tagGroup SexInsatiable at Work Ch. 18

Insatiable at Work Ch. 18


I picked up a voicemail from Tara, "Hey Rob! Been a week or two and we really miss you...lets maybe go out for a beer...or dinner... ya know? Maybe we could help with some spring clean-up at the garden? Give us a call."

That Wednesday, late afternoon, we met at the garden and they helped cut back grasses. We were finishing up and reaching a stopping point. "Thanks for helping with this, guys...the rain is coming tomorrow so we need to get this done."

"We know, Honey...you know we will always help...just give us a call."

Tara and I took the load to the compost and dumped things. We were pushing it back into the bin and I caught myself looking at that cute little body. Hardly unusual for me, but she was stunning in a t-shirt and jeans. When she bent over to pick up a bundle, I grabbed a firm handful and when she stood, I trailed kisses down over her neck. She abruptly turned to face me and pushed her tongue through my lips. We made out like that for a few minutes, before I smiled, "Honey, let's do it in the garage!"

Before she answered, she was on the radio. "Bryan meet us in the garage with wheelbarrow and the tool." We both laughed and she pressed the button to finish her joke, "I mean tools."

"Got it...be there in a few minutes!"

As we were driving back to the garage, she was undressing in the vehicle...she had taken her boots off and was in the process of sliding her pants and underwear off. By the time we made it to the garage, I almost hit the gate because she was bottomless and dipping fingers, into her pussy.

It took Bryan a few minutes to lock the gate, but when he rolled into the garage, he saw what was happening. He smiled and quickly closed the door, "Um...I cut back a few more, but you can pick things up tomorrow."

"Buddy, we got to finish something, here...things happened down at the compost."

He grinned, "I see that! I thought it was takin a long time...next time I'm going with!"

"Sounds good...I think it's been way too fuckin long!"

"I hear that! Honey, get naked and get over here!"

Bryan was till grinning as he pulled his clothes off, "Fuck...I was really horny and hopin' we could get to it...and have some fun."

Before sitting her up on the tailgate, I threw an old rug in the bed of the vehicle. She giggled, "Perfect for a garden fuck!"

She laid back, grabbed each knee and pulled her legs back to the side. With the pads of her feet resting at the very edge, her thighs and pussy were flush with the tailgate; there was a glint of wetness, peeking from the slit. Bryan and I grinned at one another and went at it...I picked up where I left off, kissing down over her neck, grabbing mouthfuls of breast and sucking her nipples between my lips. I covered her mouth with mine and kissed her, toying with her tongue.

Brian pressed his face in next to mine and we shoved both tongues into her. When I felt his lips touch mine, he gave in, tracing with his tongue and locking his lips over mine. Tara squealed, "Yes! Love to watch my boys play together!" With three tongues together, inside her mouth, I knew what was ahead and this was just the start. The three-way make-out session lasted five or six minutes, at which point, Bryan took over the finger-fucking and got his face centered over her pussy. He buried his tongue into its warmth and wetness. Still wearing her little cheerleader socks and resting on the tailgate, she moaned when he sucked her clit between his lips. "Bryan...sweetie...love that...mmmm...keep that up! Mmmmmm...love it...yesssssss...mmmmm, god that's fucking incredible...keep it up...mmmm...mmmmmmmm...mmmmmm...yessssss!"

I was still sitting next to Tara and went back to swapping tongues with her. After a while, I guess my dick got tempting, because I felt Bryan's lips wrapping over the tip and heading down the shaft. While Tara watched, she fucked her fingers into her pussy and rubbed, wildly over her clit. He pumped his face down over me and I rolled my hips up to meet him. "That's nice, buddy...mmmmmm...yeah...suck me...suck that dick!"

"Yesssss, honey, suck that dick...Robbie likes what you're doin'...that's it! I love to watch my boys play...so fuckin' hot!"

"Uhhhh...uhhhh...you know...your husband sucks cock...uhhhh...really well!"

Tara was clearly ready for more attention, "I know, Sweetie he loves yours...gawd, I need some, too! When do I get a turn?"

That's all it took before he pulled off and went back to his wife, sawing a swollen shaft, back and forth, through her lips. He slapped his dick over her pussy and it made that wet, smacking sound. He really didn't waste much time, before dipping into his wife. He was driving himself hard, into her pussy...so hard, she shook from the impact. I had my hands all over her, enjoying that beautiful, tight body...a body I lusted for! Tara always made herself available for anything, but at that moment, I was mesmerized by the amazing eroticism, of watching her being hard-fucked, in the back of a utility vehicle.

"Mmmmmmm...god damn! I love my hubby's big dick...fuck me...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck me! Honey...feels so good...in my...pussy! Feels so...uhhhh...uhhhh...good...fuck me...fuck me!"

I laughed, "Sweetie, I love your hubby's big dick, too! Love his tight little ass...it's smokin' hot! Look at it flex when he fucks!"

