Inside My Sister's Bedroom


It was this that sent me over the edge, and such was not the time or place to even question it. Like Jill and Keith, the moment had now consumed me, and weakened my ability to care about anything else. I had wanted my sister sexually for about as long as I've been alive, and dreamed of how her hand might feel gripped around my sex. I took a small step forward to get closer to her, and outstretched my hips forward to enrich the sensation.

I could see the corners of Jill's cock-filled lips curve into a smile, as she learned that I was indeed most happy and pleasured to have her hand used on me, rather than bothered or disturbed. Once she knew it was wanted, she started to stroke me faster and harder, rhythmically synching her actions of her hand on me, with her other hand and mouth on Keith.

I remember being charged by the passing thought that my sister was a dirty little girl. She was sucking off a black cock, while she jacked off her brother's. As her momentum built more brisk on the both of us, I grabbed her hand in my own, and guided it faster and faster along my length.

The entire time I did not forget that it was my sister causing my pleasure. This wasn't just a hand jacking me off, and it wasn't just some girl I was watching give head. This was my sister. My own flesh and blood that I grew up with and loved. This was the taboo fantasy that had consumed my mind for nearly my entire life. It was these facts being played out in my mind, that began to set me into utter euphoria and sexual bliss.

As well, apparently Keith too was taking some gratification in the situation. He was beginning to moan louder and louder, as my sister took his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Between moans he asked Jill if she liked having her brother's cock in her hand. My sister would answer with an affirmative head-bob or a sexually drowned hum, as she continued sucking the hard black skin of his shaft. He was getting more and more into it with each of her answers, before asking, "You want to feel your brother's hot cum all over your face....don't you Jill?" She answered back with a cock muffled "mmm...hmmmm...", for which he replied, "I know you do...ask him...ask your brother if he'll cum on your face for you..."

Without hesitation, Jill slide Keith out of her mouth, but continued stroking him. She looked me in the eye, called out my name, and asked, "Will you? Will you please shoot your cum all over my face?...I want to feel my brother's cum all over me..."

Jill's asking had sent Keith to his sexual boiling point. His cock began spurting out its hot fluid in forceful loads, drenching my sister's face. With each pump of her hand, his black cock glazed her skin, covering her hair, eyes, cheeks, lips, and chin. As she was being cummed on, my sister continued to gaze steadily into my eyes while pumping me harder and with more furious pace. She looked so beautiful with cum dripping down her cheeks, and her hands full of exploding cock. Her fingers consumed my length, sliding from my cock's utmost tip and down to the base of my balls. My cum covered sister was jerking her brother off with the gut bursting horniness of a true slut.

I felt my legs start to weaken and my muscles start to contract. My hand grabbed through my sister's hair, and I tilted her head back a bit. Her eyes stared up at me and she opened her mouth wide waiting for her brother's semen. The motion of Jill's hand was blurry with speed, as she jerked my cock off against her tongue's tip. I could feel her hot panting breathe against my shaft, encouraging me and inviting me to spill my juices onto her. I felt the muscle at the base of my cock tighten, as my sister gasped:

"Yeah...cum for me...cum for your sister...let me feel my brother's cum on me..."

My body released with a flooding burst. With each stroke of my sister's hand, I shot more of my cum onto to her awaiting tongue and face. My thick white goo was covering her more, as it mixed with the cum from the cock before. I was bathing my sister with the juices that had for so long been aching to be released on her, as finally after all the years, Jill had discovered my secret. My own sister had jacked me off onto her face, after sucking a black cock before me.

As the pace of my expanding and contracting muscles began to slow, so did my sister's hand motions. She was squeezing my cock tightly, trying to milk out every last drop of my seed. Her face wore a beaming smile, as she began swallowing and drinking down my cum. My body sunk backwards in exhaustion as I watched Jill slowly wipe the cum from her splattered face, and lick her fingers of its mess. When her belly was full and her lust satisfied, she leaned over and gave me one of the most gentle kisses I've ever received. It was not an overtly sexual kiss, but rather a blend between one of brother and sister, and one of grateful lovers. She moved her soft lips close to my ear and whispered, "I love you".

I was in heaven, and couldn't resist my urge to pull her closer to me, wrap my hands around the back of her head, and kiss her with the satisfying lust that I had built up for many years. Jill responded in kind, and when we finally stopped, we both giggled uncontrollably a bit due to our extreme happiness. As we laughed, Keith graciously got himself together and said, "I'm going to leave you two alone now. I think you have lots of catching up to do." Jill thanked him and said that she'd see him in work tomorrow. She offered to see him out, but Keith insisted she stay where she was. When he left, Jill and I sat there naked and together, not speaking much, and not needing to. We both had learned of one another's secrets, and were drawn closer together because of it. We giggled some more together, dreaming of the new secrets our revelations that day would soon give birth too.

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