tagNovels and NovellasInfidelity Revisited Ch. 11

Infidelity Revisited Ch. 11


Charmaine was awakened the next morning by a movement in her bed. She opened her eyes a little, and noticed that it was Danny. He had stripped to his underwear and slipped into bed with her. She smiled, and kissed him, snuggling closer. He was a little late, it was almost eleven, though to her it seemed like it was very early. After all, she was kept up by Ryan until nearly four thirty!

She closed her eyes, guilt going to war with arousal within her. She felt good in Danny’s arms. She felt safe. She enjoyed her time with him, and was happy with him.

So why was she always running to Ryan? Guilt won the war. She had to fight back the tears and she closed her eyes, feigning sleep to cover her inner struggles.

How could she? Not only that, but how could she so OFTEN? She couldn’t explain it! She went to Ryan before work yesterday – just to get fucked. Why? She couldn’t wait until later? Nonsense. The idea of her not being able to go the day without Ryan’s big cock was stupid. So why did she do it?

It was easy to question herself now. She was in Danny’s arms. She loved him. They had their troubles over those first two years, and she cheated on him then – but things were so good now! Why put that at risk?

She dug deep within her for answers to the questions, but could never find justification, only explanation. Ryan seduced her that first night. She fell prey to his charms, to his looks. He timed everything perfectly and Charmaine ended up letting him inside her. He was such a fantastic lover that she was easily seduced a second time. From there, she was hooked. Could she stop it?

She analyzed further, trying to find answers. After he fucked her before work yesterday, shouldn’t that have been enough? Why did SHE seduce HIM in her friend’s bathroom?

She was drunk. That was all she could come up with. Even if that excuse were true, wouldn’t having him screw her twice in one day be more than sufficient? So why did she invite him over late last night – especially considering she had to be up early for Danny? Why was she so horny for Ryan that she would risk having her mother catch her in the act of infidelity, just to have him fuck her a THIRD time that day?

She even let him in her ass – something she had yet to let Danny do! Charmaine pushed closer to her boyfriend, resolving to ease off on Ryan. How would she do that? It wasn’t love, it was infatuation…right? She was already becoming turned on by him! She would see him tomorrow after work, just like she planned with him. She would let him down at that point.

That much resolved, she made love to her boyfriend. Almost as if she was sealing the deal. It was fantastic. They were good together, though his average sized penis didn’t scratch the itch as much as Ryan’s did. She forced the comparison out of her head.

Danny loved Charmaine and the passion of his lovemaking made that clear. He had no idea that the mouth he kissed had another man’s cock in it not seven hours earlier. He had no idea that the ass he held had another man’s penis in it, or the pussy that he made love to still had the remnants of another man’s semen. Just HOURS ago! She let Danny cum inside her because she loved him. It would also give her an excuse to go to the clinic an take a morning after pill. She did, after all, let Ryan do the same thing.

They made love again that night, Charmaine trying desperately to rekindle and strengthen her sexual interest in Danny. It would make it a lot easier for her to end things with Ryan.

The next day, a Saturday, Charmaine worked from 11 to 3 at her part time job. She told Danny that she got off at 4. Technically, that would prove to be true. She would be “getting off” around that time.

He watched her get dressed, admiring her beautiful body. She wore light blue panties and a light blue bra. Her hair was up, showing off her beautiful face in its entirety. His eyes trailed up and down her tanned body, taking it all in. He would definitely jerk off when she left! Her ass looked amazing in those panties, he thought. The tiny, blue triangle at the back left little to the imagination. She put on a white blouse, and stepped into black dress pants. They were snug. On her feet she wore her black heels. She was facing away from him. Man, she has a nice ass, Danny thought.


Man, she has a nice ass, Ryan thought. He fell to his knees behind her and kissed her bum over her snug black pants. Charmaine felt tingles run up her body, originating from her crotch. She had just arrived, they were in the kitchen. She had greeted him with a peck on the mouth, and then went to his kitchen to get some water. She put the glass down as she felt his lips on her ass, taking a deep breath.

She had been thinking about him all shift. Thinking about what she would say. The longer the shift was, the less she thought of ending things, and the more she thought of just cooling things down, allowing for occasional trysts.

