonderful figure and total devotion to her family.

As usual, I flirted shamelessly with her. We had been doing that since Brenda had first taken me home to meet her family. Nothing had ever come of it and I never tried to take it any farther. Brenda and Annie were very close and they would sooner walk on hot coals than betray each other. That was one reason I was so comfortable flirting with Annie. I knew she wouldn't some day show up on my doorstep insisting I run off with her.

"You want to have sex with Annie, don't you, Jeff?" blurted Brenda suddenly as Annie and I were engaged in a little sexual banter after finishing several drinks. "You act like you're joking, but she really turns you on, doesn't she?"

How should a man answer that question? I didn't want to lie, or hurt Annie's feelings. I sure didn't want to tell my wife that her sister really turned me on. I decided that the best course of action was to change the subject.

"If it doesn't rain pretty soon, I'll have to start watering the lawn," I announced. "I'd better go make sure there's enough hose in the garage to cover the whole yard."

I was half way to the garage door when Brenda stopped me in my tracks.

"Jeff! Get back here!" she insisted. "I asked you a question. I'm not upset, Darling. It's just that it finally sunk in my head how much you lust for Annie. I don't blame you. What man wouldn't want a woman as sexy as Annie?"

"Brenda, I have never even come close to cheating on you with Annie, or anyone else. Ask Annie! Sure, I think she's a beauty, but you're my girl and all I need," I replied smoothly, or so I thought. "Don't make more out of a little flirting than it is. If it'll make you feel better, I won't do it anymore."

My stomach began to churn. I seldom had stomach problems, but the drinks and Brenda's accusation made me queasy. That's when I thought of the Dramamine. I had started taking it to settle my stomach when I went on a deep sea fishing trip a few years ago with some buddies. It worked great, so I kept it around for those times when my stomach tried to revolt. The only side effect was that I couldn't drive after taking it because it always made me groggy.

Brenda seemed flustered and nervous, as well. Her behavior had been odd for several days and this was the strangest I'd ever seen her act.

"Annie, would you step into the kitchen with me?" asked Brenda to her sister. "Jeff, we'll be back in a few minutes."

The two of them left the room. My stomach was still reacting to my nerves so I hustled into the bathroom and downed a couple Dramamine. I was sitting on the sofa when Brenda and Annie returned to the living room.

"Jeff, Annie has been telling me lately how lonely she's been since Steve died. I think it would be very nice of you to take her to bed and make love to her," concluded Brenda.

I almost soiled my pants right there on the couch! Annie was blushing and fidgeting with her feet as she looked at the floor. The whole thing was surreal.

"Brenda! What's wrong?" I demanded. "Are you okay? You've been behaving oddly for several days and now it's getting downright weird! Annie is an extremely attractive woman and is very capable of finding male companionship. You don't need to force me on her."

"Forcing?" demanded Brenda. "She's had the hots for you for years. I'd rather see her problem solved by a man that respects and loves her than some stranger. I know you love her, like a sister, at least. I don't think this is asking too much of you. Tell him what you told me, Annie."

"I, well, I have been alone for a couple years Jeff and if Brenda doesn't mind, I would appreciate it if you would take me to bed," responded Annie while her gaze never left the floor. "It would be a one time thing. Would you do it for me tonight, please?"

It was obvious to me that something was going on. This was so out of character for Brenda and Annie that I briefly considered that they had been doing coke or smoking crack. I had just enough of a buzz on to have trouble reaching a logical reason for their actions. Annie was a very desirable woman, but I had never cheated on Brenda and didn't think it would be a good time to start.

"Annie, if I was going to sleep with a woman other than Brenda, you'd be my first choice," I admitted. "That said, I don't believe that you two women really want this. There's something else going on. What is it?"

"Damn it, Jeff! Don't make my poor sister beg for it!" exclaimed Brenda. "You know you'd love to take her to bed and Annie needs it bad. Just make love to her and make me proud. If you don't, you'll be sleeping alone for a very long time!"

Annie and I were both surprised at Brenda's impassioned speech. I had never known Brenda to lie and she seemed serious as a heart attack. Annie took my hand and tugged me to me feet. Brenda actually smiled at us as we headed for the bedroom. My head was beginning to spin slowly as I followed Annie. It was like a strange dream, or more accurately, like the time I had so-called local anesthesia for minor surgery. I was awake, but not able to think.

So that's how I found myself naked on my bed with my wife's sister riding my face. I had insisted we start that way to be certain that Annie got as much pleasure as possible. I had the very real fear that I'd be so excited that I'd shoot my load before I had gotten the job done. It was my way of holding off for a few minutes, at least.

I really had Annie going, too. I had my tongue working her to perfection. Maybe I wasn't getting enough air. Maybe it was the drinks and the Dramamine. I don't know; maybe it was a combination of the three. Annie tensed and moaned loudly and sort of collapsed down on my face and sat there, coming down from her sexual high. While she lingered with her wet sex on my face, I fell asleep.

It wasn't one of those fleeting moments like you have when you're driving a car and fall sleep for a second and wake up scared. I was dead to the world. I had to be, because Annie's scream didn't really rouse me. It was like a train in the distance. I heard it but it didn't mean anything to me.

