tagIncest/TabooIn the Middle of the Night

In the Middle of the Night


Samuel kissed his wife Abby goodnight, after giving her a knowing smile and wink. She had the night off and he was heading to the bedroom, to shower and prepare their bedroom for a night of fun. A pair of silk scarves were wrapped around the headboard, and another set were tied to the footboard. The black sleeping mask lay next to the bed and was tossed casually onto the pillow. He turned on a lamp and turned off the ceiling lights before climbing onto the bed.

Once Samuel had his legs tied loosely with the scarves, he reached over and turned off the lamp. He then pulled the sleeping mask over his eyes and felt for the scarves on the headboard. Once those were found it was only a matter of seconds before he was looping his wrists through the fabric and restraining himself. The ties were loose and he could easily escape if he desired, but that wasn't the way he and Abby liked to play. He would remained bound during their play until she was ready to free him.

Samuel listened to the sound of the house, knowing that Abby was going to finish up her work and her movie before coming to bed. He didn't mind, in truth he liked being woken up by his wife's warm wet tongue.

Tonight was no different. He never heard the door open, nor did he hear it close, but he did feel the shifting of the bed and that was what finally woke him. Samuel's eyes opened and darkness greeted him, thanks to the sleeping mask. He felt her fingers slide across his cock and tease the head of his sex.

He moaned softly, smiling up at her, as the bed shifted from her moving to better position herself. The feel of another piece of silk, this one wrapping around his mouth, made his cock jerk in response. He chuckled softly and whispered "fuck yes" just before she tied the gag in place.

Samuel felt Abby's lips press kisses across his neck. Her teeth nipped gently on the fragile skin, pulling it tight and then releasing it. The sound of her whimpering and moaning made his pulse race. Her naked body was pressed against his as she straddled him. The bare pussy that he'd watched her shave that morning ground against his shaft as she trailed kisses from his neck to his right nipple. His hips rolled instinctively against her mound as she sucked on the hard bead.

When she bit the rock hard pebble, his ass rose up to greet her slippery sex. She coughed softly, in an attempt he assumed to cover up her pending desire. He smiled into the darkness and lifted his hips again. A soft slap to his thigh was his reward, and his punishment for moving. A low groan of pleasure spilled past his lips as she moved over and began to tug and pull on his left nipple.

The feel of his wife slowly biting and licking her way from one taut bead to the other only made Samuel more hungry. He muttered a low curse, which was muffled by the gag. He twisted his arms in the bindings and shifted his feet, so the silk rubbed his skin. Still he played the game he and his wife had set out to play, not once breaking free, though his body craved the answering warmth of her sex.

Abby traveled further down and he groaned when she paused at his abdomen. Her tongue rolled around the edge of his belly button, making him squirm. She giggled, then coughed again, stifling the noise. His cock jerked in response to the proximity of her mouth, while his nostrils flared, picking up the scent of her arousal.

Her fingernails scraped up and down his rib cage, occasionally trailing back to his chest, where she pinched and pulled at the tender morsels she'd sucked earlier. Samuel's breath lodged in his throat as he felt her breath hovering just over his rock hard shaft. The head, he knew had leaked pre cum; the sticky fluid had slipped down the rounded mushroom tip to slide down the ridged top.

The first touch of her fingers wrapping around his tool made his fists clench tightly. He pulled at his restraints and knew that with a flick of his wrists he would be free and could end this game. Samuel once again chose to behave. He felt her lips as she trailed her mouth up and down his rod, licking and sucking on the flesh as she made her way to the base of his dick. Once there, he felt the warmth of her mouth as it blanketed his testicles.

Under the mask, Samuel's eyes rolled back. She stroked his rod, while pulling and suckling on his balls. The spongy spheres were rolled back and forth by the slick muscle of her tongue. Her teeth gently scrapped the flesh, adding a bit of fear and apprehension to the seductive role play they were enjoying.

When she bobbed off, he felt the long strands of her curly red hair slide across his thigh. He knew she was gathering it up, pulling it out of the way, so she could feast on his tool without any interruptions. Samuel longed to see his wife as she consumed him.

