tagLoving WivesIndian Wife's Descent Ch. 03

Indian Wife's Descent Ch. 03


Yashodhara had made a few friends at college, and she and Ramon were part of a small group. That week, the group made plans to hang out at some clubs dancing Friday night. And they'd all be home by 2 am after the bars closed. Everyone was happy and excited about the plan, but Ramon was even more enthusiastic. After the plans were made, he took Yashodhara aside and said this could be like their first "date". They'd go out with the group, but an hour or so later, he suggested Yashodhara make some excuse about a headache and he could volunteer to drop her home. And instead, they'd go hang out, just the two of them, at some other nightspots he liked. First, she was reluctant about the idea, but then Ramon guilt-tripped her saying he never got to spend any alone time with her except in the car. So she relented.

Friday night, Yashodhara rushed through her dinner and ran into the bedroom to get ready for the date night. When she came out over an hour later, she looked jaw-droppingly stunning. She wasn't showing a lot of skin or anything.... it was after all a Midwestern winter night, so skimpy clothes were out of the question. She was wearing a red school-girl style skirt, which extended an inch below her knee. Below that, she had on knee-length leather boots with heels. On top, she was wearing a white button-down shirt that was very snug-fitting, so it accentuated her big tits and her flat stomach. And it was very white so the black bra she was wearing under it was visible. She had also left the top two buttons of her shirt open, giving a nice hint of cleavage. And her shoulder-length hair, which she usually tied into a bun or a ponytail, was down in waves, which contrasted well with her make-up and bright red lip stick. She looked so ravishingly beautiful, I felt like fucking her right there. But she refused, not wanting her make-up messed up.

Then she got a call on her cellphone from her friend Kristen that she was about to reach our house to pick Yashodhara up. Yashodhara wore a shiny leather coat that went down to her knee, wrapped a scarf around her neck, put on a loose woolen cap, and got ready to leave. There was a honk, and my wife kissed me on the lips, and left the house.

Barely 30 seconds later, my cellphone rang and I answered.

"Ajit, could you come out? Everyone wants to meet you and get introduced." Yashodhara said.

"Um, sure." I said, put on a jacket and other woolen stuff and walked out.

I saw two cars parked on the road outside the house and Yashodhara was sitting in the back of one of them. I walked up to it, and a pretty young blonde behind the drivers side flashed me a big smile and yelled,

"Hiiiii Ayyy-jeet." pronouncing my name like Americans usually do. "Yash has told us soooo much about you." She said "Yash" rhyming with "rash" which amused me.

"Yash?" I said, smiling at her and extending my hand which she took.

"Yeah, it is too friggin hard to say yash-ode-harr-aa. So we just call her Yash. I am Kristen by the way." she said happily. "Thanks for letting us kidnap your wife for tonight."

"No problem." I said smiling at Kristen and then at Yashodhara.

"I'll introduce the others." Yashodhara said. The guy in the front next to Kristen was Max. The girl next to her was Susan. I was surprised at how young they all looked.

"You guys don't look like you're of drinking age." I said.

"Obviously we're not." Max said disappointedly, "Which is why we're just going to alcohol-free dance clubs. Yash is the only one who can legally drinking. The rest of us are all 19 or 20. Although Ramon in the other car has a pretty good fake ID."

Two factoids wrestled with each other to shine themselves on my brain. The first, that all these people were just 19 or 20. And then I was surprised that I had not guessed it earlier. Yashodhara was doing a bachelor course after all. So most students were bound to be that young, almost a decade younger than her.

And of course, the second fact, that Ramon was sitting a few feet away from me. I took a couple of steps to the other car, and saw him. He flashed me half a smile and nodded. He did look tall, well-built and handsome, and I could see why Yashodhara or anyone else would feel attracted to him. He had a light brown skin, like Hispanics usually do. Although his body was like a boxer's, his face gave away his age. His face still had the innocence, confusion and bravado of a 19-20 year old. I walked up to him and extending my hand, said,

"Hi, I'm Ajit."

"Hey man." he said in a thick Mexican accent, "Ramon."

He didn't say much else, and did not look chatty or friendly like the others. He was probably nervous about meeting the husband of the woman he was banging. A woman, almost a decade older than him. I nodded at him and walked to the front car.

"So no drinking tonight?" I asked looking at Max and Kristen.

