tagIncest/TabooInheritance Ch. 03

Inheritance Ch. 03


Or sometimes you just don't see it coming!

It really would help you understand what has happened so far in this story if you read the preceding parts before you read this; it would make everything more sensible. This is a fiction; all of the characters are made up, except that some of the characters are based vaguely on real people. Oh and they're all over 18. Enjoy!


A week ago I was working as the planning manager at a medium sized company, when I discovered that I had inherited my grandfather's estate -- a shit load of money, property, his business portfolio and his submissives. Yes, you heard that right, Grandfather John was a Dom and he dominated my mum and my gran so by inheritance I became their master. After a busy weekend being introduced to the Dom-Sub side of things I was now getting to grips with the business side of things.

My weekend had been immense! From tying my mum up and fucking her bent over a saw horse, to whipping my gran and having her suck my cock while I was on Facebook. Fucking in the shower, shagging in the bath, whipping in the playroom, bondage in front of the fire -- it was like we were new lovers -- which I suppose, in a sense, we were. I had discovered that my gran is a great fuck, she loves to climb on and wrap her muscular legs around me and she has great control over her muscles, as well as a will of iron. My mum is a good fuck too but her strength is that she is world class at oral. Both of my lovely women exist to serve and in that service is their pleasure. Of course that puts pressure back on me, but I reckon if it carries on like this it's going to be well worth it.

That Monday morning I got up and showered. I figured that it was a business day so I wore what I'd normally wear for the office -- shirt and tie and trousers rather than jeans. I wasn't expecting to leave the house so didn't wear a jacket.

I entered the kitchen to find the place full. After it just being the three of us it was a bit of a shock. Mum and gran were there obviously, both of them clicking round the kitchen space in heels and business suits. There was a smaller woman serving coffee that immediately went back to the cooker and started grilling bacon and frying eggs.

The rest of the crowd was made up of five other women, each very different but good examples of professional business women. Have you ever walked into a room full of women and its gone quiet, absolutely and immediately silent?

Oh Yes! Not one of the best feelings. Eight pairs of eyes looked at me. Two pairs with some pride and love, one pair waiting for instructions and the remaining five pairs with a strange mix of curiosity and wariness.

"Good morning Michael," Gran greeted me, "Ladies, Michael." She introduced us, "Michael this is Judith, Laura, Michelle ("Call me Shell") and Katherine with a K. The JE Group management team. This is Philippa; she will be your PA. And last of all Pauline, she wants to know what you want for breakfast."

Nods and handshakes all round. It was all very tentative. I have to admit they were a very impressive group of women. I'd met a lot like them. They would be very good at doing what they did and as good as any man. They dressed elegantly professional, or was that professionally elegant?

Judith -- tall, dark and olive skinned, long, loosely curled, black hair - fitted cut, grey slacks, and a dark blue man's shirt. Dark polished wooden bracelets and a necklace made of beads of the same dark wood.

Laura, short, a size twelve, long blond hair, square cut fringe, very young looking -- but with a steel grey gaze, that was quite off-putting. She wore a dark blue suit, with the jacket on the back of a chair and a white blouse.

Call me Shell - dark pencil skirt, grey blouse, incredibly high shoes and eye-poppingly elegant, dark glossy hair, a dazzling smile with a cute over-bite and a long, long pony tail.

Katherine with a K -- black designer jeans, bags of old gold and an off-the-shoulder top, her hair was blonde and cut so it was longer on one side. Devastating smile but the smile didn't come out that often.

Finally Philippa, the person I would surrender my business life to. Pretty, very pale blonde, older than the others, dark grey, pin stripe trousers, white blouse, nice bum, antique silver jewellery and piercing blue eyes.

I was just taking all of this in when the cook - Pauline -- presented me with bacon, eggs and sausage, coffee and toast. As she leaned over to put the plate down I swear she murmured "Tough house, boss!" before she walked away. I did know what she was saying though. Our weekend was over and it was back to work.

I waited till everyone had coffee and had been provided with something to eat. It was just after eight thirty. "What time are the lawyers due?"

Philippa checked her tablet. "That would be ten thirty."

"Right then," I looked at mum and gran, "Team meeting! I want to know who you are and what you do.

Introduce yourselves and tell me about yourself. Starting with you Philippa?"

