tagIncest/TabooIncest Daughters Ch. 02

Incest Daughters Ch. 02


Cheryl Travers took one final look in the mirror before leaving the Nurse's lounge and going to join her fellow nurses for her very first shift. Normally, a girl might be nervous on her first day, but Cheryl knew that she had nothing at all to worry about. She was going to be working with women who would have her back at all times. Those women were the very reason she wanted to be a nurse in the first place and work at Capital General.

She walked to the station, her high heels clicked on the tiled floors. She had always looked good in white and the nurse's uniform looked wonderful on her. She had purposely chosen one a size smaller than she should have been wearing as she liked the attention her 5'2" body got. She might have been petite but Cheryl packed a punch. She knew she should have been wearing more sensible shoes but Cheryl was not about to give up her high heels. At least she had chosen to wear white stilettos, Cheryl smiled to herself.

The entire career on which she was about to embark she owed to two wonderful women. These women had been her mentors and her friends through all of the roughest times. Cheryl turned the corner to the Nurse's Station and there they were, with big smiles on their faces. The sight of two spectacular women who had guided her along every step of the way thrilled her more than words could possibly express.

The first beaming face to greet her was that of her cousin, Nancy. Like Cheryl, Nancy was petite but you didn't notice that right away. Nancy shared her cousin's passion for high heels and Nancy seemed to have a presence. Nancy was a sun-bunny with a constant tan who wore her long, auburn hair long. It was against regulations but Nancy was a favorite with staff and patients alike. There were a number of things that Nancy and her mother did that were against the rules but the hospital made a huge profit and most of that didn't come from the superb medical care. It was because of nurses like Nancy.

The head nurse enveloped Cheryl in a huge hug; almost knocking the wind from the 22-year old's body. "You finally made it, kiddo," her aunt Amber beamed. If she had not grown up around these two women all of her life, Cheryl would never have believed that they were mother and daughter. Amber was nearly 5'10" on 3-inch spiked heels, blonde, tanned and busty, very exuberant. Nothing Cheryl's aunt ever did was by the rules, including raising her daughter and her sister's child all on her own. Cheryl's mother had been battling alcoholism for years with little success and she only saw her father a few times a year. Her mother had never married him and he only learned he had a daughter when Cheryl was 8. By that time, he was married and had 2 other children. He lived with his wife and her step-siblings in Gstaad but he called frequently and never missed a birthday.

"I'm ready to work, aunt Amber," Cheryl said to the bosomy blonde. She wiped some blonde curls from her own face and smiled at her cousin who was grinning behind her mother. "Did I say something funny?"

Nancy gave her cousin a big hug as she tried to stifle a fit of the giggles. "In a way baby, yeah. We don't do a lot of the major work around here -- we have candy stripers and other nurses that can handle that. The hospital wants the really hot nurses to handle the VIP patients, do you understand?"

The petite blonde looked at her cousin and aunt. "I'm not sure that I do, no," she said as she shook her head.

Head Nurse Amber Allen looked at her niece and smiled warmly. "Don't worry sweetie, you'll see what we mean soon enough. Now that I think of it, I think Cole Harper might need some attention. Nancy love, why don't you take your cousin to his room and make sure everything's fine with him?"

"Sure thing, mom. Come on cuz, let's go meet Mr. Harper. He's a very nice, mature man and I think you're going to like him. It's going to be really fun having you working here with us," Nancy said as she led her younger cousin down the corridor.

As if Cheryl would have entertained thoughts of working anywhere else. Her aunt and 6-years older cousin had taken her in when she was ten and she was never made to feel like an outsider. She was treated like family and never like a burden. As she went through nursing school, her cousin and her aunt were behind her all the way, helping her study and loaning her their own textbooks and offering advice. Cheryl adored these two women with all of her heart.

The two pretty cousins walked into Cole Harper's private room. It was large which meant that Cole Harper had money, Cheryl knew. "Good day, Mr. Harper," Cheryl said in a cheery voice. "How are you feeling today? Is there anything we can do for you?"

"I feel fine and I keep telling you, Nurse Allen, that may call me Cole," the handsome bachelor smiled. He looked over at Cheryl and smiled. "Well hello, and just who is this pretty young thing?"

"You know I shouldn't call you Cole, you're my patient. The young lady is Nurse Cheryl and she also happens to be my cousin," Nancy said in a cheery voice. "It's her first day and I'm showing her around and teaching her how things work around here. So, is there anything we can do for you -- Mr. Harper?"

