In a Bottle... Ch. 05


Alan went home that night glad to have a plan to help someone going through a rough time. It gave him a sense of warmth and tranquility to have a way to help Max without undermining his career. It put him in an exceptionally upbeat mood, even though he hadn't purchased anything at the antique shops like he used to. It was nice to revisit his old routine and find that he missed his genies when they spent time apart. The alone time reaffirmed his decision to keep his harem around, made him feel like he loved them more, and that he wasn't just turning himself into a shut-in and ignoring the rest of the world.

That night he decided to make his homemade chili for the genies -- he ran diced tomatoes through a food processor with spices before cooking it to get a really intense flavor that crushed tomatoes never emulated -- since they hadn't tasted anything spicy yet, and he thought they would enjoy a new facet of his culinary skills.

Afterward, he spent the evening talking with his genies about the puzzle-art that he chose to search out and furnish his home with before taking Misty to his bedroom to snuggle and fall asleep. He figured he needed to give his penis a night off before it broke from overuse.

- - - - - -

The next day at work, Alan decided to put his plan to the test. He worked for a couple of hours until he started getting hungry and then went over to Max's desk under the pretense of asking him if he wanted a sub sandwich for lunch.

"No thanks, Desi made me a special lunch today. Hey, don't you ever get tired of those things, Al?" he said, swiveling around in his office chair.

Alan quickly looked away from the pile of LPs that he had been studying, patted his belly, and said jokingly, "Hey, it worked for Jared, man. I'll take whatever help I can get."

Maxwell chuckled light-heartedly and turned back to face his monitor screen again. He seemed to be in a good mood today. Did he say that Desi made him lunch? Alan hadn't really been listening that closely. Maybe things were looking up for him. Alan took a second, finished memorizing Max's paperwork, and went back to his desk to work on the proposal for his friend.

Once he had completed the risk assessment numbers, he grabbed his coat and walked around Stephanie's cubicle so he could pass Maxwell again on his way out the door. He paused for just a brief moment to watch his handiwork as the ink on the documents shifted slightly, simplifying all of the values for the equations so that any proposal analyst would just have to basically glance at them to get an answer.

He left Maxwell to his own devices and went out the front door to get his lunch. 'Ah, the power of basic mathematics', he thought to himself.

- - - - - -

"Max, you wanna come grab lunch? I'd like to hear the story with you and Desi," said Alan on his way back into the building.

Maxwell joined him in the lunch room amongst four of their other co-workers for an early break. They sat down and Alan started in on his sandwich while Maxwell poked through his homemade lunch.

"So, Desi made you food. That's a good sign," Alan managed around a mouthful of turkey breast and lettuce.

"We sat down together and had a long heart-to-heart last night. I pretty much came out and said everything that I was afraid of: Her sleeping with another guy this weekend, not being happy in our marriage, wanting a divorce, the whole sha-bang. She insists she wasn't cheating on me and that I would be crazy to have such a thought. We kissed and made up after she told me that she was just too drunk to drive home Saturday. She ended up staying with her friend Susan for the night to sleep it off." Maxwell paused and shook his head, staring off at nothing in particular.

"I've been a little preoccupied with getting caught up on my work lately and I guess I was taking my frustration home. Desi knew I was acting stressed out and that was why she kept asking me over and over if I was happy or not. I guess she thought it had something to do with her." He looked Alan right in the eyes. "I really do appreciate the moral support, Al. If you hadn't noticed my bad mood this week and talked me through all of this... I don't know what would have happened. I tend to overreact when it comes to my love life. Hell, I could've filed for divorce even."

"No problem, Max," Alan smiled. "I have a hunch that your work will be a lot easier with your mind at ease."

"You know, things have seemed conveniently smooth this morning..."

- - - - - -

On his way home from work, Alan was excited to tell his genies about helping someone with his magic. He felt like he had accomplished something with his new gift finally, and he honestly couldn't tell anyone else without them throwing him into a psych ward.

Alan walked into his empty apartment and went to the closet to toss his coat in. He was wondering where all of his genies were when he heard a small cry from down the hall. He hurried towards the hallway, unsure of what was going on or who might be in his apartment. He heard it again, the whimpering cry of a woman, coming from the second bedroom.

