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In Another Life


I'd just arrived at the film conference. Was about two hours late which meant I missed the premiere of a talented student name Christina Ingram's new work. Sucks when you plan so long for a trip and then everything goes to shit from minute one. My flight, delayed an hour. Hotel couldn't find my reservation, even though when they did, I'd been waiting another hour and a half. They upgraded me to the honeymoon suite, which had not been cleaned from the last guests, and their celebration was still all over the place.

When I finally laid my head down it was one in the morning. I took three of the five complimentary shots of Jack Daniels and fell asleep without setting any alarm to wake me up on time. Here I am now, sneaking behind the thick curtain to stand in the back and watch the remainder of this seminar. A woman is at the podium, answering questions about her film. I'd read the program, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out what the woman's name was. I squinted passed my frames, but there was no nameplate anywhere even though, she looked familiar to me. The speaker announced that the next question would be the last and that then they'd be breaking off for lunch and smaller conferences. Someone asked where the woman's inspiration came from and she thought briefly before saying, something about capturing the beauty she see's in visual storytelling. The speaker gave ending comments, then everyone began disbursing.

I figured I'd grab something to eat and join a seminar. After grabbing a sandwich and Chardonnay at one of the lunch areas set up, I made my way to the bathroom to pee. There was a woman talking on the phone by a window near the bathroom. Her face was turned so she didn't see me looking. The conversation she was having seemed intense. I went into the bathroom, let out the river my bladder held and freshened up. When I made it back out, the woman was finishing her phone call. She turned around and leaned up against the wall. She looked up and we locked eyes. I knew her...it was the woman from earlier, but I really did know her. I couldn't recall from where or even when, but we both seemed to be trying to place each other. I walked over to her.



"So sorry to bother you, I just, you look familiar as hell to me. I just can't place you for some reason."

She studied my face a little more. She wore sleek frames over the most beautiful crystal blue eyes I'd ever seen. When I looked at her, it was as if I was looking into forever. Her brown hair was tied back. Her smile. That smile, I'd never forget. She looked at me, kind of squinted.

"I do feel like I've see you at some point. Maybe you came to a seminar of mine, or-" I slightly shook my head, " This is actually my first one."

We both kind of shrugged. Her phone rang again.

"Sorry, I have to-"

"It's fine. Nice meeting you, or I guess, seeing you again," we both grinned and I walked away. A smirk crept to my face. Whoever she was, I must have been attracted to her, because my body sure reacted to her smile.

I decided to go to my room and catch a quick nap. I wanted to go out and see what the city night life was like. I made it back downstairs where there was a small group mingling. I spotted that woman again. She looked up mid laugh and we caught eyes. She made her way over to me. I blushed hard; my brown skin turning damn near pink from fluster.

"We keep bumping into one another. I think I at least need to know your name, maybe it'll spark up memory."

"Bren Aryes. I'm a writer, producer. Do a little directing here and there. You?"

"Lesa Collins, film, photography, a lil this and that." We both chuckle.

"Maybe we just crossed paths or something." I offered up as I looked at her feeling myself weaken.

She asked me about my work and there the conversation took off. We must have spoke for over an hour. Once we realized, we were the only ones still there other than some people passing by, I asked her if she had plans for that evening and she told me that she and some colleagues were gonna hang out.

"Well, I'm gonna give you my number so just let me know if you wanna chit chat some more." I went old skool and wrote it on a napkin, and held it out for her with a grin planted on my face. When she looked at me, her eyes said something, then her expression said it too. I turned and walked away.

"Ya know what, I can hang out with them another time. I'd rather finish our conversation." She walks over to me and I turn.

"Over a drink?"

"Or a few, sure."

We proceed out together, grab a cab and head to a bar. A bunch of local bands are playing tonight, so it's kind of packed but we make our way to the bar and order. Despite the noise, we continued talking and weren't distracted by the crowd around us. When Lesa spoke, I couldn't help feeling like I'd looked in those eyes before, or watched those lips move before, and that smile, I'm sure I'd never forget, but still, no luck.

After a few shot and beer combos, I asked Lesa to dance with me. It was an excuse to be close to her. But she didn't hesitate. She pressed her body to mine and we swayed to this random ballad. I felt comfortable with her, as if it was a familiar feeling. The song ended too soon. I glanced at her.

"Ready to go?"

"Yeah, there's a bunch of early morning film stuff to prepare for..."

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking." We both chuckled kind of nervously.

We caught a cab back and lingered as we walked towards the elevator.

"Can I share my new screenplay with you?"

"Of course you can."

"It's only the first draft, but I have a hard copy I can give you." As we get in the elevator I press floor 9. She laughs.


I grin, "What?"

"That's my floor." I chuckle at the coincidence.

"Hmm, I'm curious what other ironic occurrences freak us out tonight."

We get off the elevator and I motion her to follow me. Moisture has gathered between my thighs at this point, and the closer I get to my door, the more it seems to be distracting me.