"Yeah gorgeous, there sure is. Why don't you and the other little doll strip and join me in this bed?" Cole said, throwing the covers to one side. Through his hospital gown, Cheryl saw one of the biggest hard-ons she'd ever seen. Cheryl had expected her cousin to react with anger or laugh the offer away, but Nancy did neither. The petite brunette went to the door of the room and locked it before returning to the side of the bed. She began stripping out of her uniform as Cole Harper had requested. She looked at Cheryl and told her to do likewise. Although she had no idea why, Cheryl had always deferred to her cousin or to her aunt. Their decisions always made her life better and she certainly was used to some of their sexual hi-jinx by now.

When she was 13, Cheryl did the math and figured out that her gorgeous cousin and sexy aunt were lovers. She and Cheryl had shared a room but now Cheryl was sharing one with her aunt Amber. The reason given had ostensibly been that the young blonde needing her privacy, but Cheryl knew better. There was only one Queen-sized bed in Amber's room and Cheryl was sharing that. After she made her calculations, Cheryl would listen for the telltale signs of sex, like whispers, sighs, moans or giggles. On many a night, she was not disappointed. Cheryl saw nothing at all wrong with the two women sharing their bodies. It was just a further expression of the adoration Amber held for her daughter.

When Cheryl herself reached the age of eighteen, Amber asked her niece if she knew what they were doing in bed. Cheryl replied in the affirmative with a beaming Nancy standing beside her mom. That was the day that Cheryl herself was asked to be a part of their games. She would not even have thought of saying no. She loved them both and it didn't matter to her if her first sexual experience was going to be with another girl. It was sex and that's all that mattered to the pretty teen who had long yearned to leave her naiveté behind.

Making love to a woman for the first time was a lovely and sensual experience. Naturally it had been her aunt who had taken the initiative. Amber touched young girl with sweet, gentle caresses while Nancy helped undress the trembling blonde. Amber's mouth then went to work and showed Cheryl that her body was a huge mass of erogenous zones. Nancy wasn't totally idle; she was sucking her cousin's tits and stroking her body as well. Cheryl didn't believe that anything in this world could feel so good. She felt as if she was being transported to heaven on a cloud. In her very first experience, she counted 3 orgasms.

It was then her turn to taste and pleasure the other two. Amber lovingly guided her niece through lesbian play, although she was unaware of the small treasure trove of lesbian fiction hidden under her niece's bed. With loving adoration, Cheryl made her aunt cum first and then her cousin. Both were amazed by her eagerness to please and further stunned when she asked aunt Amber to relieve her of her virginity with a strap-on. The deed was done and from that night forward, there were 3 women sharing Amber's bedroom. Their world became rich with sexual escapades; any and all were free to bring home lovers who could be discreet. Cheryl proved to be as much a slut as the other two and had a group of lovers that rivaled her aunt's or cousin's, although there was a little bit of overlap.

So Nurse Cheryl did what seemed most natural to her. She let her pristine white uniform join her cousin's on a chair in the corner of the room. She openly admired her cousin's lacy black, Victoria's Secret lingerie that almost looked as if it had been painted on her bronzed, beautiful body. Cheryl's was equally decadent, from La Vie en Rose and fire-engine red.

"Cousins, huh?" Cole smiled as the two petite beauties joined him in the large hospital bed. "Do you two -- do things together?"

"Maybe," Nancy responded in a kittenish tone. "What's it worth to you, handsome?"

"Name your price," Cole grinned, his excitement obvious.

With soft, skilled hands, Nancy stroked the handsome man's broad chest. "Well, I have been looking for a new car lately. The one I've been driving for the past few years just isn't me, you know?"

Cole Harper grinned. "Say no more beautiful, when I'm outta here, you come down to my Audi dealership and I'll give you a really good deal and the best price on your trade in. How about you, kitten," he said as he turned to Cheryl. "Is there anything in particular that you fancy?"

Cheryl was now beginning to discover just how the game was played. "Well, a girl can always use more shoes. I think this pair will likely get worn out from walking the halls all day," she grinned.

"One of my lady-friends runs a high end shoe boutique -- Jimmy Choos, Christian Louboutins, you name it. I'll tell her you're coming and she'll give you personal service."

