tagExhibitionist & VoyeurInside the Garden Shed Ch. 08

Inside the Garden Shed Ch. 08


Chapter 8 -- the purpose of intercourse

Autumn had come and it was no longer so warm in the garden. Even Gary was finding himself dressed most days in the garden; his visits to Zoe's or her visits to him curtailed. It was one thing to be mutually masturbating in the sunshine: rather another to be on a bed together. The latter seemed rather more what lovers did and they were not an item. Zoe and Tom were an item. Gary was just a friend whom Zoe happened to wank with. It could as easily have been a girl she did that with - well, perhaps.

He was pleasantly surprised one morning to find he had visitors - Zoe and Zara together.

"Morning ladies." It was not actually a good morning and it looked like rain. "Coffee?"

They sat in Gary's kitchen on his bar stools and cradled their mugs of coffee. It was all so different from the summer when they would have sat naked in the garden. Instead they were well clothed. Even Gary had a jumper on, and jeans and a shirt. There was small talk until Zara nudged Zoe, "Go on, ask him."

Gary was intrigued and looked expectant.

"I'm still not pregnant," said Zoe.

Gary made sympathetic noises.

"I did what you suggested and got a sample from Tom and his sperm count is really low."

"They can do things you know and..."

"Apparently not, so..."


"I don't want a baby from a stranger's sperm and done in a hospital. I want to get pregnant properly in my own bed. Can I borrow your sperm?" She was certainly being direct.

For a moment, Gary was taken aback. "Oh, well yes, you can keep it if you like."

"Don't be flippant Gary, Zoe's being serious. This is not a joking matter." He had not seen Zara so stern. "Zoe and I have talked about this a lot."

"So I just cum and you pop it in. There's plenty, as you know, and I am not making a joke, Zara, just stating a fact. You could use a syringe. Is Zara helping you?" Even the image of young Zara using a syringe, inserting it into Zoe and squirting his cum in between Zoe's naked thighs had a degree of eroticism for Gary.

"No, Gary," it was a very serious Zoe, "I want it done properly. Not a syringe but a penis. I want you to ejaculate inside me - yes fuck me if you would."

Gary gaped. "You want me to... but of course. I'd be delighted - sorry Zara but I do mean it both ways - of course I've wanted to have intercourse with you, Zoe, what man wouldn't, but equally I am happy to help - indeed delighted to assist."

"Ah, but there's a catch Gary," it was Zara again, " and this may not make it so attractive, Zoe wants Tom to think it is his and she wants it to be as close as it can be to Tom getting her pregnant." Zara looked very earnest.

Gary was a little puzzled. He certainly could get the idea about Tom thinking it was his but what did she mean?

"Yes Gary, I want you to fuck me straight after Tom so his semen is as much in me as yours. I don't know how you feel about that? Your cock will be where Tom has just been and, not to put a finer point on it, will be right in there with and touching Tom's cum - bathed in it if you like. I want it all mixed up."

"Sloppy seconds then!"

"Gary!" Zara looked really cross.

"I'd still be delighted. Will Tom be there?" He was not so sure he would find that so easy with another man present - let alone a husband.

"No, of course not. He goes out the front door, you come in the back; but I want Zara there."

"Will Tom mind that?"

"Tom would probably be very distracted if Zara was there. He's been looking at her legs for a few years now."

"They are very good legs."

"And I am sure he would like to see a lot more but Zara comes in with you. This is nothing to do with Tom. He is not to know - ever. Do I have your word?"

"Of course."

"Gary, that's wonderful. And you are to enjoy it. Don't see it as a medical procedure."

"What - sort of a hushed commentary, Dr Zara is now beginning the insertion. She is positioning the penis and testing that it is fully functioning. She has practised the procedure for some weeks now. It is a skilled task, things could easily go so wrong. There is a hush and she pushes the penis forward and it begins to disappear within the patient - cut to close up - her latex gloved hand is steadying the balls, twin containers of the essential fluid so necessary for this procedure. It is vital the penis is directed accurately so the semen is deposited right at the entrance to the cervix. Dr Zara has assisted in the insemination of hundreds of women, her delicate hands are skilled at penile manipulation, the extraction of semen and..."

"Shut up Gary!"

Zoe said, "I'm worried, though, that it would be cheating on Tom. Well, it is cheating on Tom but better than the anonymous sperm bank." Zoe was clearly still worried.

"Zoe, how about looking on me as your private bank - your bank manager giving you a very personal service."