"Nah, we could if Yash here agreed to buy booze for us. But she refuses." Kristen chirped.

"Hey, if I get caught, I'll be deported!" Yashodhara protested.

"yeah, we know. Just givin you a hard time, Yash." Kristen laughed. "Anyway, we gotta get going to our alcohol-free dance club. Have a nice night, Ajit. We'll get your wife back safe and sound."

"Have a good time, all of you." I said, leaning into the rear window and pecking Yashodhara on the cheek.

I stepped back and they drove away. Ramon nodded at me again as he drove past me. I stood there for a while, surprised at myself for not realizing how young he was. I smiled as I realized that when Yashodhara and I had our first kiss in high school, Ramon was probably 6-7 years old, watching cartoons on TV. When Yashodhara and I slept together for the first time, Ramon was years away from puberty. And this guy was now banging my wife. Seemed funny and a little sad at the same time.

I headed back into the house, and wondered what I should do. I took a bottle of scotch out of the liquor cabinet, turned on the TV and sat there, drinking and watching. I figured out another reason Ramon wanted to break away from their group. The rest of the group, all white, innocent and looking like Disney teen stars, were not going to drink. Ramon had a fake ID and he had a hot woman of legal drinking age. Of course, he'd want to break away and go to actual bars and clubs with her, instead of "alcohol-free dance clubs". -------

There were a couple of decent comedy movies on cable that night that I kept switching back and forth between. And kept sipping on my scotch. An hour or so later, I was pretty buzzed when my phone buzzed. A text message from Yashodhara - "told em headache n left. ramon n i goin to bar. love you." So they had finally dumped the other group. I texted back a message saying I loved her too. And got back to watching the movies.

As I watched, I also kept thinking about Yashodhara and Ramon. I had always sort of pictured in my mind her being in the car with him. But now that I saw how he looked, the pictures were clearer, and I got turned on. The thoughts of a 19 year old tall burly guy with a baby-face having his way with my petite and pretty wife, ten years older than him, were very arousing. I wondered what he would do tonight. Dance with her, fondle and paw her in public in bars, as other men looked on and envied him for being with such a hot Indian woman. Maybe he'd take her to the bathroom in a bar or club and fuck her there. But that was almost as uncomfortable as doing it in a car.

Two hours passed and it was almost midnight when I got another text message from Yashodhara - "am bein such a notty girl tonite. flrting with all his friends. dancing with em n all. love you." His friends? Where did his friends come from? I thought it was going to be just Ramon and her. But clearly there were others too. That worried me and turned me on at the same time. The idea of Yashodhara, all dolled up, flirting and dancing with a bunch of guys in a bar while getting drunk was very exciting. But I was also concerned. Her with just one guy she knew and trusted was one thing. But a bunch of guys, all drunk, seemed a little scary. However, I just sent her back a text message saying I was glad she was having fun.

Another hour passed and another text message from Yashodhara. This one was full of spelling errors so she was obviously very drunk by now - "ala gusy luv me. bt am nt letng thm do much. gonan go 2 carlos huse wit ramon." Okay, who the fuck was Carlos? Obviously, one of Ramon's friends, but why was she going to his house. I decided it was time to get some information, so instead of texting back I called her up. But she didn't answer and it went to voicemail. Five minutes later, I called her again, but no answer. Fifteen minutes later, my phone rang, and it was Yashodhara finally returning my call.

"Hiiiiiiiii" she squealed, sounding very drunk.

"Hey honey, what's happening?" I asked.

"I love you soooooo much." she said.

"I love you too." I answered.

"I am in the ladies bathroom." she said. "I could not answer your call because the guys were all around."

"Ok. Who is this Carlos whose house you're going to?"

"He is Ramon's cousin. We're goin to his place for some drinks... the bar is about to close. Can I go?" she asked in a sweet voice.

"Okay, will you be spending the night there?" I asked.

"Nooooo. Just a little time. I'll get a cab home in an hour." she said, "Anyway, gotta go."

