In My Place Ch. 03


"Who is T..T..Tony?"

Sarah actually looked amused. There I was, crying like a baby, obviously deeply upset, and she found it funny. It was heartbreaking.

"How many..." I sobbed. "How many b-b-boyfriends...."

"Hey." Sarah walked towards me. "What's this? Don't be a silly little girl. What's wrong?"

Between long, racking sobs I tried to tell her what I was feeling. I tried to explain that finding out about her and Joe had been a shock. After all, it meant that my wife was having an affair. I tried to explain how I had sort of come to terms with it after what the three of us had done together. I tried to explain the sense of optimism I had for the future and the fun the three of us could have together. I told her that it was all exciting and pleasurable and erotic. Then I told her just how heartbreaking it was to find that she didn't have just one lover. Now there was someone called Tony and he was going to be at our home that night. I told her how wretched I felt.

Sarah nodded as I spoke. She stood, legs slightly apart, hip cocked to one side, hand placed on her hip. When I stopped talking she studied me for a moment.

"Ok! First things first. It is really none of your business who I choose to have an affair with." She held up a hand to quell my interruption. "When you were my husband then, yeah, you had every right to object. You aren't here as my husband anymore. You are here as my little sissy plaything. You are here as my clean-up girl. I would like to say you are here as my friend but I guess the jury is out on that one. Secondly, I am glad you enjoyed what we did last night but don't go thinking that you got the right to be included when Joe comes to fuck me. That's up to me."

She paused. Her withering look softened and she spoke more kindly.

"And thirdly, Tony is not a boyfriend. I have never had sex with Tony and I doubt if I ever will. Tony is just a friend. He isn't coming here tonight for me. He's coming here to meet you. I think the two of you will get along like a house on fire. As long as you behave, that is. Do you think you can behave? Can you be a good girl?"

I nodded. I felt strangely relieved at this, tinged with a sense of dreadful anticipation. My wife was not having an affair with this Tony. However, so far only two people, Sarah and Joe, knew about me. Sure I had been seen by hundreds at the supermarket but they didn't actually know me. Now my wife was bringing someone else into the equation. Tony, whoever he was, was going to get a good close look at me dressed as a woman. God, I hoped Sarah knew what she was doing because I truly didn't.

"Right then," Sarah, back to business. "You get the groceries put away and make us a cup of coffee. I'll be in the conservatory."

In something of a daze, I put what was left of the groceries away. When the kettle boiled I made two cups of instant and went to join Sarah. Once again, we drank our coffee, chatted, giggled and relaxed together. I could feel the tension draining away, yet the trepidation remained.

"Gosh! Look at the time!" Sarah exclaimed. "We had better start getting you ready for tonight. Come on, Laura, time to get moving."

With that, she led the way upstairs. She pointed me in the direction of the bathroom while she fetched some stuff from the bedroom. She told me to sit on the chair while she started to draw a bath then busied herself with a mixture of unknown potions. With some sort of thick white liquid, she removed the make-up from my face. She told me to strip.

I sunk into the lovely warm water of the bath, heaving a deep sigh; something I couldn't comfortably do with that corset on. Sarah showed me how to shave my legs, gentle pressure, shave against the hair. She washed me herself. It was so wonderfully relaxing and intensely erotic to be bathed like this. She made such a thorough job of it that I felt so invigoratingly clean all over.

"OK, sweetie-pie," she said. "You're all done now. Out you get."

She held a towel for me and I gratefully stepped into it. She surprised me then by hugging me tight.

"I've put some stuff out for you on your bed. Use the cream in the red bottle. Rub it all over your body. It'll make you smell really nice. I've put your clothes out for you too. Take your time. There's no rush but I want you ready by 7. I'll come and do your hair and make-up for you then. Right then! Time for my bath. See you soon."

With that, she ushered me out of the bathroom. I turned and entered my room, taking the time to appreciate the softness of my towel against the smoothness of my skin. It was a wonderful feeling – and one I hope I never, ever take for granted.

I immediately saw the red bottle and squeezed some of the contents onto my cupped hand. The smell was intoxicating. It had that touch of the oriental to it mixed with a heady perfume I couldn't place. Sarah was right though, it did smell really nice. I smoothed it onto my legs at first, revelling in the feel of it. Taking my time, I applied this lovely cream to my whole body. I felt so alive, so light-headed, but it was always there in the back of my mind that this Tony was coming there tonight just for me. What would he be like? What would he want from me? Was I what he expected or would he be disappointed? Or worse, would he simply be amused at the odd sight I made?

