tagErotic CouplingsIn the Library

In the Library


It was just a glimpse, but it was enough to pique my interest. So quick that I nearly missed it. Margaret bent forward to check a note written in her workbook, and as she did, her loose, low cut, top fell forward giving me an uninterrupted view down her shirt. I could see the swell of her breasts pushed up by her half cut bra, which was barely holding them in. I thought that if I could catch a glimpse at a slightly better angle, I had an inkling that her bra might be so low cut that her nipples, or part of them could be showing. She looked up suddenly, caught me looking, and gave me a cheeky little smile. Did she do it on purpose?

There was a group of five of us studying together in the library. There was a bit of small chit chat but most people were focussed on their work. I now had nothing else to think about apart from Margaret's breasts. I could still see the pale skin of her breasts swelling above the top of the bra, pushed into perfect shape by the lacy green bra. Her skin was so pale, and pushed so tightly up, that you could faintly see the light blue veins tracking under her skin.

Margaret was very attractive, and we were fairly good friends, so this was new ground with her for me. She was pretty tall, especially for a girl, being almost six foot, and was very slim. She had blonde hair and green eyes, with very fair skin. Her breasts had generally looked fairly small to me, between an A and a B cup, but this bra was definitely enhancing them nicely. Her body was that of a supermodel's, long, slim legs, whilst her waist and upper body were also very slim. She didn't carry herself with the grace of a model, but it wouldn't have been a push to imagine her in that role.

So there we were, studying in the library, or in my case now being distracted in the library, and I couldn't help but get the feeling that she wanted more than just a look down her top from me. Maybe I was just imagining it, but I thought I saw a hint of sexual desire in her eyes when she gave me her cheeky grin..

She again leaned forward to examine something on her page, and this time I got a prolonged look down her top. Her breasts were truly wonderful, the soft pale flesh spilling out, firm and rounded above the top of her bra. It was a wonderful view, and this time I knew that she meant it as she pressed her arms together, causing her breasts to push up slightly more, and gave me a smile. This time I definitely didn't imagine the smouldering sexuality in her gaze, and it made me wonder where this was going. Needless to say, I wasn't complaining, and would happily take the opportunity if she wanted this to go further.

As she sat back this time, she adjusted her clothes slightly, which left me slightly disappointed, believing that that was the end of the show. But the next time she leaned forward again, she propped her elbow on the table and rested her head on her raised hand. This gave me another wonderful look down her top, and the biggest surprise was that the adjustments that she had made was to pull her half cut bra down slightly, allowing her nipples to poke over the top. Her light pink areola and nipples were small on her breasts, but her excitement was obvious with her nipples rock hard. This show was really turning me on, and I was shifting slightly in my seat as my hardening cock was making me uncomfortable. Fortunately, the others at the table were too focussed on their work to notice what was going on between us.

The way Margaret was sitting pressed her breasts together and upwards. Now that she had shifted her bra down to expose her sweet nipples, her breasts were threatening to pop fully out of her bra. The green lace was just hugging the bottom of her areolas, holding the remainder of her breasts tightly in its embrace. Thinking of it, I wondered why Margaret had worn such a sexy bra, combined with a fairly loose top, and wondering if she had planned this to happen. This time when she looked at me, there was raw sexual desire in her eyes. The hardness of my cock was making my pants uncomfortably tight, and I knew that this was either going to go further or I would have to sort myself out.

Suddenly, to my shock, I felt Margaret's foot sliding up my thigh, and felt the pleasure as she brushed across my hard cock. She was looking down at her books again, giving me a view down her shirt, whilst she stroked her foot up and down the length of my cock. It was so hard to keep still and quiet so as not to alert the others at the table what was happening. Her foot was working wonders, stroking my cock softly, feeling almost as good as a hand around it. I wanted to come, and could feel my cock swelling even harder, when she stopped and drew her foot away. Margaret looked up and around at the others, before dropping a note on my book that simply said 'drop your pen'. This, of course, I did.

As I bent down to retrieve my pen, I looked up and nearly banged my head on the table in shock. Margaret was wearing a fairly short skirt, with her legs spread and clearly no panties. It was clear to see that she was a natural blonde as the neatly trimmed strip of blond fuzz pointed down towards her otherwise bald pussy. She was glistening with her juices, and as I watched, her left hand snaked down from above the table to dip into her pussy and stroke her clit softly, covering it in her juices. Her legs were shaking slightly as she tried to keep what was happening beneath the table hidden from everyone else.

