tagSci-Fi & FantasyInside His World Ch. 02

Inside His World Ch. 02


Chapter 2 - Torn

*After a general demand and the many questions it brought, I decided to continue the story Inside his World. I hope you enjoy this second installment. I do appreciate your votes and value all the comments. Thank you.*

Indulging in her state of profound bewilderment, she was awake but did not dare to open her eyes. She knew that as soon as she would, the spell would be broken and she wanted to keep all the impending questions that threatened to shatter the sweetness of her reminiscence at bay for a little while longer. Not even in her wildest fantasies could she have imagined a night so beyond believable. Strange and beautiful. That is how she saw her encounter with Michael Belmont, a man who turned out to be even more puzzling than his reputation led him to be.

In the safe oblivion behind her closed eyelids, she could still feel him; his lips, his touch, the heat of his body against hers and his teeth, piercing the skin on her neck. She licked her upper lip as she recalled the sweetness of his blood on her tongue, wishing she could taste it once more. There was something enthralling in the way he had watched her, drinking her in as if she was the essence without which he could not live. Just thinking about it made her head spin and her pulse quicken, in a way she had never experienced before. All of the sudden, she sucked in her breath and winced. A vision of his face flashed inside her mind so clearly, that it was as if he stood right in front of her.

Those eyes!

There was no way for her to escape from the incandescence of his stare and from the gripping torment that suddenly stirred deep inside her. Alarmed by such an overwhelming sensation, she quickly opened her eyes and pressed her hands against her quivering stomach.

Allowing herself to slowly come back to reality, she lay in the middle the large four poster bed, with the bronze brocade quilt and the cream coloured sheets crumpled under her. Rays of sun penetrated the dark burgundy room through the stained glass window, casting multicolored patterns over the soft curves of her naked body. The stunning artwork on the window caught her eye. Under a blooming wisteria tree, a man and a woman of stunning beauty, stood embracing each other with their bodies intertwined in a graceful, snake-like manner. There was something deeply soothing in that scene; as if one completed the other and only when united they formed a whole. For a moment, before her reasoning annihilated such a thought, it felt as if up until her encounter with that arcane man, she had been incomplete. As if he had been the missing piece of the puzzle that was her life. Of course as soon as the thought crossed her mind, she laughed out loud at the silliness of it.

She sat up and looked around her, noticing her dress and lingerie carelessly scattered on the floor. Instantly, she felt the heat rise to her cheeks as she recalled the way she had undressed for him. Did she really do that? Resting her palm against her forehead, she dropped back on the bed and rolled onto her side. Staring at the empty space beside her, she wondered of how it would have been if she got to wake up with him by her side.

Remembering the sensation of his lips on her neck as he sucked her blood; she touched her skin where he had bit her and felt a slightly tender spot. That was the part of her night that made the least sense to her. The drinking of one's blood belonged to a fantasy fiction. Vampires did not exist, but then again, he did say that he was not a vampire but of some ancient and secret race. She gasped at the recollection of the ritual of their blood exchange in which she had willingly participated.

"By us exchanging our blood, you are now part of it too. I made you mine and you made me yours." his words resonated in her mind.

Reality did come down crushing in on her with a devastating effect on her reverie, just as she knew that it would.

What did she get herself into? Did she seriously agree to something so absurd? Finally, all the inevitable questions spiralled down on her, though she found no answer to any of them. The only logical explanation that she came up with was that Belmont Manor could possibly be home to some bizarre cult. She was angry with herself for letting her guard down for one night and for falling into the trap set by that man who used his charms to ensnare her. Did he think she was naïve enough to actually believe that he was of some supernatural descent? Quickly, she pushed the invading memory of her licking his blood-stained lips to the back of her mind. After all, she was an intelligent and rational woman.

