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Incompatible Roommates


My name is Gabby, 22, single, working in a big city. I have always been kind of a party animal, and the last thing I would be called is a straight arrow. I'm "unconventional," and usually dress like a slut to show off my G cup tits, flat stomach, and killer ass. Actually, you can sum me up in two words: sexy bitch.

I rented a two bedroom apartment with another girl, but she moved out several months ago, leaving me high and dry. I couldn't afford the apartment by myself and I was in distress. I talked with my mom about this and she said my older brother John (26) was moving to the same city the next week, and maybe I could share with him. I had talked with John about a week ago and knew he had gotten a good job offer, but didn't know he had accepted.

Let me tell you a little about John. He is about 6 feet 5 inches, well over 200 pounds, with bulging arm and thigh muscles; he was the starting tight end on the high school football team, and in college too. While we have the same parents, you wouldn't know it by our personalities and life styles. He is almost the opposite of me. He is a typical straight arrow, who dresses conservatively. We never went to high school at the same time, but the guys while I was in high school knew him, or of him, and I could always invoke his name if I wanted to keep someone in line.

John's new job is a really good one with a great salary and benefits, and he can easily pay his half of the rent. I know if I asked him he would make up for the half of the last month's rent that my previous roommate stuck me with, and would put up half of the damage deposit too. He is a solid, honest, hard-working guy, but also a neat freak who might drive me crazy with his fastidiousness. But if he agreed not to interfere with my life style it could work out since my apartment is set up with the two bedrooms on opposite sides of the kitchen and common living area, and each bedroom had its own bathroom.

I called John and talked to him about moving in. I wanted him to promise not to interfere with my lifestyle -- and I wouldn't with his -- and asked if he really wanted to move in. He thought it would be great, even though we had not lived full time under the same roof for 7 or 8 years. We never had any serious problems getting along when we were growing up, just conventional big brother-little sister shit.

I have to say though that after John moved in we seemed as incompatible as oil and water. He didn't drink, seemed to only date really clean cut, take-home-to-mom, types of girls, insisted on keeping everything tidy, and was very protective of his "stuff," especially his laptop. I loved to party, was inherently messy, often left my "stuff" lying in the common area, sometimes picked up one-night-stands, and got drunk about every other weekend.

While we did talk frequently, and once in a great while he would make dinner for us -- I don't really cook -- we weren't real chummy and rarely did things together. I also could tell I often irritated him by leaving junk strewn around, and one time I used his shower when mine wasn't working and he was pissed I didn't leave it in the pristine condition he wanted. BFD.

I was starting to think he was a pain in the ass. But that changed one Saturday night. I and a girlfriend of mine brought two guys home from a bar. My friend was totally drunk and passed out. That left the two guys to work on me. I decided I didn't really like them -- they became real crude and vulgar - and finally told them to get the fuck out. They wouldn't listen and began mauling me. John woke up when I started screaming, and came out of his bedroom. He apparently took my screams to mean that I would not consider his intervention to be a violation of his "non-interference" pledge. The assholes made the mistake of giving John lip when he told them to leave immediately.

This is a sex story, not a violence story, so I won't relate what happened. Let me just say that I was very impressed with John and would never have trouble with those two again, and had confirmed my feelings of complete security when he was around.

I apologized to John for waking him up. He said "no problem," and didn't give me any shit about bringing back two jerks, and didn't even give me a dirty or disapproving look. He just wanted to be sure I was OK. He then carried my drunk girlfriend to my bed, and went back to his room.

After that night, I saw a change in John. He was less harsh when I -- according to him -- fucked up. He fronted my half of the rent a couple of times when I was a couple of days late. If I was around he always asked me if I wanted him to make me something when he made dinner. And I could swear a couple of times I saw him checking out my body, though he never made an even remotely sexual comment.

To test him, I started wearing really skimpy clothes around the apartment. While that clearly had an effect on him, raising his eyebrows and causing a bulge in his pants, I could tell it made him really uncomfortable, and he started spending less time in the common areas. That wasn't my intent. So I went back to wearing more clothes around the apartment. But I have to say I enjoyed his attention and the "rise" I gave him.

John usually had a meeting or activity every Tuesday for a charity he did volunteer work for. He never got back to the apartment before 10 p.m. Well one Tuesday, while he was out, I was feeling particularly horny and wanted to watch some porn. But my computer wasn't working. So I grabbed John's laptop from his room, stripped naked, and sat on the couch watching porn and working my cunt and clit over good with my fingers. I was so worked up, I wasn't being too careful about keeping my juices off of the laptop's keyboard.

As I was moaning, and just as I was about to climax, the door opened and in walked John. What the fuck, it was only 8:30! I was as embarrassed as hell and knew he was going to give me a boatload of shit for using and messing up his laptop, but at that point I was so into masturbating I just kept on going, though looking at him (to see if he was going to go postal) rather than looking at the screen.

It was kind of like a surreal experience because he didn't yell, he didn't run to retrieve his precious laptop, he didn't go back out, he didn't cover his eyes, he didn't walk into his room and close the door. He didn't do anything except stare at me, wide-eyed and slack-jawed. This unnerved me more than if he was screaming, but I simply kept going until I went over the top. Why, I don't know, maybe because he was watching me, but I probably had the best climax from masturbating I've ever had, surely in the top 10.

As I was coming down from my orgasm I was almost limp, and lay back on the couch. The only sounds in the apartment I could hear were the beating of my heart and various "fuck me" related sounds coming from the laptop porn.

