tagLoving WivesIn The Van Ch. 01

In The Van Ch. 01


My wife and I were at a large campout. It was the kind of thing where everyone camps in their tents and RVs and vans and lots of our friends were there too. One of the other people camping nearby was my wife's regular lover.

This was the first time he was around for more than just a date with my wife. Back home, they would go out 2 or 3 times a week while I watched our daughter. This was different and new. He was around all the time. He hung out with our friends around the campfire, we did stuff together like going on hikes or going swimming.

This was the first time he was part of our crew.

My "normal" friends were somewhat taken aback when they found out who he was and what I was OK with him doing. One buddy in particular could barely handle it. He was nice enough about it, but you could tell he was very uncomfortable about it. That is how monogamous guys are. At first, when I tell them that I am free to date other girls within my marriage, they have a thought of how cool it might be. Then almost immediately, they get nervous about their wife or girlfriend. And then, not knowing how to react, they just start judging me for letting it happen.

To make matters worse, I had no lover at that time. It just had not worked out for me yet. So, to them, it just looked like my wife was getting fucked by another dude, and I was just letting it happen. Which is true, on the face of it, but I liked it. I liked seeing them together, hearing her pleasure, and knowing that she was happy. At that time, I was still working out the kinks, but I knew that it was the right thing to do. I still know that.

One night was particularly exciting and challenging.

My wife and I retired to the van. She had put on some very sexy lingerie and was feeling horny. After kissing her a little bit, she knelt on the floor while I sat on the bed in the back of our van. Soon, she was giving me one of those amazing blow jobs that she gives so well! It was amazing! She had actually bought a book to get better at it for her lover. Of course, her getting better for him had serious benefits for me! I was just getting close to cumming, when a knock came and her lover, Justin let himself in.

She stopped sucking me immediately and blushed, greeting him with a passionate kiss.

Immediately, she got up and moved onto the bed where Justin had reclined. I scooted over to give them room.

She continued her greeting, kissing him more.

I will pause the story here to tell you what I was thinking and feeling. I was struggling at that time with the new order in our sex life. The three of us had had a few encounters in my bed back home, where I had mostly been a spectator, so this was not the first time.

However, it was difficult to set my ego aside and enjoy her pleasure. What made it more challenging was that he was definitely a more dominant lover than I am. That meant that when he told her to suck, she sucked. When he told her to strip, she stripped. I had yet to see her reach the limit of her submission to him. She and I had a decent sex life, but what they had was much different. He also possessed (still does, I guess) a larger cock by a small amount in length, and by a large amount in girth. She told me clearly, when I asked, that the girth is why she made such pleasure-filled sounds when he fucked her.

So, you can tell that anyone's ego would be strained with this in their face.

That night was no different. For me, the challenge and excitement went hand in hand. It was hard to accept my place in her sex life and how he was entering into her sex life. At the same time, seeing and hearing her be fucked so well was (and is still) so thrilling.

As I watched, she nestled in with him, pushing her ass back to him as she kissed him over her shoulder. The transition from me getting amazing head to her offering up her ass to him was wickedly fast, no more than 30 seconds. He was soon rubbing her pussy through the sexy lingerie I had bought her special for this trip and she was grinding her legs together and pressing back onto his cock.

I took out my camera and adjusted the lights in the van.

Quite suddenly, he flipped over her as she pulled his clothes off. They both knew what he wanted, and as I got my camera ready, he started fucking her mouth as she sucked him vigorously. Right in front of my face, his cock grew larger and longer as she happily gagged taking him down her throat.

I snapped a bunch of photos. I must admit, I took photos for myself. They would have dates in the future, and I would like to have photos to look at while I stayed home alone. I also took photos for him, and he really appreciated when I would send him the latest batch.

Before too long he positioned himself to fuck her.

When they had first started dating, she went to see him at his apartment. She had told me that she was not sure if anything would happen, they had only kissed a little prior to that first date.

She told me that on that first date, he invited her in and closed the door. They kissed. Then, before she even got the tour, he told her to get on her knees in the hallway. She said that she was instantly wet and got down on her knees. He pulled out his cock, she saw it and knew how far she was willing to go.

After blowing him that first time, he stood her up and took her to his bedroom. Pushing her back onto his bed, he just held up a condom, with a question on his face. She just nodded 'No' and he tossed the condom aside.

