tagLoving WivesIndian Wife Succumbs To Curiosity

Indian Wife Succumbs To Curiosity


Anita and her husband Amar moved into a new town consequent upon his transfer and they picked this new apartment complex to live in until they could find a place of their own. Amar was 33 and Anita 29 years old and had been married since she was 24.She had done a lot of research to find one of the better neighborhoods as her husband was now becoming established in a well paying job so they would be able to afford a nicer home than the one they just moved out of. Their marriage was good and although they didn't have any children, it didn't bother either one of them as Amar wanted to establish his career first before settling down and raising a family. This was one of the reasons for the move. They both decided that it was about time for them to have children. They wanted both; a boy and girl, but would be happy with any combination that they would be blessed with. She was thinking of stopping taking birth control pills so as to pave the way for her pregnancy. The neighbors in the apartment complex were wonderful. Initially they were both reluctant to move into such a housing area because as a young couple they enjoy their privacy and knew that apartments were hotbeds of neighbor discontent due to parties and loud noises. This apartment on the other hand was quiet and all of the neighbors seemed to be older and more mature. This was a great place for them to live because of the company and safety. One of the neighbors; this story is about him; was a man named Vijay, who lived in the unit next to Amar and Anita's. He was in his mid or late thirties and a quiet man. He was quite good looking;about six feet tall and fairly well built - dwarfing Anita's 5'5" frame though she was not diminutive herself. He appeared to be the quiet types keeping mostly to himself. His wife Ritu was vivacious and friendly and used to meet Anita very often.

They had a daughter about 6 years old. Anita's husband Amar had talked to Vijay on occasion and they'd become pretty good friends, playing golf, going to watch cricket matches once in a while. For movies all of them would go together and it used to be great fun.Whenever Vijay was around, he'd look at Anita in a different kind of way. He seemed to be "checking her out" whenever Amar wasn't looking. This didn't bother her and she didn't feel threatened because he was always so nice and considerate to them. And besides, Anita worked quite hard to keep her body in shape, so it was somewhat satisfying to be appreciated. She would run every day, and workout, and watch what she ate. She had never thought about what it'd be like to be with a man because the life she shared with her husband was quite satisfactory and everything in their life seemed to be going well, including their sex life. However she was a person with a strong libido; one who required sex on a regular basis. She had also made a few friends on the net; both male and female and one gentleman who had regular relationships with girls besides his wife used to advise Anita to do so as well. Sex was never far from her thoughts and she treated it in a matter of fact manner. She used to be surprised when she read in the papers or saw in the movies how big an issue infidelity was made out to be. For Anita it was just another pleasurable activity. More so since it could be had with the person she loved; her husband. But she did not consider it wrong if her husband had sex with any other female and she applied the same rule to herself. With such ideas it was surprising that Anita was a virgin when she got married. She had worked in a reputed concern for a few years before her wedding and she had really enjoyed herself when the pre employment medical exam had taken place. She had not been coy in front of the male doctor at all and had willingly stripped and cooperated. As she was leaving she could distinctly see a bulge in the doctor's trouser and Anita had quietly stifled a chuckle.

The way Vijay looked at her when Amar wasn't looking always made her feel special. It was at those moments that she again remembered what Amar would at times say 'A wife should be so sexy that other people should get an erection when they see her and not the other way round.' And she used to laugh. However she saw to it that her pussy was always well shaped. The lips were almost always hairless as Amar liked them. On the mound she did maintain some hair in different shapes at times a heart, at times a vertical line. Whenever she'd catch Vijay looking, he'd be having a big grin on his face and then just turn away. Anita took pride in her body, especially her firm breasts and thick nipples.

Occasionally Anita wore tight T-shirts and like most young women went without a bra at home. In flats privacies are not watertight and at times Ritu and Vijay had seen her like this. Ritu had been nonchalant and had perhaps not even noticed her thick nipples but in front of Vijay she would be somewhat embarrassed because she herself was aware that her nipples would protrude into tiny buttons visible on the front of her shirt. Though she could cover herself with a dupatta she never did.

