tagIncest/TabooIn Big Trouble

In Big Trouble


I entered through the kitchen door after school, as usual. I couldn't wait to change out of my pristine school uniform into some comfortable clothes. I had plenty of homework ahead of me that evening and I was eager to get it out of the way. I had recently turned 18 and had just one semester left until college.

Everything appeared normal, like every other day I came home from school. As I entered the living room, there was Daddy in an authoritative stance with a stern expression on his face. This was normal as well for times when I had misbehaved. Only this time he held a riding crop in his right hand and was methodically tapping it into the palm of his left hand.

"You have been a VERY bad girl." Daddy informed.

"Wha..what have I done, Daddy?" He only punished me physically when I'd done something terrible. Like that time I snuck out to go to a party. I could still remember the pain from that whooping. My Daddy wasn't a very strict man, but he had his rules and I was required to follow them to the letter.

"I think you know exactly what you've done, Miss. You also know what to do now." He commanded.

I proceeded to follow the regimented guidelines which Daddy had clearly defined for my punishment. I set my books on the floor and stepped over to the dining table. The table fit my height perfectly so that I could bend over it and lay my torso down, baring my behind for swatting. I assumed this position swiftly in an effort to please Daddy so that maybe he'd go easier on me.

"Ah-ah. Haven't you forgotten something?" Daddy inquired through gritted teeth. My plan was failing and I was only making him angrier.

"Oops, sorry Daddy." I let a nervous giggle escape my lips as I pulled my white panties down to my thighs. Daddy never liked me to take them all the way off. He liked to see my behind perched just above the elastic band. This also enabled me to spread my legs if it pleased my Daddy. I raised my skirt up to fully expose myself for punishment.

"Don't toy with me, little girl. This is serious. You have been very bad and you're in big trouble. Do you know what you've done?" Daddy was angrier than ever.

"No, Daddy." I replied sheepishly.

SMACK, Daddy let me have a good hard whack with the crop. "LIAR!" He shouted as the crop impacted my ass. "You know exactly what you've done to deserve this. Your lying only serves to anger me further and extend your punishment. I can't believe you'd lie to your Daddy like that. You lying little bitch!" Daddy knew I hated when he called me humiliating names and I began to cry. "You think crying is going to make me stop? Think again, dirty little liar." The crop did its job again as he announced the word 'liar.' "How many smacks does a lying little bitch like you deserve, huh? Ten, twenty? Answer me, slut!" Daddy only called me dirty names when I'd been extremely bad.

"I deserve as many smacks as Daddy pleases." I whimpered through my streaming tears.

"Well, you got one thing right for a change, slutty little bitch." Daddy administered a stream of hits so swiftly I could barely keep count. The pain seared through me as I lay sobbing on the table top. Such a stinging pain. I could only imagine the view my Daddy had of me prone in front of him, the redness of my ass cheeks contrasting the pristine white of my panties. "Spread your legs wider so that I can properly punish your entire nasty ass." Daddy swatted my inner thighs to encourage the result he sought.

I couldn't contain myself any longer and began to plead for him to stop. "OW! Daddy, no. Please don't. I don't know what I've done wrong, but I promise to be good. I promise. Please stop. It hurts, Daddy. It hurts. Please, Daddy, please." But my whimpering went unheeded.

"I'll stop when I'm damn good and ready to stop, you lying cunt." Daddy delivered a smack to the crease between my ass and thigh as he said 'cunt.'

"Ow, Daddy. Ow! Daddy, I'll be good. I'm a good girl, Daddy. I'll be so good to you if you stop. Please, Daddy?" Even though I knew the sound of my voice angered him further, I couldn't help myself. I had no self-control and continued to implore.

"Shut up!" He smacked the crease of my ass and thighs again several times. Than he stopped for a moment. I began to breath a little easier. This time he did something new. He pulled my panties all the way off my legs. My privates were now completely exposed to him. A blush ran through my entire body as I felt the embarrassing humiliation of his action.

"What are you doing, Daddy? Please don't. I'm so embarrassed to have you see me like this. Why are you doing this?" My mind raced as panic filled my voice.