After what seemed like minutes of this eerie semi-silence, through my slit eyes I saw John walking over toward me. I started to mutter an apology for using his laptop and not going to my bedroom to masturbate, when he literally picked me up off the couch like I was a blowup doll. The next thing I knew he was lip smashing me while holding me up in the air with one hand on an ass cheek, and the other groping one of my monster tits.

I was totally startled, and didn't know how to react to my brother treating me this way, so I started trying to push him away. It was totally futile, though, because he was clearly on a mission, and he is about 5 times as strong as I am. Plus, I started to realize, hey, this isn't so bad. He's a really passionate kisser, plus his hands felt really good on my ass and tit. So I thought, "What the hell, I don't care if he is my brother, whatever he dishes out I'll just take."

After groping, lip locking, and tonguing me for a couple of minutes, he finally said something. "Listen sexy bitch, I'm taking you to my bed and I'll make that orgasm you just had look like a hay ride compared to what I'm going to do to you."

Shit, he never talked like that. But I have to say it made me look forward to what was going to happen.

He carried me to his bed like I weighed nothing, literally bounced me on the mattress, ripped his shirt off like the Incredible Hulk, dropped his shorts and boxers in record time, and came toward me. God damn his tool was stiff. I hadn't seen it since we were kids. It was standing straight up in the air, and looked like it was too big to be a real penis. My God, I thought, that thing is a weapon! Is he really going to try to shove it into his younger sister's poor little cunt?

Fortunately, he went straight for my pussy with his mouth. He licked my slit from anus to clit several times, while massaging my pussy lips with his fingers. Then he attacked my clit with his tongue while rubbing and gently twisting both of my nipples. His tongue had as much power as my fingers did, and soon he had me cumming all over his face, while he was vigorously lapping it up.

After apparently getting every last drop of my nectar, and while I was still coming down from my climax, he picked me up like a toy, turned me over onto my hands and knees, and then slowly inserted his big curved prick into my moist cunt. While he was gentle and slow during the insertion, giving my pussy time to adjust to his girth and length, once he was buried he was like a wild animal, pummeling the hell out of me. I have strong ab and hip muscles, so I started banging back. God it felt soooo good. I started screaming, "Oh shit, oh my fucking God harder, harder, oh my fucking God that feels so fucking wonderful, don't stop, make me fucking cum like I've never cum before, oh fuck baby!"

My screaming seemed to really set him off. While I didn't think it was possible, he did start banging me even harder, so hard I could no longer reciprocate and just relaxed and enjoyed it.

As he was banging away, I felt something being inserted into my asshole. It felt like -- and turned out to be -- a string of beads (I would never have figured John for being kinky, and never saw that side of him despite knowing him all my life). It felt a good weird while they were being inserted. Later it was not just "good"; it was way beyond that!

I started cumming again, with an orgasm that was literally causing my entire body to tingle, when I heard him starting to grunt. Soon thereafter he was depositing copious amounts of seminal fluid into me, and at the same time he started pulling the ass beads out of my asshole. The total effect was too much for my nervous system; my brain just couldn't handle the sensory overload, and for the first time ever I became comatose from an orgasm.

I woke up in the middle of the night with John fingering my pussy. He fucked me again in the missionary position. The next morning I woke up with him eating my pussy. He then turned me over and while I lay on the bed on my stomach stuck his rod in my cunt again and fucked me good. After that he snuggled me and said, "Sexy bitch, you're the best fuck I've ever had by such a large margin it's almost like a different experience."

I wanted to say "Right back at you," but instead I just smiled. Maybe sometime in the future I would want to complain to him about him attacking me -- although it would really be hard to do it with a straight face. But he had to know I loved it as much as he did.

We both called in sick to work Wednesday morning -- actually, we were sick, our brains weren't working right. We fucked, sucked, massaged, and showered all Wednesday and Wednesday night. When we left for work Thursday we both had had the best two days of our lives. But my nipples were virtually raw, and neither of us could walk properly. I know his dick was stinging and his whole body was sore, and my little cunt was burning, with cum was still occasionally dribbling out of it.

Several things changed in the months after that fuck fest.

First, I went to do volunteer work with John every Tuesday night. It was real fun. Last Tuesday we took a dozen underprivileged kids roller skating, and I saw how great he was with kids, and I found out I have a real talent for connecting with them too.

Second, unless we went out to eat together, John -- often with help from me -- made us dinner every night, and we ate together. In fact we hung out all the time and often went out on "dates" together, though I could no longer get drunk with him around and nobody else dared to try grab-ass with me.

Third, I never slept anywhere but his bed again. It finally got to the point that after we fucked reverse cowgirl this morning -- shit we fucked in almost any position normal human beings could get into - John said "Why don't we rent out your bedroom so that you don't have to pay half the rent. You can save your money and use it to buy something nice. Like a car! I don't know how long this will last, but until you find some marriage material I want to be the only one fucking you, and I want it every day!"

I smiled broadly. Fucking him was so goddamn good I didn't know how I could ever stop, and since I had no intention of ever leaving his bed at night why not save my money. Once we started fucking I was more compatible with him than anyone else in the world.

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by Turtle195204/20/18

Fantastic read

Even second time around this is a hot story. I would like you to write some more of it if you can think of another few pages. I wonder if they do become a couple and stay together. Making babies too. Whatmore...

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