She thought of Danny, and was able to maintain focus. Until now. The guy she was supposedly going to dump, was raining kisses on her ass, and his hands were undoing her button. Charmaine made no move to stop him. She felt her zipper slide down, and the tingling in her pussy intensified, and she could feel herself getting wetter. Her breathing deepened.

Ryan tugged at her pants and she remained passive as her pants slid down to her knees, revealing her beautiful ass barely covered by her panties. He kissed her naked ass cheeks, right beside her panties. Charmaine found herself bending over a little further for him. He kissed her pussy over her panties, just underneath her ass. Bolts of pleasure shot up her body.

Her breathing grew heavier as she inwardly decided that she would have him one more time. How would one more fuck make things any worse? How easy it was to justify, when there was a mouth manipulating your pussy!

Ryan put his fingers on one side of her underwear and slowly eased them to one side, slowly revealing her horny cunt. Her pink lips were swollen and glistening with moisture, and he could smell the strong scent of her arousal. He kissed them gently, watching them quiver at his touch. Tingles shot up her body at his kiss, and she let out a soft cry.

He grabbed those panties, the ones that Danny was staring at just over four hours ago, and did what Danny was dying to do at the time. He slid them down her sexy legs. They were caught in the crack of her ass a little, causing them to roll over on themselves. They came loose and he was able to roll the skimpy things down to her knees with her pants.

He placed a hand on each soft ass cheek and spread them wide, revealing her tight asshole, and her needy slit underneath. He buried his face in her ass, sliding his tongue far into her pussy instantly.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned. He slowly pulled his tongue out of her, running it along the roof of her tunnel, gathering her flowing juices. He lightly placed his tongue against her clitoris and slowly ran it along her swollen slit to her ass, sending more thrills up her spine.

She found herself rubbing her ass back against his face, trying to get more of his expert tongue. He sucked her pussy into his mouth, holding it in place as his tongue danced all over it. Charmaine bent over further, hoping he would touch her clit. Her orgasm was building, she needed his tongue on her clit!

Ryan’s hands squeezed her ass harder, spreading it wider to allow his face better access. He released her slit, getting further underneath her. His mouth grabbed at her tiny button, sucking it softly, shooting bolts up her body. “Ohhhh…” she sighed again, writhing herself back against him. The pleasure was building more and more, she didn’t know how much longer she could last! She opened her legs a little more, giving him full access to her pussy. She was gasping for breath, almost there.

“MMMMMMM…” she cried, cumming, biting her lip. Her heart was pounding violently, she was wincing as her pussy convulsed around his expert tongue. Her bare feet were on their toes on the linoleum as she came and came and came. Ryan licked her mercilessly as she battled through her orgasm. Her head was in her arms on the cupboard, her entire body was tensed up as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her.

He kissed her quivering pussy one more time, and kissed each of her ass cheeks before standing up behind her. He tore off his T-shirt and pushed his pants and underwear down to his knees. Nine and half inches of rock hard manhood was released. He couldn’t get any harder, and he was aching to get inside this goddess.

Charmaine remained bent over passively before him, wanting this even more than he did. He slapped his dick on her lovely ass, taking pleasure in watching her cheeks quiver with each contact. Without wasting any more time, he placed the fat head of his dick under her ass at the entrance to her treasure. He could feel the moisture and the heat that was on her slit as he pressed his penis forward.

“Ohhhh God!” she moaned, arching her head back as she felt her hungry pussy lips open up and allow his cock to squeeze inside a little. Instantly her pussy was gripping over five inches of his monster organ.

Ryan loved the feel of her heat tightly enveloping him. He hasn’t been inside her for 36 hours and already she had tightened up! He gripped the sides of her ass and pulled back a little. He was staring at her ass, and how her pink skin pulled outward along with his cock when he withdrew. He slammed forward, roughly.

“UNH!” she gasped, bolts of pleasure firing up her body from her crotch. Her ass cheeks shook with the impact. He was inside her all the way. Once again, Charmaine was committing adultery. Just one day after she resolved to end her relationship with Ryan, his cock was buried inside her!

Monday she would end it. Yes, Monday. Enjoy today. Enjoy the hour that she has with him, and Monday, when there is more time for them to talk, she will end it. Her decision was incredibly easy to justify when a massive cock was sliding in and out of her!

