tagLoving WivesIndian Wife's Descent Ch. 06

Indian Wife's Descent Ch. 06


The next clip was not very long. It started in a bedroom, with a big kingsize bed with a lot of wooden bars in the frames at the top and bottom. Jojo and Yashodhara were both handcuffed to the bars, and were on their knees. Eric was kneeling behind them with a small paddle in his hand, and was smacking their asses with it one by one. He was doing it pretty hard, because both his slaves were yelping pretty loudly when a shot landed, and their asses were red. The redness of Yashodhara's ass was particular remarkable, because of her whiter skin tone and also because she was wearing red. As I paid closer attention to their yelps, I realized that Eric was smacking Jojo a lot harder than he was Yashodhara. But the bigger woman seemed to be able to take it. And then the clip ended.

The third clip started from the same angle with both ladies in the same position. The redness of their asses had faded away a little, which indicated that it had been some time since the last clip was shot. Eric came into the picture, wearing just jeans and got on his knees between their asses. He then put his two hands up, and folded all fingers except for the index finger on both hands, looking like a cricket umpire about to signal six. He then looked at the camera and winked.

And then he started fingering the clits of both women using one finger for each. They had been silent so far, but both of them started moaning and squirming. In a couple of minutes, he made both of them climax once each and the two of them were shaking their butts like they were desperate to get out of the bondage. But Eric mercilessly kept going, bringing both of them to orgasm after orgasm. Both of them were howling for him to stop, begging him to stop. But by the time he stopped, it had been fifteen minutes and both of them were on the verge of passing out. And the clip ended.

The fourth clip was one of my favorites. Jojo was sitting, legs folded, yoga style, nodding at something Eric was saying that I could not hear. Then Yashodhara came into the picture, and sat down in Jojo's lap, facing her, and stretching her legs out behind Jojo. The two of them stared at each other uncertainly for a few seconds, when I heard Eric yell,

"Get on with it, bitches!"

And the bitches got on with it. They started kissing each other. And not just pecks, but proper lip-to-lip lingering kisses with their tongues playing with each other. I found that whole clip extremely hot. I had often fantasized about seeing Yashodhara with another woman. But even after our recent experiments, she had refused to entertain the idea, saying it seemed "yucky". And here she was, obviously loving the way Jojo was kissing her. When the clip ended ten minutes later, one look at both their faces made a fact clear. Jojo was not really turned on by what she had done, although she had played her part perfectly. But Yashodhara was turned on beyond belief, as I could see from the way had that familiar look. When they got done kissing, she just breathed heavily and stared at Jojo for a while before Eric yelled at them to get up.

The next clip turned me on and disturbed me. Or rather, I was disturbed by how much it turned me on. Because it was the first look at my wife being subjected to hardcore BDSM. Until then she had just been handcuffed or hit on her ass, which is really no big deal, given how fleshy her ass is. But this one was wild. The clip started with Jojo turning Yashodhara on to her front and then putting her knee on her back. She then told Yashodhara to bend her legs in the knee as far as she could, which she did. Jojo then took a thick rope and tied it around each leg tightly. She then took both of Yashodhara's hands and pulled them towards the feet really hard making her arch her back as much as she could. Holding the hands there, she used the end of the same rope that tied her feet to tie her hands tightly right next to the feet.

Yashodhara's body was completely stretched arched in a D shape, with her hands and shins forming the straight line and her thighs and torso forming the curved part. Her big firm boobs were spread apart and jutting out. The discomfort was clearly visible on her face, but I also noticed that her nipples were erect, which meant she was getting pleasure out of this. Jojo then got off her back and sat next to her side. Eric then entered the picture, fully naked, with his dick fully erect. He grabbed hold of Yashodhara's hair and roughly yanked it upwards, so that her head was touching her back and her face looking at him.

He then slapped her across both cheeks one by one a few times really hard, and I saw tears well up in her eyes. His fingers left their red marks on her face. Eric then got on his knees in front of Yashodhara and roughly inserted his cock into her mouth. She started making gagging noises like Jojo had been in the first clip when Eric did the same to her. But Eric kept fucking her mouth fast and hard, and I was convinced that part of his dick was sliding up and down my petite wife's throat. After about half a minute, he took his dick out and Yashodhara started coughing and retching, and gasping for air. As she did that, he slapped her again a couple of times.

