tagIncest/TabooIncest Is Freedom Ch. 02

Incest Is Freedom Ch. 02


The train moves on. We stayed in the toilet for sometime. I asked my sister Priya whether she like what I did. She said “yes”. I asked her to show me her pussy. She moved her panties down and I bent down to get clear vision. It seems like used before. It was very wet and greasy. I pushed a finger inside and start the finger fuck.

Surprisingly three fingers went inside comfortably and I asked her “Have anyone fucked you before.”

She said “yes. Mohan sir used to put inside me.”

I was shocked, Mr.Mohan is her tuition teacher and I cant believe him doing such a thing and he is some 50 years old with grey hair. That is a real surprise. Again the feel of her cunny also indicates that he has a good weapon.

By the time the train reached the station and we are forced to stop our work in the middle. Priya is disappointed as I didn’t give her a good fuck. We got down at the station and took a taxi t grandpa’s house. On the way I promised her that I will come to her room in the night at around 1 o’ clock.

We reached at grandpa’s house. There was grandpa, grandma, Sita and Sheela aunty (dad’s younger sisters) and Sita aunt’s 2 year old son Sunil. Sheela is 33 and has 2 children – Raj and Ravi, both studying in some boarding school. Since her husband is abroad she stays with her parents. Sita aunt’s husband is a policeman who is currently on mission to catch Veerappan. She is only 30 and Sunil is her only son.

We all sat for dinner together. My eyes followed my aunt’s. Both looked good in shape and of-course I guessed Sheela aunty may be longing for a cock to satisfy her hunger as her husband hasn’t returned for 4 years. After finishing dinner I remind her about the secret meeting.

I went to Priya's room and after stripping naked I lay on the bed beside her. I took her breast in my hands and began to suck on her nipples. As I rubbed my hard cock against her soft smooth skin on her hips, she whispered "Fuck me as hard as you can. Rip my cunt apart with your cock".

I squeezed her tits hard and sucked on her nipples. She groaned and sighed and pulled and pushed me onto her and into fucking position.

"Oh fuck me!”She pleaded. I pressed her breasts very tightly. She groaned "ooooohhhh yaaaaaaahh aaaaaaaaa fuck me”. Reaching between our bodies, she took hold of my cock and placed it at her cunt hole Taking firm hold of her hips, I thrust my prick all the way up her hole in one swift action. I watched as her eyes widened and she caught her breath. I kept my cock deep in her for a few second then I began the classic in out fucking motion. Her legs wrapped around my waist as her arms flayed around. Her hands tweaking her nipples, feeding them into my mouth as I bent my neck to suckle them with my mouth.

I increased my pace. Moving forward slightly so that now my in out thrust was more up and down. My balls slapped against her ass as I felt her cunt juice wash over my balls and trickle down the crack of her butt onto the white bed sheet. The bed creaked and moved with the force of our fucking. Priya put her fist in her mouth and squealed as I felt a sudden rush of wetness sweep over my balls. I felt my own crisis approach and with a final lung, shot my load into Priya.

It was then that I realized that someone had entered the room. I quickly pulled out Priya and jumped to my feet. Standing there was my aunt Sita. She looked quite shocked. She obviously had seen us fucking and was still digesting it all.

She suddenly said "Never mind”. She came over to me and took hold of my deflated cock. Gently massaging my cock aunt said "Don't worry. Incest is almost a family tradition. Your father used to fuck me and Sheela senseless when we were younger. Even after marriage your mom, Hima would gladly get her ass pumped by your grandfather.”

Priya was rubbing my shoulder with a light smile. I said to aunty "Suck my prick If you want me to fuck you hard”. She knelt before me, pulled my knees apart and took my cock into her mouth.

While this was happening, Priya pulled me backwards down onto my back and sitting astride my face said "Eat my pussy”. She eased her pussy down over my mouth; the scent of her filled my nostrils as I went to work on eating her pussy. My hands came to grip her ass cheeks as I lapped and sucked our mingled juices from her cunt.