"My name is Philippa Jackson, but most of my friends call me Pip. I worked for your grandfather, I've been Elizabeth's PA for most of the last three years and for the last three months I have been getting things ready for your twenty fifth birthday and making sure it all goes smoothly."

"What do you do when you're not in work?"

"I have a three year old son, and I ride horses."


"Judith Holmes, I'm an accountant. I have been with the group ten years and my specialty is forensic accounts. I run, and I'm getting ready for the London Marathon."

"Your first?"



"About two hours fifty."

"Nearly elite times? Nice!" A smile of satisfaction crept into her eyes. "Laura?"

"Laura Roberts - I'm your head-hunter."


"I like the term Human Resources, started with the company ten years ago, and worked with John, been head of the HR for about three years. I travel."

"Where was the last place you visited?"

"My boy friend and I rode motorcycles down the west coast of the States from Seattle to San Diego."



Shell grinned as she put her coffee down, "Shell Fitzgibbons - I'm legal. I started working for your grand- father thirteen years ago. I've been working with Pip towards today's signings. I like films and books, I'm in a long term relationship and we have a three year old daughter.

"And that leaves just Katherine with a_"

"K." She smiled that devastating smile again. When Katherine wasn't smiling she looked older and quite serious, but when she smiled it took years off her and she looked like a teenager. "Katherine Jordan -- I do your PR and comms. I've been with the group ten years like the others and my job is relatively easy because of the JE Groups low key profile, but if anything happens at any of the group companies I'm interested. Once you're in place and settled I'm off for two weeks in the Seychelles."

"I'm sure I'll find out more about you over the next few weeks." I said, "My guess - given Grandfather John's way of doing things - is that you're all shit-hot at what you do, otherwise you wouldn't be doing it, but that will do for starters. I would like us all to do this every Monday about this time. Obviously there will be formal meetings, but Monday morning will be a really informal touch base, just so I know what everyone is doing over the week. How difficult is it for people to meet here -- in this kitchen?" There were no major objections.

"So if anyone can't make it because of family commitments or work, you can dial in?"

Nods all round.

"Cool -- any questions?"

Katherine smiled before she spoke "So you're definitely taking over the businesses?"

I told her that I was. "With the help of everyone here, I am. I'm not a micro manager, I tend to let people do their 'own thing', as long as 'their own thing' is what needs to be done."

"And if it isn't?" Laura asked.

"We work together to make it right. I'm not into blame, at any level; if anyone's screwed up I prefer it if they say that they have and we can start fixing it as quickly as we can. Pauline?"

"Yes sir?"

"From now on, it's Michael, all of you call me Michael, or Mike please? Pauline may I have one of those bacon butties?"

So zip time forwards through the day -- the lawyers came, presented documents, Shell pointed to where I should sign, and I signed them. The lawyers then left. We sat and had lunch, talked and I found out that Pip speaks French, German and Arabic. Zip forwards again people from the bank arrived and presented documents Pip pointed me at things and I signed them, then the bank people gave me several credit cards in a nice shiny silver colour. The people from the bank left.

"So how much is in my bank account?" I asked Pip. She whispered it. I nearly kacked my pants!

"Seriously?" I looked at mum and gran. They were nodding, laughing, "You know I think it's time we had something to drink!"

Things had been low key up to now, just me and my two lovely ladies, but with 'the management team' and the formal signing over, now sounded like a good time to break out the bubbly, have a little party.

As the champagne cork flew away into the corner and Pauline brought the flutes round I asked everyone to join me in a toast.

"He created everything, he chose carefully," I waved my glass at the girls of the business team, "He taught, he fathered and bequeathed -- John Porter!"

We all drank to grandfather, and chatted again. My gran appeared at my side, "That was very well done."

Seizing the moment I asked her quietly, "How many of these know?"

"Know, Master?" her eyes twinkled, "Know what Master?"

"I am going to warm your bottom for that you minx! You know what I mean."

"They all do Master, Pauline, Pip, all of them."

"It's something we just don't discuss Michael." Shell came up behind me. "I had to know because of the legal situation. But we all had suspicions, John told us in the latter days."

"But, you know what goes on between consenting adults is up to them," Katherine said.

"As long as they're discrete_" tall elegant Judith said as she joined us.

