Innocence Lost Ch. 02


"Drake, good to see you made it. I thought you'll never get here" and offered his hand.

Drake stood up and faced his boss "Got caught in a traffic, accident I believe" and shook her boss' hand. Then his boss turned to face Joan

"And you must be Drake's daughter I presume?" he said jokingly.

Joan smiled and offered her hand "Joan and nice to hear such a compliment, but not to my husband."

Drake introduced his boss to Joan "Joan, this is Mr. " and his boss cut him off.

"Call me Harry" and took her hand bent over to kiss her hand.

"Drake, we've been together for a few years now and you call me by my first name in the office, why stop now. Cut that Mr. stuff OK?" and he let go of her hand and tapped Drake on the shoulder. "

Besides, why are you hiding such a beautiful wife?" he continued. Joan answered it for Drake "I'm just too busy taking care of the kids and when I get a free time I spend it at the gym or with friends."

"Well, no wonder you look young. No offense Drake but you should go visit the gym too" he joked and all three laughed.

Then Harry invited them to the buffet table and they all went to get some food. Joan invited Harry to sit with them since she found out that he and his wife were divorced and has only a son the same age as Josh.

Harry accepted of course, just an opportunity to know her better. They ate and talked more and listened to the company president speech. Then they went to tour the country club and saw what it offers for its members, Golf, Tennis, Cricket, Polo and so on. They even went to the stables and see the horses. Took them a while and its time to depart. They said their good byes

"Hope to see you again" Joan said.

"I hope so too" Harry replied back.

He turned to Drake "Bring her to work sometime and show her what we do and your big office."

"Sure Harry, when ever she's up to it. Then they headed for the parking lot. Drake saw them off and waved good bye.

"I'll surely see you again Joan, I'll make sure of that" he whispered to himself.

Drake and Joan drove off and waved to Harry.

"Are you sure he's you're boss, he seems young to head such a big Branch Office?" Joan asked Drake.

"Yeah, he just lucky to be on the right place at the right time I guess" said Drake.

"Are you buddy, buddy with him?"

"I guess you could say that, we talked and joked around the office and he's smarter than he looks" he told her.

They talked more and she told Drake to invite him over sometime for dinner or a BBQ and he agreed. Drake drove and she fell asleep and by the time she woke up they're almost home and it's only 8:30 at night.

Drake parked the car on the driveway and he looked over the other house where Rick was staying and the house is dark and only the porch light is lit. He thought of going over and say Hello, but changed his mind, looks like he's not home.

Joan was already out of the car and went straight to the front door. When Drake followed suit he saw Joan reading a note off a piece of paper. When he got there she handed him the paper and read it. Its a note from Rick with his phone number said he's available tomorrow night.

Joan was already in the house and up the stairs and checked Josh and Tammy's bedroom. Josh was up surfing the net in his laptop computer and Joan went over to him and kissed his head

"How's you're day dear? Didn't go out with your friends or Sheryl?"

"Went to see Sheryl, mom but she got something going on with her family tonight." Josh told her mom.

In actuality he did see his girlfriend and asked her to get Tammy some pills. He told Sheryl that he thinks that his sister is having sex already and he just want to make sure that she don't get pregnant by some dork. Josh smooth talked her girlfriend in giving him some of her supplies for his sister and as soon as he got home he gave Tammy the stuff a six month worth.

Then Joan asked about Tammy "Is your sister home too?"

"She's sleeping now I, guess she's tired. She cleaned the house and did the laundry I believe when I was at Sheryl's." Josh said.

Then Joan kissed him on the cheeks don't stay up late and went over to Tammy's bedroom and peeked inside and saw her asleep. She went over and kissed her forehead and tucked her in. She went down stairs to see what Drake was doing and saw him over the kitchen counter looking over some mail.

"Anything interesting dear?"

"Nothing, same old bills and junk mail as always."

Then Drake asked Joan "Think we could invite Rick over tomorrow night?"

"Sure why not, I'll prepare a roast for dinner, how's that sound?" Joan suggested.

Drake nod and called the number from the note. It rang 4 times then the answer machine kicked in "Please leave your message after the beep- Beeeep".