After some time my Sita aunty said "honey, I need to feel your cock in my fuck hole."

Priya said "ok aunty but you have to eat my pussy while he fucks you. he has made me so damned horny with his tongue". I listened to this with great interest. A smile on my face as these two hot pieces of ass argued over who would get fucked next.

Sita aunt agreed and she pulled her housecoat and panties down. She wore no bra. She then assumed the doggy style position with her face between Priya's legs. She began to lick and probe Priya's cunt with her tongue as Priya held her cunt lips open. I meanwhile had moved behind my aunt and taking my prick in hand, I guided it into her wet hot fuck hole. She sighed as I eased my cock into her.

I started to fuck my Sita aunty. She was busy sucking Priya's cunt, which was so hungry for attention. Both were looking very hot as I slammed my cock meat in and out of aunt's hot fuck hole, drinking in every second of the sex show before me.

"Aaaaaaa ooooooooo yaaaaaaaa ooooh yes yes Fuck me! Fuck me hard” Sita panted between laps of Priya's cunt. "Fuck me hard! Make me cum hard all over your beautiful prick". With the sight before and with her hot words ringing in my ears, I knew that I wouldn't last long. Holding on to her hips, I dug my fingers into her fleshy buttocks and spying her hairless anus, moved my finger to it and after spitting onto her butt hole, I probed her anus with my finger.

"Oh yeeeeeees " Sita gasped "CUM NOW! CUM NOW!"

I felt her cunt turn very hot and wet and knew that her juice would soon drip out of her cunt as I too came in her. Our Juices mingling and dripping onto the bed sheet as jet after jet of seed shot into her overflowing hole. We held the position as our orgasm passed.

Priya took my hand and said "You lie down. I want to be on top." She was in a hurry. Cleaning my cock with a damp towel, she then got astride of it, sucked in back from semi hard to rock hard and holding the head against her cunt hole, sat on it. I watched her tits pounce up and down as she rode my cock hard. My hands toyed with her nipples as I watched my cock appear and disappear into her hole.

Sita aunt came and sat over my face. My tongue went up her hole which I just filled with my semen. It tastes good. My arms wrapped Priya’s ass and she moved up and down faster. “Oh yaaaaaaah Aaaaaaaaah my cunt oh my cunt” she panted and was trying hard to find the breath. Priya closed her eyes tight and I again felt the cold stream of her cum wetting my rock hard cock. She stood up from my cock as soon as she came.

Sita got into the doggy position and said "This time take me in the butt hole" I needed no second invitation. Hard as a rock and eager to go, my cock throbbed at the sight of her hairless anus. Dipping my cock in her cum filled cunt, for lubrication, I started to fuck aunty in her ass. She was enjoying it as much as me. Her butt hole had obviously been well used over the years as it was far looser. I kept up the pumping action, driving my cock in and out of her butt hole.

Priya went behind me and reached between my legs. As she kissed my neck and shoulder and reached round to rub my chest, her other hand moved between my legs, her fingers having traced there way down along my ass crack, to cup my swinging balls. "Come on bro" she said "take your pleasure and fuck that whore's ass hard. Fill her up with your spunk.”

My pace increased to the approval of both women. Sita panted and squealed as I fucked her hard. I could hold on no longer. The fingers playing with my balls, Priya's hot breath on my neck, and the tight hot grip of Sita's ass sent my spunk racing up my cock shaft into her ass.

Standing up after I had withdrawn my prick. Sita aunty turned to me and said "You are just as good as your father". She got dressed again and kissing me on the mouth said "that was great. You come a see me soon. Don't deny me the pleasure of your cock by giving it all to Priya.

With a smile she walked slowly from the room looking back over her shoulder she said "I can hardly walk!" She laughed and closed the bedroom door.

In my own bed, I fell into a deep sleep. Totally exhausted from my night of incestuous fucking,. My head filled with visions of Priya, Sita, and Sheela aunty and mother getting fucked senseless by countless men. I slept the sleep of the dead.

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