Authors note.

First of all, I want to thanks everyone for all of their amazing comment s about my last submission (My sister's new bathing suit). That was my first submission to Literotica, and my first attempt at writing in many years.

I want to apologize to everyone for the sloppiness of the writing. Believe me, if I had known that it was going to get so much attention, I wouldn't have thought twice about getting an editor.

For this submission, I was lucky to get a good editor. His pen name is Lord McCord, and his help was invaluable.

I'm not going to reedit my previous submission; even though Mr. McCord assures me that it wouldn't have required much editing. I think that I will leave it as a monument to my intractability, and stupidity.

Thanks again for all of your comments and e-mails, both good and bad, they are greatly appreciated.


My life was very typical. I'm a forty-year-old mother of a teenage boy. I could have been one of a million housewives, except that, a few years ago, my husband left me for a younger woman.

The divorce devastated me; left me a wreck. If not for a couple of good friends that picked me up and got me back on my feet, I'd be about three hundred pounds, wearing housedresses.

I was put back on the straight and narrow, and I redirected my energies into more positive pursuits, other than watching the shopping channel, eating bags of chips. In other words; they got me a gym membership and a job.

Not that I needed the job. My divorce settlement was quite generous, but having the job really helped me get a more positive image of myself.

Between the gym and diet, I was able to get down to my pre-marriage weight, and I even dropped a few extra pounds after that. Not having a sex life sure gives you a lot of energy.

Having a man would have been great, but there are not a lot of opportunities for a forty-year old mother of a teenage boy. I've been fixed up, introduced and been blind-dated without success.

So, I resigned myself to a life of boredom and celibacy; but, sometimes, the fates have other ideas.

My life, while boring, was not tranquil. Between work, looking after a teenage boy, and trying to get to the gym, my life was pretty hectic.

My son, Andrew, is a good boy. He does well in school and is a fairly good athlete. Wrestling and lacrosse are his passions, and there always seems to be a herd of teenage boys in my house, eating all of my food.

Of all of Andrew's friends, I like Roberto, his best friend, the most. Roberto is just a little older than Andrew (just turned eighteen) and, as I like to kid him, a Latin Lover. Whereas Andrew has just one steady girlfriend, Roberto seems to have a new girl every couple of months.

This school year has been a new phase in the two boys' lives. They've become young men, both emotionally and physically. Maybe it is just all of the wrestling workouts, but they have certainly blossomed.

Especially Roberto.

I've known Roberto for a couple of years now, but now I've noticed that my eyes linger on his body longer than they should. My God, I thought, I've got a crush on a teenage boy.

Andrew and Roberto lift weights in my basement and then come up, shirtless, to get drinks for themselves. It's all that I can do, not to stare at this young man and drool.

At this time, I also noticed a difference in Roberto's attitude toward me. He has become two different sets of Roberto. It started right about the time I was doing my own physical transformation, losing all that weight.

When my son was around, Roberto was his usual respectful self but, when Andrew was away, he became a flirt. It was very innocent at first; a simple remark, a smile, a compliment. But his remarks became more sexual as he grew braver.

Months ago, he would tell me that I was the prettiest mom he knew. I bent over in front of him lately, and the comment was "Wow, Mrs. Teller, you really have a great ass!"

I'd like to say that I discouraged his advances, but I'm ashamed to say that I welcomed them, in a way. He was a very handsome boy, with a great physique, and I deluded myself into thinking that it was just innocent flirting.

I didn't help the situation by being a bit of a tease. I was wearing tight jeans on the day of the comment, and I intentionally bent over in front of him. I wanted to see if I would get a reaction. I got what I asked for. Besides, he was paying more attention to me than any man had in years.

About a month ago, things took a dangerous turn.

"Mrs. Teller," Roberto said to me. Andrew was in the shower. "That's some outfit you have on." I was wearing a regular white shirt, but I had undone enough buttons to show some cleavage, and my skirt was definitely business attire, but tight, and the slit on the side was high on the thigh.

"This is a business suit," I corrected him.

"It's not the suit that makes the woman; it's the woman who makes the suit. And you are some woman!"

"Oh, Roberto," I blushed, as I tried to squeeze past him in my cramped kitchen. "Shut up." He grabbed me by the hips, and pulled me toward him.

