In Time for Christmas


"You said I should get undressed and I don't want to make the bed damp," I tell her defensively.

"Well, I suppose that is true but I didn't intend you should undress quite so... completely.

"Here, let me sit," I suggest and begin shuffling backwards to the bed, pushing my panties down from my bum as I sit. I begin kicking my kegs to work the jeans off before I notice Freddie looking at me with open-mouthed shock. I know instantly what she's looking at. "What, never seen a girl with a shaved cunny before?" I ask.

"I, er, well... no, actually... no... " I cannot help smiling as Freddie seems momentarily flummoxed. One foot finally shakes free of the jeans and I let my legs open wider, giving her a better look. I have to admit, the way she's staring is making me tingle in a way that's definitely warming me up a little. "Can you give me a hand?" I ask a little mischievously. To my surprise, she squats and grasps the hem of my jeans, pulling gently.

"Why did you do it?" she asks, still staring "Why did you shave your vagina?"

"Oh god, I hate that word: vagina. It sounds so... medical," I grumble. "Anyway, I didn't originally mean to go completely hairless," I chuckle. "I was going for a landing strip, you know, just a thin line," I place my finger where the line of hair I'd planned should have been, "but when I was done I looked in the mirror and..." I crook my finger, indicating the wonky line the hair-removing cream had left. In fact, it had been worse than simply curved as it had also varied in width, almost vanishing two-thirds of the way up. "So I thought, fuck it and went full Brazillian." I twist and lift my foot, slipping it from the trouser leg.

"Brazillian?" she repeats, her eyes lifting slowly to meet mine. There is that same attraction I felt lying on to of her after she pulled me from the stream. She licks her lovely lips, making them glisten sensually. I slip my panties past my knees, letting them slide the rest of the way down.

"Yeah. Anyway, I decided I liked it," I say, running my fingers over the soft skin, "and besides, it's much more straightforward to maintain."

"You should climb into bed," she says, her voice husky, " while I should hang your clothes up to dry and attend to the fire."

I pull off my socks and do as she instructs, climbing under the blankets only to find the sheets disappointingly cold. I lay watching her as she tends to the fire, adding more coal and coaxing it to a more cheerful blaze. My eyes follow her as she moves around the room, picking up my discarded clothing: my jeans go over the back of the chair, my sweatshirt draped over the seat; my socks she hangs from the mantelpiece, using the weight of a large, brass candlestick to pin them so they hang in the warmth of the fire.

"Those look like the world's saddest Christmas stockings," I observe, "and besides, you're a day too early." She glances over her shoulder with a smile and then squats to lay my bra and tee shirt on the rug in front of the fire but hesitates with my panties in her hands.

"Amy, these are very... sensual," she says, her fingers rubbing the synthetic fabric.

"Freddie," I say softly, lifting the bedding with my left hand, "you must be cold too," I suggest, "I mean, I might have made you a bit wet when I landed on top of you..." The double meaning was accidental but as I look into her eyes I think she notices it too.

"I... er, you did, a little..." she admits.

"This bed still feels cold; I don't think I can warm it up on my own." I open the covers wider. I've never tried to seduce a girl before and I know that I could freak her out, that she could go completely Ciara on me, but it's still a huge turn on. Besides, the way she looked at me naked, I have a feeling she fancies me...

"You mean I should undress..?" she asks.

"Of course," I reply, "one wouldn't want to make the bedding damp." Slowly, nervously, she unbuttons and removes her cardigan and then the blouse underneath; she pulls the satin-sheened slip over her head to reveal her flesh-coloured bra and a little circular pendant around her neck. Freddie steps forward, and I reach up to undo the belt holding her trousers.

"Mama hates me dressing in trousers," Freddie complains.

"You said, but I think they suit you."

"Is that why you are taking them off me?" she smiles and I grin back as I grasp the baggy material and pull down. She steps out of the fallen trousers and sits on the edge of the bed. She deftly unfastens and removes her bra, quickly climbing into the narrow bed beside me and pulling the covers over herself.

We lie, facing one another with our faces as close as on the bank where she rescued me. I reach forward and my hand brushes her waist, making her jump. "Sorry," I apologise.

"No, do not be sorry," she tells me, edging closer and caresses my shoulder while my own hand reaches further and I feel the crease of her spine under my fingers. Without a word, we move together, our legs touch, skin against skin. She is wonderfully soft and warm. "Oh, Amy, you are cold."