"When?" said Zara.

"I'm coming up to my fertile time."

"What tomorrow?" asked Gary.


"How will we know? I mean, how will we know if Tom has fucked you?"

"Just come round when you see him go. The back door will be open."

"I'll come around," said Zara, "and wait with Gary."

Gary watched them go. He had rather hoped there might have been some skilled penile manipulation that morning but he was going to have to wait. Probably Zoe would now see it as wasting it! But he was, as he had said, delighted: he was going to fuck Zoe - chubby, dark haired little Zoe. He was going to slide his cock into that soft wet place he had so often enjoyed seeing in the sunshine, that place he had once before been allowed into but this time to actually come - he was going to release himself right inside her with the added frisson that the object was indeed to make her pregnant. His smile broadened. And it was to be proper fucking. Zoe had said he was to enjoy it. Well that meant a lot of touching! At last he was going to fondle her breasts! He would have to do it on successive days and if it did not work then again the next month. It was not fair, and he did not really wish it, but it would be quite nice if Zoe took a few months to conceive! Did he mind 'sloppy seconds?' Hell, no. If to fuck Zoe had meant sharing a bed with Tom he would not have been worried.

If there had been room - and there wasn't, even that aubergine had not been that big - he would happily have double penetrated Zoe, both his and Tom's cock sharing the same vagina at the same time, jointly coming and spraying her cervix as one. That, presumably, was really what she was wanting! One man at her front: the other at her back.

Gary was up, showered, and ready the next day. A little knock at his front door and there was Zara looking quite something in tee shirt and jeans - particularly as she had no bra on under the tee shirt. Gary had a job to do but he could not help thinking of how good it would be to bed Zara. He had not been alone with her before and it was good to talk as he handed her a cup of tea and they waited looking out of a front window for Tom's car to start. Gary suggested perhaps Zara should come in the back way next time. It would look odd for an eighteen year old girl going into Gary's house in the early morning.

It seemed Tom was a bit late - which was, of course, a good sign. Then there was a slam of a front door and the two of them watched Tom hurriedly getting into his car and driving off.

"Come on," said Zara, "operation baby making!"

Zoe's back door was unlocked. It felt strange creeping into somebody else's house. It felt even stranger to Gary when Zara asked if he was not going to take his clothes off. She watched him.

Stranger still as Zara took hold of his penis in her hand, "Come on little man, you've a big job to do!" And led him upstairs.

What if Tom had come back for something? It did not bear thinking about!

And there was chubby, dark little Zoe lying in the middle of a double bed and very clearly recently fucked. The colour in her cheeks, the dampness on her skin, dampness shining in the dark curly vee of Zoe's pubic hair and the scent of sex in the room. It came home to Gary just how much he was taking another man's place - but he would hardly be the first to have done such a thing!

"Hallo!" Zara was all chirpy and bent and kissed Zoe on the cheek. "Look what I've brought you!" He hand went under Gary's balls and lifted his genitalia upwards. "Are you ready? Gary is!"

Zoe rolled a little onto her side, "Hallo Gary, now please don't think you have to be mechanical. I want you to enjoy intercourse. I've just come so don't think I will again but that's not the point. Are those balls loaded, Zara?"

"I think so, they feel very full and big but I haven't tested them this morning."

"I should think not!"

"Gary -- you have permission to touch! Permission to touch anywhere but I'd rather we didn't kiss, you know, properly."

"You can kiss me properly, Mr Roldern, if you like."

And of course he did. His arm around her tee shirted back, the feel of her tongue darting through his lips into his mouth and his erection pressed hard against Zara's jeans.

"Hey! It's me you need to fuck: not Zara,"

Gary could not help thinking he would be happy to do both.

Gary moved onto the bed.

"This is going to be really educational," said Zara sitting down on a chair to watch.

"This feels awfully strange Gary, and a little wrong."

"It's OK, Zoe, we are making a baby for you and Tom. It's the four of us Tom, Zara, you and me. Come on relax. I'm not going to say lie back and think of England. This is important and should be done well."

Gary's hand stroked her forehead and then touched her lips. Zoe kissed his fingers. "Was your lovemaking good this morning?"

"Yes, really nice, gentle and slow. I came with Tom inside me. I don't often do that."

"Tell me what happened."

"It's personal."

"So is what we are doing."

"I awoke first and reached for him and stroked him until he was hard."

"Go on, then."

