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Innocent Schoolgirl


Amber was glad to be getting out of school. She was the last one in the building, and it was late. She didn't like to be alone in the Science Building of the University, but she had to make up on her extra credit, or she was going to fail her class.

She was walking down the hall, starting to pass one of the science labs, when she heard a moan. Being that she thought that she was the last one in the building, Amber was afraid that some idiot had gotten themselves hurt, and she would have to stay longer. It was drawing near midnight, and she needed some sleep. But never the less, she didn't want someone to be hurt, so she went into the lab.

Amber looked around the lab, and didn't see anyone so she started to leave the room. When she almost reached the door, she heard the moan again, except this time it was louder. Amber looked around, afraid she was losing her mind, when she saw the storage room door cracked open in the back of the lab.

Amber went to the storage room to peek in to see if anyone was hurt, when she got the shock of her life. Crystal, from her Biology class, was riding the lap of their Biology professor. Amber gasped at the sight of the two, watching Professor Grady slap Crystal's skirt-covered ass as she bounced up and down on his lap. When she gasped a second time as Professor Grady started to sucked on Crystal right tit, it must have been loud, because the two stopped fucking and looked at her in the door.

Amber tried to back up and run for it, when she tripped over a stool as Professor Grady and Crystal came out of the room half-naked. She then fell and hit her head on the floor. Amber woke up on the couch in the storage room to the sounds of her professor and her classmate arguing.

"Damn it, Crystal. I thought I told you to lock the door, in case someone was still in the building."

"I did, but I apparently didn't shut the door all the way. You didn't seem to mind, though, seeing as you were moaning when I was riding your cock."

"That's not the point. Now we have to worry about Amber exposing us. You can be expelled and I can lose my tenure. Not to mention the fact, that my wife will have a fucking cow when she finds out I was banging some student, instead of grading papers like I told her. It's a damn good thing that we don't have kids yet. Fuck!" Amber tried to sit up, but her professor saw her and pushed her back down on the couch gently.

"Well, what are we going to do about her, since she's awake and all."

"Now, Amber. I don't suppose there's any way that you can forget what you just saw." Professor Grady sat down next to Amber, rubbing her smooth legs. Amber didn't want it to happen, but her nether region started to tingle. Damn, she didn't want Professor Grady to think that she was a slut like Crystal was.

"No, I don't think there is a way, but that doesn't mean that I am going to say anything. Just let me go, and I promise, I won't say a word."

"I can't do that Amber. As I was telling Crystal, we're now exposed to you. I can lose my tenure here at the University, and Crystal here will lose her scholarship, and will get kicked out of school. Do you want that to happen? You know what Crystal? I just thought of something." Professor Grady looked at Amber with pure lust in his eyes as he was reaching up Crystal's skirt from behind.

Crystal gasped and slid her hand down under her skirt, slightly circling her clit, making engorged for Amber to see. Her nipples were hard and red, crinkled with arousal. Amber looked at them in amazement, wondering how they could do that in front of her, knowing that she could turn them in, and tomorrow they wouldn't be there.

As if her professor read her mind, he looked at her, and with his other hand he rubbed her leg going towards her pink lips that were showing under her skirt. "Like I was saying Crystal, I thought of a way to keep us out of trouble. Lovely Amber here is going to join us. If she joins us, she stands to get in trouble to, so why would she want to turn us in? Plus, it will be an interesting mix, and she get plenty of pleasure out of this whole ordeal."

"What do you mean, 'join you'? I am not going to become a whore like Crystal and give it up like tha---" Amber was cut off as Crystal plunged her tongue in Amber's mouth. Amber shivered involuntarily as Crystal swiveled her tongue in every direction in her mouth.

"Looks like you don't have a choice, Amber." Professor Grady stated this as he hit home plate as his rough fingers plied Amber's lips of her vagina apart. As he did this, Amber resisted, trying to push his hands away. Crystal pinned Amber's hands above her head, as the professor lifted Amber's skirt out of the way of her plump pussy. He placed his mouth on her clit, sucking and nibbling, all the while Amber fought to break free even as her body betrayed her. Her luscious pink hole was drenching her professor's face.

"Please, God. Let me go." Amber screamed as her professor unzipped his pants once more, letting out the first and most beautiful cock she'd ever seen. It looked at velvet covered steel pipe. She estimated it to be around nine inches long and two or three inches in thickness.

"Oh, God, please don't. I'm a virgin. Please don't hurt me."

"Amber, shh. That's nonsense. I'm going to take care of this fragile pussy. You'll love every second." Crystal held Amber's with one hand, and with the other, she slowly caressed Amber's generous breasts. Professor Grady lowered himself and placed his massive purple head at the entrance of Amber's tight pussy. He braced himself and pushed his cock in, slowly as not to hurt Amber. He went past her resistant cherry, filling her completely. Amber groaned in pain, burying her head in her arm as her professor pumped in and out, in and out, making Amber's juices flow as he increased his pace.

Crystal leaned down and forcefully at first, kissed Amber. Amber began moaning and slowly started pumping her hips. As her professor let out a load moan, Crystal released Amber's hands and climbed up on Amber. Crystal placed her sweet love box on Amber's mouth. At first, Amber became panicked again, but as Crystal started to sway back and forth, Amber slowly let her tongue touch Crystal's tight hole, and pushed further until her tongue was all the way in Crystal's tasty entrance.

Professor Grady watched the interaction between the two girls and began to pump harder, making his balls slap at Amber's back entrance. Amber moved her hips to match the stroke of her professor and felt her muscles start to contract. The orgasm exploded inside her, gripping Professor Grady's cock and pulling it further into Amber until it reached the hilt. His balls began to spasm, and a huge load of sticky jizz was unleashed into Amber's canal, rushing out onto her thighs.

Crystal began riding harder on Amber's face, pushing her nose into Crystal's clit while her tongue worked furiously to bring Crystal to cumming. Crystal began to shake with her orgasm, but it wouldn't seem to break loose. Professor Grady stuck his finger in between Amber's wet, red lips and raised it to Crystal's back door. He pushed it roughly into her and wiggled it feverishly. Crystal pumped as fast she could as Amber reached down and began to finger herself. Amber began to buck as soon as she touched herself since she was still riding the waves of her first orgasm. When she began to writhe under Crystal, Crystal's orgasm finally exploded.

Crystal crawled off of Amber's face and slumped against the couch. All of them were exhausted.

Professor Grady pulled his finger out of Crystal, and smiled. "I'm giving both of you girls an A+."

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