tagIncest/TabooIn the Beginning

In the Beginning


Eva and her brother Adon are hunters and gatherers in the dawn of time, before the world was civilized. Nuh had fathered them both, though the cradle of civilization had not yet developed an awareness of kinship along with its bonds and bounds, morals and mores.

There were many things Eva didn't know—that humans had not yet discovered or developed. Language and emotions existed only in rudimentary form. Clothing seemed completely unnecessary in the sub-tropical heat, and at night they slept near a fire anyway for protection from wild animals. Sex was an instinctive biological urge—unimaginative, non-recreational and simply procreational, though they may not yet have figured out the correlation with pregnancy.


Several years earlier, Eva's adolescent body had started to swell and mature. Now, having attained its optimum layer of curvy padding, her sexy figure was entirely enticing. The allure was plain to see since none of them were self-conscious about their open nakedness.

She'd always known Adon. They'd had the same parents and were close in age. During childhood, she'd thought of him like a sister, although he obviously had different genitals, like their parents did.

After her father taught her to fuck, her attitude changed and she realized that Adon, too, would one day catch her like she saw the rabbits and squirrels doing. She realized that the differences between them would one day conjoin them, if only occasionally.

When that day came, he rump-humped and fucked her like her father had before that.

Recently, he visited her after dark, too. These episodes were quite different than the way he fucked her during the day, teasing and treasuring her parts before pleasing and pleasuring her. The siblings took more time this way because there were no other distractions.


She thought of him differently than Nuh; perhaps because they'd grown up together, been curious together, been adventurous together; or perhaps because of the intensity of his recent attentions after dark.

Sometimes Eva was still awake. Sometimes he woke her. Late at night was better for playful sex than before dawn when Nuh might be more wakeful. Once, Nuh stirred when they were playing together and Adon stepped quickly toward the edge of the clearing as if to relieve his bladder. He redirected his soaring tube down at a clump of grass, but it would produce no water. He sat on a nearby stone outcropping and motioned to her. She joined him later when she heard Nuh breathing deeply again.

They had never felt any shame or guilt copulating in front of others, but the way they had started doing it seemed—well—different. There weren't words to explain it, and being watched might break their intense concentration. An act that had never before been more than biological now seemed to be more than enjoyable; it was becoming recreational fun.

He didn't come to her every night. Sometimes they were both exhausted and slept soundly all night soon after lying down in their places near the fire.

Often, though, she lay awake thinking about him. He was strong. He was a good provider; his hunting prowess provided the small game their small family unit needed. He was also a fearless protector, though she realized that she could be threatened by a dangerous animal sometime when he wasn't with her.

Would he come to her tonight? She thought of how excited he became when he caressed her breasts, his penile erection thickening to nearly the size of her wrist. What he did with her body aroused her own curiosity. She had discovered that, unlike his, her pee-water did not come from the same hole used for sex. It was a weird discovery—one of little significance.

She also noticed that there was a spot somewhere along that furrow that felt different, was somehow more sensitive. That had far greater significance to her. When she ran her own finger along there, it was hard to even find it, but when Adon rubbed her, particularly with his slippery cock, it was especially pleasing. She reached her hand down there now and recalled another discovery.

She had noticed that when his attentions were long and drawn-out, her vulval lips were left enlarged, swollen, overfilling the notch between her legs so that even when she spread wide, their puffiness nearly met to conceal her inner parts. Now, and at all other times, those fleshy folds were shriveled.

Oh, and she was barely moist there most of the time, certainly not slick. When he touched her though, her folds instantly oozed a slippery substance. Then they were like a moss covered stone in the brook. The seepage softened his stroking touches so they were not abrasive, but more delicate, more communicative. Or did the slime come from his body rather than hers? She wasn't sure.

She realized that she wanted him, to feel his touch. By now, he was surely asleep and she didn't know whether he would stir. Will he come to my side? Come on top of me? Come into me? Cum inside of me? She was restless and sleep evaded her. She rose and, walking between the fire and Nuh to see whether he would notice her shadow pass his face, she crossed to Adon's prone form.

