tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIn the Hotel Window

In the Hotel Window


Marsha Wellington was a pretty 35-year-old with long black hair. Her face was beautiful, 34b, 24, 38 body was still desirable to most men even after two children. While she felt that her hips were a little large, her ass was still sexy in what her husband referred to as a "J-Lo fashion".

Marsha and her husband John had taken their two children on vacation for spring break. They had had a wonderful time and were beginning their trip back home when car problems delayed them. Not to let this mishap derail an otherwise great trip, they simply got a room at a hotel and put the car in the shop.

Their hotel was nice. It was crowded so they had to settle for a room with only one bed. Still, it was a nice room on the fourth floor that faced the pool. After checking in they decided to go downstairs to the restaurant and eat, then spend an hour or so in the pool. Marsha called the front desk and requested a rollaway bed for the kids to share, telling the clerk that they would be out for a couple hours so the bellboy should just let himself in with the bed, then they left.

As they finished their meal the oldest boy spilled his milkshake on his mother. Marsha told John to take the kids out to the pool and she would just go upstairs and shower, then relax in the room.

Back in her room Marsha took a quick shower. She toweled herself dry while looking out the window at John and the kids down at the pool below. Then she plopped down on the bed to relax. Marsha enjoyed sleeping in the nude, but while on vacation she hadn't been able to do so since their two children stayed in the rooms with them. So she accepted this brief time alone. Marsha closed her eyes and nearly dozed off. Then she heard the door unlatch and open.

"Oh shit." She thought, realizing that it must be the bellhop with the rollaway bed. Marsha was too startled to yell, then thought that if she just lay still with her eyes closed that he would probably see her feet before passing the bathroom wall and just leave the bed there. She remembered that she had told the front desk that the room would be empty so it would look as if she planned to be discovered.

Marsha heard the door close and guessed that the bellhop had left. She was about to open her eyes when she heard someone breathing. Marsha barely opened her eyes just enough to see without revealing that she was awake. She almost gasped when she spotted a young man peering around the corner at her naked body. At first she was mad that he was watching her, then she felt humiliated. But she still felt that she shouldn't say anything for fear of looking like she had arranged for this to happen.

Marsha had to resist the urge to cry out when she saw what happened next. The young man unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect penis and began masturbating while looking at her. Marsha could not believe that he could be so bold as to do this in her room. But she was unable to close her eyes completely and continued to watch as he jacked off until he sprayed his cum onto the floor before him. He quickly grabbed a towel and knelt to clean the floor, then fled the room.

Marsha lay still a full minute after hearing the door close before opening her eyes. She was revolted by what had just happened. But at the same time she felt her pussy tingling with excitement.

She and John had been unable to have sex at all on this trip due to the kids. And now she craved her husbands cock more than ever after watching this strange young man masturbate over her naked body.

Feeling flushed, she got out of bed and crossed the room to open the window and look down at her family. She saw John sitting on the chair and her two kids frolicking in the pool. John looked up and waved at her. Then motioned for her to continue watching the kids as he ran inside. She assumed that her husband was going to take a quick bathroom break while she observed the kids.

Before she knew what she was doing Marsha felt her hand slip between her legs. Leaning out the ledge as she was, there was no chance of anyone seeing anything other than her face, so Marsha felt secure enough to finger herself while watching the people below. There was something about masturbating with a crowd below her not knowing what she was up to that was really turning Marsha on. She was so into it that she never heard the click of the door as it opened behind her.

Marsha was working her swollen clit with one hand when she felt someone behind her. A pair of hands softly grabbed her shoulders and she felt a hard cock poke against her ass.

"Stick that thing in my pussy, hon." Marsha said, happy to realize that her husband had the same idea as she.

"Shhhh" She heard, as she continued watching her kids. She opened her legs wider to allow John easy access to her wet cunt. His cock slid inside her, filling her in a way that she found new. She guessed that this whole experience was really getting to her. The cock slowly fucked her as she held onto the window ledge. After a couple minutes the pace picked up, then Marsha gasped as she watched John walk back out onto the pool deck four stories below her.

"What the hell?" She gasped. But the man behind her had his fist clenched in her hair, holding her head forward. "Not one word." He said softly without missing a beat as he continued fucking her. "You told me to fuck you, after all."

