In My Place Ch. 02


****There is not much sex in this chapter. Sorry about that folks! This is more of a 'setting the scene' chapter. Thank you for your patience ****

I lay in my new bed for what seemed like hours. It probably was. I just lay there, staring at the ceiling and thinking about what had happened. It was all so huge that it stretched credibility almost to breaking point. My worst fear had come true -- I had been discovered -- but the outcome was so far outside my expectations. I had been discovered then used and humiliated. I had another man, a stranger's, cock in my mouth and had swallowed it all willingly. And I had done so in front of my wife. And I had done so wearing women's clothing. I could not believe what had happened but I could still feel the evidence.

I had gone to bed that evening wearing a flimsy, almost transparent long nightdress, slit high on either side. My wife had presented it to me and told me that it was my new pajamas. Joe had simply chuckled.

"Goodnight," my wife had yelled at me. "Time for bed now. Go on! GO!!!"

Her anger had puzzled me. Hadn't we just broken so many taboos together? Had we not fulfilled some secret, dark desires together? It made no difference and I slunk off to my new bedroom. I took off my slutty clothing and put on the nightdress. Lifting back the covers, I climbed into bed.

It wasn't long before the sounds drifted in from what used to be the marital bed. Sounds of sex. My wife and Joe were continuing our earlier adventures but this time without my participation. I hated that. I hated it so much but it was strangely arousing. In fact, it was strangely incredibly arousing. I was growing hard, the filmy material of the nightdress softly caressing my stiffening cock. I was imagining what they were doing, punctuated by the sounds of their lovemaking. I was imagining what it must feel like to have Joe's gorgeous cock thrusting into.......My God! What was happening to me? Who was I becoming?

The shock of the thoughts did not stop me from moving my hand back and forth in time with the sounds I could hear. Faster and faster went my hand until, in almost perfect time with the couple in the other room, I came.

After cleaning myself up, I lay back and listened. A door opening, a light, soft footsteps, the bathroom light. Silence, flushing, footsteps. The footsteps stopping outside my door for a moment then, without a word, they went away. I heard a door close, the faraway sound of bedsprings and then quiet. I drifted off to sleep, still thinking about what Joe had made me do. Ok, let's be honest, at what Joe had helped me to do.

My door burst open. My wife, my naked wife, looked down at me.

"Come on." She ordered, brusquely. "Time for breakfast. Move it."

I clambered out of bed and reached for my pants.

"Don't be so stupid. Leave your nightdress on. It's cute."

So it continues, I thought, but she did say I looked cute. There was a small glow of pride in that. I headed for the door.

"Oh no." said my wife, mockingly. "You need your shoes on. You can't go traipsing around in your bare feet, can you?"

I looked at the knee length boots I had worn the night before. Could she really want me to put them on? I guess she realised what I was thinking and she laughed again. She had developed such a throaty, sexy laugh in the last 24 hours.

"No, silly. Your other shoes. They are in the bottom drawer there."

With that, she left me to it. I opened the drawer she had indicated and could not believe what I saw there. Lots and lots of shoes, High heels, kitten heels, suede shoes, patent leather shoes all in the drawer and all in my size. I selected the lowest heeled pair, black suede with a cute kitten heel. They were a perfect fit and quite easy to walk in. Curious, I opened the draw above. This one was filled with lots of panties, either black or white and most with a thong back. The one above was filled with all manner of lingerie but before I could explore further, the shout cam from below.

"Hey! Get a move on, We are waiting here."

I hurriedly closed the drawers and made my way down the stairs. There was my wife and Joe, sitting side by side at the breakfast table. I understood that it was I who was to provide the breakfast. I asked them what they would like and set to it.

While they ate I stood at the table, not speaking and not being spoken too. Occasionally, Joe would rub my thigh, pat my ass and, just once, run his hand over my cock. The immediate result of that move was an erection. This, of course, brought fresh fits of laughter.

They left me to clean up the breakfast things while they went off to get ready for the day. When they came back, surprisingly, Joe was wearing a sharp suit and looked every inch the professional businessman. I don't know why but I had sort of assumed he was more the manual labour type.

"Joe has to go now, Laura." God, she even knew the name I used. "I think you should say goodbye."

