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Indian Wife's Sister


As the train chugged into the station, Amit surged forward. There was a big crowd and he did not want to miss his sister-in-law Anju who was arriving from Delhi to spend a fortnight with them. Amit and Anita had been married for ten years and Anju was younger than Anita by ten years. Since Anita was 33 Anju was now 23.He reached the compartment in which Anju was supposed to be travelling. Due to the pressure of work, Amit had not attended a number of family functions due to which it had been almost four years since he had seen Anju.

As Anju alighted from the train, Amit stood transfixed. This girl had changed tremendously over the past four years. Anju was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans and a sleeveless crop top which left her stomach tantalizingly exposed. The jeans was buttoned about an inch below the navel and the belly button looked gorgeous. Her shapely and nail polished feet were encased in platform heeled sandals. A clip held her hair in place.

‘Hi Jiju.’ She said locking her arms around Amit’s neck. ‘ How are you? Where is Didi?’ she asked with childish impulsiveness. Amit had felt her well endowed young breast press against his chest. Gulping down the saliva that had formed in his throat he replied, ‘ It has been such a long time since I saw you. Didi is at home. Come.’ He said helping Anju in picking up the luggage.

Their house was not very far from the Railway Station. The car took barely ten minutes to deposit them there. As Anju ran inside, Amit could not but help thinking how incredibly sexy this child-woman had become.

‘Oh, didi, what has happened to your foot?’ Anju asked as she saw her sister in the bed with surgical cloth wrapped around her heel. ‘ And why didn’t you tell me?’

‘What benefit would that have done? As it is you were coming to visit us after so many days. And this is nothing serious, just a sprain. Will be okay within a day or two.’ Anita replied lovingly. ‘ It has been such a long time since I saw you. My! You have become really lovely.’

‘Become? Was I not lovely earlier?’ Anju laughed and stiffened on sensing the presence of a young man near her. He was about 25, with a height of about 5 feet 9 inches. However what surprised Anju was the respectful and servile manner in which he was standing.

‘Anju, this is Bhavu. He is the brother of Bhasu. Now who is Bhasu? Bhasu is the husband of our maid Lakshmi. Because of this sprain I have asked him to help me around the house.’

‘Can I take the suitcase to her room, Mem Sahib?’ Bhavu had a sonorous voice that had a unique charm. Anju just couldn’t believe that this young man was the brother in law of the maid.

‘He hardly looks the servant types.’ She said to Anita after Bhavu had left the room with the suitcase.

‘Yes. He has done a course of compoundership. Those people who help the doctors.’ Anita replied.

‘Compounder?’ Anju threw her head back and laughed. ‘I thought compounders had become extinct long time back. In this part of India they are still around? And Didi you have not even enquired about my trip to France.’

‘Oh yes, tell me how it was.’ Anita asked.

‘Absolutely wonderful. Gorgeous! And I have brought such lovely dresses,perfumes and nighties from there. I have brought things for you, Jiju and the kids as well.’ Anju said.

‘That is so sweet of you. But the train journey must have exhausted you. Have a bath and change. Bhavu, please show Anju to her room’ Anita said.

‘Okay.’ Anju said. With her sandals in hand, she followed Bhavu to her room. Somehow his presence was not unwelcome.

He kept her suitcase on a low table, and quietly left the room. Strange, she thought. This man is one of the taciturn types. Pushing the sandals under the bed, she unlocked her suitcase and was rummaging through the various items of clothing, when she picked up her head and saw Bhavu in the doorway. The way Anju was bent, the loose cloth of the crop top had fallen forward showing off a substantial portion of her ample cleavage.

‘Yes?’ she asked enquiringly.

‘Is there anything you want?’ he asked.

‘No, thank you.’ she smiled at him. He soon withdrew. What sort of a man is this she thought? He could have asked me this when he came to keep the suitcase. Anyway, she went to the bathroom and stripped. There was a full mirror there and Anju spent a considerable amount of time in admiring herself. She had always liked what she had seen in the mirror but over the past one year, she too had started loving the glow on her own body. Her breasts were what had received the maximum compliments from people during her recent trip to France with friends. Initially she had been hesitant to strip, but once she had done that, she thanked God for having done it. Fully round with not the slightest semblance of drooping, they were 34 C, capped by pinkish pert nipples which made most of the people think that she too was an European . Her pussy just below the flat stomach was mostly shaved but with a neatly trimmed triangle of hair on top. Her pussy lips were slightly off tone to the rest of her skin, having just a slight pinkish hue and somewhat puffy. Smooth, hairless, long legs and beautifully manicured feet. She opened the shower and watched as the nipples, suitably titillated by the jet of water stood completely erect. Anju felt aroused and soon directed the jets of water elsewhere. Suitably relaxed, she switched off the tap, patted herself dry with the towel and entered her room again. The France trip had made her quite comfortable with nudity. Keeping the towel on the chair, she chose panty and a nightie to wear. Though it was afternoon, she knew that she would be sleeping after lunch, so why indulge in unnecessary formalities?

