tagNovels and NovellasIn Her Father's Footsteps Ch. 13

In Her Father's Footsteps Ch. 13


Erotic Adventures of Sexy British Super-Spy Jane Bond

"Oh-yez, oh-yez, oh-yez! Divorce court in and for the City of London is now in session. All persons having business before this court, please direct your attention. Honorable Judge Prunella T. McCracken presiding. All rise, please."

The judge entered from left, looking stately in her black robe, yet matronly due to her grey-white hair and overly- wide torso. As she sat at her elevated court bench, peering down upon the court room, and smoothing-down her robe, all others in the court room also sat now. The court clerk handed Judge McCracken a brown file folder, and she perused its contents for two or three minutes before banging her gavel onto the top of her bench, to call the court session to order.

"Mr. Court Clerk, please call the first case to order."

"The case of Walker versus Warmcox. Plaintiff Wendy Warmcox filing on grounds of marital infidelity. Her husband, William Washington Walker, stands accused of spousal abuse and neglect."

"Are the attorneys for both sides present?" Judge McCracken asked.

A large, aging, balding, dull-looking man in a brown three- piece suit stood up. "J. Blithering Idiot, the Third, representing the defendant William Walker. Present, your honor." Idiot was the product of three generations of cousins inter-marrying, seasoned with a healthy dose of English public-school education--in other words, THE ideal candidate to have become the defense lawyer in such a case as this.

"Idiot?" the Judge asked, stunned at the name.

"It's French, your honor. The T at the end is silent. It's pronounced like spelling the ninth, fourth, and fifteenth letters of the alphabet: I-D-O."

"Thank you for that clarification, Mr. eye-dee-oh. Is the plaintiff's attorney present?"

"Yes, your honor."

"And you are--?"

"Bond. Jane Bond." God, but she loved saying that! She'd wanted to introduce herself like this ever since she first saw Sean Connery portraying her famous father, in the very first 007 movie, and now Jane couldn't get enough of introducing herself in this manner.

"Bond. Jane Bond," she repeated with a silly grin.

Jane Bond and J. Blithering Idiot III now both seated themselves.

"Mr. Walker?" the judge called.

Wendy Warmcox's strange and estranged husband rose to his feet.

"Mr. Walker, it says here that you are undergoing a second trial on charges of illegal sales of weapons to terror--"

"Terrorist is a matter of opinion, your honor," W interrupted. "In certain third-world countries, the people you label as `terrorists' are considered patriots, and the western powers, like America and Great Britain, are considered the REAL terrorists!"

J. Blithering Idiot III now slowly lumbered to his feet. "Your honor, I object to this whole line of testimony. It has no bearing on this divorce case."

"Objection noted and sustained," Judge McCracken replied. "Perhaps I overstepped my bounds a little. I was just trying to determine the parameters of what is going on with this couple."

Attorney Idiot wearily plopped back down in his seat, mumbling, "Thank you, your honor."

"Now then, is the plaintiff, Wendy Warmcox, in this court room?"

Wendy rose to her feet. She was wearing the same skimpy red cocktail dress, with matching red high heels, that she had worn on her flight from Vienna to London when she first became a permanent third partner in the marriage of Jane Bond and Jane's husband, Brad. The plunging neckline of Wendy's dress left little to the imagination, revealing more than half of the surface of her 40-D breasts. The thin fabric of her cocktail dress also showed that she had no bra underneath, her very large nipples poking, jutting, and straining against the tight red cloth. As for her hemline, it barely touched the very tops of her thighs, and at 5'8", this left a LOT of leg visible. And her extremely high- heeled, glossy red shoes made her long, shapely, ivory- colored legs look even longer. With open backs and toes, these shoes consisted of little more than narrow, red- leather straps secured around her ankles.

Wendy's long, straight, very-light blonde hair reached down to caress the cheeks of her shapely ass, and at the front her hair draped over and swirled around the bottom curves of her prominently-displayed 40-D breasts.

Hearing murmuring in her court room, Judge McCracken looked up to see what all the commotion was about. Even she could appreciate the stunning beauty of the plaintiff standing before her.

"All right, all right, settle down, people. I'm sure we've all seen stunningly-gorgeous women before. Although," the Judge whispered to Wendy with a conspiratorial wink, "Perhaps not QUITE so stunning as this plaintiff." Then returning to her normal voice, so the entire room could hear, "Miss Warmcox, it says here that your spouse abused and neglected you. Would you please explain this to the court, in more detail?"

"Well, everything was fine for the first year of our marriage. In fact, we locked ourselves in a Vienna hotel room for the entire first year we were married, having nothing but wild, passionate, brain-numbing sex, night and day, for the whole first year. The way he made my pussy, my nipples, my clit feel! It was wonderful. Fantastic! INCREDIBLE!TERRIF--"

"Yes, yes, Miss Warmcox, we get the picture. While I do want to hear more, and I envy you your year-long sex adventure, we do need to keep this case moving forward."

