tagIncest/TabooIn The Backseat

In The Backseat


"Hey isn't that your brother-in-law?" My best friend Hannah gushed as she exhaled a thin line of cigarette smoke close to my face.

I strained my neck to where she was pointing and tried to recognize the person she was referring to. It was kinda dark inside the club and all the bodies cramped together made it awfully hard for me to see if it really was my brother-in-law. Three hours of clubbing and 7 shots of tequila made it even worse and I wonder for a moment what the hell he could be doing here.

"It's Danny, yeah I guess it is. But why is he here?" It came as a big surprise as being the happily married man he was to my sister, why he should be seen in a club like this where all naughty men and women of the twenties and early thirties hang out on Friday night. I definitely had to know.

But that wasn't really the main concern here. I've had this longest crush on Danny, with his sleek shaved head, those muscled shoulders, and that butt...man...I swear my sister married that butt. He was three years older than me, and my sister was five years older than him. Whatever lured him to fall for someone older was something I can't understand. Although my sister is hot, at 5'2...her boobs were almost as big as mine at a 36 cup C size...luckily mine is at a 38C. She has a great bod, thanks for the gym of course. She was fit and a little masculine. So I guess I have the edge on that somehow. I was more into the voluptuous angle, with a slim waist, a round butt...and shapely legs that lead all the way up to a clean shaven pussy.

"Why don't you go over and say hi?" Hannah said.

"I dunno...maybe my sister doesn't know he's here or something. I don't wanna barge on his free time to have a little fun aight?" I replied. But it wasn't really the case. I was so drunk that I was scared that if I approach him, I might reach down and cup his balls. I fantasize about the guy a lot, fantasize of him licking my clit, and sliding his large dick into my hole.

"You're being stupid Liz..this is your fucking chance to make a move at him!" My friend continued. She knew how hot I was for Danny. And with the way the guy looked, anyone would wanna fuck someone like him.

I took a deep breath and took another shot of tequila. Then I raised myself from the stool and walked towards where Danny was standing with a group of friends.

"Hey there Danny!" I greeted, almost shouting through the loud disco music.

Danny was caught offguard, looking around to see where that voice came from. From the way it appeared, it seems my sister didn't really know where he was at the moment.

His eyes finally rested on me, and I gulped in some air. I saw his eyes travel all the way from my stilettos up to my short denim skirt and to my halter top that revealed my cleavage.

"Lizzie, what you doin here?" He asked.

"I should be asking you that question." The tequila gave it away that made me tease him a bit.

He laughed with that, while three of his friends were eyeing me curiously. He introduced me to them and pulled me away to avoid any more of their questions. Besides one of the guys were already studying my big boobs.

"Liz, don't tell Caitlin okay? I told her I was gonna play some billiards with the guys but I didn't know they were gonna take me here." He murmured near my ear that made the hairs on my neck prick. I could smell the liquor in his breath. I guess he has been downing quite a bit too.

"Oh sure...for a favor." I smiled flirtatiously. Hannah was right. This was MY big chance.

He stared at me quizzically while gulping more beer from his glass. I took it from his hand and drank all of it.

"What's that?"

My eyes went to the dancefloor. "Dance with me." That was the only possible thing I could ask from him that night. I knew I was drunk but I was rational enough not to actually say Hey Danny baby...I wanna suck your cock. He smiled at my idea, he was worried for a moment that I would whine like some kid and tell on him. Well even if he didn't dance with me, I wouldn't tell him on him too. I loved the guy but he married my sister...he should have ended with me. Before I can utter another word, he led me to the dancefloor where everyone was trying to create a space for themselves. It was cramped, that we had to squeeze our bodies in.

I felt somehow awkward, but I loved the feeling of his hard chest against my boobs. I could feel myself getting hot that all I could do was slide my arms around his neck. Danny didn't seem to mind though. I dunno if it was because he was also kinda tipsy already or that I was his little sister-in-law after all. Or that I can always blackmail him into doing whatever I want...I still have time to think about that though. We just danced that way for awhile, until I had some courage to rub my soft body against his. He was tall at 5'11, and I only stood at 5'5...with the help of my heels though his hips were near my own. The music started slow again...so I lay my head on his chest while smelling him through his shirt...and then as if cued..his hands that were on my waist slowly crept down to my ass. Drunk or not...I felt his palms squeezing them so I pushed my pussy closer to his crotch until I felt what I needed to feel that night...his hard-on.