I knew that I couldn't stay under the table any longer without raising suspicion. I quickly leaned forwards and ran my tongue up the length of her pussy up to her clit. I heard her gasp in shock and pleasure as I pulled away, which she quickly turned into a cough, and I returned to my seat. I looked across at Margaret to see her face flushed slightly and her hair slightly out of whack, with her left arm still under the table.

She looked up at me, and mouthed 'oh my god', her green eyes staring lustily at me. Focussing on her, I could see the subtle movements of her left arm, indicating that she was still stroking her pussy under the table. Her eyes were slightly glazed as she gazed at me, and she was biting her bottom lip to keep from making noise. Her stiff nipples were obvious beneath her thin shirt, and she then bent forward and rubbed her hand softly over her nipple. Her body shook slightly, as she tried to keep still whilst a small orgasm coursed through her.

Trying to keep her breathing steady, she scribbled a quick note and threw it across to me, before practically running away from the table. I took notice for the first time of what she was wearing, a black, pleated skirt, fairly short but not indecently so, with her loose short sleeved top. Her long legs were accentuated by a medium size pair of heels. In short she was stunning, and looked more like a model than ever. I looked down at the note... 'bathroom 3 mins', which couldn't be any clearer. I was still rock hard, so I adjusted myself to be less visible, then after a couple of minutes set off towards the bathroom.

I knew that she wouldn't be in the men's bathroom, and I had just seen a girl go into the women's bathroom, so I took a chance that she would have gone into one of the two disabled bathrooms. I knocked on the door on the right, which was the only one of the two that was locked. I heard the lock being undone, and waited a couple of seconds before I entered slowly, and then quickly closed the door behind me, and locked it, once I realised I was in the right place.

Margaret was up on the counter top over the sink, bent over into a doggy style position, with two fingers deep in her pussy. She looked at me in the mirror above the sink, 'oh fuck Ben I'm gonna come so hard!! Oh shit!! Oooooohhhhhhh!!' she moaned as loudly as she dared. She plunged her fingers in and out of her sopping pussy, and then drove them deep one last time as she shuddered in pleasure and came all over her fingers. I could see the juices running down to her wrist as she came strongly.

Margaret removed her fingers slowly from her wet pussy, her body shaking as she came down from her orgasmic high. Her hair was hanging messily over her face as she smiled blissfully, and her skirt was ruffled up around her waist, showing off her tight arse and her glistening pussy. 'Oh my fucking god Ben!! Shit I needed that!! I was so fucking wet and horny sitting on that chair! I needed to come so bad!!' she moaned, 'I thought I was gonna explode when you licked my pussy you bad boy!!' Margaret was still looking at me in the mirror whilst she talked to me.

As she finished talking, Margaret got down from the counter and walked towards me. She was still clothed, and her hard nipples were clear through her top. She kissed me deeply, before dropping to her knees. As she knelt on the ground before me, I looked down to see the same amazing view of her breasts spilling out of her tight bra as I had at the table. She unzipped my pants and removed my tightly constrained cock, still rock hard from the earlier teasing. Margaret slowly slid her mouth around my cock, whilst her hand, still wet from her own juices, was stroking my cock adding even more pleasure. The combination of her hand and her warm, wet mouth was exquisite on my hard cock, 'Oh fuck Marg!! Shit that feels so good babe!!', I moaned as she looked up at me.

I pulled away from her, as I wanted to fuck her. She looked up at me with a disappointed face, 'I want to fuck you Marg, I want to slide this into your hot pussy.' I said to her.

'Oh fuck yea Ben, but I definitely want your come in my mouth. I want to feel your hot load in my mouth babe!' She replied with a grin.

'Mmmm you really are a bad girl, I think you deserved to be punished.'

As Margaret stood up, I pulled her close and kissed her deeply. 'Let's get these clothes off you.' I whispered as I nibbled her earlobe.

She lifted her arms above her head, and I slipped her top off, leaving her standing in her bra and skirt. Now her top was off, I could see why her bra had turned me on so much earlier. The green lace bra was a half cut type, which pushed her breasts up, swelling above the top of the lace, with just a hint of her areola showing. I leaned in to kiss her, whilst I reached around and unclipped her bra, freeing her breasts. I slid her bra off as I pulled away from the kiss, and I got my first look at her unconstrained breasts.