‘Oh Anju, love. Please do me a favour.’ Anita called from her room. ‘There are certain clothes to be given for ironing. Bhavu has kept the clothes there. Since he is busy helping Lakshmi lay the lunch, please note down the items and number of clothes given.’

‘Sure.’ Anju said. She sat on the sofa with the pencil and copy. Since it was difficult to write that way, she kept her feet about a foot away from one another on the sofa while the knees were together and provided rest to the copy so as to enable her to write. In this angle, her panty was fully visible from the kitchen. Without her knowledge Bhavu was drinking in this lovely sight unable to believe his good luck while Anju kept writing blissfully unaware that the contours of her virgin pussy lips were visible. Bhavu stared hard to see the presence of any pubic hair but there was none. Bhavu was not the only one who saw this sight. Even Anita did but from her position she did not know that Bhavu could see what she was seeing. She thought of telling Anju but decided against it. After all it had been so long that Anju had last visited them. Moreover she was a young grown up girl. Such comments would only go to irritate her.

Once Anju’s work was over, she went to Anita. ‘ Thanks, love.’ Anita said. ‘That is a pretty nightie you have there. And this peach colour is my favourite’

‘This, Yes, it is nice. I have ones that are even more revealing. I was under the impression that only Lakshmi was working here. Now this boy, Bhavu…. That is why I wore this.’

‘That is thoughtful of you but Bhavu is a well behaved and good boy.’ Anita said .‘And yes, tomorrow I have to go to Bombay with your Jiju for a function of his office. His chairman is coming and I just have to be there.’

‘Didi, tomorrow Ashok is also coming.’ Anju said shyly.

‘Your fiancé?’ Anita was surprised. ‘ Now you are getting naughty. You called him here?’

‘No, didi. Tomorrow is the inauguration of a night club and that is owned by one of his close friends. He has insisted that I too go along. Will that be okay, Didi?’

‘Okay. But where will he stay?’ Anita was not too thrilled with the idea if a boy staying in the same house with Anju.

‘He has another friend with whom he will stay. I promise everything will be fine.’ Anju pleaded.

‘Okay. But we will leave in the morning. The house will be open. You can take whatever you like. The other car will be here. You should take Bhavu to drive the both of you. Your Jiju is very particular about driver being present. So even if Ashok drives, do take Bhavu. In case of a puncture or any other emergency.’

‘Thanks, Didi. Thanks a lot.’ Anju hugged Anita tightly.

Anju was so happy. Ashok was a person she liked a lot and at that age she did not know whether that was actually love. The trip to France had been an eye opener. People were so comfortable with nudity there. Seeing the matter-of-fact manner with which even full nudity was treated there, she too had got a number of such photographs clicked. There were ten of them; three of which showed off her body from the front, fully nude. Watching them always gave her a frisson of excitement. She again took out the envelope from the suitcase and again gave them a cursory glance.

Bhavu had in the meanwhile developed an erection. Even with his eyes closed, the sight of those silky smooth satin like legs, the pretty painted toes, the demure anklet and finally the ultimate: virgin pussy lips constrained by the cloth of the panty. Bhavu was resolute. He just had to find a way to see those lips and to give the lovely young lady an orgasm she would never forget even in a hurry.

The next morning, Anita and Amit left early in the morning. They said that while they would try to return by night, they could not promise that. Once the night club function was over, they would send the car the next day.

Ashok, Anju’s fiancé reached late in the afternoon. His train had got delayed. He too was almost as old as Bhavu. He was quite tall at 6 feet and had a stout body to go with his pleasant face.

‘Hi there.’ Anju said as she rushed to kiss him. ‘How have you been? I have been waiting so long for you. Bhavu, will you please pick up his suitcase?’