"Want more, bitch?" he asked sternly, and I was shocked as my wife said,

"Yes, master. More, master." in an unrecognizably lustful voice. She was clearly enjoying this, and honestly, so was I. I knew that it turned me on to see another man fuck my wife, but I had no idea that her being abused would also get me horny.

I watched with my dick erect again as Eric shoved his dick down her throat again and fucked it mercilessly for a minute more. Yashodhara kept making the gagging noises, but there were also moans of pleasure in between. Eric then made a gesture to Jojo who had been watching all this with fire-filled eyes. She must have had this experience herself and was excited to see someone else put through it.

Jojo got up and reached above her head to pull down another rope which was apparently hanging from the roof. It had a carabineer at the end and although I could not see the roof, the way she stretched the rope, I guessed there was some sort of a pulley mechanism at the other end. Jojo took the carabineer and snapped it into the rope around Yashodhara's hands. She then pulled the carabineer hard to make sure it was shut and said meekly,

"It's done, master."

Eric got off the bed and disappeared from view. Then I heard a squeaking noise and saw the rope from the roof pulling Yashodhara up by the hands. Her boobs were lifted from the bed, then her stomach, then her crotch and thighs until she was arched straight like an actual D, with just her knees resting on the bed. Yashodhara started whining in pain, but not too loudly. Eric got back on the bed and stood in front of her. He then grabbed hold of her head with her hair and shoved his dick into her mouth once more. Because she was hoisted straight, she could not take his huge dick down her throat and half of it stayed out even when he pushed it in the most. This time, he fucked her mouth longer, maybe 2 minutes or so.

This time when he took his dick out, Yashodhara started coughing again and I could see tears streaming down her cheeks. Eric bent down, grabbed her face with one hand and started kissing her hard. To my surprise, she kissed back enthusiastically, and when they broke the kiss, there was a loud smooching sound followed by an "ahhhh" from Yashodhara.

Eric disappeared from the view again, and the squeaking noise started once more. Yashodhara's body was lowered back on to the bed and I thought it was over when Jojo took the carabineer off. But instead of letting it go she moved to the back and snapped it on the portion of the rope between Yashodhara's feet. And the squeaking noise started again as Yashodhara's body started getting hoisted once more, this time upside down. This time, Eric cranked the pulley more than earlier, so her whole body was lifted off the bed, and was left hanging and swaying a couple of feet above it. This time because she was suspended in the air, Yashodhara's body was hanging at a weird angle, kinda like a D tilted forward at 45 degrees. Which meant her face was facing the bed and her boobs were hanging downwards, towards her neck.

I was curious to see how Eric would fuck her mouth at this angle. But when he got back on the bed, it was clear that he had no intention of doing that. Instead, he started slapping her on her pussy really hard, and Yashodhara started yelping in pain. Eric made a gesture to Jojo who got down on her knees, bent in the waist and moved her head forwards and upwards until her mouth was just under Yashodhara's nipples. She then started biting the nipples really hard, making Yashodhara howl even more. Meanwhile, Eric continued slapping her pussy.

This went on for a minute or so until Yashodhara's crying got really plaintive, and Jojo stopped biting her nipples, stared at her crying face and said in a very stern and unrecognizable voice,

"Eric, that's enough! Bring her down at once!"

Eric recognized the urgent tone of her voice and immediately jumped off the bed, and soon Yashodhara's body started being lowered. Jojo immediately took the carabineer off and started untying Yashodhara's hands and feet. After she was untied, Yashodhara kept her hands on her pussy and kept bawling like an uncontrollable baby. Jojo lied down and hugged her softly, keeping Yashodhara's head on her own big boobs and said,

"There there. It'll be OK. Now we know your threshold, and I promise, it'll never ever get to that."

As Yashodhara lay there, looking like a child in the arms of the much bigger woman, Eric slowly advanced towards the camera, looked back to make sure they weren't looking, and then brought his face really close to the lens and said,

"Hey Ramon, they seem to be getting along really well." and then he winked. And that's where the clip ended.

