tagInterracial LoveIn Gull Pond Pt. 01

In Gull Pond Pt. 01

byTom Mandy©

It was a day in May, just after Memorial Day weekend and as summer was about to peek its head out. I went on my own up to Cape Cod as I like to do every year; I go away from everything and spend a week up there by myself. I visit the sites, go whale watching, maybe play a little mini-golf, and of course go to the lakes and the Bay. The great part about it is that there is nobody up here - everyone has gone away by now back to their lives after the Memorial Day weekend, and the crowds haven't come up for the summer like they do in July and August. The downside is that the bays and oceans are far too cold to swim in. That is, except, for one of the freshwater ponds: Gull Pond.

The beauty of Gull Pond is that it runs about a half a mile each way and another quarter of a mile across, and then it connects to some smaller ponds. When I drove up that day, as I suspected, no one was there. This was my ideal situation, though it's happened on occasion someone may be walking their dog nearby or casting a line in to fish. But on this day, it was sunny, the trees were in full bloom, and I could see no one around. Even the scattered houses that lined the pond - about six or seven in all spread out across its circumference - seemed to be free of people.

This let me be free to let it hang out... all of it.

I started this almost out of curiosity a few years before. I'm an avid swimmer, and I keep myself in great shape; I'm six foot four, 185 pounds, and most of it is muscle. While I do jog and I do lift weights, there is nothing that gets me moving more than swimming. I love being able to get a full workout, all across my body, without needing to break a sweat. But the one problem I find is being at the pool at the gym or at the local town swim center, you always have to keep your swim suit on. One day when I was up here at Gull Pond, however, I decided with no one else around to take a try and see what it would be like to go 'au naturale' and take my swim trunks off. It was a revelation! I loved it!

I'm not sure I consider myself a consistent nudist - I don't need to worry too much about burning as I'm a mixed-race man, my father was a dark black man from the ghetto, and my mother was a lilly-white Irish lady - but if I don't have to wear clothes I prefer it. Of course, I won't try to be offensive, but if no one else is around, who's it going to hurt? But the best part is just having that water surrounding me, being free from the suit, and having my 6-inch cock out (when soft) in the water is also comfortable... and a turn on. Yes, even with it being cold water (but not so cold as to be unswimmable), I found myself sometimes getting the most erect than I ever could before with me under the water. The erections might go away, or I could swim far enough to get even more seclusion and masturbate. What made it especially great was that I wouldn't beat off for about four of five days before coming to the pond, and my orgasms felt stronger and juicier that way.

And all this led me to this day.

On this day, I parked the car, walked down, set my stuff by a table on the little beach that's by the main entrance to the lake, and then proceeded to take off my clothes. When I first did this, I was so nervous I took my swim-suit in my hand as I continued to swim around just in case someone came by and I could quickly put it back on. I figured though, after the first year, that my skin color made it so even if someone saw me from far away or from one of the beach houses, they wouldn't be able to see through under the water to see my business hanging around. So this year, I just took off my bathing suit (why I even wore it *to* the pond I'm sure I don't know, force of habit I guess) and got into the water.

It's difficult to describe how it's not just the swimming that attracts me to this pond, but the quiet and serenity that is out of this world. You go in the water and you are so far from any city, so far from the rest of the world it seems like, and despite the occasional bird call or gust of wind, you don't hear anything out there in the water. It's like I can meditate out there like I can never do elsewhere - sort of like when your mind drifts in the shower - and that's what I was doing that day.

My regiment, so to speak, was to swim across the entire pond and back. This wasn't something for beginner swimmers, and it took me a while to work up to it. Needless to say, there is no lifeguard out there, so I was putting my life in my hands every time I did this. But I pace myself when swimming far distances, and do spurts as people who run will do bursts of sprinting and then come back to a trot. On this day, I decided first to not swim all the way from my side of the beach to the end of the pond (where it connects to the next pond), but to swim across its width instead of down the whole length. In the first minute, I felt myself get hard as a rock, which does make swimming full speed a little awkward, but it went down just as quickly.

What caught me by surprise was when I got to the other side of the pond.

I must have zoned out into such a meditative trance, in my own head hearing nothing but the sounds of my arms and hands going through the water and my feet and legs right behind, that I didn't hear the door close on the back porch of one of the houses. I got my head up near it and saw lying down in a beach chair one of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen: she had short red hair which was cut almost like a boy. She had tits that were about perfect 36 C cups or maybe B cups on the low end, like peach-sized but with a little more heft. She wasn't very skinny but she wasn't too heavy either, but she wore a two peace bathing suit anyway. She had long legs and a perfect feet. She could have been Christina Hendricks but with a slightly smaller bust. She had on sunglasses and looked like she was looking away.

My first impulse was to swim away - I started to feel a stir in my cock, but not yet to full erectness - until she turned her head and saw me looking at her. I couldn't have been more than fifteen feet away from where the back porch meets the water, but she sat up and smiled.

"Hey there, stranger," she said, smiling.

"Oh, hello!" I responded, in a voice that must've made me sound like a nervous fifteen year old. "I didn't hear you come out."