I continued to run my hands over her soft skin, squeezing her tits and rubbing her nipples; I leaned over and replaced my hand with my lips. My tongue darted over a nipple, I grabbed a mouthful and my hand kneaded the other. She ran her fingers through my hair and pushed my face tight, into her breast.

"God Bryan...Rob...fuck! You pleasure meeee...so goooood!"

I got back up, squatted next to her and pumped my hand over my dick. I gazed at her body and her tits, bouncing wild from his thrusts. Her nips were erect and especially animated; I poked them with the tip of my cock and stroked the shaft over top. The feel of my rock-hard dick sliding over her nipples drove her crazy. I pressed into her tits and slapped my dick hard against the bouncy flesh. "Fuckkk those tits are amazing...make me so fucking hard...sweetie, your titties make my cock drool!" I continued to tease, thumping and rubbing my dick over her body. I ran it through her lips and bounced it over her face, "Love this beautiful body...makes me so fuckin' hard, sweetie!"

She grabbed me and I let her hold it...stroke it...and feel it. "Well...I love that beautiful cock...love it when I can hold it...feel it between my lips...feel it in my belly!"

Bryan moaned, "Fuck...gonna shoot...gotta pull out...fuck!"

"Baby, slow down! I know yer horny as fuck...choke it off. Want my baby to last."

He quickly pulled out and shook it off, while Tara shot a look in my direction. "Lay back there and I can give you something we'll both love!"

"I got no doubts, sweetie." I laid back and let her straddle my face. She centered herself over me, while I dipped my tongue between her legs and kissed my way over the little muff. She squealed and moaned, when I ran my tongue up through her labia...the wetness only fed my hunger. I said, "Dude, good work...she's dripping wet...and fucking tasty!" She opened her thighs wider and reached down to spread her lips, for me. "Mmmm, suck me, honey! Fuck me with that tongue!"

I did exactly as I was told and then some. When I went after her clit, she ground herself into my face. "That's so fuckin' good...ahhhh...ahhhh...mmmmmm, that's nice...yesssss...yesssss...do that for me...yesssss! Fuck! Yer gonna make me cum...on your face. I wanna cum on your cock...honey, help me fuck him!"

He wrapped his hand around my dick, to where he could feel blood pulsing through the shaft. Then he put both hands on me, stroked a little and squeezed into the hardness. It was like he was getting me ready for his wife. Bryan loved cock and Tara knew it...but when they could love cock together, it was amazing...you felt lucky to be a part of it.

Once Tara got over top, he lined me up and rubbed it through her lips, mixing juice with precum. When it pushed through her lips, she rolled her head back, "Ahhhhh fuckkkkk! That's it...put it in...meeee...fuck me! Feed me that dick...feed my...uhhhh...uhhhh...pussy...feed my pussy...feed my pussy...she's hungry...so fucking hungry...feed me!"

There were huge moans as she slid all the way down, taking it all, deep into her pussy. Poking her cervix, she let out a squeal as it hit bottom and turned to her husband, "Honey, kiss me, while we fuck!"

He kissed her with amazing passion, as she slowly began riding, up and down. When they finally broke from the make-out session, "Let me suck you...get up here and let me suck you!"

He stood up, facing her, and she reached out to take his cock between her lips. I watched as they tried to keep it in her mouth...but she was bucking too wildly. He resorted to stroking himself, just a few inches from her face. I reached up and swatted his ass, "Back up, let me see ya stroke that sexy thing...I wanna watch, too!"

I was fucking her back with my hips, moving just as fast...and just as hard. I was thrusting from below, while Tara rode my cock. With the vehicle squeaking, my hips slapping her ass and the wet juicy sounds of sex, the sounds of fucking filled the garage. "Feels so fucking good...hurt me with that thing...fuck me hard...harder...uhhhh...uhhhh...mmmmmmmm...yesssssssss!"

Bryan stroked directly above her face and moans, "Gonna cum...can't stop...this time...gonna cummmm...fuck sweetie, you ready?"

He blew his load all over her face and it dripped down over her tits. When thick, white seed sprayed over her lips, she used her tongue to catch it. Once he finished, she smiled and her fingers eagerly explored the reward, covering her face. Cum hanging from her chin, she licked her lips, stretching to pick up as much as possible.

"Honey, you like to watch me getting fucked, don't you? Maybe as much as I enjoy it?"

"Yeah...it's hot...love seein' you satisfied, with Rob's big dick! He smiles, "Course I'm biased, I love that thing!"

"Thanks buddy...love yours, too."

She giggles, "I love'm both!"

Starting to wear out, she bounced over me for a while longer, but then she'd pause to catch her breath and grind. I took hold of her hips and started thrusting upward. "Oh, yeahhhh! That's what I need...take charge and fuck me...fuck me, deep...ahhhh...ahhhh...uhhhh...mmmmmmm...fuck me! Just like that...good...feels so goooooood! Fuck me...fuck me!"

When I took over, her hand quickly found its way and I watched her rub out an amazing orgasm. It wasn't long before her body began to shudder and stiffen; she was on fire and screaming, "Yes, fuck it out of me...make me cum...that's it...so...close...fuck me...fuck me...uhhhh...fuck me...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck me...you got me...there...cummmming...yessss...mmmmm...yessssss!"

