tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIn Front of Her Husband

In Front of Her Husband


One afternoon when Julie (Mrs. Johnson) and I had come back from tennis practice – real tennis this time, we decided to have a coke and watch the Tennis Channel for a while. It was a great match and the time got away from us. Mr. Johnson had come home from work and walked in on us watching TV.

"OH Michael." Julie said. "This is our neighbor Mark, remember? You know, I told you about us playing tennis. He's going to be on the high school team this year. It is nice to have someone in the neighborhood to play with."

Actually, Julie had sex with me the first time we were alone and almost every other time since. Sometimes a few times a day. It felt odd having her husband there, but it was okay.

"Hello Mark." Michael said. "How do you like playing with my wife?"

"She's great." I said. "She's the only one who can keep up with me practicing. She can go for hours."

"When she gets into anything; she can go for hours." Michael replied. He had obviously been drinking. "She's like the energizer bunny in a skirt."

"Do you play?" I asked.

"No, not tennis." Mr. Johnson said. "But I do like the way she looks in her outfit. Doesn't she look great – you know – for her age? Julie's 50 and looks 30."

"Ya. I think she's in great shape." I said without thinking. "Girls my age don't look that good."

"Well I did see one that I thought did." Mr. Johnson said. "Her name was Linda. She was over here with her brother this last week. Do you know her?"

"Yes. She's my friend Brad's sister. " I told him. "Anderson. Linda Anderson. She is nice too."

"Nice?" Mr. Johnson said. "How do you mean that?"

She is nice and looks great." I told him.

"So, if you had a choice would you rather date Linda or Julie?" Mr. Johnson asked pointedly as he poured himself a glass of whiskey.

"I think I'd pick Mrs. Johnson. Linda isn't grown up yet." I said.

"You mean you like Julie's body more than you like that hot little teenager? He asked.

"I think Julie is hot." I said.

"Really hot? Mr. Johnson said. "I know that tennis outfit shows off her shape. But, you should see her in a bikini. Julie, go put on your bikini for me. Model that for us please." Mr. Johnson continued to ramble as he poured himself another drink. "You got to see this."

Julie was wondering what was up, but these odd, kinky situations always got her pussy wet. She got up and went to her bedroom. "Sure. I have a new one that I wanted you to see. I hope it looks good." Julie said as she disappeared into her room.

"You are going to love this." Mr. Johnson said as he finished his glass of Whiskey and poured another. "She is such a show-off."

A few minutes later she came out modeling another super tiny string bikini. Her nipples were hard with her areola showing.

You could see everything through this. Her prominent camel-toe was hot. Her tits were straining the material. You could even see the round bottom of her breasts peeking out.

Mr. Johnson just stared at her standing there in front of me.

"What do you think now?" He asked me. "Does she look good or what?"

"Positively ill!" I said.

Julie put her arms around me and gave me a hug. Looking over my shoulder she said to Mr. Johnson. "Isn't he sweet? Ill is good these days. And he is so cute!"

"Do you have girls that are built like this in high school? Mr. Johnson asked.

"Not even close." I replied.

"You two look good together. I can almost see you making out with the kid." Mr. Johnson said with a wry smile then knocking back the rest of the drink. "Give that boy a kiss Julie. Give him a little taste of a woman."

Julie pressed her lips against my cheek and kissed me. Once, then again, and again. I was getting hard.

"You must be getting old Julie." He said. "You call that a kiss? I remember when you loved to kiss. Stop teasing the boy."

Julie put the next one on my mouth until my lips parted and she put her tongue inside. She was also pressing her body into mine. Her leg slid forward against my crotch and balls. She could feel my erection as we kissed in front of her husband.

"Dam Julie. You are making him horny!" Mr. Johnson said. "But you are still teasing. Show him something Julie. Give him a real taste of you. Make the kid happy Julie – you look so hot!"

Julie looked at Mr. Johnson standing there and wondered what to do. She knew what she would like to do. She liked what Michael said but wasn't sure of herself. Then it hit her. She took the string on the side of her bikini bottom and pulled. The bottom fell to the floor and she pressed her hips forward.

Mr. Johnson watched with interest as his wife pressed her naked pussy against the boy.

"Julie. You are so hot. Give him more baby. Make him happy." He said. Mr. Johnson was now pouring another glass of whiskey as he licked his lips watching us.

With that said, Julie reached behind her back and pulled the string that held her top on and let it fall to the floor. She then started to grind her naked body into mine.

"Julie you are such a slut!" Mr. Johnson said. "You are every boy's dream. Why don't you give him what he wants? Come on and play with him Julie. You know what he wants. Put on a show for me baby."

Mr. Johnson was now rubbing his own cock through his pants. Julie slipped her hand inside my tennis shorts and began to play with my cock. She then worked them down to my knees and let them fall to the floor. My ass was facing Mr. Johnson and Julie turned me around to show him that she was now masturbating me.

"More Julie. Give him more." Mr. Johnson said. "Show him what you can do with those lips. Come on Julie. Do it for us."

Julie now dropped to her knees and began to suck my cock in front of her husband.

"That's it baby. Suck that cock. Make him cum Julie. Suck him . . . suck it . . . make him cum you slut!" Mr. Johnson crowed.

Julie's head bobbed up and down on me. Moaning, I shot my load. Julie swallowed it all and kept sucking. I wanted to fuck her in front of him.

"Fuck him Julie. Give him the full experience. Give him your body Julie . . . fuck this kid for me. Fuck him baby, fuck him now!" He exclaimed.

Julie didn't need any more encouragement. She lay down and spread her legs for me and motioned to have me get on top. I slipped inside of her without delay. I was anxiously fucking her now. Her pussy was tight and hot. Her juices dripped out around my cock as I slid inside her. Sloppy sounds filled the room as we fucked. Julie's head fell back as her husband cheered her on.

"That's it baby! Fuck him. Give him that hot pussy Julie. Squeeze that young cock baby. Squeeze that pussy! Fuck him!" Mr. Johnson chanted. "You like fucking my wife?!?! Yes. Fuck that bitch!"

I never did take off my tennis shoes. She liked that. Tennis shoes grip the carpet so you can really push hard when you are banging her. She loves feeling my balls bouncing off her ass when I fuck her.

Julie did exactly what she was told. My cock was being held tight by that wonderful pussy. Her tits were bouncing as I banged her. Her legs raised high in the air with her knees up near my shoulders. Mrs. Johnson was being the obedient wife. Mr. Johnson was now masturbating himself as he watched us fuck. Julie started to have her orgasm – it was long with multiple spasms. She was noisier than usual screaming, "OHHHH OHHHH OHHH BABY! . . . .Yes Yes Yes . . OH GOD YES!! . . . AHHHH . . . AHHHH . . . AHHHHhhhhhhh! . . . Fuck me baby!"

Mr. Johnson shot his load too and I wasn't far away either. I filled her pussy up in spite of all the cum she had already sucked out of me.

"Good girl Julie!" Mr. Johnson said. "You are so good baby. Just look at you fucking this kid. You are the hottest wife in Las Vegas. You are so hot when you cum baby. My turn! Suck me now."

With that, the obedient Julie crawled over to Mr. Johnson and began sucking him off. I said I'd see them later and pulled my shorts on. I watched for minute before I left. Julie was enjoying herself sucking her husband in front of me, her eyes fixed on mine. I headed out as fast as I could as Mr. Johnson began to cum.

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