"Lizzie...I...I'm sorry." He suddenly raised his hands and slightly pushed me away. But I stared back into his eyes and placed my hands on his belt...pulling his hard-on back to where my pussy was starting to soak.

"It's okay Danny." I purred...grinding my soft hips against his...he was shocked at what I did first but it felt so good that he gyrated his body to mine. Everyone was pushing so we got even closer. Deftly, I slipped a hand between us and finally touched his dick through his slacks. He bit his lower lip and tried to muster what was happening here. His sister-in-law was actually giving him a hand job! He stared down at my luscious lips and my gray eyes that mirrored pure lust. This was now or never.

"Oh baby we shouldn't..." He managed to groan while my hands opened his zipper and reached for his dick that was slightly wet with precum. I rolled my fingers up and down the head...shit...it felt so good that I wanted to kneel there and put it in my mouth.

"Oh Danny...I want you so bad." I murmured back as he slipped a hand at the side of my breast and cupped it, squeezing my nipple through the thin fabric.

"Lizzie...I'm married to your sister." He keeps protesting but he kept pushing his dick to my willing hands.

"She doesn't have to know baby..." I leaned over and bravely licked his neck up to his earlobe. This shot him like fire that he reached his hand underneath my skirt and found the throbbing clit through my white thong. He started rubbing the nub and I felt so horny I thought I would have come there and then on the dancefloor.

"Ohhh baby..." I panted softly while he tried to slip a finger inside my creamy cunt. And when he slightly did...I pushed my pussy down to his waiting finger and he pushed it up and down. I was about to hit jackpot when all of a sudden the slow tune changed into a fast one...and we were brought back to reality.

"Lizzie...I gotta...I'm sorry." He withdrew his finger and was gone before I could say anything. When I went back to the bar, he was nowhere to be found. So was Hannah. I thought I was finally going to get Danny that night and I guess it just wasn't meant to happen. Looking around I decided it was time to go home and face another hangover.

When I went out in the chilly night, I fumbled inside my purse for my car keys and was standing in front of my car when someone came up behind me.

His hand covered my mouth to stifle my screams and I thought someone was gonna mug me.

"Do you want me?" The familiar voice asked. One hand was on my mouth, while the other expertly caressed a boob.

"Yes...oh yes." I murmured, feeling his hard dick pressing on my ass.

"Then get in the backseat." He ordered while I opened the door.

Once inside all hell broke loose. Danny pulled me in his arms and kissed me, his warm tongue slipping into my mouth. I kissed him back while busily unzipping his pants and pulling out his hard dick, I wanted to taste him...to suck all his cum. With his roaming hands, he slipped the halter top off to reveal my breasts .

"Hmm no bra baby...just for me to suck huh?" Maybe it was the liquor, because if not...Danny was goood at this. He lowered his head towards one nipple and sucked greedily on it. I threw my head back while I felt his other hand going down to unclasp my skirt and to pull down my thong. I was so hot that his fingers didn't find it hard to slip into my creamy cunt while his thumb stroked my distended clit. We felt like teenagers groping for each other in the backseat...but this was better than what I had in high school!

"Baby...I wanna suck you." I moaned, easing myself down and taking his engorged manhood in my mouth. I began by slightly licking the head and tracing my fingers on his balls...when I got tired of that...I put him all in my mouth until I could feel it at the back of my throat.

"Oh yes...yes Lizzie...that's it baby...suck my dick bitch!" His dirty talk turned me on so I let him fuck my mouth, and altered myself from sucking his cock...to sucking his balls...His fingers weren't idle either. With our cramped position in the backseat of my car, he managed to slip his fingers faster and faster into my pussy, while I sucked him in the same fashion as what he was doing.

"Baby...I'm gonna cum soon...you want my cum in your throat Lizzie?" He crooned, his other hand pushing head to bob up and down on his cock.

I merely nodded...concentrating on the pleasure I was giving him. I couldn't believe it...years I have wanted this to happen...and now my brother-in-law's cock is finally in mouth! It felt bad...taboo...and fucking hot at the same time!

My mouth speeded with motion until I felt Danny's balls tighten that a load of cum started bursting to the walls of mouth...straight down to my throats...I kept sucking it in...but his load was a lot that some of it escaped my lips...I licked them down hungrily.

"You are one hot fuck baby.." Danny groaned.

