tagLoving WivesInspriation from the Swim Coach

Inspriation from the Swim Coach


Julie and I have been married for five years now and although I wouldn't say it was a perfect marriage I think we both love each other. The sex, which started out fantastic, had gone to routine, still good but not mind blowing. I remember lying next to her after another so-so bout and thinking 'is this all there is for the rest of our marriage' when I glanced over to my wife I could swear she was thinking the same.

We were not 'living' but merely existing, I started putting more time in at work because; honestly, it was more rewarding than my home life. I believe Julie was doing the same thing; she was the girls swim coach at the local high school. She began a campaign to make her girls go to the state finals. She kept working harder and harder and making her girls do the same. In the end, the hard work paid off and they did go to the state finals finishing third.

This was all so rewarding for her and I was proud of my wife, to see her set a goal and then achieve it had been one the many things that made me love her. We went to dinner to celebrate where we drank a little too much and then came home to make some passionate love. I don't know why I said it but I'm glad. I had just entered Julie and was kissing her neck, I whispered in her ear,

"I need your coaching to make me a better lover."

"It's about time you realized that, OK I'll teach you starting right now."

She turned me on my back and sat astride me, with my cock now deep inside her.

"You need to learn how to worship your woman."

Julie offered me her breast as she continued to ride me; she reached back and took my balls in her hand.

"Reward and punishment that is how you learn to do better. Just like my girls when you do well you are rewarded."

She stuck her breast in my mouth and I sucked and kissed her nipple to total erection.

"When you do not do well you get punished," then she grabbed my balls and squeezed them.

I winced in pain, but it felt so erotic to know I was in her hands. I was close to coming and told her so. This excited her and she started moving faster,

'Hold on, not yet, wait, we'll cum together."

I was too far-gone I couldn't wait and I came, as I hadn't in months.

Julie squeezed my balls harder and I yelped in pain,

"John, you did not do well and now you will be punished."

She got off my cock moved up and hovered over my face, I looked up into her gash, it was swollen and red. As I was watching some of my cum dripped out and onto my upturned chin. She smiled as I stuck my tongue out and licked the cum off my chin. She then put her pussy onto my face and commanded me to eat. I did as I was told and she had a thundering orgasm collapsing on top of me when she was done.

"Oh John, that was fantastic, I got so excited I thought I would faint."

I could only agree with Julie and told her so. That fateful night revived both our sex life and our marriage. Every time we would slide back into the old routine, Julie would become my sex coach and make me strive for improvement.

About the middle of the next semester Julie was asked by the school to take over the senor boys, relay swim team after their coach had a heart attack. I thought this unusual but she told me that it was too late in the year to get another coach.

"Because they are all eighteen this is their last chance to go to the state finals and besides they know how far I got the girls last year, so the boys are all for it."

She went on to tell me they had given up hope after coach Harte left.

"I'll have to really push them, to make them see they still have a good shot at going to the finals."

I got off work early one day due to a computer meltdown, seeing it just mid afternoon I decided to swing by Julies school and see it she could do lunch. When I got to the pool, it was empty so I went to her office, no one there either. I heard a coaches whistle coming from the boys locker room so I went to investigate. I could hear Julie's voice coming from inside and I went to find her. Just as I got next to a row of lockers, I heard her say,

"Reward and Punishment that is how you learn to do better."

It gave me an instant erection as I recognized that as the same thing she had told me in bed. I hesitated and waited to hear what else she would say.

"You all did well today, not well enough but I am still giving you all a reward."

This I had to see so I risked a peak around the corner, there was Julie standing with her back to me, and her blouse and bra were lying on a bench. None of the boys saw me they were all looking at Julie's tits.

"One by one I'm going to let each of you come on my breasts, starting with the one who had the fastest time in the water today."

She walked to one boy knelt in front of him, she pulled his swimsuit down to his ankles. She held his balls in her hand as she put his dick into her mouth. Just before he came, she pulled his dick out of her mouth and let him spurt all over one of her tits. All four boys got the same treatment and when they all were finished; she stood up and rubbed their sperm into her breasts and chest. That was when I came in my shorts.

"All right boys that was the reward for just doing OK, I want you to think about what you can get for doing great, now go hit the showers."

I left the locker room before someone saw me and rushed home. All the way home the scene I had just witnessed kept going through my head. I knew that I should be upset but instead I was incredibly turned on to the thought of my wife rewarding those boys with her body for doing well. By the time Julie got home, I had dinner made and all I could think about was getting Julie into bed. I should have guessed, she was as Horney as I, we didn't even eat just right to the bedroom. We got into bed and she immediately got on top of me and put my cock into her wet pussy. I started to put my faced into her tits, she pulled back, and then with an almost evil smile, she offered me her breast. That is when I found out she hadn't even showered yet, her breast was covered in dried sperm it was crusty, and as I licked and bit I began to taste her swim teams collective sperm bath. This really seemed, to turn Julie on and she rode me like a wild woman as I continued to clean her breasts with my tongue. She and I came in unison and both of us lay there drained, after awhile she sat up and as she stroked my hair. She said,

"John that was a job well done and for that you deserve to get a reward."