"It's hard to hear people over the water," she said. "I'm Cat."

"I'm Bailey."

"Bailey, hey, that was my dog's name when I was a kid!"

"Far out."

She got up on her feet and got closer to me. She paused and then smiled again. I wondered if she saw me... in full. No, she couldn't have. Not right away. Right?

"How you liking the weather today?" I kept swimming the whole time just to keep me up, though I could have been on my feet at the level due to the shallowness of the water.

"It's perfect. I can't believe you're out there in the water though!" She laughed a little.

"Yeah, I guess it's my thing."

"No, no I mean, I thought *I* was the one who liked to swim at this time of year. Or that anyone even comes up here... certainly, someone who looks like you." She was staring into my eyes. She was so pretty; she seemed at that moment more like a Disney princess, with a high squeaky voice and little freckles.

"It's my yearly ritual. I just love it. And the best thing is, no one comes up here!"

"I know, right!"

"It's so damn peaceful. But I'm-"

"What?" She looked a little concerned at my pause.

"I don't want to intrude on you. You seemed to be enjoying yourself, like, by yourself."

"No, I'll join you! Let's go swim together!"

As the words 'Swim together' came out of her mouth, she reached around and started to untie her bikini top.

"Oh, whoa whoa! You don't have to, uh, well, why are you, um, I was about to say," the words flooded out of me like diarrhea. She took off her top and the perkiest, most gorgeous boobs I've ever seen came pouring out. They had nipples that could cut glass, and big areolas. My favorite kind. Then she pulled down her bottom and a slightly trimmed but nevertheless full red bush came into sight. I like shaved cunts, but I much rather like to fuck with the full bushes - it feels like a real *woman* is down there and not a little girl trying to be clean.

"I love it, don't you? That's why you're naked, right?"

I blushed so hard I probably had the cheeks of Santa Claus. "Uh... say what now? I'm not-"

"Oh, come on now, I saw it as soon as I came closer to you. I can see your ass behind you."

I turned my head as if there was something to see.

"And not... too... bad." She started to trail off. Now she was completely naked - an angel in the Cape Cod sun and sky. "Move over," she said softly. I almost didn't catch it, but did just in time as she started to have a run.

"YAHOO!" as she jumped full speed into the water, making a big splash all around me. She and I laughed like little kids. We weren't too close to one another, but I was close enough to see her breasts under the water. She had the brightest smile beaming at me.

"So," she said.

"So what?" I responded innocently.

"Care to race ya?"

"Well, how far?"

She licked her lips. "Have you ever swum to the other pond before?"

Now I smiled. I could hear myself being cocky saying, "Oh, that's nothing. I've swum that every year I've come up here!" A white lie, but whatever.

"Wow! I've only been able to do it once. It's deceptively difficult to do it."

"Well, how about I make you a deal."

"Okay," she said. I had almost forgotten we were both two stark naked adults facing each other. I was also hard as a fucking battering ram. But, again, almost.

"If you win, I have to swim all around the pond, like going around it in a circle."

She looked stunned. "I didn't think *anyone* could do that?"

"Yeah, it's kind of impossible. So, if I win, well..." I blushed again. "Maybe I can give you a kiss?"

"That's a deal!"

She reached over and shook my hand. She had a nice hand too. I wondered for a split second what it would be like on my penis - which, at that moment, started to deflate slightly, as my mind prepared my body for an endurance trial.

"Okay," I faced myself towards the end of the pond. "On your mark," she faced herself too - I saw her ass very briefly, which was nice and toned but fairly big - "Get set, and 1-2-THREE"

She started swimming in a frenzy, and a fast one, while I took my time. I figured she would slow down (she would have to) in a few minutes while I could pace myself. She actually had the lead for a good five minutes, maybe ten, but around that tenth or eleventh minute she started to slow and I began to catch up. That only made her swim harder, and for a time we were neck and neck. While I could barely see much - you really can't when you're swimming without goggles (though it's natural water and not with chlorine, it can still sting) - I did occasionally look over at her. My erection had subsided completely, but I marveled at what a natural beauty she was. She wasn't that manufactured hot that you get from a Playboy or one of those buxom models, but she wasn't an ordinary kind of look to her either. She looked warm and inviting, like someone you could picture being a best friend. That made her all the hotter.

Around minute twenty I found myself getting so close to the end of the pond I could almost feel it. Also at that moment, I heard some splashing behind me, and it was the desperate, "save me" kind. I turned around and saw Cat was struggling to stay afloat. She was breathing hard and starting to dip down. This alerted me to the fact that she was probably about to drown if I didn't dive deep and try to save her.

I swum back around like a lightning bolt and got my arms around her. I was close to her, so close, that I could feel her tits rub against my chest. But I wasn't thinking about that in that moment, I just knew I had to get her to an area where she could stand. So I swum closer to where the water meets the edge of land, and finally we could both stand. She and I were catching our breaths, with my arms still holding up hers until she could stand on her own. She looked back into my eyes.

"Wow wow wow," she said panting. "I didn't know you could swim that fast!"

"That's what you have to say? After you almost go under like that?"

"No," she said. "I also have this."