"Don't question me, slut. I'll do whatever I damn well please to you, because I'm the Daddy and you're the little girl." His voice was different now. It was more like a deep, breathy whisper. I lay there exposed to him for a few moments. I could feel him staring at me. His breathing quickened as he issued a few more swats. Then he tossed the crop on the floor and let out a deep groan. He slowly and delicately ran his big hands over my reddened ass cheeks.

"No, Daddy! Don't! This is wrong. You're not supposed to do this to me." I began to squirm.

"Hold still. Daddy knows what's best." He held my hips firmly with his hands for several moments as I lay still before him. My red ass and young pussy were in full view for his inspection.

"You've been a very, very bad girl. Daddy didn't want to have to punish you like this. But you leave me no choice. You've been a dirty, naughty slut and you're going to have to pay." He gingerly rubbed a finger up my dampened slit and his breathing increased as he said this.

"Oh, Daddy, no. Please stop. Don't do this." The humiliation was unbearable and I was delirious with sensation.

"Have you ever let a boy touch you like this?" My Daddy leaned down to inquire softly in my ear.

"N-n-no, Daddy. Never." My mind reeled. I didn't know what I was feeling. It hurt and felt good at the same time. I wanted him to stop, but I didn't want him to hurt me anymore. So I just lay there and accepted what he was doing as tears dripped from my face onto the table top.

"Daddy thinks you are lying again. Do you want to me to hurt you some more?" He patted my burning red ass with one hand as he continued to violate my privates with the other. Stinging waves of pain mixed with pleasure washed over me. I was so confused.

"No, Daddy! Please don't hurt me anymore. I'm not lying. No boy has ever touched me like that, ever. I swear. Please don't hurt me. Please?" I was beside myself as I begged.

"Good girl. Daddy believes you." His fingers danced around my most sensitive parts as they grew wetter and wetter. "Have you ever touched yourself like this?" Daddy's voice took on a lusty, perverted tone as he manipulated my wet crease.

"Y-y-yes, Daddy. I did it once. But the priest at confession told me it was a sin, so I never did it again." This time I was lying. But I didn't want Daddy to get angry and hurt me some more for committing a sin. So I pretended that I never touched myself again. It felt good when I touched myself and I did it a lot. I loved to do it. Just as I began to love how my Daddy's fingers were feeling down there now.

"You dirty, nasty little tramp. You touch your pussy and make yourself feel good down there all the time. Daddy's seen you. That's right, little girl, Daddy watches you touching yourself all the time. Why do you think I'm doing this now? Why do you think you're in trouble? Huh? Answer me!" Daddy smacked my red ass with the flat of his palm so hard I nearly jumped onto the table. "Answer your Daddy when he asks you a question, bitch!" He began to lay several spanks onto my sore ass.

"Aahhh!! Daddy no. Stop! It hurts too much. Okay, I touch myself and it feels good. I'm a bad, dirty, sinful girl. I'll be good from now on. I promise. Please, Daddy. Please stop!" I was crying and screaming uncontrollably now as Daddy spanked my sore, red ass. Only his other hand didn't stop squirming around my wet pussy and I was bucking and jumping all over the place.

"Oh, I'll stop all right. But first you have to tell me why you're in trouble with Daddy. Why do you think I'm so angry with you? Huh? Why?" He inquired through his gritted teeth as he stopped spanking and I heard the sound of a zipper. Was he unzipping his pants?

"Because I touched my pussy and made myself feel good?" I whimpered in response.

"No." He smacked me for good measure. Then I felt something very different rubbing my marked bottom. He swatted me a couple of times with it. "Why did you make Daddy so mad at you, slut?" His voice was lustful and his breathing was heavy. "Huh, bitch? What have you done, you naughty little slutty cunt?"

"I m-m-made Daddy get a hard pee-pee?" My voice was filled with fear as I worried about what he planned to do next.

"That's right!" He announced as if I'd just one a prize. He simultaneously inserted a finger into my sopping, wet cunt and I screamed.