She turned around and put my limp cock into her mouth and as I lay there thinking of what I had witnessed early that day I became hard again. She held my balls just as she had done to the swim team but when I started to cum, she swallowed me down without spilling a drop. Then she said,

"I need a shower, come on I'll let you scrub my back."

I never talked to Julie about the events that went on that day, not about what I had seen and not about what I had licked off her tits.

Her boys relay team was kicking ass, they won three meets in a row and even set a school record. I keep fantasizing about the rewards her boys were getting and wishing I could somehow watch. It was when she informed me they won all city and were in the prelims to go to the state finals that I finally came up with a plan.

"Honey as a reward for all the hard work you team has done, why don't we have a barbecue, that way they can eat and still get a good workout in our pool?"

"You wouldn't mind John, they get pretty rowdy, and you know how young boys are."

I assured her it would be fine and we set a date to have it.

You could feel the sexual tension on the day of the party; all of the boys were sporting erections as soon as they walked in the door. Once they were in their swimsuits, it was even more obvious. My wife was a knock out, she may be over thirty, which would be ancient to these eighteen year olds, but she looked sexy as hell. She was wearing the smallest two-piece I had ever seen her wear. I growled in her hear,

"Let's go up stairs and let me see if I can get you out of that suit."

"Ssh, this suit is for the boys, it's my treat for them."

Our phone rang and I yelled out,

"I'll get it."

I ran inside to answer; of course, I knew there was no one on the phone as I had dialed it from my cell.

I came out with a sad look on my face,

"Julie, that was work, they have a major emergency and they need me right away. I am so sorry to wreck your party."

"That's OK John, you go ahead if you have to, and I can handle these boys."

"I don't know what time I'll be home but I know it will be late. Don't you worry about clean up I'll do it later."

I dressed casual for work, gave her a kiss, told her not to wait up, and then I left. I went around the block and parked. I snuck back to the house and creped in the front door, the boys were making so much noise they didn't hear a thing. I went up stairs and found the window I had opened earlier in the day that overlooked the pool. Good, I hadn't missed a thing; all the boys were still swimming as my wife watched.

"OK everybody out of the pool I want to talk to you. You guys have made me proud of you and you all deserve a reward but I know you can do better. First, I want to see all of your peters, take those suits off. Let's see who is the most excited. I can tell from here that it has to be Frank, you look like you're ready to pop right now." OK Frank I am going to reward you first, and then maybe you can come back for seconds."

Julie grabbed his cock and led him to the chaise lounge, once he had reclined she straddled him. She guided his cock inside, where he immediately came. She smiled at him, then gave him a kiss,

"If you could swim this fast you would be anchor instead of middle lap. OK, how about you George are you ready?"

George came over to her his erection obscenely sticking out in front of him. She did the same to George as she had Frank, fucking him until he came with a shudder. She did the same to all four boys and then seconds to all of them also. She dabbed at herself with a towel after each boy had finished, cleaning up the spent discharge before the next one's turn.

As for me, I think I came with each boy, my cock was rubbed raw, but I could not stop. To see Julie take control of each one, still coaching, still teaching, saying things like faster, faster, and now slow down. I heard her warn the boys about safe sex telling them they should be using condoms.

"I know you all are virgins and I am safe but you should not be taking chances, you remember to use rubbers."

I stayed at my hiding place until the last boy was ready to go home. It was Frank, I think he was Julie's favorite and she invited him inside for a special treat before he left. Once inside she pulled his pants down and lovingly held his cock in her hands. I hid at the top of the stairs as she proceeded to suck him to orgasm, swallowing all of his semen with a smile.

"Frank I want you to think about this extra special reward I am giving just to you. I am expecting great things from you at our next meet and I know you won't let me down."

As Frank got ready to leave I snuck out the front door as silently as I could. When I returned home Julie was asleep and I wondered who was sorer. I had watched her be fucked at least fifteen times and I had jacked off almost as many. In the morning, I noticed she had not left the cleanup to me as she had already showered.

I again never said a word to my wife about that day and she never said anything to me but we had wonderful sex for months and months. Even today after all these years, I still get an erection when I watch a swim meet. Oh by the way the boys went to the state finals and won the 4x100 relays setting and Frank set a record for his lap.

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