Alan threw open the door to see who was hurting his genies and saw... Carmella?

Carmella was lying down on the ground, topless, with Misty riding her face and holding her nipples like reins. She tugged on them lightly while she ground her snatch on Carmella's outstretched tongue.

Misty's quiet whimpering was turning into more of a long moaning now, and Alan knew it had nothing to do with pain.

"Welcome home, master," Lucky piped up, cheerily as she walked across the room to join him. "Would you like me to grant your desire today? It is my day off."

"Huh?" he managed, ungracefully. He was still trying to grasp how the situation had gone from distress to sex. "Your day off? You don't work."

She laughed harmonically at his ignorance. "Not the way you do, master. Misty still employs us in other ways, as you can see."

"Employs? More like exploits. Is this a usual thing then? Misty?"

Misty opened her fiery red eyes, which had turned slightly glassy with passion. "Yes, master. Every day you leave for work, I pleasure myself with the harem."

"We take turns every day satisfying Misty to keep her ready for you," Magik volunteered from her vantage point on the bed. "It is quite entertaining making her squeal."

"So you enjoy this role, then?" Magik and Lucky nodded. "Carmella?"

Carmella simply moaned at him and squirmed on the floor while Misty grabbed ahold of her flesh again.

"In that case, carry on," he said. As long as Misty wasn't the only one getting pleasure out of their arrangement, why put a stop to it? He knew them all to be very sexual creatures since they were formed with the idea of his ideal woman. He should have expected this rather than them sitting around watching TV all day. At least they weren't leaving the apartment on their own and finding strangers to bond with. That brought a strange question to mind. Could genies get diseases from humans? He would have to ask them when they were less busy.

Speaking of being busy, watching the two of them on the floor was getting Alan excited. He touched Lucky's wrist to get her attention and motioned for her to follow him into the living room.

"Perhaps you would like to fulfill one of my not-so-magical desires, Lucky?" he asked as they were leaving the room.

She smiled and answered by leaning over and kissing him.

"You know what I found out this week? Illusions can be very kinky for both of us. I had an interesting night with Magik after Heather went home where I learned a couple of things," he explained between kisses. "I was wondering if you would like me to try a similar idea out on you."

"I do not see that being disagreeable," she mused, looking into his eyes. "There truly are infinite possibilities when you involve magic. Illusion magic is hardly an exception. Anything you imagine can seemingly become reality, depending on the craftsmanship of the enchantment. Whatever you have in mind could certainly be fun!"

"Magik also told me that the strength of the illusions I use are tied to the altruistic intentions behind them. So, if I'm doing this to enhance your sexual experience, it should seem even more realistic. Or well-crafted, as you put it."

"She raises a very good point. This is something which I had not given much thought to. We genies do not have any choice but to give that which our masters desire, so it rarely ever comes up, but for a human magic user that may be very important. Consider how your enchantments have reacted in the past when you used them for yourself and when you have used them for others."

Alan briefly thought over the past few days that he had been practicing magic. Still, his absolute most impressive illusion had been the creature that he'd conjured to keep Heather from being raped and beaten. Perhaps there were hidden strengths in magic that even Magik's teachings hadn't revealed to him.

"But do not worry yourself with the subtleties of magic at this moment, Master. One day you may be more experienced than I. Would you care to teach me what your magic can do?"

"We'll get to my idea in a minute," he said. Alan began to strip out of his clothes as Lucky watched. She really had quite a stunning body. Her long, luscious blond hair cascading down around her shoulders, her perfectly-sized breasts with their wonderfully puffy nipples that stood up when she was aroused, her long legs that made her seem as though she was wearing heels even while barefoot.

Once Alan was undressed, he walked over and began tugging on her silks, trying to unravel her. She let him try and remove the puzzle of clothing that was her outfit for a minute before giggling at his ineptitude and obligingly showed him the trick. There was one central piece that all of the other silks inevitably tied into, so you could remove one silk at a time, but try and pull more than one and it became sort of a chinese finger trap with the fabric straining against itself. If you found the central piece, however, you could simply slide it straight out and the whole outfit would come undone in a second.