Sex was initiated by males. That was the most obvious thing about watching squirrels and rabbits. The female ran and the male gave chase.

But I don't want to run from him; I like the way he kindles a small flame in me that spreads into a consuming fire.

She lay down beside him, hoping he might notice. He didn't.

Should she disturb him? It could be dangerous to startle a virile male protector. She moved his sharp bone dagger beyond his reach.

He was lying on his back, his muscular, hairy chest slowly rising and falling as he slept. She gazed at his nipple and recalled the pleasant sensation of him licking and sucking hers. She gathered her hair so that it would not fall forward and then tentatively, ever-so-lightly, she wet his nipple with the tip of her tongue and gently blew on it. It had no effect.

Of course not; he's asleep. She broadened her tongue blade and massaged his nipple with it. He stirred then and brushed with his hand as if to shoo an insect. She barely jerked her head out of the way in time.

She glanced down his body. His legs were splayed wide so that his genitals were openly exposed to her gaze. She crouched to study them. She'd never seen them up close, never had the opportunity to examine a man—or the desire, either. His one-eyed snake drooped lazily as it slept. She pursed her lips and blew gently on its head, ready to recoil if it awoke to strike. It did nothing. But she noticed movement of the sac below it.

The two stones within his scrotal sac hung at different heights, as usual, which seemed to be typical of any mammal she had observed. As she blew puffs of breath at his snake, however, the lower stone drew up to the level of the other one and his whole sac seemed to come alive. The stream of air that reached it seemed to cause the wrinkled skin to squirm as one part shrank and another part stretched.

Eva was fascinated by this new discovery and it took some of the edge off her desire. No, it just delayed it. She still wanted him—tonight. If he wouldn't wake, she would wake him—but how? She recalled how moistening his nipple stirred him, and an idea entered her mind. His nipple? Or his dick head!?

She decided his dick head was the more sensitive, though more adventurous and scarier. And besides, she'd already licked his nipple to no avail. She glanced up at his face, noted the position of his hands, gathered the loose strands of hair in one hand and leaned in to give his snake head a quick lick. Recoiling quickly, she sprang back to see his reaction.

Adon had been fast asleep, but the quick dick lick roused him instantly. Eva was more awake, however, though she hadn't anticipated what he might do or how she would respond. When his torso started to rise, she instinctively stiff-armed his chest and straddled his hips, planting a knee on each side of his waist.

He had been jolted awake, though he wasn't sure how. He immediately recognized that it was Eva pinning him, of course, otherwise he would easily have flipped her off as some kind of threat. What she was up to, he wasn't sure. Suddenly, there were three things that he became acutely aware of. One was her hair. She was dangling it in his face and whipping him playfully with it.

The second thing he sensed was her boobs, which normally clung to her ribcage. Whenever she bent forward over a task near the fire or stream, the mass of her breasts strained to separate from her chest. She swayed over him now, boobs drooping low, catching his attention as her nipples brushed the hair on his chest.

The third thing that caught his attention—about which he was most acutely aware—was how close her cunt was to his dick. He could actually feel the radiant heat from her joint warming him down there. She was barely a hand's breadth away, maybe closer.

Blood coursed into his loins and his dick sprang to life as it grew longer and thicker. What had been dangling limp a moment ago, vaguely directed toward his feet, was now ratcheting around its base, dragging its head toward his navel.

Eva had no plan, didn't know what she would do next. But with him underneath her, it made no sense to expect him to initiate the next move. She'd been holding her body in a tense arch above him and now relaxed slightly, allowing her body to make contact with him at various points.

She was startled when she felt her widespread cunt folds bump his cock. It hadn't occurred to her that it was right...there! It had shifted position now though, no longer draped limply over his scrotum. It had grown longer and thicker, the plump tuber traversing his abdomen so that its head pointed toward the side of his waist.

She adjusted her pelvis and nestled her outer lips onto his cock, sliding it laterally into alignment where her saddle could straddle it longitudinally more effectively.