I walked to Joe and held out my hand to shake his. This brought more laughter and my wife said that girlfriends don't do it like that. Suddenly, Joe put his arms around my waist, pulled me to him and kissed me deep and hard. I felt his tongue working its way into my mouth and I welcomed it. I know it is a cliché but I actually felt my knees weaken in his kiss. When he released me I was completely breathless. The intimacy of the kiss had all but knocked me out. I was revived somewhat at the laughter and the pointing finger of my wife. Yes, I was hard again.

Then Joe was gone. My wife turned to me and gave me such a genuine, warm smile.

"Oh, thank you so much, Laura. That was so much more than I could have expected of you. You did so incredibly well I am proud of my little girl."

I blushed. I suspect now that it was a blush tinged with a mixture of humiliation and pride.

"But we have some work to do." My wife went on. "You look ok but you don't look great. You got hairy legs, for a start and your eyebrows are way too big. We can fix that easily enough though. Go upstairs and run the bath. Put some of that red bath cream in that you got for me. I'll be up in a minute or two."

I did as she told me to do -- what else is new -- and filled the bath. The red bath cream smelled exquisite. It had a sort of oriental spice perfume with just a hint of muskiness to it. It always turned me on when she had that smell on her. I waited for her.

When she arrived she smiled at me and told me that the bath was for me. I got in, loving the aroma and the feel of the bubbles. She handed me a hard sponge and told me to scrub myself all over. She then instructed me to stand up before squirting shave gel over my legs. She proceeded to shave my legs, my ass, my back, my arms and my chest. It was slow but it was so pleasurable that -- you guessed it -- I was hard again.

"That thing is such a nuisance. I am going to have to do something about it."

She then left the room and I was, at that moment, terrified. What was she going to do about my cock? Given what had been happening, I was frightened in case she was planning on taking the transformation into a more, shall we say surgical area.

She came back carrying nothing more sinister than a stool. I breathed a sigh of relief which quickly became a gasp of surprise when she sat on the stool, leaned forward and took my hard cock into her mouth. Sarah has always been so good at blowjobs, if a little reluctant to do it, and this time was better than ever. I don't know if it was what had already happened. I don't know if it was the new experience of feeling the cool air on my smooth, hair-free skin or whether she had simply got even better, but she had me coming in no time at all. I felt myself explode into her mouth. She stood up then, motioned for me to lie down in the bath and the leaned over me, as if to kiss. I opened my mouth ready for her kiss, only to feel my semen glide from her open mouth and into mine. I had no problem with it at all and hungrily swallowed every drop.

"Get used to it, Laura." My wife smiled at me. "You have to eat it all up every time you come now. When you fuck, when you are sucked, even when you wank. Every time from now on."

"That's fine by me...Mistress." I replied, a little coyly. She laughed and once again commented on how good I was.

Without further ado, she completed the task and ordered me out of the bath. She then gave me a sort of powder puff thing and told me to dry off then douse myself with it. I did as I was told before moving to my bedroom, at her bidding. Once there, I sat on the chair in front of the dresser while she opened the small bag she had brought.

"Now then, let's see to those eyebrows, shall we?"

I panicked. Everything else that had been done so far was fine. It was all invisible to everyone when I had clothes on, but my eyebrows were right there on my face.

"Shush. Be a good girl. You really don't have a choice here so why don't you behave?"

I looked at her, quizzically, and she said one simple word that stopped me in my tracks. Photographs.

I sat there, close to tears, as she plucked away at my eyebrows. She was finally satisfied with her work and invited me to turn to the mirror. I was very pleasantly surprised. My eyebrows were clearly thinner and had more of an arch to them but were nowhere near as severe as I had expected. Sarah smiled at me again and spoke softly.

"Trust me."

I won't bore you with the details of the next few minutes. Suffice to say, Sarah chose clothing from my well stocked bedroom. She somehow managed to get me into a corset and practically broke a couple of ribs getting it tight. She had me sit while she put make-up on me. She pinned the wig in place and stood back. She bade me come to her bedroom -- how quickly it stopped being our bedroom -- and had me stand in front of the full length mirror. It was unbelievable. I looked great. I mean to say, I was still a man in drag but a pretty damn fine looking one. I loved what the corset did to my figure. I had such a comparatively tiny waist and took on a very feminine shape. It was my face that really did it though. The make-up had been masterfully applied. It looked so natural, not at all over the top. She had blended things to hide my more masculine features. My eyes were the most startling. They looked huge! I almost cried at how good I looked.