The next clip was the most bondage-free clip of them all. No cuffing or pain, except for some mild spanking. It was also the hottest one so far. It started with both Yashodhara and Jojo on their knees on the bed in front of Eric. Yashodhara seemed to have come back to normal and maybe even washed her face because there were no signs of tear streaks on her face. Jojo caught her hair and gently guided her open mouth towards Eric's erect dick. This time he stayed still, and did not fuck her mouth. Instead, Yashodhara started sucking his tool, using her skillful technique, which brought a grunt out of Eric's throat. After a minute or so, Yashodhara took it out of her mouth and put it into Jojo's who started slurping at it hungrily.

After a few minutes of the two ladies alternately sucking his dick, Eric got down on his knees in front of them and hugged them both together in one embrace. He then let go of Jojo and focused on Yashodhara, kissing her softly and passionately. As they kissed, he slowly pushed her to the bed on her back and got on top of her. He then got between her legs and very slowly, penetrated her cunt with his dick.

"Oh God Yessssss!" Yashodhara almost screamed in delight. "Finally!!! Thank you, master!"

Eric smiled and started fucking her gently, as he started playing with her boobs. Jojo moved next to them and started kissing Yashodhara who kissed back hungrily. She also kept moaning in pleasure as Eric increased his speed and started fucking her faster. But just as her moans got deeper, Eric took his dick out, and pulled Jojo towards him. He made her lay down right next to Yashodhara, their asses touching and starting fucking Jojo's cunt.

Yashodhara's played with herself lying down as Eric kept fucking Jojo right next to her. He then pulled out and started fucking Yashodhara again and then Jojo started playing with herself. After fucking for Yashodhara for a while more he took his dick out, moved back a little and spanked both the ladies on the sides of their hips.

"Get on all fours like the bitches you are." he ordered and spanked them again.

Yashodhara and Jojo both giggled as they rolled over, grabbing on to each others hands for support. They then got on their hands and knees right next to each other and spread their knees wide. The sight was very erotic. Two beautiful asses, one bigger and browner than the other, thrust backwards. Below the asscrack, two wet shaved pussies. I envied Eric as he spent a few minutes spanking them both and fingering their cunts as both of them started moaning.

Then he started fucking Jojo from the back, doggy style. With one hand, he grabbed her hips as her thrust into her. And with the fingers of his other hand, he started playing with Yashodhara's cunt. Both the slaves were enjoying their master paying attention to their cunts simultaneously and were moaning and grunting loudly.

"Kiss each other." Eric ordered, and the two complied, turning their faces towards each other and starting to kiss very sloppily and sexily. As the two kept kissing, Eric changed his position and was now fucking Yashodhara and fingering Jojo. He was hammering Yashodhara a lot harder and faster than he did Jojo, and the speed and Yashodhara's muffled yelps reminded me of their clip in the bathroom that I had seen on her phone.

After fucking Yashodhara exclusively for five minutes, Eric withdrew. He got off the bed and announced that he was going to get some rope. The ladies stayed like that, on their knees, kissing hungrily and their asses sticking out. Then Yashodhara took one hand off the bed and stretched it backwards, reaching for Jojo's ass. She fondled the ass for a few seconds and then ran her finger down the ass crack until she was at Jojo's cunt. She then put her fingers inside Jojo's cunt and started fucking it. Jojo let out a pleased moan, took her hand to the back and started doing the same to Yashodhara's cunt.

When Eric came back, he seemed a little surprised and delighted at the hot scene that awaited him, of the two women on their knees, kissing each other and fingering each other. He just stayed like that, with pieces of rope in his hand, watching them for a few minutes, drinking in the erotic sight. I couldn't blame him. There are few things kinkier than watching two hot women on all fours like bitches, wearing contrasting leather teddies and boots, pleasuring each other, with their lips as well as fingers at the same time.

Eric then approached them standing on the bed. He bent down and grabbed Yashodhara by the waist. She let out a small yelp as he effortlessly picked her up and held her in the air for a couple of seconds. She looked like a little puppy being picked up by its side, with all her limbs hanging downwards. Eric then moved her in the air towards Jojo and gently placed her on Jojo's back. Yashodhara's boobs mashed against Jojo's shoulderblades and her face rested against the back of Jojo's head.