And with that she hung up. I sat there wondering if I should intervene or do something, or tell her to come home at once. But I was curious to see what would happen. I poured myself my umpteenth scotch for the night and sipped on it. I thought about whether Ramon and Carlos would both fuck her. Maybe together. Would she really come home, or would she just spend the night? I kept thinking about worrying questions and erotic scenarios and I didn't realize when I fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up with an urgent need to pee. Drinking so much scotch will do that to you. It was still dark outside and I was half asleep and still a little drunk as I stumbled to the bathroom. After I got done peeing, I suddenly remembered what the situation was. I rushed outside and checked the clock. It was a little before 4 a.m. Was Yashodhara home yet, I wondered? I looked in the bedroom and elsewhere but the house was empty except for me. I checked the phone but there were no new text messages from her either.

She had most likely decided to sleep over at Carlos' house. But she could have sent a text message saying so, I thought to myself angrily. I was about to call her, but then I thought of another possibility. Maybe she was still having sex. So I decided to first send her a text message, asking is she was alright.

In a minute came her reply - "at crlos plc. bin a bad grl. will gt taxi hom soon. love you." I was relieved t learn that she was fine, But her mention of being a bad girl got me thinking about what she had exactly done. Only she could tell me that. So I waited for her to come home.

About half an hour later, the lock turned, the door opened and in stumbled Yashodhara. She closed the door and took her leather jacket off. She looked a far cry from the pristinely done beauty a few hours back. Her hair was a completely disheveled. Her make-up was messed up, with lipstick smears running from her lip to her cheek. Her skirt and shirt were absolutely crumpled, and I noticed that she didn't have a bra on underneath.

She looked at me, smiled and said, "I am so tired." She then took off her shirt, confirming she was topless underneath. And then she slid off her skirt, revealing that there were no panties either. And she stumbled towards the couch where I was sitting, naked except for her black leather knee-high boots, and collapsed on top of me. I put my arms around her and asked,

"Did you have a good time?"

"Hmmm.." she said.

"What all did you do? Or who all did you do?" I asked.

But there was no response. I looked at her and saw that she had fallen asleep. She looked so exhausted that although I was dying to find out what she had been up to, I decided to let her sleep. I slowly rolled her off me onto the couch, got up, and then picked her up in my arms. As I did, I noticed that her pussy seemed sticky and puffed, and there were hickies all over her boobs and neck. I carried her to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed. I then took off her knee-length boots and covered her with a blanket. I got in bed and put my arm around her. Within a few minutes, I was asleep too. ---------

I woke up next day, Saturday morning to the sound of Yashodhara asking me to get up. I opened my eyes and saw her, dressed in a t-shirt and trackpants, her hair wet and her body smelling of a fresh shower. She was holding a tray with tea and breakfast on it. She looked at me and said,

"Rise and shine. Here's breakfast."

I sat up, and took the cup of tea. Yashodhara sat next to me and started hungrily wolfing down the upma she had made. I picked up my plate of upma and asked her,

"So do you have a hangover?"

"Yeah." she said grimacing, "but not as bad as I expected. Just a headache."

"Good. The upma will help, with all the carbs." I said.

"I know, that's why I made it." she said and resumed eating.

I let her finish eating before asking her the next question.

"So... did you have fun last night?"

Yashodhara smiled at me and said she had. And started filling me in on what had happened.

After they bailed on their college group, Ramon took Yashodhara to a bar. The bar was run by one of his friends, and was a place where a lot of his friends and cousins hang out. Ramon took her to a table in the back of the bar where 4 guys were sitting - Miguel who owned the bar, Pat and Stu, his friends, and Carlos, Ramon's cousin. All four guys looked very surprised to see Yashodhara but quickly started making small talk with her and Ramon as they joined them. Ramon was looking very smug and happy as if he had won the lottery.

Pat explained to Yashodhara the reason for everyone's surprise at seeing her and Ramon's smugness. He had told them about her, but all of them had refused to believe it. They said even the uglier Indian women rarely go out with hispanic guys and do the sort of stuff he said they did. So a married Indian woman ten years older than Ramon? No way could that be true, they said. Either she was fat or ugly, or both, if at all she existed in the first place. But now that they saw how hot she was, they were proven wrong and Ramon was proven right.

Yashodhara felt a little embarrassed that Ramon had told all these guys everything about her. She felt awkward for a while. But they were nice and polite, weren't making any lewd or suggestive comments, so that put her at ease. They all started drinking and talking, and pretty soon Yashodhara was having good time. She flirted with all of them, and danced with them too. A couple of them tried to cop a feel or a fondle when Ramon wasn't looking, and she allowed it within limits. But stopped the guys whenever they tried to go under her clothes. Ramon however, kissed her, fondled her, and even fingered her under the table as the night went on.