That, if anything, told me about my state of mind and the changes I was going through. My immediate concern was really whether he would like me or not, if he would find me attractive. And, naturally, I felt a dizzying wave of excitement at what we would do together.

After a few moments reverie, I decided to get dressed. Sarah had hung my clothing for the evening on the back of the bedroom door. A strange mixture of emotions ran through me when I saw what she had chosen. It was, to put it simply, a school uniform. There was a white blouse, a very short pleated black skirt and a red and black striped tie. Beside it, on the dresser, was a pair of shoes which I have since found out are referred to as Mary Jane shoes. Beside the shoes was a pair of long white socks. I found the whole outfit to be such a turn on and trembled with the arousal it brought in me. But then I thought about just what this outfit might say about Tony. He was obviously kinky, with a thing for schoolgirls, but just how far would his 'perversion' go? Was I in for an exciting night of fun or was I in for something a bit sinister? The anticipation was just too much.

I put on the clothing, the uniform, and the socks, which finished about 2 inches above the knee. I felt so slutty dressed like that; so kinky. It felt great too. I was a schoolgirl fantasy brought to life. Yay me!

My enjoyment of the uniform was interrupted by the arrival of my wife who caught me in mid-twirl. She laughed at the sight in front of her.

"Well, don't you look all cute and innocent? We'll soon see about that."

She undid the top three buttons of the blouse and adjusted the tie so it looked sloppy. If I had cleavage it would have lay nicely in the middle of it. Sitting me down, she proceeded to do my make-up for me. I waited patiently, taking note of what she was doing. I so wanted to learn to do it for myself. When she finished the make-up, she attached my wig and started to brush it out. I felt the tugging and twisting as she did my hair for me. When she finally finished, she led me by the hand to her bedroom. Once again, I marvelled at the sight in the full length mirror.

I was a real schoolgirl tart! The make-up that Sarah had applied was just a little over the top. She had heavily lined my eyes and applied extra mascara. The eye-shadow she had applied, whilst even, was a little thicker than before and the shade of lipstick was a really livid, bright red. What a slut I looked. Funny thing is, I remember going to school with a girl just like that and having many a lurid fantasy about her. But now SHE was ME! And I just loved the cute little pigtails she had put in my hair. I smiled at her again, the joy written clearly all over my face. Whoever this Tony was, he was in for a real eye-popping sight. Of course he would find me attractive. Even I found me attractive!

Sarah simply smiled and said "Wow!!" She was obviously proud of what she had created. She even took out her camera and fired a few shots off. I was posing like a real schoolgirl wannabe model. It was fun.

"Oh my God! Look at the time!: exclaimed Sarah. "He'll be here any minute. Quick! Down the stairs!"

I was shocked too to see the clock by Sarah's bed. 7:58pm!! I was about to meat the mysterious Tony. My heart flipped, my knees weakened and – of course – my cock hardened. I quickly followed my wife downstairs where she told me to sit on the couch, legs crossed, and thrust a copy of some teen magazine into my hand.

"Quickly. Listen carefully. When Tony comes in, pretend you aren't interested. Read this magazine. If he says hello just say hi back to him. Nothing more. If I tell you to do something I want you to act like a real spoilt, whiney brat. Say something like 'do I have to' or something. Right. You look perfect. Oh! I almost forgot. Put these in your mouth. Blow some bubbles too. How do I look?"

It was all so fast, so hurried. I took the chewing gum she gave me and popped it into my mouth. In all the excitement, I hadn't really taken any notice of what Sarah was wearing. How stupid am I? She was a total knockout. She was wearing a short black, sleeveless dress with lots and lots of her gorgeous cleavage on show. She had chosen to wear black tights rather than stockings - I imagine the shortness of the dress would have shown the stocking tops - and a pair of black court shoes. Her hair was tied up and slicked back. She gave off an image of a sexy, beautiful woman with just a hint of severity. I loved that look. I wonder why?

I told her she looked great but before I finished my sentence there was a loud, heart-stopping, breath-holding DING DONG.

Tony was here!