The two beauties then swarmed all over Cole's cock. It had been a while since Cheryl had enjoyed a nice fucking from a man, she liked prick well enough, but it was women who pushed her buttons, particularly the two gorgeous beauties that she lived with. Still, Cole was a handsome specimen and she gave him an A+ blowjob while he ate Nancy's sweet, trimmed box. The girls then switched positions and damned if the gorgeous fucker wasn't almost as good as aunt Amber. Cheryl didn't want to drain him dry but Nancy told him not to worry. "He practices Tantric Sex," she explained to her cousin. "He can hold it for hours. Here sweetie, why don't you ride that magnificent cock while I get some more of his tongue? We can face each other and play, it'll be a blast."

The gorgeous cousins made quite a spectacle as the handsome patient fucked both of them. They finished up around 4 PM and as they left the room, Cheryl wanted to know why their absence wouldn't be noticed.

"Mom handles things, but the hospital knows the score," Nancy grinned. "They call us their `Angels of Mercy' and that's how they get a lot of their funding and medical equipment. Cole alone helped refurbish the children's wing," she explained.

"Why is he here in the first place?" Cheryl asked. "He seems healthy enough to me."

"Oh, he is," Nancy giggled. "He's being treated for `exhaustion'. Whenever his girlfriends start to overwhelm him, he checks in here. He knows we won't let anyone disturb him and mom and I give him lots of TLC. You're the first woman other than us he's fancied. Must be a family thing," Nancy laughed as the approached the Nurse's station. Cheryl's aunt gave her a huge grin.

"So sweetheart, is Cole as much a stallion as ever?" Amber smiled at her daughter while patting her niece's rump.

"He sure is mom and boy, did he ever go for Cheryl," Nancy laughed, squeezing Amber's bum in return.

"I can hardly walk straight," Cheryl sighed. "Not that I'm complaining, far from it."

"That's good sweetie, you're doing great for your first day," Amber said, kissing her niece and showing no little amount of PDA. "You go with Nancy and get a cup of coffee, relax and I'm sure something will come up when you're away."

Cheryl and her cousin sat alone drinking very terrible coffee but having surprisingly good cake. "The woman who runs the cafeteria is studying to be a pastry chef," Nancy told her. "Her name is Mabel." Cheryl crinkled up her nose at the ancient-sounding name until her cousin clued her in that Mabel was 25, black, tall and hot as a pistol. The two of them took the elevator back upstairs and saw that Amber was all smiles.

"You will never guess, not in a million years, who is in Room 401," Amber was almost gushing. Nancy had never seen her aunt like this. "Nan, you hold down the fort. Cheryl, I want you to come with me and greet our newest patient in person."

Already Cheryl sensed that if she just went along with the flow, her life would be so much easier. The room they entered was even more opulent than Cole's had been and filled with flowers. It was the occupant of the bed who took Cheryl's voice from her momentarily.

"Oh my God, oh my God, OH-MY-GOD, you're Teal Collins," Cheryl squealed. Teal Collins was the fastest-rising singer on the country charts and a particular favorite of Cheryl's.

"Guilty as charged," Teal answered. "Hey Amber, it's good to see you again. Yep, bad another breakup, another few days hiding from the paparazzi. Would your pretty girlfriend like an autographed photo?" The brunette songstress smiled with a face that made Cheryl melt like butter under a Georgia sun.

"Oh, I think she'd like much more than that, you sweet thing," Amber smiled softly as she began removing her tight, white uniform. Her lingerie was black with a silver brocade, complimented with stockings and heels. "I think she'd like to join us tonight and I can promise you that she's good. I trained her personally, Cheryl is my niece."

"She's your niece, huh? Teal smiled as Amber got out of her uniform in a slow striptease. "That's really cool, she's hot. Come closer baby and say hello, I won't bite -- although I might nibble," the singer smiled.

Cheryl could barely contain her excitement as she and her idol shared a passionate kiss. She had no idea that Teal liked women, although the skill with which she was kissing Cheryl certainly proved that she did. Cheryl felt her aunt's hands on her body helping her get out of her uniform. When both of them were naked, Amber dropped down with her arms around Cheryl's waist.

"What do you think, you sexy bitch?" Amber growled, her voice husky with desire. "Doesn't my niece have a hot little body? I can never resist her when she's naked like this, I just want to bury my face in her cunt and let her juices stream down my face."