But even hotter was how it looked lower down. Because Yashodhara was a lot shorter than Jojo, he ass ended where Jojo's started, and her thighs came down in front of Jojo's too. It was a sexy looking double stack of asses, legs and cunts. Picture how it would have looked from the back, from Eric's perspective. Yashodhara's lovely buttcheeks, below that her sopping shaved cunt, then Jojo's big butt and her bald cunt.

Yashodhara was having a little trouble staying balanced like that and kept squirming from side to side trying to find a stable position. And then I realized the purpose for the ropes. To hold this ass-cunt club sandwich together. Eric had four pieces of rope in his hand. He used each of them to tie together each of Jojo's and Yashodhara's limbs. Now their right hands were tied together, right legs, and so on. When Eric got done with the ropes, Yashodhara seemed to be perfectly fixed on top of Jojo and their asses and cunts were stationary.

Eric stood back and admired his work for a few seconds. Then he took some steps towards the camera, looked at the lens and said "How dya like that Ramon? A cunt sandwich that I am gonna drill into." he then winked and went back to the bed.

Eric started on his knees with fucking Jojo, and since they were tied together, Yashodhara's asscheeks jiggled too. Both ladies were moaning again, but Jojo louder because obviously, it was her cunt being hammered. After fucking her nicely for a while, he got off his knees, on to his feet and took a couple of steps forward until his dick was hanging above Yashodhara's ass. He bent his knees to bring his dick at level with my wife's cunt and then penetrated it and started fucking her. Now Yashodhara's moans got louder.

After fucking the two doggy style on top of each other a few times, Eric took a step back. He then reached down with his hand until it was on Jojo's side and pushed her very hard sideways. Both the ladies helped as their stack toppled over to one side with a thump. Then they started giggling at the weird pose they were in, as if tied together while spooning. Except of course this time the little spoon was on the outside.

Eric then got between their legs, grabbed their left legs which were tied together, and stretched them straight upwards. The resulting sight was erotic too, with both their cunts stretched and displayed as both their legs were wide apart. Holding their legs up like that, Eric got on his knees, brought his dick closer and then started fucking them both, one stroke at a time. He'd drill his dick into Yashodhara's cunt, take it out and then drill it into Jojo's cunt and then back to Yashodhara. Both ladies let out throaty grunts alternately as Eric started finding his rhythm and fucked them like that harder. It was amazing to see how rapidly his hips moved as he hammered both the cunt one by one at a great speed. Yashodhara's boobs were pressed between their bodies, but it was a delight to see Jojo's massive jugs shake up and down with each thrust.

This erotic position lasted for about five minutes and then he rolled them over again, on their backs. Now Jojo was on top of Yashodhara, and I was surprised the bigger woman's weight didn't break my wife's ribs. Yashodhara did let out an uncomfortable grunt, so Jojo said,

"You ok there Yoyo? Am I too heavy for ya?"

"It's fine. Not too bad." Yashodhara replied in a slightly breathless voice.

"Good. Time to finish you two off." Eric said and got between their legs and stretched them apart. Since Jojo was taller, her crotch and ass were completely hiding Yashodhara's in this position. So Eric grabbed hold of their legs and lifted them high and high and higher, until both their asses were off the bed and their combined weight was being supported just by Yashodhara's back and shoulders. But in this position, Yashodhara's dripping cunt was accessible and even slightly opened up.

With any further ado, Eric thrust his dick into my wife's cunt and started fucking her rapidly. Yashodhara's moans, even though muffled by Jojo's head in front of her, were audible enough to show that in this position, Eric was hitting the right spots in her and already she was on her way. Eric had been fucking the two of them for over half an hour now and I was not surprised that she was close to an orgasm. Eric started hammering her even faster, his thighs almost a blur, and very soon my wife started howling and cursing loudly.

"OHHHH GODDDDD YESSSS...OH OH OH...YEA YEA YEA...MMMMMMM" she yelled, and then I suddenly heard Jojo say,

"OW! She bit my shoulder really hard." and started laughing.

Yashodhara was too lost in the throes of her orgasm to have heard it and she started thrashing her arms around, making Jojo's hands thrash around too and her massive tits gyrate. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Yashodhara's orgasm subsided and her howls turned into grunts and then into whimpers, and she said,

"Thank you, master. that was worth the night long wait."

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