She could feel that his cock was slippery now—or perhaps the slickness seeped from her own parts. No matter, she easily slid forward and back on his shaft, now that they were both wet. She felt his cock growing harder as she rubbed herself on it and squeezed it against his abdomen, her pussy rhythmically sliding and gliding, riding his shaft fore and aft. The stroke of his solid treasure in her trench aroused her outer lips as much as when it was inside her.

She could feel that spot again, the plump ripe pea in the slit of her split seed pod. It was somewhere near the top of her pleasure furrow, near where she was rubbing against his dick head. Maybe it was just that the crown of it did that much better. No, that couldn't be all of it.

He raised his hand to her swaying breast and, raising his head, directed her nipple to his mouth where he licked it and sucked it lustily. He was fully aroused now and swiveled his hips from side to side beneath her fore and aft gliding. The soft plumpness of his dick head rolled across his abdomen and began to slide in the seepage that oozed from her slippery slit. His head dropped back to the ground and he moaned softly, wanting more of her.

He reached for her legs kneeling astride his waist and tightly gripped just above the knees before running his rough hands up the front of her thighs. Rotating his wrists, he palmed her hips and helped direct the speed and length of her stroking his shaft. His hands proceeded to wrap around her shapely ass, where he cupped her buttocks before fanning his fingers and depressing them into her thin fatty padding as he pulled her more firmly against him.

Eventually, he couldn't take the prick tease anymore. He was totally aroused and wet where she was slipping atop the underside of his cock with its sensitive frenulum and glans, but curly pubic hair was matting damply between his cock and abdomen. And he wanted a change; he was ready to take it to the next level, to nose up inside her warmly inviting receptacle. He was ready already!

He arched his back and tilted his pelvis, trying to pull the base of his cock further between his legs to erect its head toward the opening of those silky inner lips. His hardwood shaft was stiff enough, but he didn't have the leverage to overcome the weight of her bearing down as she pleasured herself on his ridge.

His hands roamed to her slender waistline, where he drew her belly tightly down against his own. Her pelvis was now tilted forward so that the floor of her groove was no longer parallel to his meaty shank. From that perpendicular angle, it took very few probing T-bone attempts for his throbbing knob to locate her soft yielding tissues and penetrate her hot little body.

Once he was inside her, he paused. He relaxed his grip on her waist and stopped arching his back and thrashing about so much. She had come to recognize the pause, to expect it. He was inside now and she shifted focus from trying to feel every nerve ending of her outer lips to focus on her inner whatever-it-was that his thrusting would touch and set off.

This is different, thought Adon. Before, he had always thrust down into her prone body from above—unless he was humping her from behind like grazing animals did. Now, however, he would be thrusting up into her body as she rode his cock.

She noticed that he was pausing longer than usual. And it occurred to her that she had more freedom of movement than usual, since he wasn't pinning her from the top. She slid further down onto his cock so that its maximum girth filled her, further expanding her flexible sphincter muscle and pleasuring the embedded nerves.

She bottomed her pubic bone onto his and felt a jolt as her clit was mashed. She tried to smear her little pleasure nub between them by swiveling her hips left and right. Since he'd relaxed his grip on her waist, she was able to tilt her pelvis more upright so that more of her weight pressed down on him. He rotated his pelvis back up and gradually began to thrust into her.

He found that he didn't really withdraw as far from each stroke, since it was she who controlled how closely their bodies were pressed together. But rocking his pelvis fore and aft gave his cock plenty of leverage since it stroked up and down only from the bottom edge.

He realized that she was actually moving more than he was, though her fully engaged strokes could hardly be called thrusting. She was deriving a great deal of pleasure from rotating her pussy sphincter around his massive basal stump. With every rotation, his enormous cock cranked around the inner walls of her meat grinder, its engorged bulb buried within her silky intimate folds.

When his lower back began to tire from trying to rock from below, he bent his legs so that his feet were flat on the ground and he could use his thighs to help tilt his pelvis. He was squeezing his buttocks with each thrust. It was tiring. Can I cum from this position? It will be another first.

