tagLesbian SexInnocent Amber Ch. 02

Innocent Amber Ch. 02


This story stands alone well, but is more fun after reading the first chapter!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Hey wake up! We have 20 minutes." Chrissy roughly woke her roommate Amber. "Com'on, our alarm didn't go off. We can't be late for Professor. Linden's class or he won't accept our term papers. Amber, get up!"

Amber went from confusion to panic in five seconds, "Oh crap, it's 8 o'clock! I bet all the showers are taken." With Chrissy on her heels, towels and toiletries in hand, they sped down the dormitory hallway to the communal girls bathroom. It was packed. About twenty young college girls were scattered about, all in various states of undress getting ready to start their week. It was a boisterous place, with most of the girls giggling and gossiping about the past weekend.

Chrissy grabs Amber's arm and starts to drag her towards the shower stalls, "Look, there's one that just opened up. Neither of us have time to wait around for the next one, so let's just share it."

Amber was still groggy from sleep, but the idea of taking a shower with her roommate was a wake up call. "We can't do that! These stalls are tiny. There's no room for the both of us..."

Chrissy wasn't going to wait around to argue over this with Amber, so walking into the stall she said the one thing she knew would shut Amber up: "Suit yourself, it's your grade. I'm hopping in."

Damn. Amber really couldn't afford to get marked down in this class. She hadn't done so well on her mid-term and really needed a good grade on this English paper to raise her grade back up to an A. Steam was billowing out of the shower stall already. Time was ticking, and Amber hated the idea of missing her morning shower almost as much as getting bad grades. What the hell. Amber quickly opened the stall door and slid in. There was only a short shower curtain separating Amber from Chrissy.

"Is that you, Amber?" Amber managed to squeak out a 'yes', still unnerved by the idea of showering naked with another woman. "Well come on in. There's room for both of us." Amber slowly unwound her fluffy cotton towel and placed it folded on the bench next to Chrissy's. Her heart was pounding so hard she swore she felt it throbbing all the way down to her pussy. With her arms crossed in front of her sensitive nipples, Amber opened the curtain and squeezed against the opposite wall. Amber got her first look at her roommate naked, even if it was only from behind. Chrissy was a tall woman, and at 5'9'' it was all legs. Long and soft, Chrissy's incredible limbs eventually parted at her pert round ass that possessed a little dimple in the middle of the right cheek. Chrissy had full hips that came back together at her slender waist and long back. Wow. Amber sucked in the sight of her roommate, mesmerized by the gorgeous naked amazon who was sharing the shower with her.

Amber's eyes were just beginning their second trip up her sexy body when Chrissy turned to face Amber and said, "Are you coming in?" Amber was speechless. If she had thought Chrissy's backside was gorgeous... Amber couldn't take her eyes off of Chrissy's breasts, and not just because they were full C-cups and perky like only a 19-year-old's can be, but because they were decorated as well. Each large red nipple had a little gold hoop pierced through. Amber couldn't even try to hide her curiosity.

"You've never seen my nipple rings before? I got them last summer as a birthday gift to myself. Here, get under the water." Amber was barely able to tear her eyes away from the sight of Chrissy's bouncy pierced tits as she was dragged under the spray of the steaming hot water.

Chrissy shut the shower curtain and tried to squeeze back in under the water as well. It was impossible for Chrissy and Amber not to rub against the other. Elbows, hips, and breasts slipped against each other as they struggled to both wash in the tiny stall. Finally, Chrissy threw her head back laughing, "I guess there really isn't enough room here for the both of us. This is only going to work if we bathe each other. Turn around."

Before Amber could protest Chrissy was already rubbing her soapy washcloth along Amber's arms and back. Amber had played volleyball and soccer all through high school, so her body was very fit and tight. Chrissy traced the lines of her delicate muscular body. It felt incredible to both girls to have Chrissy's hands all over Amber's body. Without hesitation, Chrissy ran the washcloth down Amber's back and began to soap up her petite butt checks. Amber's gluteus tightened when she felt Chrissy stroke the washcloth (or was that her hand?) down between her buttocks, focusing for a second on her puckered asshole, before continuing its way down to the top of her thighs. Chrissy squatted down to get a better angle and finished washing Amber's firm legs.