I opened the door and took off my jacket. It was hot all of the sudden.

"Feel free to sit, make yourself comfy, all that jazz. I just need to use the bathroom really quick."

She smirked as I seemed a bit frazzled. My nerves had the best of me and my body wanted the best of Lesa. I took a warm washcloth to my lower lips. It soothed my urging flesh. I was turned on by her in so many ways, but coming off like a drunken weirdo wasn't the impression I wanted to make. I calmed myself, and proceeded back out there.

"So sorry."

"It's fine, Bren."

"Um, let me get you the script, it's titled "Art Love," about a love affair between a teacher and student at the same school."

"Hmm, sounds intriguing."

I handed it to her, and our eyes met. I couldn't look away. But she didn't either. I lingered there a second, before I felt myself leaning in. She didn't move. I closed my eyes. Moved closer. Close, until I felt my lips touch hers. She didn't pull away. She actually slowly kissed me back. My tongue eased into her mouth; I felt her lean back. I managed to take the script out of her hands, and slide it on the night stand. Our kiss was slow, which intensified everything. With every motion and every suck or lick, I got wetter. My hand trailed along her side. I nudged up her sweater, until my hand slid underneath. Her hands ran along my back in the same fashion. Caressing; our kissing continued. Our lips and tongues pave the way for what was to come. I removed her glasses and then mine. I pulled my lips from hers and continued to her neck as I slowly pulled the sweater over her head. She helped me out of my button down shirt as well. I kissed her again; the intensity of want throbbed. We'd past the point of no return. Our bodies were yearning only for what the other would provide. I planted butterfly kisses along her collarbone and chest, before cupping her soft cream colored breast. Her rosy nipple made my mouth quiver. I bit my lip then took her stiff flesh in and sucked it slowly. Trailed my tongue around the softness of the tip and wrapped my lips around it firmly. Her body arched under me, her expression clearly displaying that she was in some fantastic part of heaven. My brown erect nipple found hers; they rubbed against each other, until I made my way to it and repeated what I'd just done to the other one.

My hand crept lower, feeling her stomach as I went, marveling at the softness of her skin. Before I could meet with my sweet fate, she pulled me up. I was on my knees on the bed, before her. Her eyes drank me in before bringing her mouth to my left breast. In so many ways, I wanted to show her I was enjoying her just being there. It almost didn't matter what she did. As she sucked my dark brown pearls I ran my fingers through her hair. Inhaled her. Wanted her to take me. She began tugging at my pants. I unbuttoned them and she pulled them down. I moved to get them completely off. I was naked, nothing between my body and her eyes. She smirked.

I laid against her and began kissing her again. Both of our hands started working at her pants until they were off and thrown somewhere. I kissed down her slowly until I came to her alluring sex. My kisses got more delicate. I wanted her to feel my true intentions through the contact I was about to have with her opening. I felt first. Opened her lips with my index and middle finger. She watched; She was so wet. I let my tongue lap up the juice she'd provided. Slow at first; my tongue dipped inside before trailing up to her clit. Each moist fold led me deeper. I kissed and slowly sucked on every moist crevice I found. She moaned and jerked; wound her hips firmly against my tongue, shuddering at every slow movement that made her clit tingle. Teasing her orgasm. She tasted so fucking good. Like sweet honeydew. I wanted to make her cum...more than once. I felt on the verge of cuming, myself. Watching her, tasting her, I wanted nothing more.

Her body was mine in those seconds of pure pleasure, I had her. My hands massaged different her parts slowly. Then, I let my fingers glide into her. Her g-spot was slick from her natural lubricant. I massaged it. Kept stroking as my mouth made its way to hers. I wanted to share her taste with her. We kissed like past lovers. Our passion consumed me. My legs straddled hers as my fingers slipped deeper. My glazed pussy laid on her thigh. My body rubbed against hers. The friction collided nicely with my swollen bud. I pressed against her steadily. We body fucked; gently, firmly, eagerly. Kissed, squeezed, moaned and wound. Legs intertwined. She reached south and could feel my yearn for her running down my legs and hers.

"I've wanted you from the first time I saw you." I whispered huffily, as she began fingering my slick clit.

Our movements were in sync, so as I felt her start to slow, I knew. Her breathing got heavy and so did mine. I started grinding against her slower. My hand gripped the comforter. I bit my lip and she moaned and her body trembled, as I felt her rush of liquid cover my fingers and trail down my hands. I hit my peak before hers had come to an end. My body jerked, my liquids soaked the sheets. Jolts of pleasure sparked randomly through my veins, as I slowly came down. We laid together; after-shocks pulsing through us. Our breathing and bodies calming in unison. I laid against her chest, felt it rise and fall as I lifted my fingers to my mouth and licked each one.

"Maybe we knew each other in another life...seems that there was some unfinished business.".

Lesa just grinned, "Maybe, you're right."

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