The clothing, too, had been a surprise. I was wearing a pair of khaki, ¾ length trousers, a pair of burgundy, beaded toe post sandals, a sort of willowy, white, lacy gypsy top. The whole thing was complimented by a beaded wood bracelet and a really beautiful, translucent, heart shaped pendant. I looked like an ever so slightly masculine, casual woman. And I loved it. I always tended to dress like a tart, all stockings and mini skirts and stupid shoes. But this was real dressing. This is what women really looked like. WOW!!

"Thank you, Sarah." I breathed.

She grinned again, obviously proud of her creation and told me to follow her. When we got downstairs, she handed me one of her handbags, telling me that it was now mine and was full of all the things a girl needs -- hairbrush, make up, a purse etc. etc.

I was a little puzzled as to why I needed a handbag but I let it go. Sarah told me to make her a cup of coffee and join her in the conservatory. I was a little worried about being seen through the glass but I was on such a high at how I looked that it didn't really matter that much. I made two coffees and went to sit with my wife.

We chatted for a while and it was heaven. It was like two girls getting together as friends and I loved it. It all felt so natural to me, the long hair, although I knew it was a wig, lay so comfortably against my cheek. There was a moment when my wife smiled beautifully at me and commented at how I was delicately brushing my 'hair' behind my ears with my fingertips. This was, according to Sarah, so very girly. The clothes felt so soft and pleasant, like I was born to wear such items. Yes. It was pure heaven. But then it was time to get down to business. Sarah held up a piece of paper.

"Look. You have been pretty much forced into all of this, although I have to say you didn't have to be forced too hard." Sarah chuckled. "I don't want you to go down this road if you don't really, really want to. I am giving you a way out now. Tell me you want it to stop and it will. There will be no more dressing up. There will be no more Joe. All you have to do is say the word and it will end right here and right now. But know this: when I say no more dressing up I mean no more dressing up. No more doing it behind my back. No more women's clothing at all. It stops NOW!"

I swallowed hard. What a choice to be presented with. Firstly, I didn't know just how far Sarah would be willing to take this. Was last night with Joe typical or was it just the tip of an increasingly depraved iceberg? And could I really exist without Laura? Could I get by in a life where I did not have my necessary 'feminine' escape? If you are a TV or a CD or whatever label you want to put on yourself, you would understand the monumental importance of this choice. I loved being Laura, if only for a few short hours each week. It made me whole. It made me who I am; Laura is the most important part of me. Besides, what had happened with Joe last night had, in many ways, been very pleasurable. Also, sitting there in the conservatory with Sarah, two girls hanging together, chatting, laughing, was the most fun I could ever remember having. Sarah being involved in the whole dressing thing was an element that I loved.

Whilst thinking all of this, my wife waited patiently for me to speak. "Well? What's it to be, Laura?"

Oh, she knew what she was doing. Using my female name like that. She knew all right.

"I want to go on being Laura. I want to do this with you." I stammered my response, heart beating and hands shaking. Sarah simply smiled.

"OK. But you had better know this. This is your only chance to back out. If you don't take it now, there won't be another chance." She brandished the piece of paper. "I have written some rules here. You must follow them at all times. If you don't follow these rules then all those pictures will be sent to everyone you know, including your parents."

With that she handed me the piece of paper. With shaking hands I unfolded it and read what was written there --



That was it. There was nothing else written there. Could I really put myself under such a regime as 'DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD'? It was so open, so wide-ranging. It scared the living daylights out of me. Yet I nodded my head in agreement. To this day, I still don't know why.

"Say it." Sarah commanded. "Will you follow the rule?"

"Yes." My reply came after a moment's pause, my voice trembling.

Sarah clapped her hands and grinned. "OK! Here is something else you need to consider."

She rose from her chair and crossed over to the coffee table in front of my seat. Hitching up her short skirt, I saw she had no panties on. She sat on the edge of the table, placing a foot on either side of me. I gaped at her open slit, still glistening, so inviting. Reaching forward she pulled my head towards her sex, stopping just inches away.