For Bhavu the morning had been very fruitful. Since Anita and Amit had left he got an opportunity to hang around the house under the pretext that if Anju needed anything he would be there. Anju too preferred to remain in the same nightie that she had worn. She took out a saree to be worn for the evening, pressed it and arranged all the cosmetics. Suddenly she seemed to realize that the pink/red color of the nail polish was not going with the silver colour of the saree. Bhavu couldn’t believe his luck when she again sat as she had done the previous day. Slowly and carefully she removed the nail polish from the toes. She appeared to be more relaxed and carried on small conversation with Bhavu. Bhavu himself wondered whether she knew that he could see her pussy lips as clearly as he could see her face. His erection had strained against the underwear so hard that he was afraid that the precum would start to show.

At around 6 in the evening, Anju and Ashok were ready to leave. Anju was looking much more ravishing than what she was looking in the day. Tastefully done make up, a lovely saree tied well below the belly button adorned with an appropriate shimmer, a halter neck blouse, exposing her back in all its majesty with a black beauty spot situated exactly where the bones formed a slight gorge, matching silver colored nail enamel that complimented the dainty anklets in her pretty ankles. For Bhavu it was a tremendous effort to be able to draw his gaze from her. The only thing that kept bothering him was the erection that refused to go down.

The inaugural ceremony was on in full swing when they reached there. All through the way as Bhavu drove, he could hear subdued laughter from the back seat that usually comes when a girl is being teased but is loving it at the same time and this made him squirm even more.

‘Bhavu, could you please stop the vehicle for a little while at this telephone booth? I have a telephone call to make?’ Ashok said to Bhavu.

As Bhavu was pulling up the vehicle, Anju said, ‘Why here? You can make the call from the house itself.’

‘Sure, I can but I would like to purchase a few cigarettes too and to tell my friend that I will be spending the night with him.’

Ashok got down from the car and as he was moving towards the telephone booth, he slipped on the steps leading to the counter and fell down. His head hit the pavement and a jet of blood squirted from just above his eyed lid. Anju and Bhavu were watching this and as the gravity of the situation struck Anju, she screamed. Bhavu however emerged from the car with lightning speed and with the help of a few passers by brought Ashok back into the car. A handkerchief kept the flow of blood in check. With Bhavu’s help, Ashok was led to Anju’s bedroom and he lay on the bed. Like an expert, Bhavu arranged for the antiseptic liquid and the bandage and in no time, the wound had been dressed and a proper bandage was in place. Since it was causing a lot of pain to Ashok, Bhavu prepared an injection and administered it to Ashok. Within no time, Ashok started feeling drowsy and soon sank into a deep slumber.

‘Thank you so much, Bhavu!’ Anju said holding his hand She was in tears. ‘You have been such a help.’

‘That is okay.I…….’ Bhavu did not complete the sentence.

‘What is it Bhavu? You have something in mind.’ Anju enquired.

‘It is okay. I think I’ll go.’

‘Just stay till I strip and get a shower.’ Anju said and went to the bathroom. Bhavu sat by the side of Ashok as he slept fitfully. From the bathroom he could hear the water cascading down Anju’s nude body and his cock was again straining at the cloth of his trousers. He was just wondering as to what should be his next step, when the telephone rang. The shrill voice cut through the otherwise silent house and lest it disturb Ashok, Anju came bounding out of the bathroom, wrapping her robe around her, as she ran to the phone her wet bare feet making virtually no noise.. She was still wet, her hair Bhavugling in her eyes, and the wetness causing the robe to cling to her sexy curves.

The sight was intoxicatingly hot. Anju’s light blue robe, though long enough, had split open below the waist, when she sat down. She perhaps didn’t realize it, and Bhavu was trying hard not to be caught staring.

Caught up in the phone conversation, her entire legs were showing, as the split robe had fallen easily along both sides of her long, well-toned legs. Bhavu was imagining himself kissing her smooth inner thighs.

In the moments that seemed to go on for a lifetime, he also determined that she had very smooth, freshly shaved legs, adorned by the silver anklets that had teased him so much during the course of the evening.

After what seemed an eternity the conversation was finally over. She looked at Bhavu and smiled. It was obvious that the bath had done a lot to relax her and she was her normal self again.

‘Just wait for a while. I’ll be back in a second.’ She smiled at Bhavu as she ran back to the bathroom. Anju was feeling very happy and relaxed somewhat akin to what one feels after a roller coaster ride. Ashok was okay and would be all right in a day or two. Bhavu had been absolutely wonderful. Anju decided to reward herself. Smiling to herself in the solitary confines of the bathroom, she took out a packet and slowly, almost lovingly unwrapped it. What emerged was a thick, long, smooth and shiny vibrator. It was about 9 inches long and it was jet black in colour.

