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Incest Is Best


The world was finally changing. A bill had been introduced to the House of Commons, asking for the approval of incest between consensual partners. Fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, siblings and grandparents rejoiced and fucked like bunnies that day. So many people were happy except for the congregation of Rev. Tom Cummings. Weeks before he had preached a sermon so inspirational and moving all those who had even the smallest urge to nibble on their daughters pussies vowed to change their ways.

"The world is going to Hell in a hand basket! The world is on the verge of chaos ... this is only the beginning Anne!" Rev. Cumming raged to his wife as she fixed him breakfast. His pretty 19 year old daughter Kimmy walked over to the kitchen counter and poured herself a cup of her mother's wonderful hot coffee. Eyeing her father with amusement, she wondered what he would say if he knew his brother had already asked her to "sample his basket". She smiled remembering his pleasure when she'd sampled his "basket" and polished off his "sausage". If only her own father shared her Uncle's free love philosophy.

"Oh Daddy, the bill has not been approved yet and it may never be approved. However the reasons for keeping incest a moral and criminal taboo no longer exist. People are now able to guard against unwanted pregnancies and possible birth defects. Besides, I doubt it will ever pass, it's too much fun to do something naughty," Kimmy smirked at her father over the rim of her "I Don't Do Mornings" coffee mug. He looked so distinguished and serious in his tweed jacket and white collar. His pepper and salt hair brushed back from his high forehead and his grey eyes a perfect match for his scowling face.

"Young lady, shouldn't you be getting ready for school?" asked Rev. Cumming, arching an eyebrow at his lovely daughter. She had a thin white nightgown on and he could make out the red outline of her bikini panties. Her long black hair fell straight onto to the graceful shoulders of a born dancer and her large hazel eyes held a mischievous twinkle that her father always had trouble denying. She stood 5 ft 3 in heels and her large breasts stood proudly on her small frame, heavy and bouncy and perfectly round with large pink nipples. Her sweet ass was a handful of sexual delight and it was no wonder that every man she'd ever known was like a slave to her wants and needs, including her father.

"Nope, Professor Longfellow is away today and had to cancel class. I just have my night class tonight Daddy. What are your plans today? Counselling lovelorn couples or depressed sex perverts?" Kimmy teased.

"Kimberly, your father does not counsel sex perverts ... just sex addicts. Be respectful" Anne Cummings admonished, handing the good minister his planner. Anne was a tall woman and Kimmy had inherited her great figure but unfortunately Anne was a very serious, devote Christian. The perfect wife for an ambitious Minister wanting to be Bishop some day, but not a woman to make a man happy or joyful. She seldom smiled or laughed. "I certainly hope you don't plan to hang around the house all day Kimberly, you should go find something constructive to do. You know I'll be gone all day, thanks to the lady's auxiliary bake sale and flea market. You could come and help out," Anne offered.

"Actually, I thought I would help Daddy today, if it's ok with him? I noticed your office was pretty messy and I thought I could organize your files or help in some other way. What do you say Daddy?" Kimmy asked hopefully, giving her father her "sweet and innocent" look she'd perfected years ago.

"Kimberly I doubt your father would approve of you getting underfoot while he tries to work," Anne scowled as she cleared the table. Kimmy pouted at her father and wished for the hundredth time in her life that her mother's lips were sown shut. Sitting down in the chair across from her father, she decided to change tactics.

"Please Daddy! I never get to see you lately and I had some questions for you regarding a paper I'm working on in my Contemporary religion class. I won't get in the way, I promise," Kimmy begged ignoring the look on her mother's face. She was facing her father, her legs slightly spread and her nightgown high up on her hips. If he looked down, which he did accidentally, he could see the red panties peeking from between her legs. Closing his eyes, he reached for his coffee and took a large swallow of the hot liquid before responding. Trying to ignore the heaviness in his balls, he shifted away from his daughter and looked down at his planner.

"If you promise to not get in the way or bother Mrs. Casey, you can come with me sweetie," he answered, ignoring his wife's frown. He watched as his daughter hurried out of the room to go and get ready for the day. His wife's expression made him feel guilty for giving in to their daughter, but he reasoned, it was for school, it was a good excuse to spend time with her. In the back of his mind, he was hoping she would wear a short skirt, a tight sweater and no bra or panties and he hated himself for those thoughts. He was the biggest hypocrite he knew.