Without even thinking, she moved her head to the other pillow where he had laid as he held her to him with his fingers running through her hair and caressing the skin on her back until she fell asleep. Her unbridled emotions at war with her reasons triumphed as soon as she inhaled his scent that still lingered behind on the silky smooth material. Musky and sensuous, it made her tremble with desire at the recollection of the passion she had shared with that man. The stirring inside her deepened and she thought she would go insane if she let it overtake her. The way she could not think clear when it came to him worried and confused her. It was something she had never experienced before.

Fearing that she would get into even more trouble if she stayed, she had decided that the safest thing to do was to clear her head and leave the Belmont Manor with its dangerous owner far behind. She nearly forgot why she was there in the first place and moaned with frustration as soon as she remembered.


If she was going to leave earlier than anticipated and come back empty handed, she needed to come up with an excuse to give John, her boss.

"This is your chance Anna, make the best of it! Opportunities like this don't come around very often." his shrewd black eyes were assessing her behind his reading glasses, as he delegated the interview to her. "We have been trying to get this guy for a couple of years now and this is the first time he agreed to meet with anyone from the media. For a reason that beats me, out of all the reporters, he requested you, so don't let me down."

"Me?" her jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

"Yeah, you Missy. Said he enjoyed your articles." He winked at her kindly and handed her an expensive looking cream envelope with her name beautifully handwritten on it, by a calligrapher by the looks of it.

Michael Belmont asked for her personally? How bizarre. But she was too thrilled to dwell on the "why" for too long.

He chose her.


"Close your mouth and go and get him kiddo. Use all those pretty charms of yours and don't let his high status intimidate you." John laughed out loud, clearly amused by her expression of astonishment.

Oh, the electric excitement she felt that evening as she stared at the few available pictures online of one of the most intriguing personalities in the region. He was so dangerously handsome.

Her fingers trembled when she opened the envelope that contained the invitation for her to spend the long weekend in the Belmont Manor. It was written in that same beautiful handwriting just like her name on the envelope and she wondered if he had written it himself. His signature was so classically stylish. She was impressed that he would put so much effort for a mere reporter such as her. To be in the company of the rich and famous but very evasive Michael Belmont was a privilege known to only very few. She thought she could not believe her luck then but now, she was no longer so sure.

What was supposed to be the highlight of her career could possibly turn out to be her downfall and it was all her own fault. She rubbed her temples, thinking about how she was going to get out of such a sticky situation.

Why did she do that?

She knew very well that to mix business with pleasure had been very unprofessional but she seemed to not be able to think straight whenever he was close by.

It was too late. She could not undo what had been done, but then again, she could not fully bring herself to regret it either.

She was too afraid of what could happen if she stayed. What could she do? It's not like she could write an article about her experience. No one would believe what went on behind the closed doors of Michael Belmont's home. She would lose all credibility as a good reporter and might as well go work for cheap gossip magazines. It was her life against her career.

What to do?

One did not go without the other. No matter how long she searched for a solution, she could not find any.

She got up and stretched her body, realizing that she was not as sore as she had first thought. For someone who was not a morning person and needed her dose of caffeine before she could even think, her senses were quite alert. She did not feel in any immediate danger, so she told herself that there was no need to panic. First, before rushing into anything, she needed to think things through. She did not allow herself to admit that deep within, she was in fact, very reluctant to leave.

It was not like her to drink in the morning, but she needed to something to help her calm down so she poured herself some of the sweet smelling liquor from the crystal decanter on the dresser. For a moment, she stared at the purple translucent liquid in her glass and then, without further thought swallowed it in one big gulp. The smooth velvety texture burned down her throat in a very pleasant way. She poured herself another glass and went to check if the door to her room was locked. To her relief, it was. Of course, he would have a spare. Not at all sure whether she liked the thought of him being able to enter her room as he pleased, she made her way to the luxurious bathroom suite.