They were pale, like the rest of her fair skin, and had a great shape to them, sitting proudly on her chest. They were a large A cup, or a small B cup, with large pale pink areola, topped off by small pink nipples that stood out stiffly, just begging to be sucked and nibbled on. I couldn't resist, bending my head down and softly swirling my tongue around the hard nub, bringing a gasp from Margaret, and then a light nibble of her nipple, causing her to moan and grab my hair. 'Ooohhh fuck Ben', she gasped.

I removed my mouth reluctantly from her breast, and then slowly guided her back towards the counter, so she was leaning back against it. I knelt down between her legs, and ruffled her skirt up around her waist, exposing her sweet pussy. Her landing strip of blond hair glistened slightly with her juices from her earlier orgasm. Her shaven lips were slightly swollen with her arousal, and I could clearly see her wetness.

I leant forward and slowly licked up the full length of her wet slit, before swirling my tongue around her slightly swollen clit. As I looked up at her, Margaret covered her mouth with her hand and moaned loudly into it, muffling the sound. Her pussy tasted wonderful, as her sweet juices flowed onto my tongue. Her skirt was flicked up over the back of my head, forming a mini enclosure around my head. Her body was shaking and I could feel her leg muscles tensing as waves of pleasure rolled through her body.

'Oooohhhh shit Ben!!! Oh my god!!! Oh fuck!! Shit baby!!!! Holy shit Ben!! Oh my fucking god!!! God that feels great!! Fuck I can't hold on much longer Ben!!'

I could feel her juices flowing out of her pussy, all over my face and onto my tongue. I was tonguing her wet slit, running up and down the full length, dipping my tongue inside her, before returning to tease her clit. I could feel that she was getting close to her orgasm as her whole body was shaking even harder, humping her pussy against me.

'Oh god your tongue is magic Ben!', Margaret moaned, 'I'm gonna come baby!! Fuck I'm close!! Oh shit!! Ooohhh god!! Shit!! Fuck Ben I'm gonna come!! Oh god!! Ohhh fuucckk!! Oh god I'm gonna come!! Oh Ben!! I'M COMING!!! HOLY SHIT!!! FUUUCCKKK!! OH MY GOD!! GOD I'M COMING SO FUCKING HARD!! Shit!! Oh Ben!! Ohhhh my god!!'

As her orgasm ripped through her, Margaret grabbed my head and pressed it into her shaking pussy with one hand, and screamed her pleasure into her other hand, which was covering her mouth. I continued to lick her pussy, tasting the juices flowing from her wet lips, whilst her body and legs shook violently with the force of her orgasm.

She stopped shaking after a while and I slowly stood up. She kissed me deeply, tasting herself on my tongue and lips. 'Fuck Ben I need you. Get your cock in me now!!'

She ripped my pants down my legs, quickly followed by my boxers. I reached into my pocket to grab the condom from my wallet before Margaret interrupted, 'Fuck the condom Ben, I want to feel your bare cock in my pussy!!'

With my stiff cock sticking straight out form my groin, I guided her back towards the counter. She leant forward, her arms supporting her upper body as she bent at the waist and spread her legs slightly. Her pussy lips were glistening with her juices from her earlier orgasm, her spread legs allowed easy access for me to enter her, and she looked around at me with a "fuck me" look in her eyes. I stepped up behind her and slipped my rock hard cock up the length of her soaked slit, eliciting a loud gasp from her when my cock head came into contact with her stiff clit.

'Fuck you're so wet Marg!' I whispered quietly to her, my shaft slick with her juices.

'I want it sooooo bad Ben, please give it to me!!! Please...fuck me...fuck me hard!!' She moaned quietly back.

I moved slowly forward, Margaret whimpered quietly as the tip of my cock pressed against her slick pussy lips. My hard cock head slowly eased into her, splitting open her tight, wet pussy as I entered deeper into her. I thrust forwards, driving the full length of my shaft deep into her sopping pussy, feeling her wet pussy lips rubbing against my balls. Margaret gasped loudly as I filled her pussy with my hard cock.

'Oh fuck...your cock feels so good inside me Ben!! Oh shit...god you're so hard!! Oh shit...fuck I'm gonna come already!!! Feels too good...shit...oh fuck...I'm coming Ben...OH GOD...I'M COMING!!!' Marg moaned into her hand as she tried not to scream too loudly and attract attention.

