tagNovels and NovellasIn The Beginning Ch. 01

In The Beginning Ch. 01


It was always the music that got their attention. I play the guitar. Very well now. I practiced a lot when I was young. I would practice every day after school, before the folks came home. At first I had an old flat top guitar but as I got better, I bugged my dad to buy me an electric guitar and an amplifier. Dad used to play when he was younger, but had lost his touch and he said I would probably be better that he was if I stuck to it. That was an unusual remark from my dad, we really didn't have a lot to talk about in those days, me being a junior in high school and all, and of coarse I knew it all. I studied hard and got good grades, and I practiced a lot and became quite good on my old guitar. On my eighteenth birthday, the folks rewarded me with a brand new Fender guitar and amplifier.

Three of my friends and I had been practicing together and had formed a little band and as luck would have it, there was to be a talent contest at the school. We figured what the hell, we could only look like idiots, so we entered it, and we knocked the house down. After that, we were summoned to perform at school dances and soon we became the talk of the school and, we started to be in demand with the girls who up to this time had avoided us like the plague.

I was really not interested in the girls in school so much as I was suddenly amused by all the attention. I had been friendly with a couple of the girls in my neighborhood, especially Karen who lived next door with her mother. Karen attended the Catholic high school so we did not spend class days together. Karen, and her mother Helen could pass for sisters anywhere. Helen had been a bad girl. She managed to get pregnant at sixteen and now at thirty-four, she still preferred to remain somewhat reclusive and not date to often. She later told me that after being abandoned by Karen's father she had hated men. As time passed, she just never found anyone she connected with and preferred to stay home.

Karen and I chummed around all through high school and she spent many hours with me while I practiced on the guitar and was my best critic and an immense help with the music. She encouraged me to learn and would scold me when I screwed up. I guess I loved her in my own way but never really wanted to get romantic with her until the girls at my school started to notice the band.

Karen and Helen were both very attractive creatures. Karen had long, sandy blond hair that reached just to her shoulders and shone as if the sun was always upon it. She was 5'-6" tall, weighed a trim 115 lbs. She was not overly endowed, but she was put together just right. She would never be a beauty queen, but who cares, she was sexy and she was my best friend. Helen, on the other hand, stood on the next tier. Long, silken brown hair, 5'-9" tall, legs all the way to the ground, 38C-24-36, soft full lips and a soft sexy drawl that made your hormones stir. Helen was a bit softer and fuller of figure and weighed about 130 lbs.

Karen would come to wherever the band played. Most times, she would ride with me. She started to become a bit irritated at the other girls soon after the band started playing in the clubs. Seems I started getting more attention than she cared for and, I believe it was jealousy that soon reared it's ugly head and one night after the gig, as we rode home she told me she didn't want to come along anymore. When I asked her why, she simply replied "It hurts me too much to see those women throwing themselves all over you!" I guess that sometimes you gotta get a kick in the head before you open your eyes.

As we rode home I told Karen that I was sorry for ignoring her and that I understood what she was feeling and that I was sorry. She slid over closer to me and kissed me on the cheek and said all was forgiven. I asked her if she wanted to drive down by the lake and walk for a while along the lakeshore. She agreed and we headed for the lake. It was now after two in the morning and as we walked, Karen became chilly and I put my arm around her shoulders and held her close to keep her warm. We came to a picnic area and sat on a table watching the lake and talking about life and she asked, " Why haven't you ever kissed me?" I looked at her and had no answer. "Kiss me now." She said. I turned my head to her and softly pressed my lips to hers. She moaned deep in her throat, and I could feel her heart beat. I could feel her tongue search my lips for entry. I responded quickly by opening my lips and probing deeply into her mouth. I was hooked. I had never felt a kiss like that. The heat came up from the pit of my body and raced into every pore. "I want you!" she whispered, "I want all of you!" Her hand was on my leg and I had suddenly grown hard. I wanted her to touch me. She did. I wanted to touch her. I did. Her breasts felt like fire in the palms of my hands. Her hand felt like fire on my hard cock. "I want to make love to you," I said, "but not here. I want you where we can get naked and we can yell, and we're not going to bother anybody else." "I know," she said, "lets go back to the car and drive home."

We drove home and parked my car between our houses. It was dark and we were still on fire. She had been slowly stroking my hard cock all the way and I was ready to explode. She turned in the seat and I unbuttoned her blouse and opened the catch between her bra cups. I reached to touch her nipples and she swooned as I rolled each hard nipple with my fingers. I leaned forward and sucked one rosebud into my mouth, then the other. Her breathing was harsh, her hands were busy pulling her jeans down and soon my fingers slid between her slippery cunt lips and she stiffened and shook as her climax hit her with a shuddering explosion of sensation. She slumped forward and leaned into me for support. Her orgasm had produced copious amounts female cum. My hands were drenched, her panties and jeans were soaking and the seat was drenched. She soon regained her composure and said, "I have never had an orgasm like that before. I always get wet, but my God, what you did to me!"

"I want to make you cum like that again, but not in the car. I want you in bed." I said. "Soon, but first, I want to taste you, I want your cock in my mouth and your cum in my belly. Then we will work out some way to fuck in bed." She said as she moved her head down to touch the tip of my cock with her tongue. I shifted in my seat and leaned back as I felt her lips encircle the head of my cock. I am not huge, 7 1/2" long, but quite thick and I am proud of my package. Her mouth retreated slightly and then again she moved down to take more of me in. I knew that I wouldn't last long due to all the attention I had been receiving on the ride home but, I vowed to make it last as long as I could.

She increased her motion and went down farther each time and soon I could feel the tension building in the bottom of my balls. I blasted into her throat again and again, filling her sweet mouth with all the hot cum I had to offer. She swallowed it all, every drop. She nursed on my softening prick. And in what seemed like a very long time, she let it slip from her mouth to lay on her hand. She kissed it many times and said in a breathless voice, " I want you in me. Come over tomorrow after school, and we will have almost two hours before Helen gets home from work. I want you to fuck me. I want you to taste my pussy and I want to suck you. I want to flood you with my juices and feel your hot cum in my cunt."

I know what I'm doing tomorrow after school.

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