He was fucking her quickly, immediately falling into a fast pace. He slapped hard against her ass over and over again, watching her lovely cheeks jiggle with each thrust. ‘slap slap slap slap slap’ his groin slapping her bum echoed throughout the apartment.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Ohh! Ohh yes! Ohh!” she cried out loudly, Danny forgotten completely now. She could feel the tingling that was inside her build once again. His pole was jabbing so far into her pussy, she could feel it hit her stomach! ‘slap slap slap slap’ he was relentless as he fucked her doggie style over his kitchen cupboard. His long penis was gliding easily into and out of her sopping wet tunnel.

“Unh! Unh! … … OHHHH! … Ohhhhgawd!” she moaned, cumming again. The inner walls of her vagina were squeezing and releasing his thrusting penis, her heart was ready to explode. “Ohmy…” she gasped, losing her voice. She couldn’t catch her breath!

Ryan was merciless, fucking her as hard as he could, moaning as he drove his rock hard member up into her helpless cunt. Charmaine’s orgasm would not stop. Even when he slid his long manhood out of her twat she was still struggling for control.

He grabbed her and spun her roughly around, lifting her up onto the counter. She sat her bare ass on the edge of the counter, her feet in the air, her legs spread wide. She was giving him her pussy. Her pink lips were swollen and quivering, parted slightly from all the action. She could only watch, gasping for breath as he placed the mushroom head of his rod against her treasure. She watched between her thighs as he parted those lips and eased inside.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed as she felt her body fill up with cock once again. He was in her all the way, his pubic hair mingling with hers. He remained inside her, and began lifting her shirt up her body.

Charmaine raised her arms and allowed him to pull her shirt up over her head and off, savoring the incredible feeling of having nine and a half inches of cock inside her. She watched him throw her shirt in a pile on the kitchen floor. He reached behind her and unsnapped her white bra, and the straps fell down her arms. He tore that off of her as well, dropping it on the floor beside her shirt.

He bent down to her naked breasts, still holding his dick inside her as his tongue teased around her dark areola. He lightly sucked her erect nipple into his mouth. She was looking down at him, watching her nipple being pulled outwards gently by his lips. She was in complete ecstasy, her pussy filled to the brim with cock.

Ryan began to slide in and out of her, slowly at first, but gathering momentum in matter of seconds. Her feet flailed in the air on either side of him, and he grabbed one in each hand, holding her legs wide apart as he drove himself into her over and over.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” her cries carried throughout the apartment, her eyes were closed, her head was thrown back in ecstasy. His eyes darted from her beautiful face, down to her pussy, watching her pink lips absorb his penis again and again.

He had a tight grip on her feet and he jackhammered in and out of the helpless woman mercilessly. She could feel the tingling in her crotch stir faster within her, building to a crescendo. It exploded within her, and she could only gasp out a quiet cry. Her face was winced, her legs stretched out behind him, forcing her feet out of his hands. She was cumming all over him! The inner walls of her vagina were spasming around his pistoning organ.

She was looking so sexy when she came that Ryan lost it, thrusting in and out of her a few more times quickly. He moaned, sliding his long penis out of her vagina. He held it straight out as it jerked in his hand. A thick, hot stream of cum shot out and landed on the swollen pink lips of her cunt.

More white liquid sprayed out, splattering on the dark curls of her pubic hair. He moved closer to her as more cum poured out, dripping onto her slit in thick globs. He sighed, squeezing still more of his sperm out the end of his dick and rubbing it on her bush.

Charmaine was gasping for breath, legs wide open around him, her pussy had a spider web of cum all over it. He kissed her open mouth breathlessly. She kissed back, lips smacking.

After a few moments, he backed away and she reached behind her for some paper towels. She wiped the cum off her bush, trying not to push the cum inside her. She wasn’t on the pill! Her heart was pounding with excitement, but the guilt remained. Yes, Monday she would have to end this. As good as it felt. As AMAZING as it felt, she loved Danny. She made her decision. Right?

She slid off the counter and picked up her panties off the floor. She stepped into them, pulling them up her smooth, tanned legs. She grabbed her shirt and bra, putting them on as well. Her shirt was wrinkled and had a bit of dirt on it. Hopefully Danny wouldn’t notice. She looked at the clock. 3:53. She had to leave in seven minutes. She put on her pants.