At the base of the vibrator it had a small finger-like protrusion that was about 3 inches long. It curled back up the vibrator, and from the base there was a small wire coming out. It was a remote controlled vibrator and could be operated from within a range of 20 metres. Before doing anything more, she inserted both the batteries into the remote. With the vibrator in one hand and the remote in the other, she switched on the remote and jumped as the vibrator came to life. It had three speed limits and as Anju experimented with one limit after another, she felt herself becoming wet. God, such ingenuity! And all for the sake of feminine pleasure.

She got so taken away by her new toy that she completely forgot about the existence of Bhavu. Gingerly she touched the tip of the vibrator to her pussy lips and felt the cold impersonal touch of the vibrator. With just a little more pressure, it started sliding in, smoothly filling her up with a pleasant sensation. Suddenly it struck her that it would perhaps be a better idea if she let it remain there for a while .Motionless.

It was at this moment that the door bell rang. Cursing the visitor under her breath, Anju put on a pair of jeans taking care to ensure that the vibrator stayed in place and a loose top. Since the remote was in her hand, she casually left it on top of the television as she made her way to the door. The chime of the bell had disturbed the sleep of Ashok as well and he too appeared to be on the verge of waking up.

‘Bhavu, I think Ashok is waking up. Please go to his room and see if he needs anything.’ She said to Bhavu as she opened the door. Somehow she was feeling very charged erotically on talking to other people when they did not know that she had a vibrator tucked in the most secret of places.

The visitor was Mrs. Gupta. Anita had telephoned her to go and see whether Anju needed anything. A lady in her mid fifties, Mrs. Gupta always seemed eager for a chat and even before Anju could say thank you she had made her way in and had made herself comfortable on the sofa. Ashok was still recovering from the hangover and was not too pleased to find Bhavu in the room instead of Anju.

‘Where is Anju?’ he asked trying to focus on the things in the room.

‘Some visitor has come and she is attending to them.’ Bhavu replied.

‘Okay, put on the TV.’ Ashok said to Bhavu.

The TV set that Bhavu was used to handling did not have a remote; so Bhavu picked up the remote that was lying on the TV set and switched it. That was the very moment when Anju had handed over a glass of water to Mrs. Gupta and was just about to sit down, when she felt the vibrator come to life. The sensations of pleasure engulfed her and she could see the startled expression on Mrs. Gupta’s face.

‘What is that noise?’ she asked.

‘Something in the kitchen.’ She replied briefly and then crossed her legs. She wanted to tear off her clothes and more than anything else she wanted this lady to leave.

Mrs. Gupta asked her the details of the incident due to which Ashok had got injured. As Anju was replying to the best of her ability, she felt the vibrator’s speed go up to the next level. The pleasurable sensations were engulfing her with an intensity that had not been ever experienced before. Anju pulled her bare foot into her lap and started playing with her anklets. Anything to postpone the orgasm that was almost inevitable in the presence of her sister’s neighbour.

Ashok was getting irritated. What use was this guy if he could not even put on a TV! Bhavu was also sensing Ashok’s pique and he hurriedly put on another button which elevated the motion of the vibrator to the third and highest level.

Anju was squirming now and only a blind person would have been unable to see the expressions on her face. Mrs. Gupta thought that perhaps an evil spirit had overtaken the body of this girl and so she excused herself to leave. As Anju came to the door to see her off, the vibrator thankfully stopped. Anju did not know whether to be happy now that she could be more composed and normal, or to be cross at the sudden cessation of the pleasure.

‘I am so sorry that I could not attend to you. Actually at times I get a sudden attack of pain in my abdomen.’ Anju said.

‘Its okay, darling. Take rest.’ Mrs. Gupta said positively unconvinced.

Bhavu had found the correct TV remote finally and as Anju ran to the room ,she found Ashok seeing the TV still drowsy.

Anju went to the bathroom, virtually tore off the jeans and as she took out the vibrator saw that it was dripping with her juices. She took off the top as well and wore the towel gown that she had worn before. She looked into the mirror, brushed her hair to make herself presentable and emerged from the bathroom. Ashok had again fallen asleep thanks to the monotonous tone of the talks on the TV. Letting him sleep, she and Bhavu made their way to the drawing room. As they sat down, she smiled at Bhavu.

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