One evening she was in the washroom doing the laundry. This was a chore that no woman likes to do, but was essential. She wanted to finish this task before Amar got home from work. She had plans for the night, that didn't include doing chores. She'd been thinking about Amar all day and was looking forward to some really good sex that evening. When she finally finished, she picked up the basket and headed to their balcony to dry the clothes. She could see Vijay standing in his balcony smiling at her. She was glad to see him and waved to him. He waved back. Only last week Ritu had taken her daughter to her parents place for about a month during the school vacations. Anita asked him to come over for dinner as he was alone.

He replied that he 'hated to eat and run', he should be going because he had an important meeting in the morning and he didn't want to be tired after a late night but that he would drop in for a little while. Things proceeded as usual. Amar and she had a nice dinner after which he went into one of the back rooms to get a magazine that he had borrowed from Vijay. She got up from the table to begin the chore of doing the dishes. Vijay walked up behind her and put his hand on her ass and gave it a tight squeeze. She was surprised but couldn't help noticing that his hand nearly covered one of her cheeks. When she looked at him too dumbfounded to speak, he squeezed it again and whispered thank you again for the invitation. With that, he winked at her, turned and walked away. She was too stunned to react. It frankly left her disturbed but not in an unpleasant sort of way. After that it seemed that Vijay was always touching her when Amar was not looking. She didn't mind and felt that it was his way of bonding with a friend. He would hold her hand, touch her bare foot with his toes or give a playful tug on her anklets. It wasn't sexual except for the time she had called him for dinner and he had fondled her ass, but it really didn't bother her. She didn't feel threatened by him. Perhaps because Vijay was likeable and she liked him.

One night the dinner did take place. Amar said that he had had too much to eat and that he was going for a walk. He asked whether they would like to accompany him. Vijay said that he had to complete a project and hence would be going. Anita said that she couldn't accompany him just like that, bare footed. She had to look for her shoes. Amar said 'Forget it, I will soon be back within five minutes so don't bother.'

As soon as he left, Vijay turned to her and put his hands on her shoulders and as she looked up into his eyes, he pulled her close to him and put his lips on hers. She'd been wondering what it would be like to kiss him, but that is about as far as the thought went until that moment. His lips were soft and warm. He felt so powerful as he held her and she could feel her resistance melt almost immediately. The kiss actually felt really good and just the thought of doing it, made it feel quite exciting. The kiss was not just a peck on the lips, but one that began to linger. She opened her lips and his tongue began to brush lightly against them. The soft sensuous feeling of his tongue sent shivers up her back. While kissing, he grabbed her hand and pulled it down between them placing it on his cock, which had become stiff and was probably the biggest cock Anita had ever felt in her life and she had not felt too many but it appeared to be among the biggest she had seen. She gave it a squeeze; a formal sort; after all what is a lady expected to do when her hand is on a cock. The first thought that went through her head was that she didn't know how Ritu could put this thing inside herself. She had once mentioned shyly that her husband was quite big there and that if Anita ever had to put it inside her she would know that sex with him unless one was extremely aroused was not so enjoyable. It was indeed bigger than what Anita had imagined. Ritu was right. After all he was her husband.

As they broke the kiss, he told her that he had been wanting to do that for quite some time. Anita blushed and remained kept quiet not really knowing what to say.

That night as she lay in bed with her husband, she couldn't help but think of the day's happenings. Amar was asleep, but she was not even close to being tired. Sure, the intercourse that she had with her husband was good but doing it with someone else seemed thrilling. All the times that he had apparently inadvertently touched her and the winks he had given her were all beginning to mean something to her now. She knew that he and Amar were good friends but the relationship between Vijay and her was different. There seemed to be more of a man and woman bond than just friendship. Although nothing sexual had happened, she couldn't help wondering if it would, now that he had put her hand on his cock. She couldn't start being unfaithful to her husband, especially now that they were planning on making a baby, but the thought of having sex with Vijay was now on her mind. Since it was Sunday the next day, she decided that she would talk to Vijay. With the desire that she now had, she decided that she'd let him fuck her just once and that'd be it. She couldn't do it with him more than that and she'd tell him. She had to see how that his cock looked like and what it was like inside her pussy. Ritu had been having fun with it for far too long and that too alone. Anita convinced herself that her intention was not to cheat on her husband but well just to figure out what another cock felt like. In her hand, mouth and pussy. What was the harm in being fucked just once by someone other than hubby! She asked herself. Impulsive, or over sexed, or anything but she just had to have a go at that, just once. With that, she fell asleep.