Alan loved puzzles and watched as she showed him the interlocking pattern of her silks. The fundamental structure didn't reduce the erotic effect that their sheer outfits had on him, either. If anything, the added intellectual aspect only served to arouse him further. Nowhere could he find fabric that felt so smooth yet was thin enough to see through.

Alan grasped the central silk and pulled it down like a zipper. Lucky's outfit fluttered to the ground revealing her perky breasts. He wasted no time laying numerous sucking kisses upon them, teasing her nipples to full attention with his tongue.

"Are you ready for my surprise?" He interjected before he got too carried away.

"I am anxious, Master. You have turned me on and stopped. Hurry, show me your magic so we can pleasure each other properly!"

Alan began to focus on the different levels required to make an illusory enchantment of great effect. He picked a starting point and worked forward, imagining how she should feel, how much she should seem to weigh, the proper proportions of her body left unchanged. When he had finished, Lucky wasn't any more than ten inches tall from head to toe.

"How do you feel, Lucky? Add some wings and you'd be my little fairy," he chuckled, admiring his handiwork. It was subtly different creating the enchantments than actually seeing them realized. Alan was always shocked by the power of magic.

"Oh, Master," she cooed with mock shyness as she eyed first herself and then her new perspective of him. "Your cock is so big and I am now so tiny. How am I ever going to be able to pleasure you?"

She began to rub herself slowly as they both thought of the possibilities. Alan's erection continued to grow as he watched her.

"Oh no! It's getting bigger! And I have such a little pussy. How will it ever fit inside of me?"

"I think we'll find other ways to please each other," he grinned as he approached her.

Alan pressed the head of his cock against her little pelvis -- feeling like an awkward giant, his penis bigger than her entire leg -- and began to massage his soft flesh against hers. It wasn't long at all before he felt her wetness beginning to lubricate them both, alleviating much of the strangeness. He focused on maintaining the illusions he already had in place while trying to use another illusion to enhance their pleasure sensations. He felt a spark of white hot pleasure travel from the head of his penis through his body and explode into his brain and had to release the illusion before he passed out. He hadn't known that he was capable of that level of intensity and took a moment to catch his breath. Maybe some things were better left to reality, pure pleasure being one of them. He didn't want to kill himself from simulating an orgasm.

Once he stopped panting and his vision was clear of the dancing spots, he glanced back down to the writhing form below and squeezed a dollop of precum out of the head of his cock and watched with fascination as it dribbled down onto Lucky's stomach landing with an ever-elongating string of stickiness that clung to him. The proportion of things enhanced the eroticism of their mutual masturbation as a little drip to him was quite the generous handful to her, easily covering half of her torso.

She smiled up at him and spread his slipperiness around her body with her hands, sensuously rubbing it around her breasts before allowing her hands to dip down to her sweet spot. She lathered her thighs well before applying his cream to her lips and rubbing her clitoris fervently.

With a gasping moan, Lucky came sending a miniature shower of love gushing forth from her fairy-sized pussy that covered the underside of his manhood.

She wrapped her arms lovingly around his cock and began to slide them up and down his shaft before grabbing on with her legs and using all four limbs to pleasure him. She was his nude little fairy, clinging to his cock, rubbing her arms and legs and luxurious breasts against him with surprising skill and nimbleness.

"Oh, Lucky!" Alan inhaled sharply as the surprising tightness of her grip escalated his pleasure. He felt an extremely odd sensation, a tingling deep inside his gut, and it took him a moment to realize that Lucky actually had her mouth opened as wide as it would go and was openly french kissing his urethra. It was the most bizarre stimulation he had ever experienced. At a loss, he simply closed his eyes and enjoyed it as she pushed him closer and closer to the edge.

After a couple minutes, Alan felt his body getting hotter and his stomach turning in knots. He was really enjoying what Lucky was doing, but she was going to wear herself out soon and he wasn't getting stimulated enough to actually have an orgasm this way. So, he laid her back down onto the couch and had her let go. She gave him one last long lick from the top of his urethra all the way down to the base of his cockhead before laying back and smiling at him.