"God, just DO IT then," Teal groaned, turned on and ready to party. "I've never seen an aunt and a niece make it together. It sounds so fucking nasty, eat her pussy and make her cum on your face and then you can share it with me. I've been going stir-crazy cooped up in here, let's all have some hot, girl-girl-girl fun!"

Cheryl sighed as she felt her aunt's familiar tongue spread the lips of her pussy wide apart. No matter how many people she made it with, her aunt was the absolute best pussy eater in the world. Her tongue was long and snaky and very talented, it knew all of the right spots. She and Nancy were such hot, incredible sluts, together and separately. She was very happy living with them, although she sometimes missed her own mom. It would have been nice to have the same kind of relationship with her own mother than her aunt and cousin had, but it was not to be. Cheryl decided that she needed to stop focusing on the negatives in her life and enjoy the positives. Her body was shaking as she leaned against Teal's bed to stop from falling over. Aunt Amber was really giving her the treatment; her face was practically nose-deep in Cheryl's horny cunt. She saw the thrilled expression on Teal Collins' lovely face and she wondered if the singer could see how thrilled she was herself. To be doing this in front of her favorite singer was so lewd and the thought that she soon would be in bed with Teal doing these kinds of things with her was a tremendous thrill!

"You two are fucking amazing," the beautiful brunette said, her arousal obvious as she almost panted in between words. "Have you made the little slut cum yet, Amber?"

The curvaceous blonde removed her face from between her niece's thighs and grinned. "Mmm yeah baby, several times -- she always cums fast, she's a regular little faucet. Do you want a taste, baby?"

"God yes, you teasing bitch, you know that I do!" The young singer gasped. Amber stood up, proudly displaying her magnificent body and leaned over Teal. Their lips met and Cheryl thrilled to the sight of her aunt and the gorgeous young singer sharing a hot kiss that was flavored with her own juices. When they parted, Teal was looking intensely at Cheryl, her dark eyes smoky with desire.

"Okay sweet thing, I have got to have some of that from the source," Teal purred as she looked at Cheryl. "Get in here with me and swing that sweet pussy over my face, Amber, you can lick and suck wherever you find an open spot. Let's have a great day bitches, little Teal is fucking horny!"

If any words were ever an understatement, those were. Amber had provided Cheryl with a number of hot cums while licking her, but they proved to be the tip of the iceberg. Teal's skills with women were evident the second her lips touched down on Cheryl's horny cunt. She ate cunt like she was starved for it, which was just fine and dandy with Cheryl. The pretty nurse was thrilled with the activities of her first day. She felt an intrusion in her body as Teal was slurping at her box and looked back for a second to see her aunt had been rimming her before sliding one slender digit up her ass. If Amber wasn't the horniest, nastiest slut on the planet, she was in contention for the title.

"Amber babe, do nasty things like that to me too," Teal gasped as she lifted her head from Cheryl's pussy. "Everyone treats me like a fragile china doll and I'm fucking sick of it. I like to be a slut in bed, I need to cut loose every once in a while."

Amber nodded and rimmed and fucked Teal with her fingers as well while the two younger women devoured each other. When was quite sure that she had made Teal cum, Cheryl rolled away from the sexy singer and let her aunt have a turn. Cheryl loved watching her aunt doing other women, it was all so highly erotic. She seemed to come alive when she was fucking, as if she was made for it. Her powerful body looked so sleek and alluring as she girl-fucked Teal Collins. For a little while, Cheryl was just content to sit to one side and watch the hot show. And it was hot -- gorgeous Amber was really giving the music superstar what she wanted and it was almost surreal to hear the sexy country singer snarling out such nasty words to her aunt. When they all got into a Daisy Chain, the experience nearly took Cheryl's head off, it was so intense and good!

The three women returned to their apartment at the end of the day and had a good meal. All three of them commented that they were fucked out and needed a good night's rest. Yet not ten minutes after they were in bed, Nancy was face-down in her mother's cunt and naughty Cheryl was licking Nancy's pussy and ass.

The next days proved to be just as much fun. Although Cheryl did perform some of her nursing duties, she also continued pairing up with her aunt and cousin and got some more great sex. A father and son duo recovering from vasectomies wanted to test them out. Amber fucked the younger son while Cheryl fucked the older, experienced father. Then she and her aunt put on a hot lezzie show while the men fucked them from behind.

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