"Know this too, Laura. If we do this, this pussy will not be for you ever again. Yeah, you get to lick it sometimes. You get to clean me up EVERY time. But you will never do more than that. Your cock will not be inside me ever again. Do you understand that?"

"No." My answer was instant. Sarah might have one or two bad points but she is absolutely terrific in bed. The thought of never having sex with her again instantly tipped the balance. It did not require any thought. I loved my wife and I loved our sex life. "No way,"

"Are you sure?" She teased, her finger slowly circling her already swollen, opening lips. "Ok then. Off you go. Everything off. Get rid of the wig, get rid of the clothes. Wash your face. Put your shirt and tie on. Be the man again. Go on." With that she closed her legs and folded her arms.

The realisation, yet again, that Laura would be no more hit me. I was suddenly torn. What to do? No more sex with Sarah but get to be Laura all the time balanced against sex with Sarah but no more Laura.

"Wait." I croaked. "Just wait a minute."

"To be honest with you," Sarah continued, smiling slyly, "I doubt if I'd be screwing you that often now. Not after what I know about you. Cocksucker!" She laughed then, a raucous, snorting laugh. "I don't think I could ever get the picture out of my head. Ugh! No. I doubt if there would be any sex at all after that."

Bitch! She had me and she knew it. Either way there would be no sex with Sarah. On the one hand I could be Laura and explore the world Sarah had in mind for me, whilst never being intimate with my wife again. On the other hand I would have to forget Laura and still never have that intimacy. This was not a choice. It was blackmail; subtle, but still blackmail.

"All right," I almost shouted. "I'll do it. I'll do what you want."

"No. darling," she smiled sweetly, laying a hand on my shoulder. "Do what YOU want."

"Ok! Ok! I want to follow the rule. I want to be Laura." There! It was said. It was decided; as if there was a choice.

"Good girl." Sarah leaned back. "I knew you would make the right choice. Now then, I think I should put this away, don't you?"

She pointed at her sex, her index finger resting against her clitoris. "Tell you what, why don't you give it a farewell kiss?"

Smiling, she lay back, inviting my mouth. I leaned forward and kissed her sweet, sweet pussy. Extending my tongue, I licked the swollen lips, finding the entrance to her only for her to laugh and move away.

"I said a kiss. That's enough of that." With that, she handed me a pair of her panties. She put her feet together and ordered me to put the panties on her. I think she enjoyed the symbolism and the power of getting me to cover her like that.

"God! You've got me wet now!" she exclaimed. "Still, it'll keep until tonight."

"Why? What's happening tonight?" I felt a cold shiver of fear. Could she already have had something planned? Did she already know what I would decide? Of course she did. The deck, after all, was stacked in her favour.

She simply smiled at me, shook her head and said "It's a surprise.Right you. Shopping. We need some food and stuff for later."

"No. no. no." I was horrified. I was NOT going out dressed like this. "I am not going shopping."

Sarah simply shook her head and put on a sad face. "Only one rule and you can't even manage that. What a shame. Okey-dokey. Where did I put those photographs?"

"Ok! Ok! I'm sorry. I'll go." I cried. "Only, please don't humiliate me in public. Please..."

"What can you mean?" The bitch loved my discomfort. "Humiliate you in public? Why would you even think such a thing?"

"It's just...just...well, I've read some stories where the TV has to go shopping and always ends up in the lingerie department and is publicly humiliated, I couldn't take that. Please don't do this. Please...."

I am ashamed to say that I cried. Not a single tear rolling down my cheek. Oh no! I wept buckets. The floodgates opened. I guess it had all proved to be too much too fast. I felt Sarah's arms around me. I felt her pat my head. I heard her shushing me. I heard her tell me everything would be all right. In time, my crying slowed to pitiful, wrenching sobs.

"Look," Sarah spoke soothingly. "I have no intention of humiliating you. I haven't read the stories but you can bet I soon will. I just want my girlfriend to come to the store for a few things. Don't worry, Laura. Trust me."

Eventually, I got myself under control and nodded at her. I didn't want her to let me go but she pulled away from me. Tutting, she led me to the bedroom where she proceeded to touch up my make-up and tidy my hair.

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