"Only on the outside!" I smile. "You are beautiful, Freddie," I tell her.

"So are you, Amy," she replies and I feel a tension I hadn't been aware of fall away: she is not going to react like Ciara. "Amy, have you ever, like this... with another girl..."

"Have I ever been to bed with a girl? No, though there was a girl, Ciara," I say sadly.

"What happened?" she asks.

"I thought she had the same feelings for me as I had for her but I was wrong. Perhaps I should have simply told her of my feelings before trying to kiss her. Have you ever had a girlfriend, Freddie?"

"I have many friends who are girls but that is not what you mean, is it? You mean like a sweetheart, yes?"

"Or a lover." I let my hand slip down over her pantie-clad bum and I feel her tremble.

"There have been those that have attracted me, that I might have tried to kiss, and not just girls," she admits, "Miss Jones who taught Biology was such fun and so pretty and kind... but no one quite like you, Amy."

I lift my hand up behind her head, my fingers in her hair, as I bring my lips to hers. They touch, lightly, fleetingly and then come together again more firmly. Her hand cups my cheek and her kissing becomes almost frenzied. I grasp her head, holding it still and press my mouth hard against hers, my tongue forcing its way between her lips. Freddie doesn't seem to understand and gives a little gasp. However, that opening is all I need and my tongue pushes through her teeth to find her tongue and we kiss deeply before finally separating, both breathing heavily.

"Oh goodness," she pants before kissing me back, her tongue emulating mine as I open my mouth to welcome it. I squirm closer and press my body against hers, tummies and boobs meeting. I lift my head slightly as she reaches around and hugs me. I hug her back, savouring the warmth and intimacy as our kissing continues.

"Mmm, you feel so good," I sigh, nuzzling her neck. "Your skin smells nice too."

"Thank you. Are you tired?"

"I feel a bit sleepy. I guess it's 'cause I'm warming up after being so cold." I close my eyes.

I must have dozed off because I find myself returning to awareness feeling warm and finding a hand cupping my left boob. Freddie's hand and not just cupping it: there is something between a gentle squeeze and a caress. I sigh a little "Mmmmm" of appreciation because it feels so nice.

I turn my head, our eyes meeting as I reach out left-handed and touch Freddie's stomach, soft and firm. I place my palm against her skin and slowly and gently slide it downwards. And down further, over her panties, as I watch her eyes for her reaction. She bites her lip as my fingers travel over her mound to the cruck of the Y where her legs meet her body, where I press my finger to feel the fur-covered line of her cunny beneath the fabric.

"Oh, Amy, this is so naughty," she whispers, "us touching, you touching me there..."

"Why is it so wrong? Sex is something to be enjoyed and shared... to show affection, care, love... and love between women is every bit as right and valid as love between two men or a man and a woman. Not everyone accepts that but it's getting better all the time." I'm repeating lines I've told myself, that I thought I might say to Ciara and that someday, I suppose, I might have to say to Mum.

"It doesn't feel like it, the things people say, the names, the la..."

"Freddie, I don't want you to do anything you don't want to," I interrupt, not wanting her to upset herself and definitely not wanting to lose the mood of intimacy and arousal, "but the only thing I'll call you is beautiful... okay, maybe 'cute and sexy' too," I smile.

"No, I am not... do you really think that?"

"Very much. I thought that looking on the river bank." I pull my hand from between her legs and ease the fingertips under the waistband of her panties until I can just feel the top of her pubes. "The way you looked at me, too..."

"Yes, Amy, I think you are very beautiful and I thought I would like you from that first meeting," she bites her lip again, "and I like you putting your hand inside my knickers." I don't need any more encouragement and push my hand further.

"This would be easier without your knickers on at all," I suggest and she nods, reaching down to begin removing them, wriggling and kicking her legs to work them down and off. As she does this, my fingers find their way to her opening and, through her short, soft fur, I feel her movements make her outer lips slide and open slightly. I run my index finger along the groove of her swelling and moistening labia.

"Oh, goodness, that feels... heavenly," she says and her legs ease wider, encouraging me to continue. I rub her gently and my fingers dip inside her, just a little, running the length of her cunny. Back and forth, my fingers a little deeper each stroke, her cunny growing wetter and hotter.

"Do you ever jill yourself? You know, make yourself cum ... masturbate," I try, until the colouring of her cheeks at the last word suggests she understands.

