tagTransgender & CrossdressersInfluential Factors! Ch. 11

Influential Factors! Ch. 11


Influential Factors Ch 11

Cumming To Terms!

I was seduced, drugged, and carried out to the garage and placed into the trunk of my Jaguar; my prison for now until my demise.

My thoughts raced as my body lay somewhat immobilized but the one thought that drew the most attention... escape!

The car started and we moved beyond the garage where he stopped; I heard the garage door close... what a considerate asshole! PJ turned on the radio and drove to the end of the driveway where he took a right and then a left but then something weird happened; he began driving in circles. He must be in one of the intersections driving clockwise; I could feel the outward force toward the driver's side. We were headed straight again, a few more turns, and then on to the main road that divided developments are either side. Finally we hit the highway and he seemed to get off the first exit and play in the clover; getting on and off as to try to confuse me if I was trying to figure out our final destination. Obviously it made no sense; once dead it wouldn't matter where my final breath would take place.

I stopped paying attention to his games and tried locating the glowing inside trunk release handle. If I could manage to release the trunk it would come open, allowing me to lift my leg over the edge, hoping someone would see it and either call the police or rescue me. It was in reaching distance and once my hand reached it I pulled it, then, and only then I realized they don't install release handles on the floor; he had cut the cord and threw the handle onto the floor of the trunk.

Considering my condition I thought the popping the trunk would be the fastest way to being rescued but I was out smarted but so was he.

I grabbed my purse while he raided my fridge, not because I needed my makeup, but because it contained my cell phone. Luckily PJ thought the phone on the island was mine and didn't think twice about my purse.

It took me some time to unzip my purse and reach in to retrieve it; now who do I know that will help me? Obviously I can't speak... I'll have to text... but who?

"Victor, he'll help me."

Me: pj kidnapped me call police locked in my jaguar

"Traci, if she can manage,"

Me: pj kidnapped me call police locked in my jaguar

"Mike, I thought, the last time I saw him I argued with him and told him my secret... but this is life or death,"

Me: pj kidnapped me call police locked in my jaguar

Then I realized I could dial 911 and hang up, they will trace the call and rescue me. Better, I'll call 911 and hide the phone somewhere in the trunk; it will lead them directly to the car.

PJ again pulled off the highway but didn't do his typical ring-around-the rosy; my time on this beautiful planet was nearing its end.

I turned down the volume, dialed 911, hung up, and repeated it three more times. I dialed 911 once more leaving the call connected before it went dead. Still, I couldn't be caught with it so I hide the phone behind the first aid kit on the right side trim panel.

Finally, the car stopped! This was it! PJ was going to open the trunk and carry me to my death.

PJ stepped out of the car and began talking to another man... but... I couldn't hear what they were saying. Then, they moved toward the back of the car where I could hear them.


"Mr Jeffries,"

"Scott, this isn't your car is it," the man seemed to be belittling him.

"No its not," he laughed.

"Then why are you driving it?"

"I always wanted to drive a Jag," PJ laughed.

"Do you look like a Jag owner?"

"I guess not," he laughed again.

"What would happen if a cop followed to my place of business?"

"Sorry, it won't happen again,"

"Good, now what do you have for me today?"

The trunk popped open and so did my eyes as the man laughed hysterically.

Even with a Wall Street make over there was no hiding his true identity...

"And your name?" he inquired smiling at me.

"It's April, I gave her two Bamboo Florals; she'll be immobilized for another hour or two,"

"Scott, you definitely earned your money on this one," the man laughed.

"Thank you,"

"Give him his twenty grand," he laughed.

Twenty grand! I was just sold for twenty grand!

For what?

"Here's an extra four grand, that's double what I usually pay Lemmy. Take the Jag straight to the crusher and tell Lemmy I said to crush it now," he told PJ.


I hope the police pick up the signal before the car gets to the crusher.

"Get her out of there; cuff her and put her in room twelve," he told two huge men.

"Boss, her purse," one of the two men told him.

"Check it out," he answered.

"No cell, just make up,"

"Take it to the room."

"Okay, you heard him, let's get her sweet ass to the room and cuff her," one man told the other.

I was in an underground garage.

Then one man picked me up like I was a baby and carried me to an open elevator, we stepped in escorted by the other man who pushed the button. We went up, the doors opened, and we walked down the hallway until we reached room twelve. The escort opened the door while the man carried me across the threshold like a newlywed. He then laid me on the bed and cuffed me at my hands and ankles and left me there.