"And don't scare the horses." Laura finished.

By now we had moved and all sat together around the hearth, I looked around the faces watching me. "Your relationships with my grandfather -- they were all kosher -- weren't they? There's nothing going to come back and bite us in the arse is there?"

"I'm not sure what you mean by 'kosher' exactly," Pip said, "But if you mean are there secrets or improprieties in our history with your grandfather? That's a huge no. Our relationships with John were purely professional."

Laura spoke next, "We're all very similar stories, John took us all out of our jobs, made sure we had everything we needed, and saw we got the very best training and courses."

"Michael, you and your grandfather are very similar in many ways," Judith said, as she poured another drink. "You let people get on with it, make sure they have the resources to do the jobs_"

"And you know this how?" I asked but even as I said it, I knew from the looks on their faces, and the body language, these women probably know me better than I know myself -- I have always hated monthly performance reviews. "Okay, sorry I asked that." But then I realised what it meant, where I was in this particular phase of the game.

I was the master again, but this time to all these new women. Not in a sexual way, no bondage or finger fucking, but just as with Jane and Elizabeth, I had to work with them to get what we both wanted. These women all had success and rewards in line with their jobs, my position was the one from which it all stemmed.

I led.

They did.

They made things happen. And just like Jane and Elizabeth, they were trusting me to make it so they could do that.

Slap in the face realization. "Okay Pip -- what are we doing tomorrow?"

"Your driver will be here at eight tomorrow with a mini coach and you're off to London, there's a stay overnight in town and then you do a couple more places. On Wednesday night, you're in Leeds, so that Thursday you can do two meetings - one in Leeds and one in Sheffield before you come back here for Thursday night."

"Friday?" I asked.

"Friday is when the Allitt's people," the firm I used to work for "And a few more come here."

"Cool. And that's all catered and everything?"

"Yes." My mum told me, "Pauline takes care of all of that."

"If it's fine we'll use the courtyard for the buffet, but if it isn't we'll just bring it all inside." Pauline told us. Even as she spoke, six people checked the weather on the tablets we all carried. The general consensus was it was going to be fine.

"Well," my gran spoke up next, "It's been a good day, we've done a lot. Let's call it a day and reconvene tomorrow."

Cars were called if anyone felt they'd had too much to drink. All of a sudden we were on our own again. Pauline went to her flat on the other side of the house and I went up stairs with Elizabeth and Jane.

I had spent the day having these brief flashes of me doing things to Elizabeth and Jane. I do that occasionally - the fantasy thing. They're never major fantasies, just full colour, jump cut flashes really. Jane tied over the ottoman with her lovely nude pussy on full display. Elizabeth with a ball gag and nipple clamps, back to Jane with a red mark on the creamy skin above her pussy. Elizabeth being switched, the back of her legs tiger-striped from the switch and she looks back at me, over her shoulder and slowly, steadily, she counts "Ten, thank you. May I have another one please?"

Part of me was bemused, I was actually panting -- well, mentally anyway -- with lust for my gran and my mum. I was surrounded with stunning looking, elegant women -- none of whom, I was reliably informed - I was related to, and all my thoughts are on my gran and mum. I hadn't even thought about Eva, a woman I had worked with at Allitt's and whom I had invited to attend on Friday.

So now all I wanted to do was get them into the play room. Once there I had my two gorgeous women strip, both of them folded their clothes neatly on a bench. Jane was first up; I blind folded her first and guided her over to the swing she nestled into it, on her back. I used several ropes attaching them to cuffs on her wrists and ankles. Next I put them over the hook that the swing was suspended from. With the ropes pulling her arms and legs upwards I tied the ropes off. Jane was supported by the heavy vinyl swing seat but her sex was exposed with her legs pulled up. I put a ball gag in her mouth and nipple clips on her large, engorged nipples.

Next I took something I had seen John use, but hadn't really thought about up 'til now, but with Jane so exposed it made sense. I used copious amounts of lube and inserted one of the smaller butt plugs into her delicious arse. To finish I slid a small vibe into her pussy. "No cumming 'til I say Jane." I placed a kiss on the soft skin behind her knee.

From where she was kneeling I saw Elizabeth's eyes twinkle as she watched me put the butt plug in.

