tagIncest/TabooIndian Family Reunion Ch. 02

Indian Family Reunion Ch. 02


I woke up to a blurry vision of a face. I rubbed my eyes and the face was Radha Aunty. Her eyes were closed; her head was facing upwards and her bodying jerking. Nicku was tearing her ass apart with his solid thrusts. Radha was sweating. I stared at her beauty. What a woman she was I always thought. She may be 5 foot 3 but that is no negative to the way she looked. Anyway Radha was very fair skinned, 34c, a booty ass, slightly curly hair and bright eyes. Her lips were luscious. She was my dream woman.

"Mmmmmm.....mmmm.....," Radha moaned as Nicku kept fucking her. He caught hold of her and pulled it a little.

"Ohh Maaa......Ahh....I'm close.....errrrrr.........aarrrrghhhhhhhhh....," Nicku shouted as he took his cock out of her ass. Radha quickly turned around and caught Nicku's cock. She stroked him as fast as she could. Nicku came hard. The first spurt hit Radha on her eye. The second on her forehead , third on her mouth and before the fourth she managed to get her mouth on it. She squeezed his balls as sucked every drop out of his cock. I was still staring at her. She turned towards me and smiled before going to the bathroom.

Sweta took hold of Nicku's cock and took it in her mouth. She sucked him slowly. I look around and saw my mom on top on Madhav uncle. She was riding him. Meena bent over and Madhav uncle sucked her thick nipples. Preethi was tongue fucking Meena. Meena and my mom Lakshmi were big figures yet sexy. Meena is 5 foot 8 with a 34DD breasts which sagged a little but it made her look hotter. She is fair, curvy and her silky jet black hair went past her juicy ass. My mom Lakshmi is nothing short. She stood 5 foot 6 and medium length hair. Her breasts are 34E and she has fat at the right places (her ass, little on her stomach and hip area). She and Meena would fit into the perfect Indian Milfs category.

Mom got off Madhav uncle and sucked his cock. Madhav uncle was squeezing Meena's boobs and chewed on one of her nipples. Meena was moaning in pleasure. Mom then put her tits on his cock. She got his cock between her tits and pressed them hard before moving them up and down. She occasionally spat on his cock giving him a titjob. On the other side Nicku took Sweta's virgin ass. He slowly pushed his cock in her inch by inch as Sweta's shouts got louder. Slowly he had the entire length of his monster cock inside her ass. She screamed with pain as he fucked her slowly. He slowly increased his rhythm and was now fucking her as hard as he could. He could not hold too long and shot his load deep inside her shithole holding her waist tightly. They both collapsed on the bed.

Surprisingly, Madhav uncle still dint cum. He was fucking his daughter Preethi in doggy style as Mom and Meena licked his face and neck. Preethi had multiple orgasms and finally said she could not take more. She had a sore pussy. Madhav uncle took his cock out of her. Preethi slowly walked to the sofa and sat there. Mom followed her and now licked her sore pussy. Preethi felt good I guessed looking at her facial expressions. Meena went to the bathroom now. Madhav uncle soon went behind Mom and started fucking her pussy. He warned Mom that he was going to cum. Mom quickly turned around and took his load on her face. He covered Mom's face. She then sucked him clean. Madhav uncle gave a sigh of relief and walked towards to the bathroom. Mom then rubbed her cum covered face on Preethi's red pussy lips which looked very sore.

I was really hard and was stroking all the while. I wondered what Radha aunty was doing so long in the bathroom. I went in and Radha aunty was not there. What I saw in there was nasty but it made me horny. Meena aunty was taking a shit. Madhav uncle was pissing on Meena's face. Meena aunty was drenched in his piss. He stuck his cock in her mouth and she sucked on it slowly. I stood there stroking my cock . The room did not smell of shit thanks to the toilet perfume sticks.

"Come on Aryan, Come here, empty your bladder in this hole, she loves it," Madhav uncle told me pointing at Meena's mouth.

Meena smiled and I went closer. It was a little hard to pee with a hard on. Madhav uncle and Meena aunty laughed at me as I tried to take a leak. Finally a jet stream hit Meena on her face. She opened her mouth and drank my piss. She covered her mouth around my cock and sucked even more out of me before taking it out and guiding it on her head . She sucked the final drops and then bit my cock playfully before letting go. I walked backwards and Madhav uncle quickly rubbed his now hard cock on Meena's face. Meena reached for the toilet paper and Madhav uncle caught her hand. What he did after that was really nasty but at that point of time it was a real turn on. He pulled Meena up from the toilet seat and he sat on it. She gave a wicked smile. Madhav uncle then spread Meena's ass cheeks and brought it down on his rock hard cock.

"AAaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh......Ahh..Ahh...Ahhh...Ahh...." , Meena screamed with pleasure.

Madhav uncle fucked her shit filled unwashed hole. I suddenly felt someone to my side , it was Radha aunty. She was neatly dressed in a grand sari.

"Dirty man, I think you found your right woman," Radha said with a fuss.

Madhav uncle groped Meena's tits and replied, " You bet. Your sister and I are made for each other."

" I comeback from the temple and I get to see this filth." Radha said and turned towards to me, " And you're enjoying this?"

"Aunty...I....," I tried to say something before she left. I pulled my pants up and ran behind her.

In the room Nicku and Sweta were still sleeping. Mom and Preethi were also in each other's arms on the bed. I went out of the room to search for Radha aunty. I searched and finally found her in the kitchen. She looked at me and smiled. That smile was worth a million to me. She looked stunning in that sari.

