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Even with her son Rob, 19, away at college Brenda, 40, had not indulged any of her womanly feelings. Not that her eyes did not take in a handsome male and some nighttime thoughts did not enter her head but that was it. She had never been able successfully to masturbate with toys or without and so she managed to keep her feelings at bay, buried.

While raising Rob this had a good purpose as she would keep out of the house anything but his interests. But now why...was it habit or what?

Now Rob was home for summer, attending a local college for a class, and while she tried very hard to deny it she felt things for him no mother should.

Her feelings in general and toward Rob might have not mattered at all except that her bedroom was connected to his through a common bathroom, a leftover from when he was a boy, and now when found herself listening at the door to his room through the bathroom, listening for sounds of Rob masturbating.

And she heard them. She heard them clearly and with the door slightly ajar peek3ed in and now her eyes joined her ears as she saw his nicely sized and quite thick penis fully hard under the force of his hand. She heard his sounds of resistance and saw when finally his jism came form him in a large spurt that made her shiver.

Rob was not unaware of his mother. Knowing the idea that he should find his own mother attractive was anathema he had put the thoughts aside since they first came to him when he was 14.\

But at college he had h=though of her and now home again and knowing she watched and thus had her own forbidden feelings made him more daring.


So after dinner one evening he took a chance.

"Do you know your son still masturbates?" he asked out of the blue.

Brenda did not think of his question as indicating anything but of course she was interested.

"Well, it is all right," she said.

"My mind gone crazy a little and I think not just of girls I know but...well...even their mothers."

"Rob you are a man and men have strong desires and...well...can...can I help in any way?"

"You wouldn't mind" Rob asked.

"If it helps my son of course not," she said, with both of them knowing full well she was aroused at the thought even though she could not know if her son had feelings toward her..

Not much later Brenda went by Rob's hall door and heard clearly the distinct sounds of her son masturbating.

"Come in," Rob said after she knocked and now she could look at his semi hardness openly, not hiding in the bathroom

"You always had a beautiful penis," Brenda said.

"Thank you," Rob said. "You...you are okay with helping?"

Brenda came over and sat on the edge of Rob's bed and he saw her eyes so focused on his genitals and he felt for her and it added to his own feelings.

When Brenda touched his cock, gently, feeling the ribbing, he had to resist cumming right then from the actuality of what was occurring.

Brenda was there for herself as much as for

Rob and so she handled Rob's ever hardening cock, feeling it up and down, feeling the soft crown, touching the drop at its hole, fondling his quite large balls.

Brenda's hand then did take hold of Rob's cock and move up and down, masturbating him and watching him and feeling him become rock hard. She stopped, fondled again his balls, and resumed and then finally what Rob was not sure would happen she bent forward and opened her mouth wide enough to encompass his bursting crown, her tongue tasting that drop while her fingers continued to handle his balls.

Brenda's excitement put out of her mind whatever might morally be wrong and Rob of course was well beyond those thoughts.

For a long time she opened her mouth so that Rob was fucking it and she did not flinch at all when finally he gave way and released three huge spurts of =jism that she took in her mouth until it overflowed and then let the rest spit onto her face.

Hardly believing what had happened she rose to leave with

Rob saying a quite thank you.

In her room Brenda cleaned her face and got into her usual pajamas and lay on top of her covers thinking about what had happened.

About an hour later Rob appeared at her bedroom door and came in without invite. He was stark naked and quite hard.

"I thanked you," he said at the side of Brenda's bed. "With words. Now let me thank you better," he said.

Brenda did not resist at all but lifted herself as Rob pulled down Brenda's pajama bottom under which she wore no panty.

He looked for the first time at this own mother's well haired naked womanhood and as she moved her legs up and surrounded his head he shoved himself sharply and hard up inside his mother.

"Oh God rob fuck me, fuck your mommy," she said, the fact of her being his mother now quite part of her desire.

And Rob did fuck Brenda, skillfully, coming at her hard and fast and then suddenly slow and almost coming out and hearing her scream for him not to stop.

In the space of one night, less, Brenda had taken her son's cock into her mouth and tasted his cum and now she was cumming again and again as he fucked her.

Morality and society was not present for either of them as she let years of denial express itself in fierce orgasms until Rob now pulled out to spit himself onto his mother's belly.

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