He wanted more in and out—a longer stroke. What she was doing felt great on the base of his erection and kept it fully aroused, but the tip of his cock was tingling for some sort of change. It was begging to stroke longitudinally now, compressing the soft pulpy mushroom cap on each inbound stroke, tugging at the extended outer ring on each outbound stroke. He plugged her hole for greater penetration—but his cock was already fully engaged. He strained to lengthen the withdrawal stroke—but the return was far short of his need.

Frantically frustrated, he suddenly pulled her waist securely against his body and, tensing his leg muscles, thrust his hips high, lifting her to vault their conjoined pelvises to one side. Their tangled bodies first rolled and then landed with a thud. Although he'd tried to stay connected, his cock popped loose from her sheath.

His grappling caught her off guard. She hadn't expected him to wrestle free. If he was going to struggle or resist, she thought it would have been immediate rather than after she'd been pleasuring him for awhile. Now he'd not only flipped her off, but completely withdrawn. For an awkward moment she was unsure what would happen next.

He quickly reinserted his cock to its rightful place and, without any pause or further ado, began thrusting with all the pent-up frustration that her tease had been building within him.

Her legs were still bent sharply at the knees from the way she had been kneeling before the flip. This was different than when she usually lay on her back for him, legs simply spread in a wide angle. With her knees up like this, her thighs—and puffy cunt lobes—were maximally spread for deepest penetration, for the greatest girth of his gigantic member and for the supreme stimulation of her pleasure treasures.

She instinctively hugged her thigh muscles tighter against his hips and squeezed, which sent shivering nerve pulses down to her loins. With every thrust, she could feel him thump and bump her clit. Oh, how she just wanted it continuously massaged!

Quickly, she extended her calves over his back and hooked her ankles together. Then, she pulled her thighs up to his waist in a compactly hunched position and securely latched onto him, her ankles now wrapped around the small of his back.

With each inbound thrust, she felt her clit mashed and rolled between their pubic bones. She found herself relaxing her torso with each inward stroke as if to receive more of him, and then tensing on the outward stroke as if to hold him from escaping her grasp.

He continued his plunging thrusts, even with her legs snugly riding his waist. With each lunge into her body, his bony pelvis pushed her knees up towards her head, cranking her pelvis up and over so that even after bottoming out on her pubic bone, his cock dredged deeper.

It was that upward tilt of her pelvis that pivoted her outer lips so they were engulfing not only the base of his cock, balls deep, but also snuggling part of its root that started behind his scrotum, emanating from between his thighs.

His stones had retracted so tightly against his body that they were nestled on each side of his hard rod, slapping the lobes of her outer lips with each inbound stroke. Each time his testicles banged against her, they contracted more and oozed more pre-cum, further lubricating the inner reaches of her slip-n-slide. The pounding on her cunt lobes simply caused them to swell further and create more surface area for his hard-on to rub.

He was thrusting again and again, plunging in and out, pumping his hot meaty member into her willingly wiggling body. Each time he withdrew, he sensed nothing about her grip that inhibited his achieving a full outward stroke. She, too, was surprised that with her legs locked over his back like this, she could pull herself up into him—or him up into her, whichever—and she held tenaciously, writhing, wriggling and squiggling.

She became more aware of her erect nipples responding to the fiddling and fidgeting between his thumb and forefinger—too much! She was involuntarily digging her fingernails into the flesh of his back and found herself holding her breath and straining her abdominals as if to somehow purge her erotic system. Her back began to arch in erratic convulsions. Her pelvic floor tensed to the regular beat of his meat, her sphincter tightened on his cock spastically and her vagina rippled from end to end in rhythmic euphoria.

She hadn't even been aware of his orgasm, but it must have been simultaneous. When she relaxed the stranglehold of her legs on his waist, he had stopped thrusting, simply lying quietly within the saddle of her pelvic cavity. Her labia were rubbed nearly raw, but the itch was now satisfied. His cock, still humongous, slowly softened and withered within her. His nuts had pumped for all they were worth before yielding their full measure of seed.


I could tell you they fucked happily ever after, which would be true, but not the whole story. I could also tell you that they fucked like rabbits, which, apart from being cliché, would also be true. Both Adon and Nuh jumped her from behind like the rabbits of the field did.

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