Incest in the Woods


Sarah slumped down on top of her brother. Heaving heavily as she caught her brother. She felt his hands on her body and she loved it. She loved his cock in her cunt. Brad kissed her on the lips and rolled her onto her back as he pulled out of her cunt for the first time since he first entered her.

“As much as I want to stay inside of you sis, we should get moving, everyone will be looking for us,” he said.

Sarah sighed, she knew he was right but she hated it anyway, “I know, I know, I wish you were wrong but you aren’t,” she said.

So they got up and started to get set. Sarah took the sleeping bag down to the river and dumped it in the water and started to wash it, wanting to remove any evidence of the taboo act which had taken place as Brad packed up the make shift camp sight.

After cleaning and packing up everything the twins decided to take a dip in the water to clean up, Brad and Sarah stripped nude and swam in the water enjoying each others naked and wet bodies.

After swimming they fucked each other one last time on the shore, Sarah on her back, her knees at her ears as Brad pounded her well fucked pussy for all it was worth. Sarah’s moans floated along the water, her moans long as her brother fucked her hard.

The rest of the Wilkerson family faintly heard the moans but they were too indistinguishable to know what they were. They were canoeing back up the river as Brad and Sarah made their way back to the fork and went the proper way.

Once they met up again the family had a good laugh at the expense of the twins. They continued on their vacation and spent the next four days camping at another location on the river.

Every night Brad and Sarah had sex. They spent every free moment they had with Brad’s cock in Sarah’s pussy. As the rest of the family slept, they had sex. Brad fucked his sister until her pussy was sore. They would fuck until their bodies were covered in sweat and Brad’s cum ran down Sarah’s sexy smooth thighs.

On the fourth night Brad and Sarah could hardly wait until everyone went asleep. They went to bed before their parents and grandparents and waited until they went to sleep. Their parents were taking a lot time to go to sleep and soon the twins became restless.

Sarah looked over at her brother, they were both naked, he was hard and she was sopping wet.

“I can’t wait any longer Brad,” she said as she moved to his body, kissing him passionately on the lips before dragging her tongue down his toned body. She ran her tongue along his long hard shaft; Brad grabbed a pillow to cover his moans.

Brad watched his cock disappear inside his sister’s mouth. Her tongue ran over his throbbing meat, his hands went to her hair grabbing hold of the pig tails she had put her hair in especially for him.

Brad started to fuck his sister’s mouth softly as she sucked his cock, her hands going to his balls and rubbing them gently.

Sarah was in heaven with her brother’s cock in her mouth. His cock was so hot and she could feel his veins throbbing in her mouth. She felt his hands go to her head as he started to fuck her mouth. He held onto her pig tails and she felt so dirty, so slutty but so GOOD.

Sarah moaned as she sucked his cock. Her moans were muffled by her brother’s cock inside of her. They grew ever so slightly louder when she felt him twist his body so that his head was between her thighs so his tongue could run over her pussy.

Brad devoured his sister’s pussy. She was sopping wet and she sucked his cock harder when she felt him turn his attention to her cunt. He ran his tongue along her pussy, taking his time working it over.

He started to nibble on her clit, grabbing her ass in his hands as he worked over her pussy. He felt her push herself down into him as his tongue dragged along her pussy.

Sarah's tongue ran against her brother's tongue as Brad's tongue ran against his sister's pussy. His hands grabbed her ass, squeezing it as turned his attention back to her clit.

Sarah could feel her brother's cock throb inside her mouth and knew he was on the verge of cumming. At the same time, Brad could feel his sister's pussy quiver and knew she was about to do the same.

Brad and Sarah came at the same time, Sarah's juices washing over her brother's cock as Brad's cum shot down her throat. Sarah swallowed her brother's cum as Brad lapped up her juices.

Finally the broke, Brad pulled his cock from his sister's mouth smiling when she groaned in dispair. Sarah stayed on her back and spread her legs wide for her twin brother.

Brad's cock was wet with her saliva and rapidly getting hard once more. She bit her lip seductively as Brad mounted her, grabbing her legs and putting them over his shoulders as he slid his cock inside her sweet wet pussy.

Sarah moaned with pleasure, reaching for a pillow to muffle her sounds as Brad started to fuck her. His cock thrust hard and deep inside of her, sliding every last inch inside of her before pulling back and sliding back in.

Sarah let Brad fuck her, enjoying the sensation of her brother's cock inside her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his neck as he started to fuck her harder.

Brad fucked her hard and deep, his cock fucking her harder and harder with every thrust. He thrust his cock balls deep inside his sister, a shiver going down his spine as his sister moaned with lust and desire.

He slammed his cock into her wet hole. Pounding her pussy for all it was worth. Sarah's pussy was open for the fucking and Brad took it. His cock slammed into her deeper and deeper, fucking her so hard his balls slapped against her ass.