A few snickers erupted from various parts of the court room.

"But then, after a year, he got involved in illegal gun running, and --"

"Objection!" Blithering Idiot III bellowed. "I object to that characterization. No court has yet proven that my client has broken ANY laws!"

"Sustained. Miss Warmcox, kindly refrain from commenting on your husband's line of--excuse me, ALLEGED line of work, and just tell us how he neglected you."

"Well, after that first year, he's barely touched me, he's shown almost NO interest in having sex with me."

"That happens in a lot of marriages. Why is this grounds for your divorce petition?"

"Well, I just don't want to stay married to a man who is INSANE!"

"Who SAYS he is insane?" the judge asked. "Do you have a written medical diagnosis by a qualified professional psychiatrist, and are you prepared to enter that document into evidence?"

"No your honor. But, I mean, LOOK at this body, just LOOK at it!" With that, Wendy pulled her bright-red cocktail dress up over her head, tossing it onto the court-room floor, and stood stark-naked before the court, except for her glossy-red high heels. "LOOK at this body! How could ANY man, I mean any SANE man, be married to a woman who looks like I do, and not once in ten years have any desire to FUCK me, to GIVE it to me, to pump me FAST, DEEP and HARD, just the way I LIKE it, the way I NEED for him to DO IT TO ME? I mean, for a whole decade, I BEGGED and PLEADED with him, I wanted him to FUCK me with all his might, to slam himself in and out of me REPEATEDLY and FORCEFULLY, I hungrily CRAVED his cock night after night, and told him so, over and OVER again, and still NOTHING! Are those the actions of a SANE man? And how can I be expected to REMAIN married to such a CRAZY MAN? Night after night, my hungry, dripping snatch laying WIDE OPEN and DRIPPING with lust, just for HIM, BEGGING for my man's cock to SATISFY me, and never ONCE getting that satisfaction! Ten years of this is MUCH MORE than ANY woman, with MY healthy sexual appetite, should be expected to ENDURE, and I don't WANT to remain married to him, not for even one more MINUTE, your honor."

Jane Bond stood up and walked over to stand face-to-face in front of Wendy. "I can attest from first-hand knowledge, your honor, that Wendy Warmcox does indeed have a VERY healthy sexual appetite, and any NORMAL man would be proud and happy to have such a woman want him with such a fiery sexual HUNGER!"

"What exactly do you mean, Ms. Bond?"

"Here, your honor, allow me to demonstrate." With that, Jane slid down to her knees, and spread Wendy's legs wide apart, as Wendy stood facing the judge. Now Jane began slowly lapping her tongue all the way along the outside of Wendy's pussy. Of their own volition, Wendy's outer lips parted wide open now. Jane backed her face away from Wendy's excited cunt now, commenting, "Exhibit A, your honor. Just three licks over the OUTSIDE of her pussy, and ALREADY her lips are wide open, ready to receive a nice, big, stiff cock, plunging deep into the pinkness of her pussy. What I wonder is, why her HUSBAND never got her primed like this, and then fucked her mightily. But now, your honor, I'd like you to observe Exhibit B, what happens when I concentrate my tongue directly on her EXTREMELY sensitive clit."

With that, Jane pressed her face back into Wendy's crotch, and using her finger to pull Wendy's fleshy hood away, so that it no longer covered and hid Wendy's beautiful clit, Jane now began loudly slurping right at Wendy's pleasure center. Wendy's hips began gyrating, she began shoving her pussy further and further forward into Jane's face, and she began letting out the sexiest high-pitched cries of "Uuuuhh! Uuuuhh! Uuuuhh!" Jane now began sucking on Wendy's clit, and soon had sucked its entire growing length up past her lips, making Wendy moan loudly, and quiver and shake from head to toe.

Jane now backed her face away from Wendy's crotch again, and inserted a probing finger deep into Wendy's wide-open gash. Jane slid her finger in and out, deeply and forcefully, about three or four times, making sure to rub the underside of her knuckle against Wendy's extended clit with each in-and-out thrust of her finger. Now Jane withdrew her finger, which was drenched with the juice that had started to heavily line Wendy's inner walls. Jane held her finger up for the judge's inspection. "Exhibit C, your honor. The heavy wetness that lines Wendy's interior when she gets so excited. The natural lubrication to ease the way for a nice, thick cock to plunge into her depths. The lubrication that SHOULD have eased the path for her HUSBAND's cock, at least ONCE in the past ten years. The slickness from her pussy, that WOULD have let him pound her as much as he wanted, if he HADN'T neglected her!"

Judge McCracken licked the juice off of Jane's finger. "Mmmm! Quite tasty!"