I had an hour or two to think about my predicament.

All this over a chess game and a pair of panties!

Actually, it's all over my cross-dressing!

Not exactly, my cross-dressing never got me into any trouble... not even when I had a few drinks!

Its only when Jill caught me in fem and made me sign that stupid contract did I begin drinking heavily which led to a blowjob on my living room couch for Mike; which I don't regret. I might be guilty in the fem department but its Jill's pushiness that led me into my downward spiral. Why can't I just dress the way I want?

Women wear pants so what's wrong with men wearing dresses; I'm totally passable and I'm not harming anyone, including myself.

Then my thoughts changed to how I got here to how the hell am I going to get out of here.

Did anyone open my text?

Will the police investigate?

What if they lose the signal and give up?

Well, at least I'm still alive... for the moment.

My thoughts scrambled as I tried to analyze my next move; no pun intended.

My body started to function as it began to move automatically with my brain. I finally became comfortable again as I stretched out. Then the door opened.

"It looks like the drug has worn off," he smiled as a proper quiet Asian man walked in with him.

"What do you want from me?" I asked sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Proper introductions first..." he began.

"I know exactly who you are? Your Wall Street make over doesn't hide the man I ran from one dark morning in the middle of the city,"

"How sweet, you do remember our little meeting,"

"Yes, is it Mr Tim or is it Mr Jeffries?"

"It's Mr Jeffries,"

"Excuse me if I don't get up," I said sarcastically.

"You're perfectly fine where you are April," he said back handing me across the face.

"Uh," I fell back onto the bed,"

"Mr Sui," Mr Tim called.

Mr Sui, if that's his real name, reached into his handbag and pulled out a new syringe.

"What's he doing?" I asked panicking as I sat back up; hand over cheek.

"He's going to mix you a small injection and inject it into your arm. Then, I'll fuck the living shit out of you and when you come down from your high, Mr Sui will inject you again, and then we'll continue the process until you either get dependent on the drug or die from an overdose," he said as Mr Sui laughed.

"And if I live?"

"You're not that naive are you?"

"What if I live?"

"Then you'll work the streets the rest of your life as a low life prostitute sucking, fucking, or whatever until I have no further use for you which will then leave you a junkie without a home and no way to afford the drug unless you walk the streets; just as long as there not my streets," he said which brought another laugh from Mr Sui.

"The alternative?"

"What alternative?"

"There's always an alternative,"

"There is one alternative but I don't think you'll be interested," he told me as he called for Mr Sui to continue.

"Wait, please, I'll take the alternative," I begged.

"But you haven't heard the alternative,"

"I'll take it," I pleaded.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, whatever it is I'll take it,"

"There's no going back, your word is your contract,"

"I've been in worse,"

"Good, then it's agreed upon," he said taking off his suit jacket and loosening his tie,"

"What are you doing?"

"You said you wanted the alternative,"

"Yes... but..."

"This is how it works April. You agreed to terms that are no longer negotiable. You..."


"Mr Sui, you may continue,"

"No, no, no; I'm sorry... I'm sorry," my emotions broke loose and I started to cry. "Please, Mr Sui," I looked at him.

"I'm impressed by your pronunciation of my associates name most people can't even get that right. However, it's me you have to deal with,"

"I'm sorry... I agreed... and I'll honor that agreement but please... don't drug me up any more... please," I begged.

"Fine, Mr Sui, if you could please leave the room," he told him as he removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

"Now what?" I asked as Mr Sui left the room.

"Well, let's start at the beginning: 1)You're my property 2)You do what I tell you to do and nothing more 3)Resisting, trying to escape, and/or notifying and/or attempting to notify the authorities will break our agreement 4)If for any reason I have the slightest notion that you attempted such ideas then your parents will be terminated 5)Don't ever lie to me; not even a honest little white lie

Again, I began to cry as he pulled his shoes off followed by his trousers knowing the inevitable.

"Don't cry," he laughed, "as long as you do your part they'll be perfectly safe; you have my word.

"And what do I have to do to keep them safe?" I asked.

"I provide women for all occasions and financial means. However, your unmatched beauty makes you my number one girl," he said removing his boxers.