"Roberto!" I squealed, in mock protest. "Would you please cut it out?"

"Why is it that you don't have a boyfriend, Mrs. Teller?"

"You know that I'm secretly yearning for you." Unfortunately, that statement was closer to the truth than I was willing to admit.

"Why should you yearn? I'm right here; ready, willing and able," he said, pulling me even tighter to him.

"I'm old enough to be your mother." I used the classic old and trite line.

"You might be as old as my mother, but you sure don't look like anyone's mother. I've never met any mother that was as hot and sexy as you." His hands went from my hips to my waist; he pulled me up tight against him.

Suddenly, I noticed two things. First, the sound of Andrew's shower stopping and second, Roberto's large bulge in his pants.

The boy was definitely getting excited, and it startled me. I pushed him away.

"Andrew is getting out of the shower," I whispered in a hushed voice.

Roberto was too involved with grinding his cock into me to notice, but he heard Andrew's steps on the floor upstairs and he immediately let me go.

Andrew came down a few minutes later and noticed right away that I was a little flustered.

"Are you OK mom?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," I lied. "I just have a few problems at work that I've been dwelling on."

"Why don't you quit work?" Roberto chimed in. "And let me take you away from all of this."

I tilted my head to one side, and gave him a poignant Shut the fuck up look.

I changed the subject. "Where are you guys going?"

"I'm meeting Dana at the mall," Andrew replied.

"Roberto." I turned my gaze back to him. "Are you being a third wheel?"

"Well, Mrs. Teller, I thought that these young people needed a good chaperone." He couldn't resist.

"Dana has a girlfriend that wants to meet him," Andrew explained.

"Well, alright, call me if you need a ride."

I thought about Roberto after the two boys left. I was conflicted. It felt very good when he complimented me, and I hate to admit it, but it felt pretty damn good when he pulled me close to him.

The erection in his pants though was surely an eye opener. I needed to think about this and take a shower.

I let the warm water soak over me as the events of the afternoon still raced through my head. I thought of Roberto in those tight pants, without a shirt. He had a body most women go to shows to see.

I thought about him holding me close and running his hands all over me.

My God, I thought, he's just a boy.

He's past the age of consent,
I countered myself.

Okay, now you're a lawyer.

The thoughts of Roberto kept coming back. Finally, I relented to the fantasy. My hands moved up, then over my ample bosom. I fingered my areola and nipple until it became erect, then I stroked the nipple with my thumb.

I unhooked the shower massager from its cradle, turned it on pulse, and ran it over my breasts. Closing my eyes, I imagined...

Roberto ran his hands up my blouse, ripping buttons, and grabbing my tits through my bra.

Then, his hands were up my skirt, pushing the material of my panties up inside of me as he stroked my clitoris. My panties were magically swept away as I undid his pants and grabbed hold of his large, young member.

All of our clothes were gone as he pushed me down to my knees, onto the head of his throbbing cock. I took it greedily into my mouth; I looked up to see his tight abdomen and bulging chest. I grabbed his testicles and massaged them between my fingers.

He forced his cock deep into my throat, and I sucked on it rhythmically. I wanted him to come in my mouth, right then and there, but he lifted me up off my knees, spun me around, and bent me over against the wall.

I reached between my legs and guided his cock into the yearning warmth of my pussy. His cock was long and thick and didn't hurt a bit. In fact, it felt like a velvet rod that was pounding into me.

His rhythmic thrust brushed against my clit with each stroke as I took all of him inside of me. I took a look back at him. He was so young and handsome.

He smiled at me as his loins repeatedly banged into my ass. His shoulders, chest, cock all were one giant muscle entering me, over and over.

"You like me fucking you?" Roberto said, with a little more bass in his voice than I remembered.

"Yes," I answered sheepishly.

"Say it," he demanded.

"I like when you fuck me," I said louder.

"You like my big cock inside of you, don't you?" Roberto insisted.

"Yes, I like when you stick your big cock in me," I agreed.

And then he stuck that big cock of his into me farther and faster than I could ever believe, and I started to come. The waves of orgasm rolled over me again and again until I was exhausted and done.