"My point exactly, your honor. And see, William Walker wouldn't know that, because he never ONCE licked Wendy's clit, in all the years they have been married. If that isn't spousal abuse and neglect, your honor, I don't know what IS! People get married after learning all sorts of things about each other, but if the guy can't or won't lick his wife to explosion, women really SHOULDN'T overlook that and marry anyway. Sooner or later, she'll grow to resent him for his lack of attention to her hungry kitty-cat. That's what brought this case to this court room. But, please, your honor, allow me to continue with my demonstration, of just how receptive Wendy WOULD have been to her husband's sexual advances, had he not CRIMINALLY neglected to make such advances on his own wife."

"Yes! Yes!" Judge McCracken replied, her heart beating rapidly and her breaths coming in short, labored panting now. "Yes, by all means, DO continue."

Jane Bond returned her focus on Wendy's clit, licking and sucking on it again, but this time, when Jane had sucked Wendy's hot, hard, horny little love button all the way back into her mouth again, Jane began gently nibbling on Wendy's womanhood, and gradually became more forceful with her nibbles.

Fighting to keep standing, to keep her knees from buckling with the pleasure of it all, Wendy thrust her pussy still further forward, and tilted her head back, focusing her gaze at the ceiling as Jane continued her eager nibbling. "Ohhh!" Wendy moaned. "Oh, God! Mmmm! Oh, yeah, baby, right there! RIGHT there! Right THERE! Mmmm! Yes! Yes! YES! YYYYEEESSS!"

Jane backed away from Wendy once more. "Please don't consider me rude, your honor, if I stick my tongue out at you."

"Why would you do THAT?"

"Exhibit D, your honor," Jane replied, sticking her tongue out at the judge. "The sheer volume of Wendy's come coating my tongue after Wendy's first orgasm. The come that her clit SHOULD have been depositing all over the outside of her husband's COCK, as he fucked her hard, if not EVERY night, at LEAST once a week. Her sweet, creamy come, which almost NEVER got to coat her husband's shaft, in the entire past ten years! I say that this neglect of such a HOT, WILLING, and EAGER pussy, is a SURE sign of the defendant's diminished mental capacity."

"I'm afraid, Ms. Bond, that all you've succeeded in demonstrating is that Ms. Warmcox is VERY receptive to a woman's tongue on her pussy. In fact, I'd kind of like to try that on her MYSELF, after the court session ends. But you've failed to establish that she is this receptive to a man's--a man's--"

"COCK, your honor," Jane stated helpfully.

"Yes, quite. You haven't proven THAT contention!"

"I can remedy THAT, your honor," a warm, deep, very masculine voice stated.

"Who are YOU, sir?" the judge asked, almost melting on hearing that deeply-masculine voice.

"My name is Brad. I am married to Jane Bond, the attorney representing Ms. Warmcox. Wendy came to us several months ago, requesting our help with this divorce proceeding. During that time, she has lived in our home with us."

"The court concedes your generosity in providing a room for Ms. Warmcox. But what does that have to do with this case?"

"You don't understand, your honor. Wendy lives in the SAME room, in the SAME bed, with my wife and myself. Over the last several months, my wife and I must have made love with Wendy about a thousand times, both one-one-one, and as a threesome. And I can testify from first-hand knowledge, that Wendy is VERY receptive to having a man's cock fuck her deep and hard. Or, at least, she has always gotten VERY excited whenever I fuck her, whether my wife is making love to her at the same time or not. And I fully believe that Wendy would have been JUST as receptive to her husband's cock, had he bothered even TRYING to fuck her, at least ONCE, in the past decade."

"How do I know that any of what you say is TRUE?" the judge asked.

"Well, of course, I don't expect you to take MY word for it. I am fully prepared to demonstrate the truth of my statement, if Wendy--I mean, Ms. Warmcox--is willing."

"Mmm, BRRRRAAAD! You KNOW I can never resist YOUR cock!" Wendy purred, shoving two fingers up her naked pussy, then withdrawing them and holding up both fingers, so the judge could see how wet just the THOUGHT of Brad's cock was already making her. "I'm READY, whenever you are, baby!"

"You might as well," Judge McCracken smiled at Brad. "She seems pretty randy already, and after watching your wife's performance with her, I could use a good look at a man's hard, throbbing cock MYSELF, right about now. I don't think ANY of us can proceed with this case now until we all have our horniness relieved. So please proceed." Brad noticed that this remark was punctuated by the judge removing her right hand from the top of the bench, and letting it fall down into her lap, where she could slip her hand under her judicial robe without anyone in the court room actually able to SEE (although some might guess) what she was doing. "Yes, Mr.--um--Brad, even at MY advanced age, this proceeding is successfully making me HORNY. So, please, PLLLLEEEASSSE, proceed with your demonstration."