"Yes...and it's my turn..." I grinned devilishly...Hannah's words kept coming back...now or never...now or never... Danny's eyes smiled back to me while I lowered my hand to his semi-hard cock...massaging it and bringing it back to my life. It didn't take that long though...he reached for my lips and stick his tongue with mine as we French kissed. He started fucking me again with my fingers and I felt myself throbbing and throbbing...ready for an orgasm...

"Yeahhh...fuck yeahhh...make me cum Danny...oh I wanted this for so long...fuck me with your fingers baby!!!" I groaned out loud as I felt a wave of cum flowed down his fingers as an orgasm spread itself through me.

After that...Danny's cock grew back to it's 9 inch boner....so I raised myself up in front of him and positioned my legs wide...

"Waana fuck your little sister-in-law?" I licked his neck as I whispered.

Danny stared back at me...not knowing if this continued to be right or worng. But it was too late for that...we wanted each other...

"Yes sweet Liz...ohhh baby yes...I wanna fuck your wet cunt bitch." He drawled back while his hands played with my tits...rolling a nipple with each finger.

Slowly I grabbed his cock and put it in my sopping cunt...then I lowered myself down, feeling his stiffness rubbing the walls of my pussy. His other hand went to my clit as I pushed myself farther down his pole. When it was all in , I started pumping myself against his cock, riding him like one of those pony rides when we were kids...I buckled against his dick.,...fucking him hard and controlling the pace.This is what I always dreamed about...I moved back and forth against his cock...while his hand flicked faster on my clit...he moved his hips higher in tune with my thrusts...and I felt him fucking my womb....

"Ohhh Baby...fuck me harder...cmon sweetheart...give my pussy all it wants...ohhh yeah baby...fuck me..." Those were the only words I could mutter over and over again. His movements became faster and harder, thrusting his hips against mine that I feel the slapping oh his balls. Ireached my hand down and cupped them, massaging them in a frenzy manner.

"Lizzie...yeahh that's my bitch...you're my little slut now huh bitch?" He muttered coarsely as I pumped up and down on his cock.

"Yes...I'm your little slut...and I'm gonna fuck you like this whenever you want my wet pussy." I moaned...feeling another orgasm growing as I aimed higher to the peak. I lowered my head against his and took his mouth and mine...kissing him frantically...and groaning my pleasure with his tongue.

"Cum with me baby...I'm getting near." He said, putting his hands on my hips to push me harder on his cock.

"Yeah...I'm cummingg..." I murmured back...feeling my pussy tighten on his cock as I milk hi away... Then suddenly I felt my pussy squeeze all my juices down...sliding on his balls...and wetting both our thighs..."Ahhh baby...fuck me..."

Danny felt his balls tighten, felt his cock being embraced by my warm cunt. His sister-in-law never looked so hot, that he felt his orgasm coming near.

"Are you safe?" He managed to say. I shook my head.

"Cum in my mouth...I wanna suck your cum."

"Well here it is baby...open your mouth and lemme see you swallow it." He ordered as he gave another thrust and then pulled out. I sat back on the other side and opened my mouth like he wanted. He shot loads of cum on my tongue as I swallowed greedily...slurping away at anything I could catch. He keep cumminng and cumming...as I tasted his hot sperm all over my mouth. When he was done...I took him in mouth again and sucked him clean. He then fingered my pussy which was still wet.

"Lick this up too." He held a finger dribbling with my love juice and I took that in mouth and licked it clean,

When lust became subdued and sanity came filtering back...I gingerly picked up my skirt and my halter top...shame edging it's way to my cheeks.

"Don't cover yourself yet Liz." He said softly.


"I love staring at your big boobs and your sweet pussy." He smiled....nurturing that fact that everything was alright and what we did....was not insane or criminal.

"I couldn't help it...I..." I wanted to apologize but he hushed me.

"It's ok baby...c'mere.." He pulled me in his arms. "Noone has to know okay?"

I looked up at him and felt his cock getting hard again with my cunt still near to his thighs.

"Would you...I mean wanna do this again?" He asked carefully.

I was surprised at that. I thought it was only just a one time dream.

"Anytime you want to Baby." I smiled...

"You are my little slut now remember?" He took a nipple in his mouth and sucked it with his tongue. I felt horny all over again...

"Yes...oh yes..."

"I will take care of you Liz...this will be our little secret." He lay me down on the backseat this time, and prepared to fuck me again. Hmm...looks like I'm really going to look forward to our Hawaii trip with the family this year....

To be continued...

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