He spread her legs open wide and began to bump his cock against her sex which prompted her into placing each of her hands on either side of her pussy and splitting her lips open as far as they would go. Even without penetration, it didn't take her long to reach another orgasm with him applying pressure to her whole nether region. She began to scream for him as she came, squirting all over his cock once more.

"Oh, Master! Cum for me! Cover your sexy little fairy with hot slippery cum!"

Alan couldn't handle her urging him on like that and picked her up in both hands and began using her slick body to quickly masturbate with, pushing himself over the edge. He gasped and began splashing her with spurt after spurt of warm jizm. Long streamers of cum erupted from the head of his cock, coating her already-slick stomach and breasts, drenching her neck, dripping down into her hair, and after Alan managed to aim a little, let the last few dribbles spread down between her legs.

"Ahhhhhh!" Lucky squirmed in ecstasy as one of her most primal fetishes was fulfilled. Her master had known how much she enjoyed the feel of his pearly white seed against her skin. Now she was dripping in it. She fervently began to rub her erogenous zones, massaging his cream into her breasts, using it as a lubricant. Her whole body felt hot and weightless. The pleasure of being so drenched in cum was resonating deep within her core, giving her what felt like one slow continuous orgasm that never really subsided. Instead, it felt as though it got stronger and weaker like the ebb and flow of the ocean's tide. As it would get stronger, she would feel the thrumming deep in her loins and squirt out a stream or two of her juices until the feelings receded for a few seconds, only to be retaken and gush some more.

When she opened her eyes, she had returned to her normal size and while she did have cum spread all over her body, it was not in the proportions that she had experienced moments before.

Alan lay next to her in the afterglow of their mutual orgasm. He couldn't count the number of times she had squirted as she came. Lucky's ejaculate was intoxicating to him in ways that only Misty had yet to rival. In a more conventional situation he would have to choose which of the two was better. He was fortunate that his life was no longer conventional.

- - - - - - -

The next day Alan had to practically run out the door to keep Magik from trying to come along with him to work again. One of these times he would have to have to bring her along and place her under an invisibility illusion just for the fun of it...

Alan visited Max's desk a few more times throughout the day just to be sure that everything was streamlined and he was well on his way to catching up with the work that he had piling up.

He spent half of the morning working on his LPs and the other half making passes by Max's desk memorizing his figures to simplify them all. It was slow going, but he appreciated being able to help out someone. He noticed that using these simple illusions was good practice and that he wasn't even getting slightly fatigued yet.

Alan was in a good mood and ground out a few more proposals before his break. He was about the head over to Subway for his lunch when he heard a gruff voice yelling his name.

"Castillo!" his boss bellowed from down the hall as he marched toward his cubicle. "How long have you worked for me?"

"Almost three years, sir." Alan couldn't figure out what had him so riled up.

"And in all that time how many mistakes have you made?" he glowered.

"Only two that I can recall," he answered warily.

"Well this is a pretty serious screw up! I just found out over the phone that Reality Autosales lost a customer because we reported incorrect credit scores for them and denied them a loan."

"Oh..." Alan felt a sinking feeling in his gut as he realized who Hannigan was talking about. Reality Autosales was the car dealership over on 23rd avenue and they had been coming to them for years to get loans. They were a major client that they couldn't afford to lose. "I'll personally call them up and apologize. I can find out which customer it was and call them and let them know that it was our branch who made the mistake. Maybe they'll decide to go back to Reality."

"I'll let you have one more chance, but if you make me regret this decision, you'll be out on your ass before you know what happened."

For some reason, Alan couldn't help but stare at the wrinkles on Mr.Hannigan's forehead as they wobbled up and down angrily when he shouted. "Thank you for the confidence, sir," he said, speaking to his forehead.

His boss dissipated as suddenly as he had appeared. Alan decided to skip his lunch break and went back through his recently sent files as quickly as possible to find his mistake. Once he figured it out, he made the phone calls he had promised and hoped that things would be smoothed over well enough to salvage their business relationship.

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