"Um, yes, sometimes. Do you... masturbate?"

"Mmm, you bet. So, do you do this to yourself?" I ask as I move my hand, straighten my index finger and push it slowly inside her."

"Oh god!" she gasps, "Yes, sometimes... but this feels so much better!" She pushes her hips up, thrusting against my hand, driving the finger deeper; she is so hot and slick and tight inside. I begin to pump gently, sliding in and almost out. It feels a little awkward, using my left hand but I don't want to break the moment, especially when she grasps my boob to rub and squeeze my very hard nipple. I lean forward to kiss her and she responds excitedly, thrusting her tongue into my mouth and I sense her legs opening wider.

She gives a sudden, growling gasp into the kiss and I wonder for a moment what happened and pull my head back, worried.

"Where you just touched me," she says excitedly.

I think for a moment and move my thumb experimentally over the top of her cunny, where I suspect it brushed a moment ago. "Uuhhh, yes!" she gasps as I feel the hard little bump nestled in the soft folds.

"Ahh, so you like your clit being rubbed?" I smile.

"Oh damn, yes," she pants. I edge myself down slightly to get a better angle and resume my finger fucking, this time letting my thumb run gentle back and forth over her clit. There is a soft squelching sound with each stroke as my hand mashes into her now sopping folds. I wonder what she tastes like?

I feel her hand groping down, sliding between my legs as she seeks my own opening. I feel the fingers slipping over my mound, the skin slick from my leaking cunny. "Fuck me with your fingers, my lover," I tell her and she takes me at my word as two fingers part my outer lips. I give her a little, "Yes," of encouragement and she pushes deeper. Though I have fingered myself regularly, having Freddie doing it feels so good, so much better...

She begins to pump her fingers into me, the rhythm of her thrusts in time with my fingers in her. Our panting breaths follow the same rhythm, interspersed with occasional gasps and moans that are becoming louder.

My hand is slick with her juice when I feel a spasm within her that momentarily clamps around my finger. The Idea that she is getting near to orgasm is thrilling and my thumb now presses harder, rubbing her clit mercilessly. Her gasping moans grow louder and more frequent until, suddenly, her hips buck as her back arches and she gives a loud, sustained cry. Afer a minute or so I move my hand gently as she starts to relax; she gives another heaving shudder and gasp as her legs clamp shut, immobilising my hand.

She squirms and opens her eyes, smiling at me. "Oh, my...god! That was fabulous. Did you er... climax?"

"No," I admit, "not yet, anyway," I add hopefully.

"Well, it would seem most impolite, selfish even, to leave you in such an unfulfilled state," she smiles. Freddie turns slightly and her hand reaches down between my legs. I feel her caressing the smooth skin of my shaved pubis before finding the now swollen, moist lips and her fingers slipping inside me once again. There is no shyness or hesitation this time as she penetrates me with the full length of two fingers.

I remember my earlier curiosity of what Freddie would taste like and I raise my sticky left hand to my nose, inhaling deeply the rich and very female scent of her juices. A glance shows that Freddie is watching me as I open my mouth and push my index finger inside. Oh wow, that is amazing!

"Mmmm... ver' nishe!" I slur around the finger ad I suck it clean, savouring the wonderful taste, before pulling it out with a soft 'pop'.

"Do you really think that er, that my... my, er..."

"Your cunny," I suggest. "Vaj? Oh, fuck that's good, just there!" I exclaim as her fingers curl inside me, brushing a sensitive spot that makes me tingle inside.

"Amy, your language!" she laughs. However, she finds the same spot, making we whimper in pleasure. "So Amy likes me... likes me fucking her with my fingers?" she asks, a wicked gleam in her eyes at using words so forbidden to her.

"Very much," I assure her. Her head dips forward and I'm surprised to feel her lips close around the hard nugget of my nipple as she starts to suck it, sending more tingles through me and I feel the first tension of my orgasm beginning to build deep inside me.

I bring my hand to my mouth again, lapping her rich cream from it, filling my universe -- sight, smell, taste and touch -- with sex; glorious, wonderful lesbian sex with this gorgeous, unexpected woman. Her fingers thrust and I feel my cunny open wider to allow her deeper as I thrust and grind against her hand.

A sudden jolt, like an electric shock passing inside me, makes me gasp. I barely have time to take a breath before my orgasm comes crashing. If the first was like a little spark, this is the lightning, arcing through me in a long, sustained, jagged bolt of pure pleasure.