"Your my number one girl,"

"We'll talk later, right now, I'm going to see what your worth," he said pulling my shorts and panties down to my knees in one motion.

"Well, what do we have here?"

"I'm trans," I said in my best girly voice scared he may get violent due to me being transsexual.

"It's a surprise but I can work with that," he laughed.

"Are my parents still safe?"

"Just do as I say and give me a little action,"

I had no choice my parents were my first thought!

"There's lube in my purse, we better use it unless you want to ruin your merchandise," I said pulling on my handcuffs hoping he would un-cuff me.

He reached into my purse that the men placed on the dresser, unzipped it, and tossed me the lube.

"One more thing before we begin," I told him.

"This is non-negotiable,"

"It's a necessary evil,"

"Fine, humor me,"

"Scott works for you?"

"I buy quality goods from him occasionally,"

"More than occasionally,"

"Get to the point!"

"Scott's inside my family, they're in danger, so why do I care what happens to me if his attentions are to kill them anyway?"

"You want him killed?"

"I just want my family, all of them, to be safe. How you accomplish this is your problem,"

"And if I can guarantee you their safety?"

"I'll do anything, and I mean anything..."

"Understood," he told me.

He took his phone from the top of the dresser, dialed, and put it on speaker phone.

"Lemmy, Mr Tim, my guy is bringing you a Jaguar, crush it and make sure he disappears with it,"

"Got it,"



"He has twenty four grand on him; your bonus,"

"Consider it done,"

"I knew I could count on you," he said before hanging up.

"Thank you; he would have hurt my parents," I smiled.

"You don't seem a bit upset about his demise,"

"Scott will be dead shortly and no matter how morbid that may sound; my family will be safe... and that's the only thing that matters to me,"

"Killing Scott was easy for me, but, was it easy for you?"

"I didn't pull the trigger,"

"You called in the hit,"

"All I did was trade one bad situation for another,"

"You were sleeping with him,"


"Even though you thought he was your brother,"



"Because I couldn't resist him,"

"And me?"

"You're fairly handsome when you're cleaned up but make no mistake; I hate you,"

"You don't know me,"

"Really... kidnapping, slavery, murder; shall I go on?"

"And you would kill me if you had the chance?"

"Yes... and no,"

"I don't know what to make of you,"

"We can talk later, right now, I'm ready to consummate our new business relationship; the faster we get on with it the faster it will be over," I smiled and bit my lower lip selling my sexual prowess.

"Oh, you're good, very good,"

My new boss mounted the bed and spread my legs.

"Are you in a hurry," I smiled.

I pulled him down and then onto his back where I began to passionately kiss him, again, and again, and again while I stroked his hard cock.

"Mm, mm, mm," I moaned passionately as his cock grew bigger as I stroked it.

I broke the kiss and made my way down his midsection until my lips met up with his cock.

I playfully licked it, kissed it, and then took it into my mouth.

"Mm, mm, mm," I bobbed up and down until he responded by moaning and raising his hips trying to fuck my face.

"Fuck... you're good," he moaned.

"Mm, mm, mm," I continued moaning hoping he would believe I was into pleasing him.

'Fuck," he began bucking on my downward strokes.

"Mm, mm, mm," I continued minutes into it knowing I had him.

"Fuck," he blurted as he put his hand on the back of my head.

"Mm, mm, mm," I was approximately fifteen minutes into it and wanted to make sure he believed I was on his side.

"My turn," he moaned as his hand motioned me to stop.

"Your invitation but it's my party," I whispered as I took him into my mouth again. "You're going to make me a lot of money... ah!" he moaned as I went down on him again.

"Mm, mm, mm," twenty minutes later and he was about to burst into my mouth.

"Fuck... oh shit... fuck... ah," he finally shot rope after rope into my mouth.

"Mm, mm, mm," I moaned as I continued my assault on his cock until he was dry.

"That was so fucking hot," he said.

There's something about a hard cock cumming in my mouth that gets me horny as hell; it's a plus when it tastes good too... his did. I wiped his dripping cum from my mouth with my fingers and licked them clean.

His cock was curved and couldn't wait to feel the difference between his and all the straight cocks I've fucked; I quickly mounted him.

"Oh gawd," I screamed as I slid down his manhood until he was seated deep inside of me.