"Oh yes, you." I drew Elizabeth up by tugging on the gold rings in her nipples. She sighed as I did but rose towards the frame on the other side of the room. I put the cuffs on Elizabeth and clipped her in place. Then I leaned down and secured her ankles.

Two weights tugged on her perky tits dragging her nipples downwards as she drew breath. I was tempted by the switch, tempted to add some more stripes to her legs and bum. But they were still red and the wheals were still there but faint. Instead I began by using a crop with a wide leather tab.

Light taps, tits and tummy, tummy - tits. The taps got harder, the sound louder. Elizabeth pushed herself forwards. I leaned in and caressed her bum as I worked the crop across her boobs. Squeezing her bum cheeks I slipped a finger into her tight, wrinkled bum pucker. The sensation caused Elizabeth to stand up momentarily on her toes. My gran has a really cute squeak when she gets surprised like that.

"No cumming Elizabeth, you know how it works."

She nodded, and then shook her head, when I asked if she was close to cumming. I put the crop down and switched to a vibrator, working the buzzing tip across her nipples and down to her pussy. The steel vibrator made the piercing in my gran's labia rattle and as it did Elizabeth gasped. But between the vibe being stroked across her pussy and clitoris, and my finger in her bum Elizabeth did well not to orgasm.

I left Elizabeth to stew for a few minutes and went over to Jane. The first thing I did was unclip the clamps on her nipples. Jane shuddered as they came off. I leaned in and pressed myself against her, my cock ground against the plug in her butt and I could feel the vibe buzzing away inside her.

I reached out and started to stroke my mum's leg, I leaned down and kissed the skin of her strong, muscled calves, as I took the vibrator from inside her and teased her with it. Elizabeth has a will of iron but so does Jane when she wants, despite the concerted attack on her clitoris, she refused to orgasm. I nuzzled the hollow of her neck, while running the vibe up and down her pussy lips. I could tell she was conflicted, part of her wanted to collapse and lean against me, and give in to the sensations but the other part fought against it.

She'd done enough though and I quickly let her arms and legs down, and lifted her from the swing. "Remember do not cum yet!" I told her. She went to slip the butt plug out but I batted her hand a way -- "Not yet! Jane, I shall say when."

We unclipped Elizabeth and went down stairs. Pauline was still about and didn't bat an eyelid when Jane and Elizabeth knelt beside my chair. She laid out the food in front of me without anything for the two submissives. It was a homemade onion soup and bread.

"Pauline?" I asked quietly.

"Yes Master Michael?"

"Thank you, this tastes lovely. But please will you get some for Jane and Elizabeth?"

She gave me a kind of "Really?" look, but when I nodded started to lay out two more servings.

I realised immediately what I had done, "If Elizabeth and Jane were in their submissive state," Pauline told me, "Master John would tell me whether he wanted them served or not."

I nodded, "Very good. We'll keep it that way."

"Your grandfather used to make them eat out of dog-bowls." Paul went on cheerfully. "He could be proper harsh at times."

After supper I took Jane to her room. As I laid her on her bed I whispered, "Cum for me, mummy." As I stroked her clitoris with my finger she started to shake. I reached under her and took the butt plug out, laying it on the bedside table, "Wear that on Friday, all day." Jane shook again, and she reached out for me. We hugged and I kissed her before going to Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was in her room, she knelt beside her bed, the covers turned down. I stripped, got into the bed and patted the mattress next to me. My Gran climbed in, sliding her lithe body down beside me, her smooth skin sliding against mine. Indicated she should climb up on top and she stroked my cock as she slipped inside her. I've said it before but Elizabeth doesn't look like a sixty three year old, she has the body of a woman half her age.

And she loves to fuck too.

I let her get herself off and then she slid down and took my knob in her mouth.

"Quickly Elizabeth, get me off quickly."

"Has this one done something wrong Master?" She looked concerned.

I smiled as I stroked her hair. "Not at all, lovely woman -- but it's a school night and we have work in the morning."

Soon I shot into her mouth and she licked me clean, from glans to scrotum and back. Oh yes. I nearly decided to stay the night, but I left gran's room and went back to my own. Before I left I took something from my trouser pocket and laid it on the bedside table. "I want you to wear that all day on Friday Elizabeth." Like Jane I had left her a butt plug.

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