My heart was doing some serious acrobatics, pounding away in my poor, perfumed chest. It was just as well that I was sitting down or I might just have fallen, I was shaking so much. I tried so hard to regain some level of composure but it was hard. I mean, imagine it was you sitting there, dressed as a slutty schoolgirl, about to be seen by a total stranger who you were quite probably going to do something sexual with. And then imagine that your wife was not only the instigator of this but also a participant or, at the very least, a keen observer. What would you have felt like? I tried to do as I was told. Flicking open the magazine, I crossed my legs, making sure not to expose too much in the ludicrously short skirt I was wearing. I feverishly chewed the gum to get it soft enough to blow bubbles. Sarah went to answer the door.

When she came back, I got my first look at Tony. He really was not what I was expecting at all. I had expected – hoped for – some virile young stud who would take me to the edge of ecstasy. Instead, Tony was quite a short man, probably mid-forties, sporting a thick moustache and thinning on top. That is not to say that I was disappointed. He seemed pleasant enough, going off the smile on his face and the definite twinkle in his eye.

"Mr Parkin, this is Laura. Laura, Mr Parkin." Sarah made the introductions.

"Well hello Laura. Pleased to meet you." I practically felt his eyes make contact with every inch of me. It shook me to be studied so intimately by this new man in my life but I tried not to show it. Instead I remembered Sarah's instructions.

"Hi." I blew a bubble then, allowing it to pop before bringing it back into my mouth. I thought that was a masterstroke. Sarah wanted a sullen schoolgirl and she got one.

"Now then, Laura!" Sarah admonished me. "That's no way to greet our guest. Stand up and do it properly."

"Awwww! Do I have to? Why? I said hi, didn't I?" I was perhaps overdoing it a bit but that is what Sarah told me to do – be a whiney brat.

"Yes you did, Laura but it wasn't good enough. Now stand up at once!" Sarah was being very stern now. I jumped to my feet.

"Right, young lady," Sarah continued. "How do we greet people in this house?"

She must have seen the blank look in my eyes, quickly followed by a flash of panic. I had no idea what she wanted me to do.

"We curtsy and we politely say that we are pleased to meet our guests. Don't we, Laura?" Sarah saved me.

"Aww! Do I have to?" was my response, in the most whiney voice I could manage.

"Yes you do. Show some manners, young lady, or I will show you some punishment!" Sarah was really good at this strict stuff.

I curtsied, or did my best, never having done so before. "Hello Mr Parkin. I am very pleased to meet you."

Mr Parkin had watched this entire exchange with an amused look on his face but I sensed something more in his eyes. There was a hunger there. His breath had quickened at this short display of discipline.

"Well done, Laura. Now, Mr Parkin and I are going to sit and talk for a while. I am sure you have homework to do. We will see you soon." Sarah smiled at me. I caught her sly wink and I beamed inside. I was obviously doing well.

They left the room then, leaving me to my own devices. I had no 'homework' to do so I was at a bit of a loss. It seemed like such an anticlimax to be left like this. My heart had beaten like a drum all day, my shivers and trembles had grown in magnitude all day long, only to be left alone when the moment of truth finally came. Funny enough, despite my trepidation, I felt disappointed. I needn't have worried. They were back in less than ten minutes, laughing together at some private joke.

"Hey, Laura," said my wife. "I was just telling Mr Parkin about your dance classes. He would love to see you dance, wouldn't you, Mr Parkin?"

"Certainly," he replied. "But please, Mr Parkin sounds so formal. You may call me Uncle Tony, Laura. We are going to be such close friends, after all."

I felt the blush from the soles of my feet burning right up to the top of my head. And I revelled in the butterflies that swooped round and round in my stomach at the thought of the implications of what he had said.

"Why don't I put some music on and you can dance for Uncle Tony?" My wife smirked at me.

"Awww!" This stupid, whiney sound was beginning to get on my own nerves. "I don't wanna dance. Leave me alone."

Sarah looked at me, a disappointed frown etched on her face. She shook her head, disappointed. She walked over to where I sat and stood in front of me, hands on hips. She ordered me to stand. I did so. She told me to turn around. Slowly, haltingly, I did so. She ordered me to bend over. I really didn't like this but I did as I was told, knowing that the shortness of the skirt would reveal a whole lot of my ass. I bent at the waist, my half-bare ass sticking in the air. I felt Uncle Tony's eyes poring over it.