"Ah, ah, ah..." I finally manage to speak, "Ooohhh wow, Freddie." I feel her hand withdraw as she snuggles closer. I open my eyes to see her, with only the slightest hesitation, place two glistening fingers in her mouth. She closes her eyes and I see a slight smile: she evidently likes my taste.

We cuddle close, holding each other, warm and contented. I bring my lips to hers and we kiss softly and slowly. "You taste of me," I tell her.

"We taste of each other," she corrects, "and I like that."

Our eyes drift closed as the contentment of post-a orgasmic languour fills us.

My eyes flutter open as I feel Freddie move and then a draft as she climbs from the bed. The room is definitely warmer but anything short of a sauna would probably feel a little chilly after the snug warmth of this shared bed. I watch her naked form as it crosses to the fireplace to carefully heap more coals onto the now brightly glowing fire and then re-arrange my clothes to continue to dry better. It all takes just a few minutes but her skin is much cooler as she climbs back into bed and now it's my turn to warm her up.

We cuddle drowsily, touching fondly and talk a little. She's just finished her first term at Royal Holloway College where she's reading English Literature and I tell her of my hope to study History. I ask what her Dad's been doing out in Singapore. "Oh, he's a director of Panjang Mercantile Trading and the company is building a new factory out there. What about your Father? What does he do?"

"Something for a bank somewhere, I think," I tell her and she looks at me questioningly. "I'm not really sure as he buggered off and divorced Mum when I was three," I explain. "I was a bit of an afterthought baby -- Rosie, my big sister, was thirteen when I was born. Mum's never said it, but I think I was supposed to help their marriage but I didn't; as a new baby, I probably just made it worse."

"That wasn't your fault, Amy; you must not blame yourself."

"No, I don't, though it often felt that Rosie blamed me."

She pulls me in close to comfort me, kissing my cheeks. Cheeks become lips and the kisses become deeper, longer, more sensual and arousing. We caress and I feel her nipples harden where they rest against my boobs.

"Can I lick you?" I ask, filled with a sudden desire to taste her again and more fully.

"Lick..? Oh, you mean lick my..." she hesitates and I cannot help smiling at her bashfulness, "my, er, cunny."

"Yes, but only if you're okay with that. I think the room is warm enough." She swallows and licks her lips nervously. "Sorry, I didn't mean to freak you out or upset you."

"I don't know what 'freak me out' means but I'm not upset. It sounds rather, well... perverted."

"Perverted? Definitely not, Freddie," I say firmly. "Some people would say it's a bit kinky, I guess, but as long as we both enjoy it and no one's harmed, what's wrong with a little kinkiness?"

"Um, perhaps you are right; I think that many would say that what we have already done together is perverted. Amy, I think I would like you to lick my... cunny on the condition that I might lick yours afterwards?"

"Girl, you gotta deal!" I say happily, sitting up. I get Freddie to move up the bed a little so she's half-reclining on the pillow. I climb over to kneel between her legs and she looks a little nervous. I'm nervous too because however much I want this, it is still a very new experience and I want us both to enjoy it. I bend forward to kiss her pretty lips, placing my hands on the bedhead for support. Then I kiss her chin, her neck and the top of her chest.

I move back so my next kisses are on the firm, round mounds of her boobs -- left and then right -- and then her nipples, a soft, sucking kiss on each in turn. There are more kisses in the soft valley between her boobs and then in a line down her tummy, making her giggle. "It tickles," she says, but there's no real complaint in her tone. I feel the delicate brush of her pubic hair on my chin and then my lips are kissing the furred mound and I can smell her arousal. She raises her knees and spreads her legs, opening up to allow me access to her succulent opening.

Lower down the hairs are damp and her erotic scent intense. I feel her outer lips under my mouth and my tongue darts out to taste: her flavour is perfect. Placing my fingers either side of her cunny, I part her labia, my open mouth covers her opening and my tongue penetrates her as I push it through the hot, soft and slippery folds. A deep guttural moan of appreciation escapes me; this is fucking fantastic!

I run my tongue the full length of Freddie's cunny, bottom to top. "Oh, Amy, this is so wonderful," she sighs, resting her hand on the back of my head. I guess she definitely doesn't want me to stop.

I try different moves: thrusts as I fuck her with my tongue, long licks, short licks, sucking the juicy lips, running the tip of my tongue over the hard bud of her clit, making her gasp and squirm...

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