"Radha aunty, I have been waiting since morning for you," I told her.

She smiled and asked "For what? ".

"Err...I don't know how to put this aunty," I said as I went closer. She moved back slowly and was against the wall now. I went closer and touched her nose with mine. She looked in my eyes. Her bright marble eyes made me go mad . My dick was pressed against her and I put my hands around and caught her ass. She gave a faint smile.

" I love you aunty, I mean it," I said leaning forward and kissing her. We kissed passionately for some time. I then kissed her neck and face.

" I want to marry you," I said.

" You know that's not possible Aryan," she said,

" I want you to be my wife Radha," I told her.

"How Aryan? How can that happen?" she asked.

" Madhav uncle anyway will shift his business here. Meena aunty will be with Madhav uncle and you stay with me."

" Your mom said even she wants to move in here." Radha replied.

"That's even better then. We all stay together. But you with me, like husband and wife." I told her.

"I have to talk to Madhav about it," she said as she moved forwards to kiss me.

I pushed her back which took her by surprise.

"I am serious Radha aunty," I told her before leaving the house.

I lit a cigarette and walked to the nearby beach. I sat there for a couple of hours thinking of how to make it possible. It's strange but I really wanted to marry Radha aunty. I could fuck her anytime I want but I dint want that. I wanted to fuck her as my wife. I finished the last cigarette I had and went back home.

I opened the door and the whole family was there. All dressed.

Madhav uncle walked up to me and said "Aryan, Radha told me everything, and when you'll both want it so bad I don't want to get in the way. Nicku and Preethi also seem fine about it but Nicku has one condition. May sound ridiculous but he wants your Mom in exchange. Lakshmi is okay with it."

I was out of words. I dint know what to say.

"Wow" was all I could say.

Madhav uncle called Radha. He then untied her mangalsutra and gave it in my hands. Radha had her head down. He asked me to keep it in my pocket. We all went shopping that night. Radha ignored me and I dint know why. The next day morning a priest was called home.

I tied the mangalsutra around Radha's neck. And Nicku also tied one round Mom's neck. We got married. The priest was given a hefty sum to keep quiet about the whole issue.

I was walking to my room and came across Mom with a milk glass in her. She was on her way to Nicku's room.

"Happy Now?" She asked.

"Yes Mom, aren't you? " I asked her.

She said yes. I kissed her on her lips and left. I went past Sweta's room from which loud noises were coming out. I went to my room and sat on the bed. I waited. It seemed like ages. I wanted this so bad. I was really excited.

Radha finally came.

"Radha aunty," I shouted.

"Only Radha from now," she said and handed over the glass of milk. We shared the milk. Then we just spoke about stuff. I learnt that Radha aunty dint have an active sex life with Madhav uncle, thanks to his long trips. In the beginning he fucked her like crazy and then slowly he never showed the same interest in her again. And occasionally when he felt like fucking he would take her ass. She said that after almost 10years she got a cock in her pussy. And it was her son Nicku, the other day finally broke open. She said she somehow liked me when she saw me here but she felt weird about it but now that we got married she is really comfortable.

I spread my arms and she came close. We hugged each other. I held her tight. We then kissed each other crazily like young eager lovers. I made her lay on the bed and made love. We soon got naked. I rubbed my cock against her lips. She licked my cock head and gave my balls a gentle squeeze. She then took my entire cock in her mouth. I pushed deep and then held her head with hands in the position. She choked on my cock. Her saliva was all over my cock. I pulled her up and kissed her. Our tongues met. I lifted her up and threw her on the bed. I pounced on her and guided my cock into her pussy. The first thrust was the best. Her pussy was a little tight and my cock struggled a little before going in . She let out a huge cry. After couple of strokes I found my rhythm. I kept fucking her. She was enjoying it.

"Oh Yes, my love, fuck my pussy, fuck me....,"Radha screamed.

"Yes love, I will fuck you all my life, I want a baby from you ," I told her.

Radha still managed to smile in this intense moment and said "You're my husband now, I will bear your child love, seed me deep."

I now fucked her harder. She dint close her eyes. She looked at me. She loved the sight of me tearing her pussy apart. She already came twice. I was close to Cumming. She tightened her already tight pussy tunnel around my cock and squeezed it into her. I came so hard I though I'll faint. I blasted my seed deep inside her. This was the best orgasm I ever had. Radha had another orgasm. And we both lay in that position(Me on top of her). I did not take out my cock yet. We kissed each other for some time. I cock grew inside her pussy. Radha face expression changed and she was now smiling.

" Young Cocks," She said "I love it."

I turned over and she was on top of me now. I fucked her with an upward thrust motion. She then pushed me down and rode me. Her ass slapped against my thighs. Her pussy felt so nice and warm. She was sweating now. Her mangalsurta that I tied was still sound her neck and it was bouncing along with her jumps. I then made her sleep on her stomach and fucked her in that position. After a few thrusts I bit her ass cheeks and licked them all over. I took her to the nearby chair. I sat on it and asked her to sit on top of me. She did. She hugged me. My cock was deep inside her. I fucked her. I fucker so hard that she almost got off my cock but I held her by her waist. She was in intense pain mixed with pleasure. She tightened her grip on my cock and had her orgasm two to three times before I finally exploded in her. I still dint get her off me. I lifted myself along with Radha who caught me tightly. My cum leaked out of her pussy and onto my balls.

"I don't want to take my cock out of you tonight," I told her.

"I don't want it taken out," She replied.

Later we had another round of hardcore fucking and slept. I still had my cock inside her.

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