tagLoving WivesIndian Wife Has Fun With The Doctor

Indian Wife Has Fun With The Doctor


All these stories are just my imaginations and we have never introduced a third person to our marital life.


I am an Indian Married man of 28 Years and my wife is 27 Years old, If you read my previous stories you will know that we had two different experiences where she was played and fondled by strangers in an adult Theatre and in the local Mumbai Train.

After these experience our sex life had become very exciting and we were more open with each other which made our sexual acts more enjoyable.

One day my wife had to visit her Gynecologist for some women problem, In the night when we were having sex she was so excited and started talking dirty about this doctor who goes by the name of Dr Abbas, I played along with her.

After both of us were satisfied I started asking her about Dr Abbas, As I had met him once and he is not an attractive looking guy and was about 45 Years of age.She told me that she is attracted to him after seeing his gentleness and tenderness, she told me that he hears out her problems and is patient with her unlike her Previous doctor who was a lady.

Now many of husbands must have realized that most of women do get attracted to their doctors especially their gynecologist as he sees all their private parts, she can tell him what she might not even be able to tell her husband, and lady Gynecologist are not that popular as these doctors think what's the big deal, I was also pregnant ,I Have gone through same pains, but a man Gynecologist is a different case as he knows how hard it is but as he has never experienced it so they feel more tenderness with these women.

So next night while having sex I started talking with her about Dr Abbas, but it seemed that she was not interested in sex with him only to show him her boobs and pussy and that he plays with her, and only if I will be present.

So I made my plans for the next visit, I told her that I would accompany her and that she should wear a shirt with front buttons and a skirt with no panties inside and she should tell him that she feels a bit pain in both her boobs and she has itching in her pussy.

So the big day came and she wore a red blouse with buttons till end and with a long black skirt, she did not wear any bra or panties that day.

We reached the Clinic 15 Minutes before our appointment and we are asked to wait, we were called about after 25 Minutes, when we went in I realized why my wife is attacted to these average middle aged man, He had very tender eyes which showed a lot of compassionate , same as mine, Actually that is what made my wife draw towards me.

To describe Dr Abbas, He was a very average looking person, Short in height about 5'5" and curly hair, but yet very intense eyes,

He apologized for keeping us waiting which was rare with Indian Doctors to say, So after asking us to sit he started asking my wife about her health etc, my wife explained to him that since few days she feels a bit pain on her breast, He asked her which side and she replied both the sides and also feeling some itching in her pussy.

So he asked her to lye on bed and open her buttons, My wife was ready for that statement and she opened all her buttons and lied down, her big and beautifull boobs were open, he started touching her and asking her if its paining here, she said no it only pains when pressed, so he started pressing her boobs, and my wife said specially her nipples do pain when pressed, so he started pinching her nipples and she moaned, by that time I was sure her pussy was wet and then the doctor asked her to show him her pussy.

She hiked up her skirt and he got shocked seeing that she did not have any panties on, Now my wife's pussy was open to him and also her boobs, and at that times he must have realized what we were upto as he went and locked his door, he then took some lotion on his finger and started probing her pussy and the other hand on her boobs pressing them, she moaned and he got more encouraged and at that times my wife extended her hand and started playing with his cock from his trouser.

Now he had one finger playing with her pussy while the other hand was playing with her boobs, pinching them, Fondling, pressing them.My cock was so hard that I would have come there only and then I did something which surprised all of us, I opened my pants and used the lotion to masturbate myself while he was playing with my wife, and then my wife opened his zipper and took his 5" cock and started masturbating him, then I started using my hand to finger her ass while she took my cock in her hand and started masturbating me, I felt in heaven, I could see my wife playing with two cock while I was fingering her ass hole and the Doctor was fingering her pussy.

I knew I was going to come soon, so I leaned and started sucking one of her boob and the doctor followed me and both of her boobs were sucked together, she must have felt extra good as she started moaning extremely loud and came so hard , seeing her come both of us came together and all our cum fell on her thighs, The good doctor came to his senses before us and wiped all the cum from her thighs and after sitting again he described some medicines for her itching in pussy and pain in boobs which I am sure he knew we were not going to buy.

He asked her to visit him next month but my wife has already asked me to search for a new doctor for her, as she cannot face this doctor again, so I am in process of looking for a new doctor who is Middle aged and has eyes like Dr Abbas.

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