"Turn around so I can wash the rest of you. "

Amber thought Chrissy's voice sounded a little gruff, but figured she just imagined it, having no idea how much the washing of her body was affecting her usually confident roommate. Turning around, Amber's knees almost buckled at the sit of Chrissy squatting in front of her, legs forced open and pussy exposed, with her brunette head at eye level with Amber's little blond patch. The washcloth made its way up her thighs, along her hips, and over to her tight tummy. There the washcloth soaped Amber in deeper and deeper circles.

"Open your legs..." Chrissy began, and than cleared her throat, "Open your legs so I can clean you there too."

Trembling, Amber parted her thighs; not more than a few inches, but that was plenty of room for Chrissy to enter. Amber was extremely aroused, and almost lost it when Chrissy gently began soaping up her throbbing pussy. She prayed her roommate wouldn't be able to grasp just how turned on she was from having Chrissy's hands all over her body. Amber was too naïve of the workings of her own body to understand that Chrissy was able to recognize her arousal just by the throbbing redness of her swollen pussy, much less from the short erratic breaths that shook her stomach muscles with each pant, or the blatant tightening of Amber's inch long pink nipples.

Chrissy was just as aroused. She had been dying to see her prudish roommate naked again ever since that night a couple of weeks ago when she had secretly watched Amber get off looking at the erotic website. This was better than she could have hoped for; not only was she getting to see Amber naked but was touching every inch of her as well. She couldn't believe how hot her uptight roommate was. Chrissy didn't have much experience with women. When she was 15, Chrissy had gone on vacation with her best friend for a week to Las Vegas. With the help of the fully stocked liquor bar in the hotel room, Chrissy and her friend went on a sexual exploration, but by the next day it was never spoken of again. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

And here Chrissy is today, on her knees soaping up her roommates tight sexy pussy, feeling how slick and hot it is, wishing she had the nerve to bring this to its natural conclusion. Hoping Amber couldn't see through the steam, Chrissy reached down with her spare hand and began to finger her own soaked pussy. Shoving two fingers into her own hole, she set up a rhythm matched with her other hand that was "cleaning" Amber's pussy. Amber was beginning to lose it as well. Her pussy muscles sucked on Chrissy's fingers, and her hips jerked against the thumb that was rubbing circles along her clit. Little whimpers were filling the air, barely heard above the loud stream of water. Hearing those whimpers, seeing Amber with her eyes closed panting above her, knowing that her innocent roommate really had no idea what was going on, Chrissy could barely handle the stimulus discreetly herself. With her own slippery finger, Chrissy reached farther between her legs and stuck her middle finger into her tight pink asshole, keeping her thumb on her clit keeping up the rhythm. She was so close to cumming... Chrissy looked up again and saw Amber lightly stroke one of her erect nipples oblivious to her own actions. It was all Chrissy needed to put her over the edge. Biting her lip so she wouldn't scream, Chrissy's entire body shook from the intensity of her orgasm, causing her to fall to her knees and buckle over with both hands.

Startled by the sudden absence of Chrissy' fingers, Amber opened her eyes and saw Chrissy shaking on the shower floor, "Chrissy! Are you okay?"

Barely recovered from her powerful orgasm, Chrissy managed to respond, "Yeah I just slipped, but I'm okay."

"Do you want me to wash you now?" Amber asked a little eagerly. She really hoped she could return the favor to her roommate. The idea of soaping up Chrissy's body, and especially washing her there, was strangely exhilarating for her. Amber reached out towards Chrissy with her washcloth, aching to touch her.

"No, that's okay. I got clean enough just from washing you. Besides, I think we're almost out of time."

Oh! Amber had totally forgotten about their English class. That was almost enough to douse her arousal. Well, almost. Chrissy slid out of the shower, shouting that she'd meet Amber back in the room. Amber slid her hand down to her still aching pussy, and imitating Chrissy, she slid her finger between the folds of her slick sex until she was in up to her knuckle. Sliding her finger in and out, faster and faster, Amber couldn't believe how fantastic it felt.

"Yeah, yeah...Chrissy. Oohhh...Uuhhh...Oh Chrissy!"

With Chrissy's name softly on Amber's tongue, Amber began to climax, her pussy squirting sticky juice out onto her thighs, and she too feel to her knees. Feeling exhilarated but also a bit ashamed, Amber turned off the shower and dried off thinking,

"Thank god Chrissy had no idea how much I was enjoying her bathing me. I'd be so embarrassed." Rushing back to her room, they both finished getting ready, and went off to class, barely making it on time.

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