I nearly lost it, when she was quivering and squeezing tighter on my dick. I just kept fucking into her and reached up to grab a big, handful...her breasts were heaving up and down and I felt her nipples standing proud and poking into my palms. Still panting and trying to catch her breath, but hardly a second passed before she leaned forward to kiss me. "Mmmmmm...Bryan and I got ours. Now, what do you need, sweetie?"

"Mmmmmm...I need to fuck...need you to work my cock with that tight pussy!"

Still holding me inside, she was hot and ready to go at it, again. She raked her fingers through my hair and kissed me, "That's what I need too, honey...fuck me, more...need more of that big dick!"

"Sit down there on the tailgate, again."

Still wet, I ease back into her. She produces a long, moaning wail as her pussy spreads back open, stretching to accommodate the girth. Her mouth stood open and she continued moaning, "Yessssss...that's it! Fuck me hard! Shove that big cock deep and let me feel it...feel it stretch me...stretch me! I want you to fill me with hot, seed!"

Bryan was watching and wanking his dick! "Fuck, dude! That's hot...fuckin' her like that! Did I look that hot, when I was doin'r like that?"

"Fuck yeah! You looked like porn stars...gardening porn stars!"

Enjoying the slap of my balls against her ass, I pumped faster and deeper, battering her cervix. With a soft sheen of sweat and her mouth still gapped, she moans, "Fucking so good...love that dick...fuck me hard...uhhhh...uhhhh...fuck me deep!"

I was doing my best to get what I needed. With each stroke, she lurched forward; her tits were bouncing and swaying back and forth, but after a few minutes, she began to shake in what I knew was the start. Once she shoved her hand between us and rubbed circles, that was it! She was groaning with greater intensity, "Yessss...make me cum...please, don't stop...don't...stop...please, Rob...please...ples...ples...ples...make me cum...uhhhh...uhhhh...yessssss...uhhhh...cummmmmming...fuck me! Gonna...cum on yer dick...yessssss...cum on that big dick!"

I couldn't hold out any longer and stroked deep into her quivering body. When I finally emptied my balls, it was a big load and Tara's whole body continued to shake with orgasm...her toes even curled. Despite her compromised state, she did the Kegel-thing and milked every last drop from my dick. Though, both of us, were physically drained, soaked in sweat and covered with sex, her needs demanded that she hang on...she craved cock...and wanted all the juice. When I pulled out, sex dripped from my cock and trickled from her tiny slit. Without a cock inside, the opening contracted, leaving only a small gap. I spread her lips, while she flexed and pushed out more. Without hesitation, Bryan kneeled to eat the creampie, from her pussy. As he licked up cum, she encouraged him, "Baby, that feels so good...clean me up good." Slowly, he ran the tip of his tongue over the swollen lips and up to her clit. Very gently, he circled and licked over the top...and then down the other side. He shoved his tongue in, as far as he could, and she rolled her hips to push it deeper. Once satisfied, he straddled his wife and started kissing her. She licks his lips and plunges her tongue into his mouth. She comes up for air with a sexy smile and looks at both of us.

I laughed, "Look out, Bryan! I think she's got something cooking!"

"Well...I was thinkin' we haven't had a meeting in a long time...maybe we could continue this meeting...um...up in your office?"

Bryan was quick to add, "That's my girl...I vote to have a meeting, too...then maybe we can grab a beer. And Rob, it looks like you need a meeting to empty those balls and take care of that wood."

She pulled back her lips, exposing the puffy wetness. "Maybe we can work on this more?"

"Mmmmmm...can't wait to show Bryan how I can bend over a conference table!"

"Well...let's continue things in my office! Bryan, your wife loves a good meeting!"

Tara giggles, "So... let's do more! Maybe we can schedule a couple more...um...meetings over that beer?"

Still wearing a few patches of cum on her face, I lean down to kiss her forehead. "Honey, you are amazing and fuckin' crazy! Don't ever change!"


Tara was in the bathroom and I was pulling the bottle of lube from my desk. "After what we put her through, I think she's gonna need this."

Bryan answered with a big grin, "Probably so...uh...now, I'm unfamiliar with the meeting format, but is there a way I could add an agenda item?"

I laughed, "Most of the agenda involves sex."

"Then pencil in some cowgirl for me!"

"Got it! And dude, I think we need to get you out of work so you can attend more often."

I got the lube and spread its soothing coolness over her pussy. Delicately working it over her clit, I coated the lips...soothing the puffiness. "That's nice Rob...you guys treat me so good...always taking care of me. You know, if you treat my pussy right, she can go all night!"

"We hope so...your husband made an executive decision to add more cowgirl to the agenda...he wants to give you a little ride!"

He spread out on the table with his cock rigid and arching over his belly, "Saddle up sweetie!"

To be continued...in the next chapter, our meeting will be covered in great detail.

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