"What? Oh I see." Zoe's fingers reached for Gary's penis.

"Then what?"

"Then he got up in bed and kissed me and then he touched his penis to my lips."

Gary got up in bed and bent and kissed Zoe's nose before letting his penis head touch Zoe's lips. Lovely to see - his cock resting on her pretty mouth.

"And then?"

Zoe opened her lips and sucked on Gary's cock. She sucked for quite a time. The sight and feeling for Gary was quite something. Her lips at first just holding the very end but then spreading and actually getting the whole knob in.

"Hey guys, that's really something!" A commentary from Zara.

"What did Tom do then?"

"He sat on me and played and..."

"And?" said Zara.

"He sucked on my nipples quite hard."

Gary moved and sat across Zoe's hips. He could feel, and he certainly looked to see, his balls resting on Zoe's springy curls - what a cushion!

He blew her a kiss and reached to hold her breasts in his hands. He had been wanting to do just that for weeks. They were full and warm in his hands. He moved them and then felt the nipples hard beneath his fingers. He bent and gently took Zoe's left nipple between his lips. It was hard like a pea. He began to suck, his tongue caressing the hard nipple. And after a time he drew the whole nipple into his mouth and sucked hard. Zoe moaned. Could he perhaps bring her off a second time?

"And next?"

"He kissed me down there. But, Gary, you can't. I mean Tom's been and... you won't want to taste that! It's not really part of getting me pregnant."

"Go on Gary, do it." Zara being unnecessarily encouraging.

Gary unseated himself and eased Zoe's thighs apart. It was clear Tom had visited. Zoe's pudenda was engorged ready for a man, it was very clearly wet and ready -- a wonderful sight all ready to be entered - but there was also clear evidence a man had recently been there and done what men do.

"Go on Gary, I would." It was Zara again.

"Well why don't you then. I'd like to see that."

"But I'm a woman."

"I can see that and I'm a man!" Gary shrugged. This was probably going to happen sometime during the week. He just had not expected it quite so soon. It was lovely dipping his tongue into Zoe's wetness and feeling her lips and folds with his tongue. So soft, so warm, so wet and so female. He had also wanted to do just that for weeks. It was only occasionally he detected a certain saltiness and viscosity. What would Tom think if he knew on his drive to work his neighbour was between his wife's legs tasting his cum? Indeed had his tongue right inside her. What would he think if he knew Gary was about to fuck his wife?

Gary surfaced and looked at Zara and motioned for her to come closer and then kissed her on the lips with his mouth wet from Zoe.

"Oh," gasped Zara but then she smiled and very deliberately ran her tongue around her lips and nodded her head from side to side as if to say, 'that's OK.'

"And then he got on top of me and fucked me. Fucked me really well."

It seemed Zoe had got into the spirit and was really turned on again. Gary so hoped he could bring off the trick of making her come again.

He slipped across and on to Zoe, his penis in position and pointing.

"Ready Zoe?"

"Oh yeah, fuck me Gary - hard." Her legs and thighs came up positioning herself for Gary to push in, positioning herself so he could get his short stumpy erection into her.

He pushed, there was a little resistance as the opening adjusted to his girth and then he was in. Zoe locked her ankles around his back holding him tightly to and in her. They began to fuck. A steady motion making the bed creak. A traditional indication to a neighbour that intercourse was in progress. It was not the only sound; there was also the slap, slap, slap of Gary's balls against Zoe as he pushed in and out. It was quite loud.

"This is really good to see, I really hoped you guys would do this. What a funny noise you make! Can I feel you together?"

Gary paused and felt Zara's hand sneaking between his thighs and her fingers encircling his cock just where it was stuffed into Zoe.

"Funny how it can really all disappear inside the woman! It's all gone in! Must feel lovely. Can I hold your balls whilst you fuck, Gary, you know, feel you doing it?"

"You'll make me come."

"I thought that was the idea?"

"Well let's see if I can make Zoe come first, then you can hold them,"

"OK. Do you know I can see both your bottom holes? That's funny too!"

Gary smiled. Having the teen's comments was so enjoyable as well. It was obvious she was excited as well. They should have told her to be naked with them and wank. He'd suggest it the next day.

Gary resumed his work, lovely to be lying right on top of Zoe, feel her legs pulling him to her, feeling her breasts squashed against his chest. A shame they could not kiss. He would like to feel her tongue in his mouth - the reverse of his cock in her vagina.