The next morning as she was preparing breakfast for Amar, he told her that he would be away for a couple if days on business tour as he got the message early in the morning when she was asleep. She had some feelings of guilt for even entertaining the idea of making love to Vijay. The more she thought of it, the more the feelings were replaced with feelings of lust. By the time Amar left for the business tour, she couldn't wait to see Vijay. As soon as Amar was out of the door, she called Vijay on the phone and told him to come over to the house when he was dressed as she'd like to talk to him. He said that he would come over right away. She told him there was no hurry but he said that nevertheless he would come. About fifteen minutes later there was a soft knocking on the door. She was still in her nightie with nothing underneath and after apologizing to Vijay she made some coffee. She told him that she'd been thinking about the previous night and their friendship. She told him that she could see the way things were going and she really wasn't disappointed. With a knot forming in the pit of her stomach, she asked him if he'd like to make love to her. He looked at her with astonishment on his face, and said that it would be the answer to his prayers. She told him that she had been thinking about him also, but that he could only do it this one time. She didn't want it to happen ever again because she and Amar were planning on making a family and sex with somebody else after she stopped taking pills would not be right.

When she got up to clear the table, Vijay came towards her and turned her towards him. Her back was against the kitchen counter. She looked into his eyes and could again see the look she'd seen before. She now recognized it as lust, as his lips lowered to meet her again. Vijay was wearing shorts and as they kissed, she reached between their bodies and could feel his stiff cock. Again she was amazed at his erection and her body began to tingle just thinking that in a few moments he might be attempting to push it into her pussy. Vijay reached out and pulled her robe open. She wasn't wearing anything underneath and his hand slipped down between her legs to the wet spot. She bent her legs slightly as his hand went between them. His middle finger immediately found her stiff little button and she almost came as he rubbed the sticky fluid from her pussy on her clit. His finger slid into her depths. His hand was large so was his finger.

So many thought clouded Anita's mind. Letting him have fun was one thing; after all that wasn't adultery. Getting fucked was another. Could she do it? Should she do it? Vijay fingered her pussy until she just about collapsed leaning against the counter. He lifted her up and sat her on the counter top edge. Her legs spread on either side of his waist. He took her exposed breasts in both his hands. 'Lovely. Absolutely lovely.' He said squeezing them gently and then gradually he rolled her nipple between his forefinger and thumb. In the process her nipples became wet with her own juices. It took no time for them to become erect and her pussy became even more wet. Slowly and so agonizingly he brought his mouth down and without letting his tongue come in contact with the nipples took it between his teeth and looking into her eyes bit it lightly. God! She moaned uncontrollably.

'Ritu was right. She was the one who had told me that your boobs were absolutely juicy. These were the words she had used and she was absolutely right. You know your pussy is different as compared to Ritu's but certainly the type that I like. Stupid question but obviously you have not had the opportunity of seeing her nude?'

It was then that she recalled that one day Ritu had come to their house and had asked her to try on a T shirt since it was big for her. She thought of going to another room since she did not leave but she had smiled and told Anita not to be shy. So she had tried on the T shirt in front of her and it was then that she would have noticed her breasts. And had promptly told her husband.

He came closer and she could see him bend. Towards her pussy.

'You know I have a panty fetish. Pity you are not wearing one right now or else I would have certainly taken it. Next time perhaps.' Anita was too aroused to listen to him but nevertheless she nodded.

She felt his breath ...then his lips....It was agonizing. Her pussy lips were aching for him to do more....he licked around her labia...then little kisses followed by firmer use of his tongue until Anita found herself thrusting her lower body up to meet his lips. His lips closed over her clit and it was as if an electric shock ran through her body as he sucked it into his mouth, the tongue swirling over it releasing all the pent up desire that had been generated as the waves of pleasure coursed through her. He held her firm as her orgasm shuddered its way through her body.