Ramon's actions as well all the attention from the other guys while dancing, combined with the alcohol was making Yashodhara very horny. That's when she sent me the text message about being a "notty girl". A few hours later, Miguel said he had to go and tally the bar receipts for the night and Pat and Stu said they needed to get going. It was just Ramon, Carlos and Yashodhara. Carlos started talking about some special wine he had bought and invited them to his place to try it. By now, Yashodhara was so far gone, that she didn't think much about it and agreed. That's when she sent me the text message about going to his place.

At Carlos' house, they drank the wine, which Yashodhara said she did not enjoy much so she didn't have much of. But they did keep giving her rum and tequila. As drunk as she was, she realized that if she got too drunk and passed out, maybe Carlos would do some stuff to her too, which she was not ready for. So she kept track of how much she was drinking and didn't go over the limit.

Ramon was fondling her all the time here too, but since there was no table to conceal it, she did not let him finger her. Carlos didn't say too much, nor did he try to do anything. But Ramon kept trying to convince Yashodhara to show Carlos her tits as a "thank you" for being the host. She refused. A while later, Carlos announced that he was very sleepy, so was going to his bedroom. But Ramon and Yashodhara were welcome to stay as long as they wanted.

A few minutes after Carlos retreated to his bedroom and closed the door, Ramon told Yashodhara to get off the couch. When she did, he removed the cushions and opened the pull-out mattress under them. And then, he literally pounced on Yashodhara. Within seconds, both of them were naked, and in each others arms. He was very rough with her, which turned Yashodhara on a lot. The sex between me and her is usually gentle, and although once in a while we do rough it up, she said Ramon was at a wholly different level. He pulled her hair hard, bit her all over her body.

She was asking him to fuck her right away, but first he made her get on her hands and knees and spanked her ass really hard for a good minute or so. Then he turned her over on her back, put her legs on his shoulders and penetrated her with his big cock in one swift motion. As he fucked her like that, he kept pinching her nipples and roughly grabbing her big boobs. Usually when they had sex in the car, it was possible to do it in only one positions. But this time, Ramon kept changing positions every few minutes. He made her turn on her side and fucked her cunt like that, holding one leg of hers straight up. He then turned over around and fucked her doggy style really hard, slapping her ass one cheek at a time. Next, he grabbed her ankles from the doggy position, lifting them up and holding her legs by his side, fucking her in a wheelbarrow position. That position, where her hands were the only thing touching the bed, was a new one for Yashodhara and she liked it so much that she had an intense and loud orgasm during it.

Ramon however kept going for fifteen more minutes, switching between positions and he finally came deep in her cunt while he was on top of her. Yashodhara said this was the best he had ever fucked her, going on for almost half an hour and trying all sorts of positions. It showed her how the car space had limited his technique on previous occasions. She loved how he was brutally rough to her the whole time, pulling her hair, slapping her face, tits and ass, biting her and even calling her all sorts of dirty names. I asked what sort of dirty names and she said - indian slut, indian whore, indian cunt, and so on. Today, for the first time he kept making a lot of references to her Indianness and asking if she loved his hispanic cock. And the way he was pounding her, she obviously had to say yes, she absolutely loved it.

Once he was done cumming, they were both exhausted, and just lay there in each others arms for a while. And then they started talking, really talking, for the first time since their fling started. Ramon got them some more drinks and they talked. Yashodhara said she was really enjoying all this, but she hoped that he understood that this was just a no-strings-attached purely physical thing. Ramon said it was the same to him too, and he loved his girlfriend a lot. So Yashodhara should not worry about any emotional complications.

Then they talked about each others sexual pasts. Ramon found it very difficult to believe that before him, I was the only man she had slept with. He said that considering how beautiful she was, what a hot body she had, and what a tigress she was in bed, he had expected her to have had at least a dozen sexual partners so far. He then told her he had slept with about ten women so far, but she was the first Indian he ever slept with, and she was also the oldest woman he had ever been with. He told her that she was not the first woman with whom he had cheated on her girlfriend. he found it difficult to limit himself to just one woman, and Yashodhara said she understood how he felt.

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