There was no shower, so she drew a bath and poured in some of the scented oils in the fancy crystal bottles that lined the glass shelf on the wall. While the bathtub filled with steamy water, she went to examine her neck in the oversized silver-framed mirror. There was a small bruise where his teeth tore her skin but the wound was already almost invisible. She frowned. She had never healed so quickly. She noticed that her face was not puffy, as it usually was in the morning and on the contrary, her skin had quite a beautiful glow to it. Her cheeks were rosy and her lips were of a deeper shade of pink than she'd ever seen them.

Frowning, she studied her light green eyes from up close, finding them unnaturally bright and what was even more amazing; there was no trace of dark circles under them. She took a step back. Was she being paranoid? The image in the mirror did not lie. She felt a tight knot form inside her stomach. This overall healthy appearance felt strange and she knew that something was definitely off. With her heart racing frantically, she started to panic but then she suddenly felt the intoxicating effect of the drink she had swallowed spread through her body and her anxiety was gradually replaced by a blissful sensation of euphoria.

It was with fascination that she touched her long black hair that fell in disarray around her naked shoulders. Even tangled, it was softer and looked shinier than ever. She could still feel him threading his fingers through it, pulling at it and pressing his lips to it to inhale her scent. Just remembering those dreamy moments made her tremble with desire. With his image vivid in her mind, she ran her hands slowly from the small bruise on her neck over the rise of her breasts, the delicate point of her pink nipples hardening under her fingertips. Recalling the way he licked and touched them, made her want to have him back in her room so badly, it made her head spin.

She tied up her hair, lit the candles in the silver chandelier and after she turned off the lights, she lowered herself into the hot fragrant water. Completely relaxed, she sipped the second glass of the liquor more slowly, savouring its exquisite taste that was like some nectar collected from the most beautiful flowers. Perhaps it was some imported Asian drink, she thought, just vaguely concerned at how quickly all of her worries, reasoning and arguments dissipated as if by magic. With her mind so pleasantly elated, she did not even attempt to control the electrifying thrill that ran through her when she heard a key turn in the lock and the door to her room open and close. Every nerve in her body tingling with anticipation, she smiled and waited for him to come to her.

Appearing like a vision from a dream, he walked in and paused in front of her. His light brown hair was stylishly disheveled and the nice shape of his tall and fit body was nicely accentuated by the black fitted designer t-shirt and black jeans he wore. Once again, he made her heartbeat quicken with the way he looked at her with a twinkle of mischief in his clear blue eyes.

"Good afternoon Anna." he said softly.

Afternoon? Was it that late? She did not check the time when she got up. No wonder she appeared so rested after sleeping for so long, she thought.

"Do you usually come as you please into your guests' rooms?" she eyed him, lifting her eyebrows in a questioning way.

His provocative smile made him even more alluring and aware just how spellbound she was by him, she knew that there was nothing much she would refuse him. With a couple of quick steps, he was beside the bath. Her eyes widening, she followed his every move as he kneeled down and slowly leaned over the edge to place a soft kiss first on her bare shoulder and then on her quivering lips.

"Only into yours." he whispered into her mouth. "Did you not miss me when you woke up?"

"I think that you know the answer to that," she admitted with defeat since it was obvious that he knew it already.

He smiled and cupping her face with his hands to hold her to him, he kissed her again, but this time, it was with an uninhibited passion that left her breathless. She placed her hands over his wrists while they kissed, slowly moving closer to him.

When the heat between them grew almost out of control, he let go of her, stood up and taking her hand into his, he bid her to stand up. Once she did, he turned her so that her back was toward him. Observing him from the side, she saw him take a bottle from the shelf and pour jasmine scented soap into his hand. First he placed a soft kiss on nape of her neck and then he started lathering her back, smoothly gliding his palms over her graceful neck and shoulders and down over the gentle arch of her back. Sensing his admiration in the softness of his touch, she closed her eyes and let herself indulge in the pleasure of his hands caressing her body.

"Your beauty both soothes and torments me. It has no equal."

The way he whispered those words made her skin even more responsive to his touch.

