tagExhibitionist & VoyeurIndian Housewife Goes Shopping

Indian Housewife Goes Shopping


My husband had been away for 3 days already. And it appeared like 3 months. I had gone without sex for 3 days and 3 nights, and I was longing for some action in my life.

I am a 29-year-old woman, living in Mumbai, India with my handsome and successful investment banker husband. My husband handles investment portfolios across the Asia-Pacific region and spends, on an average, 3 weeks in a month traveling. We have been married for 3 years now, and in all these years, I have tried to be as faithful to my husband as possible. During these years, I have had 3 very short-lived 'no strings attached' kind of relations.

I am quite proud of my voluptuous body. My vital statistics measure up to 37C-27-36. And last 2 years of regular workout have helped me get rid of a lot of unwanted flab as well.

This morning I woke up feeling bored, lonely and desperate. I knew my husband wont be back for 2 more weeks, and I had no clue how to spend my time. I spent some time reading the newspapers, cleaning up the apartment, fixing myself a good breakfast. I spent an inordinate amount of time in the shower hoping to kill time. But, by the time I was finished and drying myself, I glanced at the clock in the bathroom and realized that its still just 12.30 pm. I decided to go to the departmental store and do some grocery shopping.

I decided to induce some excitement in my life by dressing up sexily. So, I picked my white tank top that has always attracted male attention given its design and my cleavage. I chose a light pink wrap around full-length skirt to go with it. I wore a black bra and black panties underneath.

I parked my car in the basement of the departmental store. And just before I got off, a wicked thought crossed my mind that brought a smile to my face. Without giving it another thought, I quickly took off my panties and put it in the glove compartment.

I leisurely walked through the aisles with my shopping cart. I felt really nice walking around without any panties. Thankfully, my skirt was long, but given that it's a wrap around I knew I had to sit on my knees for it to fall open. Being a weekday afternoon, there weren't too many customers in the Store. I was aware of the glances and stares I was getting from all the helpers. And to tell you the truth, I enjoyed it. And I thought whether they had any idea that this busty woman had no panties under the skirt.

One of the young helpers came around and started to show me the new brands and the new discounts that were on. While he was doing his bit, I bent down to pick up an item from the lower shelf. My cleavage was out on display and I could feel his eyes on me. When I picked it up and asked him about the discounts, he barely managed to utter something. His face was red and he looked quite shaken up. I gave him a slight smile and walked towards the other aisle.

This young chap followed me to the other aisle trying his best to impress me and get some more to peeks at my boobs. The aisle was a narrow one and he was walking right behind me. Just then, I stopped to look at some of the products displayed to my right. I let my right hand drop and touched his penis with the back of my palm. Both of us stayed in the same position for about 30 seconds, both pretending to look at the shelves. I could feel his dick stiffening up. Once I knew that he was completely hard, I started walking again.

A couple of aisles later, I went down on my knees to look at some brands in the bottom shelf. As I went down, the wrap around split open, giving him a good view of my white, creamy thighs. I stayed in the position for a couple of minutes, shifting my legs so giving him a view of both my thighs.

In the next 30 minutes that I spent at the Store, this guy was with me all the time. I casually felt him up once more and let him peek at my boobs some 3 more times before deciding to call it a day.

This chap helped me check out as well. He offered to carry the bag to the car and insisted that he does it despite my protests. We were in the elevator together, and I could see that he is trying is best not to stare at my breasts. But he was doing a terrible job of it. We reached the basement, and I opened the car. The Store has a strict policy of not tipping the helpers, but I thought that the young man deserved a reward for all his hard work. So, as I was sitting in the car, I put one leg inside with the other leg still on the ground. The wrap around skirt came apart, and for a good 2 seconds the young man got an uninterrupted view of my shaven pussy. I got inside the car and shut the door. I could see that the young man just stood there frozen to the ground. I leaned across towards the glove compartment, and picked up my panties. And as I drove out, I lowered the window and handed my panties to him as a souvenir.

To be continued...

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