Sarah reached down to cup and squeeze his balls when they slapped against her, not wanting to make too much noise. She licked her lips and looked at Brad as he fucked her.

Moaning so only he could hear as she stared at him as he fucked her. She could have never imagined she would end up spending her family vacation with her brother's cock buried inside her pussy every chance she got. But now she could never imagine not having his cock inside her pussy, she simply had to have it.

"Mmmmm, yes Brad fuck me...fuck me....fuck your sister," she grunted.

Her chest heaved as her orgasmed rose. Brad's cock fucked her faster and faster, his balls throbbing in her hand.

"Uh uh uh uh...yes Brad....mmmmm fuck yes.....your cock feels so good," she moaned, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she thrust back against his meat.

Brad listened to his sister whispering to me, groaning with lust he THRUST deep inside of her again. He felt her cunt squeeze his cock as she started to orgasm, she grabbed the pillow again and threw it over her mouth as she let out her pleasure.

Brad grunted and started to cum inside her tight box. He shot his load deep inside of her, holding onto her thighs as he fucked her and unloaded inside her hot wet pussy.

Sarah's breathing shortened as she came, her juices flowing over his cock as he filled her with his cum. They thrust against each other as their ograsms peaked and then came down, moaning together.

Brad pulled out of his sister, grabbing a towel to catch any excess cum as he moved up beside his sister. Lying beside her in the tent as they fell asleep together.


Brad woke up the next morning to his sister once again riding his morning hardon. Sarah smiled down at her brother and leaned over to kiss him good morning. Brad kissed her back and flexed his cock as she bounced up and down it.

His cock was coated in her juices (she had already cum twice on it) as she slide up and down his rigid cock. Sarah bounced happily on her brother's cock, her breasts bouncing with her.

Brad and Sarah could hear the rest of their family outside their tent as they went about their day, not knowing Sarah's pussy was gliding up and down her brother's rock hard cock.

Brad reached down and rubbed her dripping pussy as she rode his cock, coating his hand in her juices. He rubbed her ass hole with her juices, making it glisten in the morning sunlight.

Sarah moaned as she fucked her brother, squeezing her own breasts as she rode his cock, enjoying herself impaled on his cock.

Brad smiled, "I love fucking your pussy Sarah but I'd like to ass your ass to the list of holes of yours that I've fucked," he said.

Sarah bite her lip in desire, "oooohhhh, don't say things like that Brad, you'll make me moan so loud everyone will find out," she cooed.

Brad chuckled, "so that's a yes?" he asked.

Sarah smiled down at her brother and nodded. She lifted off of his cock, her pussy feeling an emptyness she soon filled with her fingers.

Sarah bent over for her brother as he started to coat her asshole with her juices, lubricating her virgin ass. Sarah buried her face in her pillow again when he started to lick her ass, adding his saliva to her glistening ass.

Brad moved up and aimed his cock at her ass and then pushed the head inside of her. Her ass was incredibly tight. Sarah pushed back against her brother's cock, lust effecting her brain as she muffled her moans of pleasure in the pillow.

Brad grunted as he pushed deeper and deeper inside her ass. He fucked her hard and slow, moving deeper with each thrust. Sarah pushed back against his invading cock, taking all of it that she could in her ass.

Sarah started to cum as Brad fucked her virgin ass. She buried her fingers in her cunt as Brad fucked her harder and harder. He fucked her extremely tight ass for it was worth as she thrust back against her, wanting and needing more of his cock.

The fucked like animals in the tent, fucking each other as the rest of their family wondered why they weren't out of the tent yet and put it up to them just being classic lazy teenagers.

It was at that moment that Brad could hold out no longer and exploded in his sister's tight ass, coating her insides with his hot cum as Sarah orgasmed again, drenching her sleeping bag.

Brad slumped down beside his sister, "oh fuck that was intense,"he groaned.

Sarah was too spent to even talk. She nodded her head in contented agreement and kiss her brother softly on the lips once more as her ass and pussy buzzed with excitement at the same time.


Brad and Sarah continued to fuck each other's brains out for the rest of the vacation. Taking nature walks deep into the forest to be alone where Brad could stuff his cock inside his sister's pussy, they fucked day and night.

By the time the vacation was over Brad had fucked everyone of his sister's holes numerous times and on one special occasion the siblings watched his cum leak out of her pussy, ass and lips.

Later, after the family had said their goodbyes, packed up and was driving back to civilization Kelly commented to her husband how little Brad and Sarah had complained during the reunion compared to previous years.

Tom shrugged his shoulders, "maybe they finally realized these family reunions can actually be fun," he said.

In the backseat as the dozed together, Brad and Sarah smiled.

The End

to be continued???

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