I leaned against the shower wall, weak in the knees, panting. It was all I could do to slam the shower massager back in its holder.

"Thank you, Roberto," I said to it. It now had a new name.

The next Saturday, I had just gotten back from the gym. I was wearing a sports bra and tiny yoga shorts, and I had my hair pulled back in a ponytail. The gym was a woman's gym, so I wasn't afraid of being overexposed. Besides, I liked showing off my new body.

Andrew was at practice and he wouldn't be home for hours. I decided not to change, but to start right away with the housework, and take a shower later.

I put in a load of laundry, took the breakfast dishes out of the sink and placed them in the dishwasher, and was in the middle of vacuuming the family room when I heard something behind me.

Andrew and Roberto.

I was a little embarrassed by my attire, or lack thereof.

"What are you doing home?" I may have been a bit short.

"I'm home for lunch," Andrew snapped back. "You remember mom, it's a split session today. We have to be back in the gym by two."

I looked at him confused. "What?"

"I told you yesterday." He glanced over at the table, at a book. "Oh, shit! I forgot to give Dana back that book. I've got to run it over to her house. She's gonna kill me." He picked up the book, and headed for the door.

"Mom," he said over his shoulder. "Can we have lunch when I come back?"

"And mom?" He stopped halfway out. "Put some clothes on."

He was gone.

Roberto and I stood there, facing each other. He had on shorts and a compression shirt that left little of his physique to the imagination. Roberto smiled at me. It was contagious. I smiled back.

I felt naked under his gaze. The yoga shorts cover so little that I had to buy thong panties to wear underneath them, and my breasts were just barely confined by the sports bra.

"Don't change for my benefit," Roberto said mockingly. "You look sensational."

"Can it, Roberto," I replied curtly. I put my head down and started to walk out of the room, but again he caught me by the hips and pulled me towards him.

"What?" I meekly asked as our eyes locked and he kissed me right on the lips. I weakly pushed him away, and I finally was able to pull myself away from him.

"Roberto, what about Andrew?" Like that was the only reason we shouldn't be kissing.

"He'll be gone for a half hour. It'll take him fifteen minutes alone to run to her house. We've got time." He planted another one on my lips and stuck his tongue in my mouth.

I turned away, but then he bent down and picked me up with his two forearms under my ass. I don't know why I did it, but it just felt natural for me to put my arms around his neck and wrap my legs around his waist.

He drove his crotch into mine as he kissed my neck, my shoulder and, as he lifted me higher, my cleavage.

"Roberto, we can't do this," I said. But I wouldn't tell him to stop.

Before I could collect myself, he lowered me down on the couch, and laid on top of me. He started to drive his erection into me, and I ground my crotch up against the bulge in his pants.

"Roberto!" I started to protest, but he was kissing me again. When he forced his tongue into my mouth again, I met it with my own.

The kissing and the grinding had me in such another place that I welcomed his hands as they moved up my torso, pushing my bra up and over my breasts.

I would have let him take off my panties right then, but I heard a car pull up in the driveway.

Andrew! Dana must have driven him home.

"Get off me Roberto. Andrew is home," I said. The boy was obviously in sex world and did not hear me.

"Roberto, get off me!" I screamed, and he finally moved. I was upstairs in my bedroom in an instant. I slipped on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. I went into the master bathroom, closed the door and sat on the bowl.

What was I doing? What was I thinking?

After I finally composed myself, I went downstairs. Andrew and Dana were talking in the living room. Roberto was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a glass of ice tea.

"I thought you were going to make us lunch," Andrew said as he walked into the kitchen, holding Dana's hand.

"Hello, Mrs. Teller," Dana chimed in.

"Yes," Roberto said mocking me. "I thought you were making us lunch."

I sent him a clear stare; Go fuck yourself and die.

"Your Aunt Susan called, and I got stuck on the phone with her," I lied.

Andrew wasn't interested. He was already looking in the refrigerator, and taking out a plastic bag full of cold cuts.

"Roberto, what do you want, ham or turkey?" Andrew asked.

"I thought you had roast beef," Roberto snarled.

The boy's banter continued, but my mind wandered elsewhere, as I drifted into the family room. I sat down on the very couch in which Roberto had me half naked.