Marsha turned her head to see three other men besides the one who was fucking her. One was the same young man who had just jacked off while she lay on the bed. She guessed that he must have told his friends and they returned to see her as well. Finding her playing with herself at the window must have made her look like a willing slut ready for the taking.

Marsha watched as John looked up and waved at her. She realized that he would not be able to see the man fucking her from behind. She wanted to scream, but the thought of all of those people down below knowing that she was being raped in front of them was too humiliating for her. Marsha just held on tight to the ledge and prayed that this man would finish quickly and leave without hurting her.

"Oh yes." He said behind her. Marsha panicked when she realized that he was about to cum. She did not want this man to cum inside her but did not know what to do or say. Then it was too late. She felt his hips bang into her and could feel his sperm blasting inside her pussy.

He continued fucking her for another minute or so until his cock began to go soft before pulling out.

"Next," He said, "I'll take the camera now."

"What?" Marsha said in shock, turning to see the man who had just raped her taking a digital camera from the next man who was stepping behind her. She realized that they were taking pictures of her ordeal and that humiliated her even more.

"No, please." She begged as the net man rubbed his cock between her legs.

"Either you stand there and let us continue or else everyone down there finds out what's happening." He said, slowly pressing his cock into her wet hole.

Marsha realized that these men had already figured out that she would rather face the humiliation of being fucked than the humiliation of John, and everyone else, knowing that she had been raped. She stood still as the second man began slamming his pole into her wet pussy. She felt herself blush as her son looked up and waved at her before jumping off the diving board, not knowing that mommy was being fucked by a stranger. The man took her hard and fast, sometimes threatening to make her cry out as he slammed her pussy.

Then Marsha caught herself fucking back. She could not believe that her body was responding to being raped. But everything going on had aroused her to the point that she needed release. And her body was going to take it anyway it could get it.

"Shit, she's really digging it." The man behind her said as he continued pounding her cunt.

Marsha blushed in shame as she climaxed on her rapist's cock. She moaned softly as the man drove his shaft as deep as possible. He orgasm had subsided a full two minutes before he climaxed inside her pussy.

Then he too blew his wad inside her.

The third man got behind her and Marsha waited for him to enter her cunt. She nearly cried out when she felt the head of his cock rub between her butt cheeks.

"No, not there, I've never done that." She said.

"Sorry, bitch, but I'm not fucking your cunt after my brother just came in you. Besides, I'm an ass man and you've got one that's just begging to be fucked." The man snickered.

Marsha bit her tongue to keep from screaming as his cock pressed into her asshole. She had never attempted anything like this before and thought that her body would split apart as his cock forced its way into her virgin chute. Once inside he began to thrust in and out of her tightest of openings with glee. Each inward thrust threatened to cause her to shout out loud. But she willed herself to remain as quiet, and motionless, as possible so that those below her would not realize what was happening.

He slammed her asshole without mercy, enjoying the way her rectum swallowed his thick shaft.

The pain subsided, but never fully went away, as her ass was pounded. But Marsha felt his balls slapping her cunt with each thrust, and her pussy began tingling even more.

Finally the man came inside her asshole and slowly pulled out. Then the fourth man, the one who had jerked off over her earlier, got behind her.

"Please, fuck my pussy." She begged, pleading for him to bring her to another climax.

He rammed his cock inside her cunt. Marsha gasped as her pussy welcomed his hard rod. She didn't know what have come over her, but she no longer cared that she was being raped, or that they were taking pictures of her. All she wanted now was to cum on this young man's cock. She watched her husband and kids four floors below, but this only aroused her more. Then Marsha moaned and welcomed her second orgasm moments before he blasted her insides with his cum.

"Thanks for the good time," one of the men said as they dressed. "And remember, if you tell anyone about this we'll claim you lured us in. And then these pictures will find their way on the internet.

Marsha was about to tell anyone. She couldn't face letting John know what had happened to her. She rushed to the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water and jumped in and lay still. She could not believe that she had been gang raped and ended up enjoying it so much. She played with herself, bringing herself to one more orgasm while reliving her rape. Thinking that she was going to have to do something really special for her husband to quench her feelings of guilt at having enjoyed herself so much. "Oh hell," she thought out loud. "I'll just suck his cock and call it even." She said with a smile.

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