"Oh Gary, you're going to make me come, you really are, I...oh!"

Gary pushed harder and did his best to really make Zoe's orgasm count. He almost came but not quite

There was a pause. The two lying together. Gary rigid inside Zoe.

"Have you done it Gary?"

"Nope. Are you ready though? Ready to be inseminated?"

"Please, yes, Gary. Fill me up. Do it inside me like you cum all over your chest. Lots and lots." She clasped him even tighter with her legs.

"Ready Zara? If you want to hold them as they do their job."

Lovely to feel Zara's hands carefully holding his swinging balls and then he was off. Steady, building strokes as he eased himself to orgasm. Of course having his balls held by a tee shirt clad pretty teen was an added pleasure.

"Zoe - here it comes - for you!"

And of course come he did. Pulse after pulse depositing itself inside Zoe. Lovely at last to feel himself coming in Zoe's wet, hot secret place, pushing himself as far in as he could (which was not very far) and letting fly.

"I can feel you Gary, I can feel you come!"

"So can I," it was Zara. Shared intercourse indeed.

And being Gary he came for quite a long time, spurt after spurt going just where it was meant to go. Such a lovely feeling for Gary as he just flowed.

There was a pause. Gary lay feeling emptied and very happy. He was to do the same again tomorrow!

Finally Gary got off Zoe and Zara leaned forward with interest.

Zoe looked puzzled, "Zara what are you looking at!"

"Ooh sorry Zoe, I was just interested to see..."

"What a vagina looks like after intercourse?"

"Well, yes."

"And what does it - I've never looked!" Her bottom was still raised, her legs still in the air.

"All rather gyne. But it's not like there's just a bit of semen, it really looks like it's all full up."

Gary leaned forward too, and it did -- it really did - topped up to the brim! The little pink orifice showed as a pool of creamy swirly semen as if, and perhaps it was, the whole tube was full of cum. Any more and it would have overflowed!

"Get me a mirror!" said Zoe.

It was strange all three looking at Zoe's pudenda and admiring - there really was no better word - what Tom and Gary had done between them. Gary's fertile sperm mixed with Tom's semen all to the purpose of getting just one spermatozoa to penetrate Zoe's ovum and produce a baby. Clearly the men had done their best - they had tried very hard - any more would be wasted.

"Do you think I should stay like this?" It was not exactly a dignified position with her legs coming back over her body and her sex uppermost but it certainly kept any cum from running away from her vagina. Zara propped more pillows under her bottom and slowly Zoe brought her legs down but closing them tightly to retain what the men had given her and ensure the balance remained tipped in favour of pregnancy.

"Back tomorrow?"

"Yes," said Zoe, "same time, same place."

Gary smiled - yes, same warm, delightful, wet and now very full place! This was going to be a good week.

They left Zoe to have a nap and walked down the stairs. Gary naked following Zara in her jeans and tee shirt. There was a pause at the bottom of the stairs.

"Gary do you think we could have sex now. That got me all worked up."

It was unexpected and rather inopportune. "I can't Zara, I mean I've just come and I should, in any case, save myself for Zoe tomorrow."

"I could be very, very sexy." Her hand closed over his penis still very wet from Zoe.

It would have been a reasonable question - just how sexy? What was she prepared to do?

"I don't know. Don't you have to get off to school or something?"

"I don't have a lesson until later. Please Mr Roldern. Please touch me now."

Even in his satiated state it was too much of an offer.

She lifted his hand and placed it on a tee shirt covered breast

"I don't think..."

Zara rolled her tongue over her lips and looked at him with big eyes, "Please..."

"Look what use is this to you now?" Gary indicated his penis, still wet from Zoe and Tom and his semen.

Zara moved it in her hand and then dropped to her knees and held it wet against her cheek.

"It's lovely Mr Roldern, all so soft now but how hard it was for Zoe. You were so good to her/" She kissed it and then began to lick it. "Mmmm, so sexy even when soft and tasty!"

"Zara - that's got Zoe all over it and Tom."

"And you - I know, I wish it could have me as well." And she opened her lips and took Gary's flaccid penis completely in her mouth and began to suck gently."

Wonderful of course for Gary to see the young teen with his cock in her mouth and feel the gentle mouth work.

"Later this afternoon perhaps I..."

The pretty lips left his cock, "Please take me back to your house and do something now. Um, yes, give me a sound spanking."

"Would you really like that?"

"I want you to do things."

"What things?"

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