"Hello Rick? Drake here! Dinner here at 6:00 come over a little early if you want for a beer or two before dinner, see you then" and Drake hang up.

Rick was at home and heard the phone ring but didn't answer. He heard the message left by Drake and then continued what he was doing on his laptop computer and a very expensive one too. On the screen, he's watching a young man fucking this lovely, gorgeous gal doggie style.

He's been editing the movie he recorded earlier this morning. Enhancing and zooming in and so forth. He's so pleased on the recording he took and editing it made it much, much better. You could actually see her face and her pussy lips up close. He already watched it 3 times and jerked off as well. Not bad for an old fart he commented in his thoughts.

"Will sure see you tomorrow especially my young ladies" he told himself and turned off his computer and went to bed.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday morning went by quick, Joan told her kids that they'll be home by dinner and reminded them that its school tomorrow. Josh and Tammy kissed their mom and where off the door and Joan yelled after them

"Dinner at six and we got a guest coming over!" but Josh and Tammy was out the door already. She doesn't know if they heard him or not.

She was preparing the things she will need for dinner and Drake went to clean up the garage and do some trimming for the bush out side the kitchen window was getting taller. Soon it's was almost dinner time, Josh and Tammy came in at 4:30.

They went to the mall and watch a movie together and it seems odd to their mom that they went out together and actually watch a movie. She knew they were close but it just seem odd but she knew that it's wonderful that her kids were getting along and no quarrels between the siblings. Josh and Tammy freshened up for dinner and watched TV through their satellite feed subscription while waiting for dinner.

Then the doorbell rang and Tammy ran to the door and opened it and saw an older man than her father, he looks like to be almost her grandpa she thought she said "Hi!" and with her beautiful smile gleaming at him.

Rick was stunned and all his life in his age, he never seen such a beauty. Then Drake showed up by the door

"Hello Rick, glad you could make it. This is Tammy my daughter." then Drake introduced Rick

"Tammy this is Rick from next door, he's renting the place." and Rick extended his hand and Tammy did the same and Rick felt the softest hand he ever felt in a while.

Drake invited him in and led him at the family room and introduced him to Josh, "This is my eldest Josh." and he told Josh about Rick living next door and both shook hands.

Rick looked over to Josh and asked Drake, "You said he's your son?"

"He's the eldest" replied Drake. He then offered Rick a seat and asked Rick to get him and Rick a drink.

"Beer Rick?"

"That's fine, thank you" said Rick.

"Tell mom that Rick is here too" Drake told Josh. Josh came back with 2 cold beers and talked, filling each other of what they do and so fort. Josh and Tammy just watched TV minding their own business.

A few minutes later Joan showed up and said dinner is ready. Tammy and Josh raced over to the dining area just like small kids pass their mom and Joan playfully slaps Tammy on the butt as she pass by.

Then Drake and Rick approached her. Rick extended his hand but Tammy just ignored it and went straight to him and gave him a friendly hug. Rick felt her nipples against his chest and he was stunned and he responded with a loose hug.

"Glad to see you Rick" Joan said.

Rick just smiled back and he observed the close resemblance of mother and daughter, both beauty and petite frame would make any old man feel young again. They went to the dinning area and Drake had Rick seat between him and Tammy.

Rick could smell Tammy's sweet scent and he couldn't imagine that he had just finished watching this young beautiful girl being fucked by her own brother in his computer screen just before he came over. He just smiled when he thought of his plans starting to bloom. They had a nice dinner and Rick was so welcomed that he thought he was part of the family. Telling the young kids about astronomy and where he traveled, different countries and all.

After dinner Drake told Josh and Tammy to get ready for bed and its school tomorrow. Both said good night to Rick and they raced again up stairs.

Rick thanked Drake and Joan for a lovely dinner and shook hands with Rick and Joan gave him another friendly hug but this time he hug her a little tighter than before and felt her breast against his chest.

Joan didn't mind, she thought of him like her father. Drake showed him to the door and said good night to Rick.