As if he sensed it, his fingers slowly traced the contours of her slim waist and the soft feminine curves of her hips all the way to her round buttocks. Bringing his lips to her neck, he licked and kissed her all the way to her ear while he massaged her ass cheeks in circular motion, gently squeezing her soft flesh. She held her breath when she felt his hands slip gradually toward the middle, teasingly tracing the back of her pussy as he made his way down to her thighs.

He scooped some water into the empty glass from which she drank and started rinsing her back. The hot water made her skin tingle as it ran over her body in small tickly streams. He kneeled down again and poured some water on her buttocks and then kissed her burning skin. She gasped when she felt his tongue touch her pussy at the same time as he caressed the inside of her thighs. Gently pushing her legs apart, he parted her ass cheeks so that her pussy was fully exposed to his probing tongue. He slid his wet tongue over her pink clit, gently sucking on her soft labia and then pushed his tongue inside her, exploring her as deeply as he could. The way he pushed it in and out of her, sucking in her arousal juices made her body tremble.

She rested her hands against the wall to steady herself as his probing made her hips sway forth and back. Her long hair dripping down her back, she arched it and breathed heavily as he pleasured her in the most indulging way. Just as she started to feel her climax approach, he suddenly stopped. His teasing was merciless and she groaned in frustration.

He got up, poured more jasmine soap into his hands and then, pulling her back to lean on him, not bothered by his clothes get wet, he started lathering the front of her neck and gradually worked his way over her collarbone and down her chest. His lips on her shoulder, he pressed her more firmly against him while he lifted and caressed her breasts, taking her hard nipples between his fingers, twisting and teasing them until she felt small shocks travel through her lower belly into her aroused sex. His playful bites on the side of her neck made her breaths come in fast and heavy.

She felt him push the hardness in his jeans onto her ass as he caressed her trembling stomach, from her hip bones toward the center, slowly going lower, until his hands traced the sides of her pussy. When his hand slid between her moist slit, she moaned. He filled the glass with more water and rinsed the soap from her skin, pouring more water over her exquisite breasts and watched with admiration over her shoulder as the small rivulets glided over her pink nipples all the way down to her pussy. Taking his time, he parted the soft folds between her legs and poured more hot water directly over the area where he started teasing her clitoris with short repetitive strokes. No other man had ever made her climax the way he did. Almost as if he could read her mind, he seemed to know exactly how to please her. Bringing her to the verge of her being barely able to handle it anymore, he did not stop until he had her shaking in his embrace and crying out from the intensity of her orgasm.

When body calmed down, she turned and staring at his inviting lips, kissed him with the fire of her salacious desire for him. With their lips still locked together, he lifted her, wrapping her legs around his hips, her wet body completely soaking his clothes. She wound her hands around his shoulders and pressed herself firmly against him as he pushed her hard against the wall.

Kissing her neck and breasts with savage fervor, he unzipped his jeans and freed his hard erection. She felt him guide the soft head of his otherwise hard cock to her pussy and then slowly opening her up, he pushed it into her roughly. She cried out plaintively as he slid inside her, inch by inch.

It was amazing to have him so close to her, their bodies united, forming one whole. She simply could not get enough of him. In that moment she felt like she never wanted to let go of him and if she could, she would have hold on to that moment forever.

She could feel his body trembling with each thrust going faster and deeper. He was breathing loudly, his hands firmly pressed against her ass as he held her against the wall. She bit into his shoulder, none too gently and to her delight, she got to lick a drop of blood that escaped the small bruise she had made with her teeth.

"Thirsty for more?" he whispered into her ear and pushed deeper into her still.


She thought she would go insane from the intensity of her desire for him. To experience such a pure abandonment in love-making felt was something new to her. The more he gave her, the hungrier she got and the more she wanted from him. Holding him tightly, she felt his body tense as his thrusts took on the frenzy of his building orgasm and then grabbed onto him tighter still when he exploded inside her just as she was in the highest of yet another climax.

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