A few hours later, he was finishing up a session with Edward Stone, an older man who was torn about having an incestuous relationship with his daughter. Rev. Cummings let his mind wonder and wished he could fuck his own beautiful Kimmy. God only knew how unhappy he was in his marriage. Anne was a cold fish and even he had heard about Kimmy's constant parade of boyfriends, old and young. If only he had the nerve, the balls to do it, but he knew he would never come on to his own daughter and he had his reputation in the community, in his church, to think about.

His daughter was currently re-typing his budget proposal and going over his Sunday sermon. He knew her little skirt barely covered her luscious ass and wondered if he could get away with a brushing up against her with his cock. He knew from previous experience that he had to be patient and the opportunity would present itself eventually.

Tom watched Edward work himself up, crying and sobbing over his lack of discipline and immoral activities. He showed the poor man patience and Christian kindness and assured him that with God's help they would cure his evil ways. The session could not end soon enough for Tom and after walking Mr. Stone to the door, went to find his daughter to see if she wanted to get some lunch.

"Hey Sweetie. Need a break?" he asked brightly, finding Kimmy with her ass in the air as she added the budget files to his file cabinet. "Yep, sure Daddy, I'm starved!"

They picked up some sandwiches at the deli around the corner and decided to go to the park to eat. Finding an empty picnic table they were silent for a while as they ate their lunch. "How was Mr. Stone's session," Kimmy inquired brushing her father's leg with her foot.

Tom sighed, "Ok ... he has a lot to worry about right now Sweetie," he answered looking troubled. In truth he was more troubled about his own feelings.

"Hmmm ... yes I've heard he's sleeping with his daughter," Kimmy smirked.

"What!" the good Reverend exclaimed, shocked that his daughter was aware of Edward's scandalous lifestyle. According to Edward it was a relationship that his daughter had initiated and refused to stop. "Where did you hear about that Kimmy?" her father demanded.

"Everyone knows Daddy," Kimmy snorted derisively. "Tina tells everyone that she's fucking her father," she grinned.

"I wasn't aware you were friends with Tina, she's quite a bit older than you," Rev. Cummings commented mildly, "and watch your language young lady." he admonished.

"I wouldn't call us friends Daddy, but I guess you could say we share similar friends," she assured her father, still grinning playfully. "So are they going to Hell Daddy?" she asked impishly.

"You know my stand on this subject Kimmy, but Mr. Stone shows remorse and so maybe the Lord will show him mercy. It's all in His hands afterall."

"Uhuh, Whatever," Kimmy commented lightly. "You know Daddy I'm not one of your flock so you can cut the sermon. Personally, I believe that they're not hurting anyone and so who cares? I sure don't." There, she had finally said it and so Kimmy took a deep breath and waited for her father to freak out.

"You don't believe incest is wrong?" her father asked quietly, as he threw the rest of his sandwich in the trashcan.

"No, I don't. In fact, I wish ..." she paused, stopping her big mouth from saying the words she'd been dying to say.

"What?" Tom asked impatiently. "Finish what you were going to say. Go on ..." Tom encouraged eagerly. He had turned to stare at his lovely daughter waiting for her next words, praying her next words would set him free from the hell he had been living in for so long.

"I ... I wish that you felt the same way Mr. Stone felt. I wish you ... I would love it if you felt about me ... that way ... had those kinds of desires," Kimmy spoke haltingly, breathless, praying her father would not hate her.

Clearing his throat, Tom watched as she licked her lips and wondered how they would feel around his hard cock. "Do you mean, you wished I would have sex with you?" he felt compelled to ask, still not believing what he was hearing.

"Yes," she answered softly.

"You want to have sex with me ... fuck me? You want to sleep in my bed with me? Be my lover?" he urged, feeling his cock swell at the possibilities. He couldn't believe his daughter would want to have sex with a grey-haired, slightly chubby, 46 year old year old man who had only had one sex partner in his whole life. He used the internet like everyone else and had been tempted on more than one occasion to cheat on his cold bitch of a wife, but until this moment did not ever believe it would be with someone so beautiful, so young and so ... Kimmy.

"Daddy, are you mad at me?" she asked nervously.

"No Baby!" he assured her quickly, pulling her into his arms and holding her close. He could hear her breathing increase as she rubbed her breasts into his chest and held him tight. He prayed they would find a way to be together without completely ruining his life and career. "Baby you know I love you. You're the best thing in my life!" he whispered into her ear fervently.