I howled in pain and surprise as Sarah's hand connected. She had spanked me! She had spanked me right there in front of this man. I felt the tears well up in my eyes.

"I have had just about enough of you and your attitude, young lady."


"Now you start doing what you are told,"


"Or you will be grounded for a month."


The tears were flowing now. The pain in my ass wasn't so great. Sure, she had hit me hard enough to make a sound but she had been reasonably careful. The tears were of humiliation rather than pain. A low moan could be heard but it didn't come from me. Still bending at the waist, I looked over my shoulder to see that Uncle Tony had a flush to his cheeks and a very clear erection in his trousers. He really got off on the whole things.

"Have you got anything you want to say to Uncle Tony?" demanded Sarah.

"S-s-sorry, Uncle Tony." I stammered.

"Apology accepted." Uncle Tony's voice had a real huskiness to it. I suddenly realised that it the sight of me that was doing it to him. He was turned on not only by the punishment I was receiving but also at the way I was dressed, what I looked like. I was unbelievably proud of the effect I was having on him.

"Ok, Laura. Join me in the other room for a moment, would you." Sarah took my arm. "We won't keep you a moment, Mr Parkin."

Once we were in the other room, my wife turned me to face her. She gently thumbed away the tears from my eyes.

"Ok. Maybe I should have warned you but I wanted it to look real for him. You did brilliantly in there. I am so proud of you. Now, I am going to put some music on and you are going to dance for him. Dance sexy - as sexy as you can. Show him what you got. Go for it."

"B-b-but I can't dance." I was quickly turning into a stammering fool. "What should I do?"

My wife cocked her head to one side. "You ever see a stripper? Of course you have. Do what they do. He will love it."

With that, she turned and headed for the room in which Uncle Tony was patiently waiting. Swallowing hard, I followed. Sarah was at the Hi=Fi waiting for me.

"Right then, Laura. Show Uncle Tony what you learned in your dance class. With that she pushed the play button. The music that filled the room was some sort of fast electronic dance track with a hypnotic beat. Hesitantly, I began to rotate my hips in time with the music. I moved closer to Tony, still rotating my hips with each step. I began to run my hands up and down my thighs while I gyrated. He seemed to like what he saw, which gave me new courage. I turned my back on him, still gyrating, still rubbing my thighs and began to sway provocatively to the beat. Suddenly I plunged down into a squatting position, making sure my ass was sticking out towards him. I raised myself, only to plunge down again. I did this a few times right there in front of him. Spurred on by the flush in his face, I let myself really go. I stood in front of him, facing him, with my legs wide apart. I leaned backwards so that my crotch was practically in his face and continued the gyrating movement. I allowed my hands to snake all over my stomach, my chest, between my legs and up and down my sides, tossing my head back as I moved.

Uncle Tony was mesmerised. He could not take his eyes of me and, as foolish as I felt moving like this, it was so obviously having an effect on him and I relished that. Dressed like I was, looking like I did, even though he knew who I really was, was turning this man on beyond belief. And that was making me so hot.

I sunk slowly, oh so slowly, to my knees then on to all fours. Lowering myself down on to my arms, I kept my rear end raised so that the curve my ass was in full view to this man. Slowly again, I lowered my ass, raised it, lowered it, building in speed, following the rhythm. I moved so that my legs were open on either side of him, arching my back, writhing there, opened to him. And as the music finished I fell back, drained but glowing as if on fire.

All was silent. The man could not move. He was astonished. He was mesmerised. Even Sarah stood with her mouth open. I think it is safe to say that my little dance had exceeded all of her expectations. It certainly had exceeded my own. Good God! Where did I pick up that little routine?

The silence was broken as Sarah began to clap her hands. Uncle Tony joined in, slowly at first.

"Goodness me, Laura. You are a fast learner, aren't you?" Sarah beamed. "I am sure Mr Parkin was very impressed by that. Weren't you Mr Parkin?"

"Yes." He gulped. "Very impressed. You are a good dancer, Laura."

I was so proud of myself. And so ready for anything else that night. God! I was so hot. I was so incredibly hard I could feel my cock throbbing inside my white panties. I needed release. Little did I know that it was not going to come for me that night.

"You did very well, Laura." Said Sarah. "Now, why don't you come with me and we will get a breath of air."

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