Rick walked the short distance to his front porch and unlocked the door and went in head straight to where his gadgets are and started to turn on his computer and played the movies he dearly treasured for this will make his summer vacation he'll never forget.

He kept playing the scene of Tammy one leg lifted and zoomed in to her cunt and Josh's cock sliding in and out of her mound. He never has seen such a perfect and beautiful cunt. Rick was hoping that he'll got the opportunity to get Tammy to get things rolling, he just got a few weeks left before he got to go back to New York and he wants Joan too.

Tammy rode with Josh to school as always. She was expecting Jill waiting for her at the usual place but she wasn't there. Class went by quickly and during break she was hoping to see Jay but with no luck. She just went on to her classes and hoping that Jill is fine cause she usually calls when she won't make it to school.

She managed to call her during lunch and Jill's aunt answered the phone. She found out that Jill won't be going to school for two weeks cause Jill went with her parents to Hawaii for reason she don't know. Class was over by 2:00 and she went to the library to finish her assignments since Jill wasn't there to take her home. She took the school bus afterward.

She got off the nearest route where the bus was scheduled to stop but its a few blocks where she lives and she started to walk. Then a few blocks on an exotic car stopped beside her and honked. She was startled and she looked over the Jaguar's driver seat and recognized Rick.

Rick was on his way home from the store and he noticed a young girl crossing the intersection in front of him. She was wearing tight jeans and blouse, noticed her tight curve of her butt her long black hair tied like a ponytail. He thought he recognizes her to be Tammy

"What a luck I'm having and there she was" and he pulled over beside her and honks his car.

Rick waved at her and he opened the window and offered her a ride home since he's going home himself.

Tammy smiled and went to the passenger side and climbed in. Rick took off and started to converse with Tammy and convinced her to see his star gazing charts and films that he took how amazing to see them and all.

Rick drove through his driveway and the garage door opened when he pressed the garage door control and parked his car inside and closed the garage door as soon as the car cleared the door. They went in and Rick offered her some drink but she declined

"Thanks but I'm fine."

And she proceeded to look over the house and it was big and beautifully decorated. Then Rick called her over from the second floor overlooking the living room and motioned her to come up. She did and found him in one of the room full of gadgets. She noticed a telescope by the window and charts on one of the desks and some pinned on the wall.

"Wow, you got some great stuff in here." she commented.

"Wait till you see some what I got stored on this computer, galaxies and meteors that I recorded" Rick told her.

He opened his laptop and turned it on, pressed a few buttons and the screen started to fill with colorful frame shots of galaxies. It amuses her and she was quite into it. Rick just stood behind her by the door when suddenly the pictures turned to her bedroom window and she saw herself naked then she disappeared and saw Josh entered her room. Then he saw Josh kneeling down but not a good view of what really was going on.

Tammy was shocked and speechless her hand over her mouth. She started to turn around but Rick told her it gets better and then she saw herself, her thighs wide open and Josh between her thighs his dick sliding in and out of her cunt. It's perfect and clear and she even saw it in close-up and her face in focus with unmistakable pleasure. She didn't move she just stared at the screen

"What do you mean by this?" her voice soft with sadness.

"Nothing to me, and I believe your question is more for me, don't you think?" he asked her.

"I really don't know why you are doing this to me" she told him "and I'm not quite sure what you want from me."

Rick sense her innocence of the game he was playing her and he told her "What would happen if your parents found out about your little secret and the proof is right there in front of you?"

Tammy was still focused on the screen, now she saw herself bent over and Josh fucking her from behind. She finally realized where Rick was going

"What do you want me to do to keep this between us?"

"What would you want to offer me?" he countered.

She knew money is not in question here and she could not think of anything that she has that will be valuable for him. She was quiet for awhile and the screen stopped playing and Rick waited for any answer from her.

"Tell you what" he went over to his briefcase and retrieved a VHS tape and laid it down in front of her "you can have this and think it over tonight."

He then moved where he could see her beautiful face and continued,

"It's been awhile since the last time I been with any woman and you're so beautiful that every man will go crazy for you." He paused then continued on "An old man like me would never have the chance to have someone like you and I hope you understand now what I want."