Quickly pushing her away, he scanned the park, hoping no one had seen their less than fatherly embrace. Seeing no one but children playing, he hoped their secret was safe. "C'mon Baby, lets go back to the rectory and talk. It's Mrs. Casey's half day and she should be gone by now," Tom urged pulling Kimmy to her feet and propelling her in the direction of his car.

Inside the car, they were both silent, tense and eager to get back to the house and praying the housekeeper would be gone by the time they got to the rectory. Tom said he wanted to talk, but what he really wanted to do was pull every stitch of clothing off her young, beautiful body and kiss every inch and then ease his heavy cock between her legs and make her his woman for all time. He didn't want to talk, he had a wife who did nothing but talked. He wanted to fuck ... all day ... in every room until she begged him to stop.

Parking the car, they found the driveway empty of Mrs. Casey's vehicle and so they rushed inside. "What time will Mom be home? Do we have much time?" Kimmy asked throatily. She pulled off her sweater and shoved her skirt down and stepping over the small bit of clothing revealing the matching sheer black bra and thong she was wearing. Her thong scarcely covered her little pussy and displayed the globes of her wonderful ass to perfection. Her bra exposed her large red, puffy nipples and white, soft skin to his ardent gaze.

"My God, you are so beautiful," Rev. Cummings moaned grabbing her tits in his hands. "Take it ALL OFF," he pleaded watching the smile on her red lips widen. He was tired of fighting his feelings. Tired of denying the ache in his heart, in his mind, in his balls everyday. She was the most luscious piece of tail he'd ever had the chance to bang and the fact that she was his own daughter added to the nastiness of the situation.

"Your mother won't be home for hours, but maybe ... maybe we should go somewhere else...?" Tom finally replied, unsure about what to do.

Smiling, she walked over to her father, pulling at his tweed jacket, helping him get it off and then she rubbed the cloth over her body, teasing him. Then tossing the coat on the living room chair she got on her knees and grabbed his pant's buckle, but he stopped her. "We can't do this here ... I'm sorry honey, we have to think about this." He wanted to throw caution to the wind, but he couldn't be stupid about this.

"Fuck!" Kimmy yelled as she fell back onto her pretty ass, pissed off at her bitch of a mother. Just then a thought popped into her head about where they could go ... somewhere she'd always wanted to fuck her father. Crawling back up on her knees, she ran her hands over her father's legs and up to his crotch. "Ok ... fine Daddy. I really need it though. I need to have you today or I don't know what I'll do," she moaned, her breath hot on his body.

God, how he wanted his little whore of daughter, then and there! She always got what she wanted, he could never say no to her. He knew she had slept wife half the town, but he didn't care, he needed her too.

"She could be home any minute or be home hours from now Daddy, but I know where we can go ... I know a place she won't look for us." she explained looking up into his dazed eyes. "The Church. Daddy, let's go to the Church," she suggested and seeing his incredulous stare, quickly unzipped his pants and dived for his hard cock. "Yes Daddy, don't say no ... she'll never look for us and Daddy we've come too far. You're mine now Daddy ... not God's. Let's go to the Church, please," Kimmy begged, swallowing his spicy cock "Mmm... you taste so good ... I need your baby maker Daddy ... in my little pussy ... mmm," she growned, sucking and kissing the tool that had created her.

"Ok ... Ok ...," Rev. Cumming panted realizing he had lost the battle. He couldn't deny Kimmy or himself.

After straightening his clothes and grabbing her skirt and sweater, they walked to the Church. Kimmy was only wearing her father's tweed jacket and he prayed no one would see them as they made the quick jaunt to the building beside their own home. The Church was new compared to most of the buildings in the town, having been rebuilt about 15 years before when the old Church was no longer able to contain Rev. Cummings many parishioners. The new Church housed about 500 bodies and was a place of pride to Tom. He had helped raise the money, picked out the site, helped design its majestic lines and personally hired the artisans to carve the pews and alter.

Opening the back door they hurried inside and instead of remaining in the children's Sunday schoolroom as he thought they would, Kimmy walked to the front of the building. She wanted to fuck him on the stage, his pulpit, in front of those 500 seats that looked up at her father and up at the large wooden cross hanging overhead.

