tagLesbian SexIn My World You're Married Ch. 02

In My World You're Married Ch. 02


It was already half past noon. I've been waiting for Amy to show her ass in my office for hours, since eight to be exact. I couldn't wait any longer; just thinking of what she was going to do makes me wet. I went to my private bathroom, adjacent to my office, to relieve some of my tension. Just by thinking of her, I came so hard. My hand was covered in come, and the bathroom smelled like straight sex. Thanks, Amy, there goes another pair of panties with your name on them, I thought with a sly grin.


I almost came again, as I walked into my office adjusting my skirt and fixing my hair with Amy sitting on my comfy chair with barely anything on. She wore a blood red teddy with matching panties and heels. In one arm she had a mysterious black bag and the other propped up her head with a finger lingering by her luscious mouth. She was dead sexy. I could swear my nipples harden at the sight of her, and I could feel the wetness dampening my panties again, as I froze in place. She motioned for me to come towards her. The way she invited me to go to her was so exotic and dripping with lust. I stepped out of my heels and freed my blonde hair to let it flow down my shoulders. Amy walked sensually toward me to meet me half way. The way her hips moved seduced me into a trance that I thought I would drown. When we came into contact our kisses were slow and tender, then our tongues tangoed. I began to breathe heavily; I wanted to shove my tongue down her throat. When one hand on her hip and the other gently squeezing her sexy ass, I whispered, "I've been waiting all day for you, baby."

"I can tell," she replied as she began stripping me down to my undergarments. She gave me a sexy grin as she pushed me onto the big couch in my office. She bent over in front of me wiggling her sexy bottom in my face. I could smell her waiting sex, it aroused me even more. Amy danced her little dance, taking the little of what she had on. Now with her only in a lacy red thong she straddled my waist, she began giving me the best lap dance of my life. I placed my hands on her hips as she grinded into me with her gorgeous tits in my face. I couldn't help to give her little kisses and nibbles. I couldn't wait any longer. I caressed her luscious tits, as she bent for a kiss. With our bodies melting together, she slipped her hand into my lacy panties.

"You're very wet," she said in a naughty voice.

All I could do was moan as she slid a finger into me. Soon we were meshed together with her on top, both of us naked like the day we were born. Within minutes she had me squirming under her in ultimate bliss.

"Turn around baby, I need to taste you," I said as my orgasm subsided.

Freeing her tasty pussy of lacy imprisonment, I attacked her dripping slit. She tasted sweeter than ever. I was in heaven with Amy grinding her sweet pussy into my face. I would stop here and there to tease her; she's so cute when I tease the shit out of her. Soon we collapsed spent at our love affair. She spun around to plant kisses on my neck. She glared at me for a moment with vixen eyes like she was jut getting started. Sadly she climbed off me to grab her mysterious black bag. I was just getting comfortable too. She pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen. It was about ten inches long and two inches wide. I was appalled. She told me to get on all fours. She wanted to this monster cock fill me up. I guess she turned the tables on me. I happily submitted. Slowly, she slid the enormous dick into my slick pussy. I moaned; it felt amazing to have my pussy stretched so far.

"Oh yes! Fuck me with that cock of yours! Harder, faster. Oh yesss!"

"You liked getting fucked don't you?!?! You're such a dirty slut!"

I can't believe I was letting my PA fuck the brains out of me. I definitely need to give her a raise. I could hear slapping sounds as her thighs slammed into my ass. I was getting filled. A few more moans and groans I was coming hard. She pumped her cock faster into me. I can't remember how many times I came. She slid out of me with a pop. She commanded me to lie on my back. With her on top of me, I couldn't take it anymore. I came so fast, I couldn't believe it. I had my arms and legs wrapped around her, holding on for dear life, as she pounded into me with her monster cock. I was moaning and breathing heavily. With a few thrusts she sent me over the edge again. Then she shoved the cock all the in and started to grind into it. I caught on to what she was doing and grinded right back, not missing a beat. Soon she was screaming into oblivion. She collapsed onto me all fucked out. She was so sexy with little beads of sweat all over her body, and hair clinging to her beautiful face. After a few minutes she slid out of me to unbuckle her nice cock that gave me the fucking of a lifetime. I went to my cubby and got a big, warm, and soft blanket. She climbed in after me and she cuddled up next to each other. I gave her a big thank you kiss. We fell asleep in each others arms, spent from the greatest surprise fuck in my life.

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