She leaned in for a soft kiss on my cheek. Then she kissed my lips, but not French style.

"So," she said in a sultry whisper, "I guess you win."

"Yeah," I said. "I guess I do."

She went in and wrapped her arms around me and gave me a much deeper kiss. Our bodies were now pressed together, and I felt my cock brush up against her bush. I wasn't getting hard yet exactly, but I could feel my whole body... Electrified. I was buzzing. She looked to be so too, and the goosebumps ran all across her soft white flesh.

"I'm sorry," she said, panting again, as if she had to get air. "I don't know what came over me!"

"Don't apologize. I... I think you're..." I trailed off looking at her.



"Thanks." She said looking me up and down. "I think you're hot as fuck."

I laughed, almost incredulous that this was happening to me. "This is crazy."

"I know," she said, as her hand suddenly grabbed for my cock. "Just go with it. Jesus Christ, you got such a big black cock!"

"Oh?" I said, kind of curious. I felt myself getting even harder than when I was by myself in the pond, her stroking me to my full arousal, both of us under water below our chests. "You've ever been with a, you know?"

"Oh, god, no, my father would flip a lid." She got even closer to me. "But, now that you're here..." She trailed off and I went in for the kiss. We splashed around a bit as our legs locked together. I put my hand over her vaginal walls and peeled her tight folds aside (through all the hair, she felt like she hadn't had many men inside her). "Oh, God yes, please finger me."

This really shouldn't have worked, us very warm-blooded humans being in this cold pond. But I had never felt so horny in my life. And from the feel of her folds and then her vagina as I probed a finger inside, she didn't need to be in the water to feel wet as a geyser.

I started to rub her clit, and worked two fingers, my eyes never leaving hers. She still had an innocent look about her, but with every thrust of my hand it peeled away, showing a ravenous, hungry woman behind it staring back at me. She tried to continue to pump my cock, but it was so much for me to finger her that she had to bring both of her arms around my neck. I was holding her close, and the water made it so that I didn't have to use all of my force in my legs to hold her up (I knew I could do this out of the water as well, but here gravity helped). I could feel something extra gooey coming out of her vagina and she started to get her nails into my back.

"Oh god, Oh god yes, Oh please don't stop, oh I'm so close, please keep going, keep going," and then Cat started to trail off as I increased my finger pile on. She orgasmed and let out a guttural growl that echoed across the entire pond. She then melted in my arms and tried to catch her breath.

"Oh, thank you, thank you!" she said.

"Thank me? I should thanking you! This is more than I could have dreamed of."

"Oh? Then how about this?"

She grabbed a hold of my cock, stroked it a few more times and carefully propping herself on to me - again, us both still in Gull Pond - she lowered herself as her opening got close to my cock head. "God, you're so hot!" she exclaimed, like a girl ten years younger than she was. "Look at you!"

"You're the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen," I said breathlessly.

She impaled herself slowly on my cock, inch by inch. Her face contorted and when she finally got herself down until I could feel the end of where I could push, she let out another scream, though not as long as the orgasm grunt before. She locked her legs behind mine, and I was able through all of my strength to hold her up in the water.

"Jesus, you're so... fucking...HUGE!"

"You're so tight!"

"Shut up and fuck me," she said in a deep voice I hadn't heard before. She then proceeded to slowly go up and down on my penis. Every time she let out a pleasurable purr or grunt, and I returned it with her. She was so tight and yet so wet around me, and her grip was better than any other woman I'd had before. We continued to kiss even as I was starting to angle us into a part of the water where I couldn't hold her up. I brought her closer to the shallow part where our bottom halves were still in the pond, but I had better balance. At this point I started to thrust up and fuck her with everything I could.

At first, it was slow, but I built gradually over two minutes until I was coming close to jackhammering her. Her speech became unintelligible gibberish, lots of "GodOhGodOhBailey, OhFuckOHFUCKOHFUCK ME SO GOOD!" Then she came hard, again, and got herself so close to me that I popped out, but put myself back in just as quickly. I continued to thrust and felt her grip getting tighter again, every wall contracting and pulling me in closer. I could feel my balls, which I thought receded up in me because of the cold, start to tighten up and I felt it.

"Uggh, I'm close, I'm close, I'll pull out," I said.

"No, No," she said. "Stay inside me, I'm close, I'm close, I'm so so close, oh fuck your cock, I LOVE IT!" Cat screamed out as she was jumping up and down on my dick like her life depended on it. I felt myself finally lose control and I began pumping four days worth of cum up her vaginal canal, splashing her cervix. I was pumping about ten times, maybe twelve, until I felt my cock stop and start to deflate. I pulled out and Cat swam closer to shore.

She got up on the little part of the beach where there was a place to rest and she leaned back against a small rock. We both were catching our breath. She then looked at me and said, "That was... fun!"

"Yeah," I said, with a goofy grin.

"I think I'm ovulating right now?" She said this almost like a question.

"Uh..." I paused. "What?"

To Be Continued

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Loved it, looking forward to Pt2

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Awesome story.

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Hot story, but your spelling isn't great. Even in your profile.

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