Brad let loose a wickedly-mischievous grin as he unbuckled his belt. "Anything you say, your honor!"

Jane approached Brad, and once more sinking to her knees, used her teeth to lovingly pull down Brad's zipper. Then, using both hands, she slid his trousers all the way down his legs. When his hardening cock sprang out, Jane lovingly planted a brief kiss directly on the tip of his cock head.

"Hey!" Wendy cried. "This is supposed to be MY show!"

"Quite right, my darling," Jane replied contritely, returning to her seat. "Sorry for stealing your THUNDER! Your honor, allow me to present Exhibit E, the skill and enthusiasm with which Wendy Warmcox sucks cock. A skill and enthusiasm that she would GLADLY have shared with her husband, but he NEVER bothered to take her up on this offer. This exhibit is my strongest evidence yet, that this man must have been CRAZY! Here a statuesque natural blonde, with a 40-24-38 figure, and as you are about to see, a woman HIGHLY skilled in the art of fellatio, a woman who for ten LONG years desperately, HUNGRILY longed to suck off her husband, to give him such ecstasy as most men can only DREAM about, and he never ONCE took her up on her offer. A CLEAR case of criminal neglect, and I intend to prove--"

"Yeah. yeah!" the judge snapped at Jane. "PLEASE just SHUT UP, and let me watch this!"

"Yes, your honor," Jane grinned, trying to act humble, but obviously delighted that everybody in this court room would now get to see the extraordinary sexual talents that her two lovers so generously shared with her, sometimes several times a day.

Wendy sauntered slowly over to Brad, who was now naked from the waist down. Slowly, sensuously, she unbuttoned his shirt, kissing her way down each new exposed area of his chest, pausing to lick and nibble at his nipples for several minutes, before continuing to unbutton his shirt and kiss her way down his torso, rhythmically twisting, bumping, and grinding her hips throughout her slow descent down Brad's muscular body. When Wendy had opened the last button, she slid his shirt sleeves off of his arms, and she let Brad's shirt drop to the floor. Wendy then licked her way down over Brad's flat stomach, kissed his navel, and began an excruciatingly-slow lick from his balls, up his still-flaccid shaft, to his cock head. His shaft began to twitch, stiffen, and lengthen in response to her long, slow lick up his manhood. Jane stood up, walked behind her now- naked husband, grabbed his shoulders from behind, patting him lightly and lovingly on the fanny, then spun him around by his shoulders to face the judge, so that Brad's rising, stiffening manhood would be fully in her view.

"Mmmm! NNNIIICE cock!" Judge McCracken whispered, just loudly enough for only Jane, Wendy, and Brad to hear, hungrily licking her lips and purring with desire, her reactions bringing smiles to all three faces.

"Now, go ahead and show me just how Ms. Warmcox reacts to that gorgeous cock of yours, how she WOULD have reacted if, as she alleges, her husband HADN'T criminally neglected her sweet pussy for ten years."

Instinctively, J. Blithering Idiot III shouted, "Objection!"

"On what grounds?"

"You make it sound like you've already DECIDED that my client criminally neglected his wife, before this trial is even over, your honor."

"I just meant that if he DID neglect her, it is such a tragic waste of such a FINE pussy! Now, please let's continue with the demonstration, without further interruptions, so I can determine whether Ms. Warmcox really IS a terribly and tragically neglected nymphomaniac, deserving of a divorce, as she alleges."

"Are you ready, sweety?" Wendy asked, then noticing Brad's cock springing to full hardness, and stiffening to its marvelous seven-inch length and incredible three-inch thickness, she answered her own question. "Silly me! I can see for myself that you're MORE than ready for me!"

Judge McCracken leaned way over her bench, peering down intently, gazing longingly, at Brad's big, hard shaft now, and repeated her earlier assessment: "NNNIIICE cock!"

Brad walked over to the prosecution counsel table, and with a wide sweep of his bare right arm, brushed all of Jane's legal papers off of the table top, scattering them on the floor. Brad then gestured for Wendy to sit on this just- cleared surface. With a giggle, Wendy hopped her bare ass up onto the prosecutor's table, cross her knees, and began lazily swinging her long, bare legs forward and back over the edge of the table. On his knees before her divine loveliness, Brad made a real show of unstrapping and removing Wendy's glossy, red, high-heeled shoes, tossing them under the prosecutor's table. Completely naked now, Wendy swiveled on her butt until her long, lean body stretched out parallel with the length of the table top. Lying flat on her bare back, Wendy raised her knees, spreading her long, shapely, ivory-toned legs wide apart. Brad's body, and his thick, pulsating manhood, both arose before Wendy's horniness now, as he stood naked at the foot of the prosecutor's table, lovingly caressing one of Wendy's feet in each gently-massaging hand, and Wendy purred contentedly at all of Brad's genuinely-loving attention.

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