When she got home, she told me all about this at my urging. She then told me that she would not be using condoms with him. It stung a little when she told me that I, from then on, would be using condoms until I got tested. He had clean test results as did she. I had to use condoms for several months and still did from time to time when she asked.

Back in the van, her mouth was open, her face was red. She looked into his eyes and he gazed at hers. His cock, now fully hard and straight was also beet red and poised just a centimeter away from her pussy, which trembled and swelled, reaching for him. This pause was very hot.

She had explained to me that his cock was thick, noticeably thicker than mine. I had asked why she barely made any sound when I entered her. That was the answer I got.

This time was no different! He pushed forward, slowly, but unstoppable. Her pussy needed no lube as it seemed to almost gush at his touch. His cock still glistened with her saliva. As he pushed past her entrance, she called out with a loud and long , "OOOhhhhhhhhhh!" For a second, I was worried that my campmates would hear. Soon I realized that it would not matter, or that I could not stop it if I tried.

Our van quaked with their fucking. I am also sure that his grunts and her moans, gasps and cries could be heard by anyone within 100 meters!

They went at it for a long time, I cannot say how long exactly, but I can say that I ran out of space on my camera, my flashlight died, he fucked her in 5 positions and I nearly came 4 times! Their last position of the night was with her on top of him, but facing up. She arched her back and he had his hands on her pelvis, holding her up a bit as he pumped her from below. I had never fucked her that way.

He seemed to need a break, but through all of that, he never came! Oh yeah, I forgot to say, he has studied, and extensively practiced tantric lovemaking. So, while he does seem to climax many times, and bring her to climax at least as often, he does not cum. I had not seen him in action that much, but she had told me that they would go at it for hours and he would never cum, until he wanted to, until he was finished with her. Amazing!

While resting, he pulled out of her and nudged her off to the side a little bit. I could tell that he was still hard! (Amazing!) And I could tell that he would need a little time until he was ready to continue. After all, they had just been at it for what seemed like hours and both of them were covered in sweat.

My cock, in my other hand, was stiff, and so ready to cum, I could barely take it.

My wife looked at me, probably for the first time since Justin arrived, and noticed the state I was in.

"It looks like Justin needs a few minutes. Do you wanna fuck me, Honey?"

"Do I!"

She turned over and put her ass in the air. She prefers for me to fuck her doggie-style, because it feels tighter and I can reach deeper. That is one position I got more of than Justin, because she told me that he goes too deep and it feels too tight in that position with him.

I eagerly got behind her and groaned with pleasure as I easily slid into her red hot pussy. Even though he had not cum yet, they had worked up quite a froth, so she felt extra slippery and wet. It felt so good!

As I started to get into a rhythm, she turned her head towards Justin's cock, and took him into her mouth. As I fucked her, she silently licked and sucked his still hard cock, soothing him, making sure he stayed ready for her. I watched her.

She was gazing up at him as she licked and bobbed her head. My ego told me that she was not even really feeling me fuck her, and, that all she cared about was him. My cock was so over-stimulated and it did not care about my ego. Her roomy, open pussy and eager mouth on him were too much for me. After only a minute, I came furiously.

She looked back at me with a savage smile that wordlessly said "Done already?" and purred her pleasure. She then moved over and stuck her ass high up in the air for Justin. Too tight, or too deep, she didn't care. She wanted him to finish her off like a bitch.

Justin was motivated!

He plunged into her quickly making her scream and then began to deeply and strongly and quickly fuck her hard! He set up a pace that I did not think he could sustain long, but he did. He fucked her very hard and fast, causing her to have what she calls a Fuckgasm. She explained that when she gets fucked hard, fast and deep, that his cock hits her G-spot and gives her the best deep orgasm that lasts as long as he can go!

Her screams and yells and whines were constant then, and I could barely believe what I was seeing!

After all he had already done that night, he still had a ton of intense energy to pound into my wife! I just sat there and watched, mouth open, unable to comprehend this kind of fucking.

It was not destined to last that long, though I was surprised that he kept that up for probably 25 minutes, at least! As he came to a blistering climax, after several brief climatic teases, the two of them grunted and groaned so loudly, that when they both fell silent, I was uncomfortable suddenly...not wanting to break the mood, I stayed silent.

He and she broke apart, and he rolled off to his side of the van. They held each other and soon both of them were asleep. Having rode their ride myself, I too passed out on the other side of her.

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