What was I thinking? I went over it in my head again. We could have been in the middle of fucking and not heard Andrew and Dana come through the door. What the fuck was I doing? What the fuck was I thinking?

"Are you okay, Mrs. Teller?" I looked up; Dana. She was a sweet girl. I really liked her.

"Yes, of course sweetie. Just thinking about work. It's been really busy lately." I smiled at her. "What's going on with you lately?"

We talked for a while, and then Dana drove them back to school.

I got a call later that afternoon. It was Roberto on his cell phone.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, my self esteem is a little damaged, but basically, I'm okay."

"I just hope that what happened hasn't scared you off."

Scared off, I thought. This big dope is only worried about whether he is going to get in my pants or not. My shame became rage.

"First off, Roberto," I yelled into the phone. "You are not to tell anyone about this ever. If you tell just one of your idiot friends, it will be all over this town in a day."

"Okay," he replied sheepishly.

"Secondly, this is never going to happen again. Never, you hear me? If Andrew and Dana had walked in on us, do you know the shit that would have happened? Do you know the embarrassment, the shame and the psychological trauma that we would have inflicted? My son would have never talked to me again."

"Okay, okay!" He shouted back. "It's just that-"

"It's just that, what?"

"It's just that I've never met a woman like you. I've never wanted a woman as much as I want you."

"Roberto..." My tone eased. "That's just a boyhood crush. Believe me; I had a crush on you."

"It's not a boyhood crush. I'm a man, and I know what I want." His voice quivered.

"Roberto, dear, it's over," I said with finality.

"Okay," he said. I thought I could hear him crying before he hung up.

I tried to call him back, but he wouldn't take my call.

What have I done? I thought.

"Where's Roberto?" I finally asked Andrew one morning, before school.

"I don't know; he's in some kind of funk."

My heart sank. "What kind of a funk?"

"I don't know. I think it's a girl, but he won't say. I don't even know what girl. He really hasn't been seeing anyone."

Oh God, I thought again. What have I done?

That night, while driving home from work, I called him on his cell phone.

"Roberto," I said as he answered the phone.


"It's me, Marie." Oh great, I thought. Not even Mrs. Teller, Marie. "I'm glad you took my call."

"Yeah?" he said softly.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" My God, I thought. I really hurt him. My heart sank.

"Roberto, I wasn't rejecting you. I really like you. God knows you had me really hot for you. I just can't risk this."

"Yeah. Whatever. Listen, I have to hang up. I need to call my mom for a ride home from practice."

"Roberto," I yelled. "Don't hang up. I'll pick you up."

"Okay." He sounded surprised.

"I can't pick you up at school. Walk toward town, and I'll pick you up on Broadway."

"Okay." His only reply, then he hung up.

I then made a quick call home, knowing that Andrew wasn't there yet. I got the answering machine, and left a message that I was held up at work, and he should make his own dinner from the leftovers in the refrigerator.

While I was driving down Broadway, I spotted him about a block and a half away. Even from this distance, he was a striking figure. He was tall and thin, and he had ridiculously broad shoulders.

I honked my horn, pulled over and he got in. Every time I saw him, it amazed me how good looking he had become.

We are here to talk, I thought. Think clearly.

We drove for a while, making small talk, but the subject had to be broached. We were coming up to the community park, and I thought that this was a good place to pull into and park. Beside, this time of year the park should be empty.

I was relieved when I pulled into the parking lot and realized that I was right. Except for a few workers cars, parked by the administration building, there were no other cars in the park. I parked as far back in the park as I was able.

"Roberto," I said as I put the car in park. "I am really attracted to you." Even though what I was saying was true, I was saying it more to comfort his ego. "You are a very good looking boy, with a great physique."

"Yeah? Because I am really attracted to you too."

"But we can't act on those attractions," I butted in.

"Why not?" He slid next to me on the seat. Unfortunately for me, the car was a midsize, and had a bench seat.

"This is not an appropriate relationship. The ages are wrong."

"Fuck appropriate! I don't give a fuck about appropriate. All I know is that I want to be with you."

Ah shit, he was saying all of the right things.

No wonder he had all of the teenage girls wrapped around his finger. But I didn't think he was being manipulative. I thought it was coming straight from the heart; which made it even harder to resist.

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