He felt the knowing touch of her hand moving down to hold his cock still, while she lowered her mouth to envelope the round head and ridged veins. Abby's mouth was a perfect fit for his cock. He shook as she began to bob up and down on him. Her moans vibrated around his member; she controlled the tempo, pushing his dick to the back of her throat and then drawing it out, threatening escape. Over and over she sucked him. His hips rose and fell in sync with her ministrations and when he muttered a deep throaty growl it was a signal he was going to come.

Abby chose however to ignore him and soon she was drinking his seed and sucking every ounce of his milk from his rod. When she released him Samuel shivered at the loss of her heated breath. Abby wasn't done; he felt her hands back on his cock and balls. He licked at the cloth and groaned low. Abby understood what he wanted and soon the gag was gone. In its place she pressed her pussy to his mouth and covered his cock once more with her tongue and lips.

Samuel tasted her sex, dragging his tongue between her folds and making note of the different scent of her pussy. Abby had taken the time to slide strawberry lube along her mound enticing Samuel even further. As he sucked and pulled on her labia she was once again getting him hard with her expert ways.

He nuzzled her sex with the tip of his nose and chin, while she gyrated and ground against him. He heard her moan and curse softly, around his rod, while he pushed his tongue deep into her slick cavern. The edges of his teeth scrapped against her clit. She held herself still, allowing him a moment to suck on the hard nub and drag his tongue across it. Abby bucked and rode his face, all the while he ached to free himself, or hear her tell him he could.

Without warning Abby took herself off his cock and his face. Samuel smiled. He felt her hand on his cock and the warmth of her sex as she pushed it back and into her hot hole. "Oh yeah, baby," he muttered as she began to ride his cock and grind her pelvis against his. The feeling of her tight wet pussy drove him crazy. He could picture her breasts bouncing as she brought herself closer and closer to a promising orgasm. His climax was building and would once again shoot a load of cum, but this time his seed would be buried deep inside her womb.

Samuel lifted his hips and beckoned her to come. His arms strained at the silk, and his legs flexed as he used his muscles to bounce his wife up and down. Finally he felt the knowing signs of his release, the tightening of his ball sack, the tingling sensation rolling from his abdomen, around to his back and along his spine. He shouted as his cum shot into Abby's pussy and her fluids cascaded around him. She groaned low and whimpered quietly as she coated him with her juices.

Several seconds seemed to slowly pass as she shook and shivered on top of him. He wanted to hold her, and feel her shake within his embrace. "Let me go, baby," he whispered, but she refused him with a soft "uh huh".

Samuel groaned in frustration and then grinned when he felt Abby climb off of him. He heard her footsteps on the carpet and listened to her maneuver herself around the room. Eventually the sound of the bathroom exhaust fan interrupted the stillness of the night and Samuel listened to his wife go through the motions of readying herself for bed. He chuckled softly as he turned his wrists and freed himself from his bounds, then lifted the sleeping mask off his eyes.

The overhead light invaded his senses as he freed his feet. He listened as the sink water ran and several cabinet doors were opened and closed. Samuel crawled under the blankets, fluffed his wife's pillows and waited for her to come into the room. He yawned, rubbed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Eventually sleep claimed him and in the morning he found Abby enjoying a cup of coffee. "Going into work?" he asked, noticing her uniform. "I thought you had the weekend off."

Abby looked up and chuckled softly. "I'm just getting in. I got a call last night, just before coming to bed. I went in to wake you up, but you were snoring. Figured I'd let you sleep," she said before standing up and pouring him a cup of coffee, "I see Marie showed up last night." Samuel's face showed a mask of confusion. Abby chuckled. "Marie -- you're daughter. Her car is parked outside. You were really out last night, if you didn't hear her come in."

"But," Samuel took a deep breath, "you were --- last night, I..."

Before Samuel could finish his sentence, his daughter walked into the room. "Good morning," Marie said as she smiled at him and kissed her mother on the cheek. Samuel stared at his daughter, taking note of her slim hips and lithe figure. Her attributes mirrored her mother's, something he had never noticed until that morning.

"Hey sweetheart," Abby said, before draining her cup of decaf coffee. "I'm heading to bed, sorry that I can't entertain you this morning, but we'll have the rest of the weekend."

"That's okay mom," Marie said, "Daddy and I will find something to do together," she turned to Samuel, "won't we?"

Samuel's hands shook as he picked up his cup of coffee and watched his wife smile warmly at them both. "Yes," he said before his gaze shifted to his daughter's innocent smile.

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