"Oh no! Daddy, you mustn't do that. You can't! I'll be good. I'll never touch myself again. Just please stop. It makes me feel so bad. So dirty. Please don't touch your little girl like that. Please stop, Daddy. I don't want that."

"Daddy does what Daddy wants, baby. Whether you like it or not. You have to learn your lesson. And Daddy's going to teach it to you." His finger fucked in and out of my juicy cunt as his big stiff cock rubbed my red ass. He left trails of pre-cum on me as he continued to manipulate my pussy. "Daddy needs to get you ready for your proper punishment. Hold still while Daddy loosens your hot little slutty pussy so Daddy's pee-pee can go in easy." He inserted his finger and began to circle the edges of my interior to widen the hole.

Then Daddy began to rub his hard cock head on my wet slit. He massaged my stiff clit with the head of his cock and smeared the juices all over. "Tsk, tsk. Such a dirty little cunt. Daddy's going to have to teach it a lesson it'll never forget. Hold still while Daddy fucks your tight, nasty, slutty cunt, bitch." He guided his massive cock head towards my pussy hole and started to push it in.

"Ouch. Daddy, your pee-pee is too big for me. It hurts. I can't take it." I cried as I tried to pull away from him.

"I said hold still, slut!" He smacked my ass hard and shoved his cock deep into my cunt. "Oh god yes. You are going to learn your lesson well. You're so tight and hot. Daddy's pee-pee feels so good inside you, little bitch. Take it all." He started to rhythmically pump in and out of my poor pussy. My ass stung from his pants zipper with each forceful thrust. He gripped the end of the table above my head and impaled his body against mine. He started to thrust deep and hard into me making my cunt ache. "Take this, and this, you dirty cunt." He stated with each pounding push. "Daddy's going to fuck your cunt so hard, you'll never want to touch yourself down there again. Daddy's going to make you beg him to stop. "

My thighs were quivering under the pressure. Yet something about it all felt terrifyingly good as Daddy's cock massaged my insides. I felt a strange sensation building deep within me. "Daddy, I feel funny. Something strange is happening. Please stop. This can't be right. I-I, I don't know what's happening. What are you doing to me, Daddy?" My pussy began to shiver.

"Oh god, baby. You're pussy is so tight on Daddy's stiff prick. It grips me so well. You're going to cum on Daddy, aren't you. What a dirty slut. Are you enjoying this? Now you're in bigger trouble with Daddy. It looks like you'll need even more punishment." Just when I thought he couldn't thrust any hard, Daddy slammed deep in and pulled way out of me. "Well, if you're going to cum, then Daddy's going to cum too. Cum for Daddy, baby. Cum all over my cock."

I began to shake and squirm under Daddy's force. I started screaming out loud, "Oh Daddy. Ow. Stop. Please. Oh. Don't. No. Yes, oh Daddy, yes. It feels good, Daddy. Don't stop making it feel so good."

Daddy rammed into me hard, "That's it baby. Cum for Daddy. Daddy's going to spread his spunk all over your nasty cunt. Come on, baby. Give it to Daddy. Give it up. That's a girl. Ooooh, what a baaaaaad girl you are for making Daddy feel so good." I felt his cock swell inside me as sensational waves of pleasure washed over me. I bucked against him. Then I felt him swiftly pull out of me. He took one hand and held my pussy lips apart while he stroked himself with his other hand. "Daddy's going to smear his spunk on your clit baby. You're a very dirty little slut for making Daddy do this. Oh! Oh, God, yes. Unghh!" I felt his hot liquid squirt onto my hard clit. "Take that you naughty lying little slut bitch." He rubbed it into my cunt with his cock head and then stepped back.

I lay on the table sobbing with my bruised ass in the air while Daddy's cum dripped down my leg.

"Now go wash up and prepare for you next lesson."

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by Anonymous03/17/18

i loved this, it made me so horny i peed in my pants. I am going to grt the belt but it was worth it.

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by Dark_Rayne05/29/17


You need to do another part to this!! Always makes me wet

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