I felt hands on my face and I began the climb back to consciousness. Then I was wide awake! I did keep my eyes closed as I listened to my wife and her sister.

"You said he wouldn't die for a few months!" bawled Annie. "Look what I've done to Jeff!"

"That's what I heard!" sobbed Brenda. "Help me do CPR on him!

I mulled that interesting bit of information over. These women expected me to die! Then I felt lips on mine and felt a breath being forced into my lungs. I opened my eyes slightly and saw Brenda taking another deep breath to deliver to me. I felt her tears dropping on my face. If she was trying to kill me, why was she trying to save me? Had she had a change of heart? Had I been poisoned? Why would Brenda and Annie want me dead? Why screw me first?

Brenda exhaled into my mouth again. Then Annie started pushing on my chest, and hard! I soon realized I wasn't going to be able to fake death if I had to endure any more compressions! My ribs couldn't take it.

I reached up and grabbed Annie's tits and held her off me. She struggled to administer the next compression for a second or two before she realized I had to be alive to be squeezing her tits.

"Jeff!" cried Brenda. "You're alive! I was so afraid you had died! I know you're really ill and I thought Annie had been too rough!"

Brenda started kissing me all over my face and lips, which were all coated with Annie's juices! I figured if she didn't mind, neither did I. I slid my tongue into her mouth and we had a short duel. Then Brenda pulled away from me.

"The cat's out of the bag, Jeff. We know you've got cancer of the pancreas and you only have a few months to live. I don't know why you felt you couldn't tell me. I've been worried sick. I had hoped you tell me so I wouldn't betray Stella's confidence. Why didn't you tell me, Jeff?" sobbed Brenda.

Wow! I had pancreatic cancer? A couple months to live? Wouldn't I have to go to a doctor to get that type of prognosis? I'd need tests and get second opinions! Where was this coming from? I began to suspect that there was some sort of misunderstanding about my health. I wondered it that meant my quest to pleasure Annie would be denied.

"Does that mean you're rescinding your demand that I take Annie to previously unattained heights, Brenda?" I asked while I held her sister suspended pretty much by her breasts. "Make up your mind, and soon."

"Well, I do want you to die happy, Jeff, but not tonight," worried Brenda. "What happened to you just now?"

"It was a combination of the drinks, a couple Dramamine, and Annie's thighs severely limiting my air supply," I replied as Annie began to make strange noises. "Do you want me to continue pleasing this woman or not, Brenda?"

Just then the telephone in the living room rang. I never allowed a phone in the bedroom so I wouldn't be awakened by ringing on mornings when I was sleeping in.

"Well, as long as you feel okay, go ahead, Jeff," replied Brenda as she left the room to answer the phone.

I smiled as I lowered Annie back down. It just happened that her mouth was in near proximity with my cock when I released her. I didn't have to explain what I wanted from Annie as she quickly gobbled up my cock. I soon felt life returning to the bad boy. I took her hair in my hands and regulated her tempo. I was trying to decide if I should risk sending a load down Annie's throat and hope I could get hard again, or just spin her around and start pounding her. Then Brenda came back into the room.

"That was an interesting call, Jeff and Annie," she began. "Jeff's mother just told me that his Uncle Buck has cancer of the pancreas. I didn't know it but Buck's real name is also Jeffrey. That must be the Jeffrey Wright that my cousin Stella read the report on and thought it was Jeff here."

That news made my mind up for me! I began working Annie's face up and down my cock at a rapid rate. To her credit, she was doing her best to finish the job.

"Annie! Did you hear me? Jeff isn't dying from cancer. It's his uncle," explained Brenda. "That means you don't have to do this. Jeff didn't have to pass out eating you out, either. This was all a misunderstanding!"

I never thought it would be so difficult to get off in Annie's mouth! I was really trying. The problem was having my wife stand next to me, trying to explain why she thought I was dying. It ruined my concentration. I realized that I was crossing over the line from a mercy fuck to making a big fucking mistake. I released Annie's head and put my hands at my sides. I was like a kid showing my mom that it wasn't my fault.

Brenda's eyes narrowed as Annie kept pumping her mouth on my cock. Once again, I started to get close. This was kinky stuff and I was really getting turned on.

Brenda reached over and wrapped a wad of Annie's hair in her hand and lifted her off my cock. Annie was reluctant to let go and there was a very audible "pop" when my cock finally slipped from her oral cavity.

"Thanks, Annie," smiled Brenda. "This isn't necessary any more. Jeff isn't going to die any time soon, even if he thinks he's in heaven at the moment. Your work is done here. Thanks for the help and I appreciate your willingness to help your sister, but it's over, okay?"

Annie's head was bent back at a sharp angle that looked uncomfortable as hell. All she had to do was push her self up and the pressure on her head would have ended. Instead, it looked like she was trying to pull her mouth back to my cock, but Brenda's grip in her hair was too strong.

"Sis, Jeff's really close!" gasped Annie. "It would be cruel to leave him like this, especially after what he did for me a little while ago. He needs release!"

"You could be right about that, Annie, but Jeff doesn't have cancer, he isn't dying any time soon, and he's my husband," pointed out Brenda somewhat emphatically. "I really want to thank you for helping with my half-baked scheme, but your work here is done!"

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