“I have to go.” She said, face still flushed. “I told him I worked until 4.”

Dressed only in his boxers, Ryan followed her to the door. He watched her bend over in those tight pants and slip her bare feet into those shoes. She seemed to be bent over in front of him forever! He couldn’t disguise the tent that he had built in his underwear, it was a good thing she wasn’t looking at him!

When Charmaine stood up, he slipped his arms around her, pulling her close. The huge man was bent over the small woman, practically hiding her from sight. He kissed her neck. The tingling sensations suddenly started up again in her crotch. He slid a hand down her body between her thighs, and he lightly rubbed her pussy over her pants. She sighed, closing her eyes.

“Don’t get me started.” She breathed. He began to rub her harder, and she found herself writhing against him a little, building up the feelings inside her.

“I have to go now.” She said quietly, eyes still closed. Ryan continued kissing her neck, which was completely bare due to the fact that her hair was up.

“Can you get away again tomorrow?” he asked between kisses. Charmaine considered for a moment, the tingling in her crotch slowly overtaking her.

“No.” she breathed, “We’re going shopping at the mall.” She was referring to the mall that she worked at just moments away. Ryan thought he’d try an idea that occurred to him.

“Well,” he started, “I’m sure he likes his stores and you like yours…so why not try and separate with him for a few minutes. Say you’ll meet him in the food court or something, and then slip over here.”

Charmaine’s pussy was feeling absolutely incredible and it was hard to argue with his plan. She felt her zipper slide down, and her button undo. She felt his hand slip into her pants and panties, and when his fingers found her wet slit, all was lost.

“Okay.” She relented, turning her head. Why not? She had already decided to end this on Monday, so why not have one last roll in the hay on Sunday?

Her searching lips found his and they kissed passionately. He slid a finger down her sopping wet slit until it reached the entrance. He dipped it inside her warmth. “Mmmmph…” she moaned, shooting her tongue into his mouth hungrily. As her tongue explored his mouth, he began to slide his finger in and out of her hot tunnel as he pressed against her ass at the front door.

After a few moments, she tried breaking the kiss, giving him a couple of pecks. He slipped his finger out of her twat, running it up her lips. It nudged her clit. Bolts of fire shot up her body, and she let out a whimper.

“Okay.” She repeated. “I seriously have to go now.” She couldn’t see the time but she guessed it was ten after four. She didn’t know how far she could push it!

Ryan pulled his hand out of her pants, and she thought she was free. She knew she was wrong when she felt him push her pants down off her ass. His heart jumped in his throat when he saw her gorgeous tanned ass covered only by the triangle of her light blue panties.

“Ryan…” she started. She had to make him stop! So why was she bending over in front of him? His boxers were down to his knees in a flash, and shoved her panties to one side, holding them against her cheek with his thumb. Part of the crack of her ass was exposed to him, and the wonderful treasure beneath. He placed his manhood at her entrance and slipped inside her. She was so wet that he was able to force half his dick inside in one thrust.

Animal instinct had him pumping her pussy eagerly. One, two strokes and his entire penis was back inside Charmaine’s vagina. He held her ass tightly and began slamming against her ass fast and hard immediately.

“OHH! Fuck…” she gasped, feeling her cunt suddenly stretch wide and fill right up. She almost fell over when he rammed against her ass, thrusting deep inside her. Tingles fired up her body from her pussy when he glided into it. He was looking down at her, watching her pink lips wrap around his organ as he moved in and out of her. He was watching her tanned ass as it rippled each time he slapped against it. ‘slap slap slap slap slap’ the sound of skin slapping rang throughout the room.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she cried, wincing. The position that they were in made his cock seem bigger than ever as it bounced off the back of her pussy. She found herself ramming her ass back to meet his thrusts as her orgasm built within her. He began fucking her faster than ever, the slapping noises almost sounding like a machine gun. She cried out, the tingling in her pussy reaching a climax.

“OHHHHHHH!” she whined, cumming hard. He was so huge! Her cunt was convulsing all around him as he jackhammered into it violently. She would have collapsed if Ryan didn’t have her in such a tight grip. She was like his own personal blow up doll, completely helpless. He was holding her up, with seemingly no help from her, and driving his manhood deep inside her. She was so hot and tight around him, he was losing it again already. He grunted, slapping hard against her bum a few more times.

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