Her pussy clenched tightly on my cock and a flood of hot juice was released onto my shaft as I held my cock deep inside her. I could feel her muscles inside her pussy rippling along the length of my cock as her legs shook. Her pussy juices were dripping out of her and coating my balls as well as running down the inside of her thighs.

She leaned back against me, with my cock still deep in her sopping her pussy, turning her head to kiss me deeply as my hands roamed around to fondle her stiff nipples. I began to slowly slip my cock in and out of her sopping pussy as we fucked in a standing position. I could feel her slick juices coating my balls as she moaned into my mouth. I could feel soft movement by my cock and realised that she was rubbing her hard clit as I fucked her. Her moans in my mouth were vibrating on my tongue as she rapidly approached another orgasm. Her legs were shaking as her pussy muscles began to clench on my hard cock.

The combination of my cock in her pussy, her fingers on her clit, and my hands on her rock hard nipples pushed her over the edge.

'OHHHH FUUUUCCCKKKK!!!!' Marg whispered as she drew her mouth away from mine momentarily, 'I'M COMING SO FUCKING HARD BEN!!!!'

Her fingers pressed down on her clit and I could literally feel her nipples stiffen even further in my hands as her rippling pussy muscles began to suck my shaft deeper inside her wet cunt. Her legs were trembling as she struggled to stay standing through her orgasm. She buried her face in my neck as she moaned her pleasure loudly, before she collapsed forwards after her intense orgasm so she was leaning against the bench again.

Looking over her shoulder at me, Margaret whispered to me, 'Fuck me Ben, pound my slutty cunt 'til you give me your hot come!! I want it all over my slutty face and tits!! Oh god...please fuck me so fucking hard!!'

Not one to turn down an opportunity like that, I grabbed her hips and buried my cock deep into her soaked pussy. Her hand snaked between her legs to fiddle with her stiffening clit. As she requested, I began to fuck her hard and deep, my balls slapping against her fingers that were wanking her hot clit.

'OHHH GOD YES BEN!! FUCK ME...FUCK ME HARD...I WANT YOUR COCK!! Oh god, make me come on your hot cock...fuck your little teasing slut!! MMMM...OH YEA!! Did you love it when I was being naughty for you at the table...mmmmmm...such a naughty boy trying to peek at me!!!' Marg half moaned, half whispered.

'Oh yea Marg...you're so hot and wet...mmmm I loved your little tease, you naughty little slut!!! You made me so hard and horny for you Marg.' I whispered back, as I continued fucking her hard and deep.

'Ben, I want your come!! Fuck my tight little cunt...oh god fuck your naughty little slut!! Oh fuck...I'm so fucking wet for you Ben...oh fuck...fuck me hard!! Pound my teasing little pussy...fuck my little clit is so fucking stiff!!! OH FUCK...I'M GONNA COME AGAIN...OH FUCK...I'M COMING BEN...I'M COMING ON YOUR HARD COCK!!! OH GOD POUND MY NAUGHTY LITTLE CUNT!!'

I didn't let up as I continued to fuck her sopping pussy through her orgasm, pounding my stiff prick deep into her tight hole. I could feel the familiar rising feeling beginning in my balls, and I whispered to Margaret that I was close to exploding.

'Oh god Ben I'm close as well...I want your come to cover my slutty face...I want it dripping onto my teasing little titties with my stiff little nipples!! Please come for me Ben...I want you to explode all over me...I want to see your come spraying on my face!!' Marg's fingers were flying frantically over her wet clit as she approached another orgasm that I knew would tip me over the edge as well.


As her pussy muscles rippled and her wetness increased with her orgasm, I knew that I was about to come. Slipping into her tight slick cunt a few more times I moaned to her that I was about to come. Still on her orgasmic high, Marg turned around and knelt in front of me, still playing with herself.

Her mouth was open ready for my come, and her green eyes looked up at me as I stroked my slick shaft once, then twice, before I felt the come rising up my shaft. I aimed my cock head down at her face as my cock exploded, spraying come over her pretty face. Shot after shot of come continued to spew from my cock as I spurted my load onto her face, into her mouth, into her hair, before finishing off with a couple of spurts on her tits. She looked so sexy covered in my come as she grabbed my cock and sucked it clean.

'Holy shit that was a big load Ben!!! Fuck I love it!! I love your come all over me like a naughty little slut!!! I've wanted to fuck you for a little while now!! Please take a photo of me covered in your come...I want to you to have something to remember this by! And send it to me as well so I can wank myself over it too like a naughty little whore...this turns me on so fucking much!!'

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