Anita wanted more. However she took control of herself and shook her head to find her bearings. 'No, I have not seen Ritu's pussy.' He backed up momentarily, made a gesture as if to say 'Oh I see' and proceeded to pull his shorts down to his knees. He was not wearing any underwear and a big dick emerged. The head was big and the skin was normal. His shaft was almost a perfect dark brown color, and was knotty and veined, the foreskin covering the head.

'Well, you are quite …sizeable.' Anita said. Vijay laughed uncertainly.

'May I touch it?'

'Of course.' He replied. Anita proceeded to wrap her fingers around his erect cock and pulled the foreskin back. 'You know sometime back I had read a novel where the protagonist too was similarly endowed and had a great time with ladies. What did your girlfriends have to say about this?'

Vijay laughed again. 'What do you think? Why don't you ask Ritu? You….you comfortable with orals?' he asked. Anita nodded and proceeded to wrap her lips around it. She teased the tip with her tongue and attempted to take it fully inside her mouth. She took more into her mouth, leaving little lipstick marks on the uncircumcised member that would soon be giving her pleasure.

To some extent she did succeed and could feel him moan with pleasure. Now she decided that the time had come to let her other lips i.e. pussy lips have a taste of this. His oral assault had accelerated her desire.

She knew that perhaps it would hurt, but she was willing to try. After all when a married woman is willing to try another cock one can't be too choosey. At this point she couldn't have stopped him anyway. She could see the end was glistening with pre-cum as he guided it to her pussy-lips.

'Wrap your legs around me.' He said and she silently but willingly complied. He laid his cock onto Anita's pussy, the shaft resting on her lips. Anita was trembling now, wanting him inside her as he forced her legs further back. Vijay moved his shaft up and down her crack which was slippery and soft. He still hadn't entered her. She recalled having seen something akin to this in an X rated film.

It was a good thing that her pussy was so wet because when he tried to enter her, he stretched her lips as far as they would go. She had never had anything in her as big as that and she suddenly remembered Ritu's words. She would have perhaps preferred one with a more reasonable and size. Her clit was stretched tight against the top of his cock as he worked it in slowly. For a second, she thought it was going to be a futile attempt to let this man fuck her, then she could feel its length slowly begin to enter her.

She could feel the head of his cock as it pushed into her a little at a time. Anita didn't want to stop. She was very aroused at this point. Vijay's cockhead split the outer lips....Anita clenched his hand as she took the first few inches....but there was more to go and it got thicker down the length. Vijay came out..then in....each stroke getting him further inside her body. Finally with a grunt he inserted it fully inside her pussy. Her face was covered in perspiration and the feeling of fullness was awesome as he started a rhythmic thrusting into her.

Her belly trembled under this assault and her hands cluthched his back, her long painted nails digging into his flesh.

Just watching what he was doing to her, was driving her over the edge. His hips moved back and forth slowly and as his cock became sticky with her juice, it inched into her. Finally she could feel his balls touching her ass and as she looked down between them, she could clearly see his cock was deep inside her. The first time that a cock other than her husband's was exploring the secrets of her pussy. She did not know his experiences with other pussies and she didn't care. Her hips worked back and forth and the feeling was incredible. Almost immediately her pussy began to convulse in an intense orgasm. When it tightened around his cock, he must have been overwhelmed by the feeling also. She could feel his cock begin to throb and the head swelled to a size that wouldn't let it out of her immedialtely.Her pussy had a death-grip on his cock and wouldn't let him withdraw. His attempts to pull it out proved somewhat unsuccessful. While apologizing for doing it, he began to shoot his sticky sperm deep inside of her tummy. She could feel his cock expand each time the head unloaded its hot creamy load into her. Vijay held her tight against him until their orgasms subsided. It wasn't until minutes later that his cock began to get flaccid, that he was able to withdraw his cum soaked cock from deep within her pussy. She told him he didn't need to apologize, but she would need to go into the bathroom and clean up.

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