"You're incredible,"

"Fuck... ah... ah... ah... ah," I panted throwing my head back and arching my back as I slowly rode him.

"Did I say you're incredible?"

"Fuck... ah... ah... ah... ah," I panted as I totally bought into fucking Tim.

He reached up and began playing with my hard raised nipples.

"Ah fuck," I giggled riding him faster until he accidently slipped out of me.

"My turn," he toppled me over mounting me.

I slid upward and pulled his mouth to my breast.

"Oh gawd," I moaned as he sucked both of them to monumental sensations. I grabbed his head and pulled him in for a kiss, then another, and then another.

Our eyes met.

"Fuck me," I peered into his eyes as I reached down between us and grabbed his cock. "Fuck me," I whispered.

He kneeled before me, raised my legs, and penetrated me again.

"Ah fuck!" I screamed.

"Ah... ah... ah... ah... ah!" he grunted"

Fuck!" I squirmed beneath him.

"Ah... ah... ah... ah... ah!" he grunted

He fucked me for another thirty minutes before I convulsed beneath him as he came inside of me. We laid there until he lifted himself off of me.

"You're good... really good,"

I panted.

"You enjoyed it?"

"Y... ye... yes," I panted.

"Maybe I should keep you to myself,"

"No," I began to take control of my breathing

"No... but you enjoyed it,"

"Remember, I hate you,"

"It didn't look like it,"

"I owed you, for protecting my family,"


"This was our first and last fuck; it's all business from here on out," I told him not wanting him to think I wanted to get any closer to him... though he was a good fuck.

"It was just business?"

"Just business,"

"Get dressed, you're going home,"


"My man will take you home and act like this never happened,"

"That's it?"

"Yes, that's it," he said buttoning his shirt.

"I don't understand; all you wanted to do was to fuck me?"

"Go home; act like nothing happened... unless of course you would like to stay," he said pulling up his pants.

"No thank you,"

"Then you're free to go," he tied his tie.

"Scott's an idiot,"

"Scott was an idiot," He slipped on his shoes.

"I want my parents to be safe,"

"They are,"

"I called the police on my way here... my phones dead and in the trunk of my Jaguar," I told him because if I didn't and he found out I may end up dead.

"Why are you telling me this?"

"No lies remember; I just don't want anything to happen to my parents,"

He dialed the phone then set it for speaker phone.

"It died as Scott pulled into the garage; I hid it behind the first aid pouch," I said nervously.

"Did you tell anybody else?"

"I text two people but they didn't respond,"

"Lemmy," he said.

"It's done,"

"Thanks," then Tim hung up.

"Fine, my man will take you to the corner where you can walk to 7-11 and ask someone to use their phone for an Uber. If you have to explain yourself tell them Scott drugged you and the last thing you remember was Scott putting you in the trunk of your car. Still drugged and confused he released you and you staggered the streets in a blur until you finally made it to 7-11 where you asked someone to use their phone,"

"That's it,"

"When I have a suitable client that's into beautiful transsexuals, I'll give you a call,"

"What do you mean?"

"Mr Tim is just a street personality... a disguise for my street walkers; this is the real me. I have a wealthy cliental that will pay dearly for you,"

"You want me to be a high class prostitute?" I asked shocked.

"Why not; you said you would do anything,"


"Listen, I'm sure you're a nice girl and everything but you fuck like a whore and that's exactly what my cliental want; a beautiful classy lady in public and a slut in the bedroom,"

"How long do you expect me to whore for you?"

"As long as you want to keep your parents alive,"

"I don't believe this!"

"Remember, you said you would do anything,"

"What happens if..."

"What... if you want to get married?"

"I never said that,"

"Good, because with my cliental I can probably get five million for you,"


"I have clients that have been asking for a beautiful well trained transsexual... and you fit the bill,"

"You kidnapped me to sell me?"

"No, I bought you to whore for me. You just got lucky you're a beautiful transsexual; just what my clients have been asking for,"

"I'll give you five million to let me go,"


"Why?" I asked turning on the charm.

"Because selling you would build my reputation immensely... and it would keep your parents alive,"


"Go the fuck home," he said as he left the room.

I can't believe my luck; falling for PJ, later thinking he was my brother and still fucking him, kidnapped, and now having to whore out to keep my parents alive. On top of it all, Mr Jeffries, is going to sell me off as a bride.

What if he finds a buyer right away?

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