He pointed at the tape "There's a number right there where you could call me and I expect to hear your answer between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. I don't hear from you meant that you don't care what ever I do."

He moved closer to her and leaned over and perched his hands over the table and looked at her "What ever you decide starts tomorrow after school."

He stood straight and started at the door "You may leave now, you could use the door by the kitchen if you don't want to be noticed. I'll be waiting for you call." He then disappeared somewhere inside the house.

Tammy stood slowly. Her knees were weak. She stared at the tape on top of the desk and saw a number on it. She picked it up and went down the stairs and looked around where the kitchen is because she decides to use the back door. She found the door she was looking for and went out side and crossed the walkway to her home.

No one was home at the moment and she went straight to her bedroom. She sat on the bed and looked at the tape in her hand. There are a lot of things going on in her head and then she looked over at her window and saw the blind were open. She stood up and went over to her window and closed the blinds. She went over to her TV set with VHS player built-in and inserted the tape. As soon as the tape went in the TV turned on, blackness and then she saw herself again on TV.

The scene started from her bedroom naked and she watched the whole thing up to the scene in their dinning area where Josh was shooting his cum on her ass cheeks and the TV screen went dark right after she bent over and picked up her panty on the floor. She turned of the TV with the remote and retrieved the tape out of the set and hid it somewhere inside her walk-in closet.

She went to the bathroom across her room and washed her face. She then pulled down her tight pants so she could pee and she noticed her panty was soaking wet. Her cunt was extremely hot from her own movie but she was completely unconscious about it due to the fact that she was thinking of what she would tell that horny old bastard. She took a quick shower and a nap afterwards.

She woke a few minutes later and went down stairs and found her mom Joan in the kitchen preparing for dinner. It was over past six at night and Drake usually gets home by seven and the kids could stay till 9 at night. Joan prepares dinner and sets the meal on the table. They seldom have dinner together as a family on weekdays but Sunday night is always a family dinner.

Joan usually waits for her husband so they could eat dinner together and the kids eat whenever they get home if for some reason they hadn't ate while they were out that late.

Tammy found out that her mom and dad has an appointment for a full pampering and massage for five days starting tomorrow night from 6 to 8. Then she found out that it's a gift from Rick. Joan told her daughter that she'd prepare dinner before they head out on their appointment and she'll leave it in the oven for her and Josh.

Tammy just listened deafly when Joan kept mentioning the all expense paid pampering Rick gave them. Tammy thought that Rick was rich due to the fact that he drives an expensive car and travels all over the world, and could afford such gifts.

Tammy cleaned up and washed the dishes and said good night to Joan and then went to her bedroom and climbed in bed. She tried to sleep but she kept thinking about what that old man wanted. She pictured herself being fucked by an old fart and she wondered how long could they last or how their dick looked liked. She couldn't decide if she was excited about the thought but she decided that she's about to find out. She closed her eyes and fell asleep in a few minutes.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Tammy was restless and couldn't concentrate in class. She's been thinking what to do; she got to make her mind in a few hours if she will call the old pervert. She's heading for gym class and proceeded to the girl's dressing room to change.

After 30 minutes of work out their gym coach allowed them to do their own thing. Some of the girls went to play volleyball, others went out to the field to play soccer and some did their own with some gymnastic stuff. Tammy's thoughts were somewhere else and just followed the girls out to the field.

She was the last one out of the door and was startled when someone grabbed by her left arm unexpectedly and was pulled aside and pushed against the wall.

Tammy was disoriented at what just happened and when her mind and sight settled to the person in front of her while its hands pinning her shoulders against the cold brick wall. She was a bit surprised and said, "Scott! What are you doing? You're hurting me!"

Tammy didn't even notice Dave till he said something, "Come on Scott, you didn't need to be rough!"

Scott looked at his friend, "How the hell you want to do it? Besides, I didn't mean to."

"What's going on?" Tammy asked as she looked over to Dave.

"Shut up!" Scott yelled at her and pulled her off the wall and starts to drag her by her right arm towards the corner of the building behind the bleachers and then Dave grabbed her left arm.

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