Pulling at her father's jacket, she walked up the steps to the main alter and laying down on the cold wood, she opened her legs and bent her knees wide. Raising her hands above her head, she had never felt so naughty, so excited in her life. She pulled down her panties and pushed up her bra wanting her father's body, his cock. "Please Daddy, don't make me wait any longer," she pleaded in her little girl's voice.

Tom watched, spellbound by his daughter's behaviour. He pulled at his pants and kicked off his shoes, wanting to be naked, wanting to feel her skin on his own. When he stood over her body, his cock pointing straight and proud, aching, he unbuttoned his shirt and went to pull his collar off.

"No! Daddy leave it on ... for me," she breathed reaching down and running her fingers through her wet, bald pussy. Watching her grinding against her fingers and moaning, Tom dropped to his knees beside her and began licking her tits, his cock brushing her hip. "Mmm, you want me Daddy? You wanna fuck me? Hmmm?" she whimpered removing her fingers from her juicy slot and grabbing her father's greedy cock.

"Oh ... yes Baby ... Daddy loves your body. I need to fuck you. I want you so bad Baby. I wanna kiss all your secret, naughty places," he answered running his tongue down her belly. She groaned and squeezing his balls, she ran her hands up and down the proud shaft, loving the soft, warm texture. Her mouth watered, she needed it in her hungry mouth.

"Give me your cock Daddy, I'm so hungry for you," Kimmy pulled his cock to her lips and Tom closed his eyes, luxuriating in the feel of her hot mouth. Pushing his hands through her black hair, he brought her head into his lap and gently pulled her on top of him. He watched as her head bobbed up and down, licking, flicking her little tongue and under and over his cock. Her needy hands pumping and caressing his heavy sacs.

He arched his hips and shoved his cock harder into her insatiable entrance, listening to the sounds of her sucking. Her moans filled the building and her hips bucked against his legs, seeking a hard object for her willing, slutty hole. Holding her head, he pushed her harder onto his cock, loving the feel of her on his body. The softness of her silky black hair falling against the sensitive flesh of his inner thighs and her pointy tits pressed to his lower thighs, rubbing and pressing into her cherry red nipples. His wife had never sucked his cock before, she had never made him feel like this, like a God. Tom was lucky if she would let him anywhere near her old slit.

Kimmy released his cock and moved down his body, licking and sucking his legs, his feet and moving back up his body, kissing his face and his collar and then pushing her tongue deep into his mouth, frenching him long and deep. Breaking away once again, she grabbed his cock and began to lick and suck and then rubbed his hard flesh into her black hair. "Cum on me Daddy, cum on my hair. I wanna feel those long, wet, squirts in my hair Daddy," she begged, wrapping her hair around his cock and pumped it over and over.

Feeling the warm, hot liquid rise, his cum spewed, wetting her hair, her cheek, her mouth. He felt like he had dumped buckets of cum all over his horny daughter. She licked the cum from her face and sucked hair into her mouth and moaned her delight rubbing the cum into her skin, wearing her Daddy's hot cream.

Kimmy leaned over, her legs on straddling him and kissed her father, licking his lips and thanking him. She needed more from him though. She needed his hot cum inside her 19 year old slot. Kimmy rubbed her cunt over his limp prick, coating it with her juices. Tom couldn't believe what they were doing. He felt like he was locked in the most beautiful dream.

"Mmm .. Did you like that Daddy? Did Mommy ever make you feel like this?" she teased, nibbling on his chin, kissing her way down his body once more. Her hands were everywhere, rubbing and touching him along his hips, his thighs, his stomach, voracious and eager and horny. "Mommy won't ever make you feel like I can Daddy," Kimmy whispered against his cock.

"Oh Goddd..." he moaned as she once again took his cock in her mouth, bringing life to his naughty appendage. She sucked his cock into her mouth, then released it, lightly blowing air over it, making him tingle. Her favourite part of a man's genitals had always been the balls though, that soft, hanging tissue that drooped like tear drops. She sucked and nibbled, groaning against his cock, feeling his pubic hairs enter her nose, tickling her. Kimmy took first one ball, then the other into her mouth, paying homage to both beautiful testicals.

Tom writhed and bucked against his daughter, marvelling at her expertise and passion. Her mouth danced over his cock, fastening on his balls, drawing them into her oral entrance, bathing them with her tongue. She was making sounds like an excited puppy with a favourite bone. Looking down, he smiled, watching her minister to his body.

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