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Instructions for My Boyfriend


I know you love me, which is why I finally feel comfortable telling you what I want. It’s not so much that you’re doing anything wrong, but I’m too shy to tell you what I really want. There are things I want, things that turn me on, that I’ve always hoped you would do to me, so let me give you some direction.

First of all, I’m submissive, I want you to handcuff me, tie me up, and do anything to restrain me. Handcuff my hands above my head, and tie my legs to the bedposts, so that I can’t effectively move any part of my body. Start by just looking at my naked body, let your eyes linger where you want them to. The fact that you think I’m beautiful makes me wet.

Next I want you to focus just on my skin. Run your hands or some soft fur, fabric, or feathers down my body. Let your fingers linger, but not stop on the most sensitive parts of me: my neck, stomach, hips, and calves. Just let me feel your flesh graze down my ribcage, across my breasts, and down my waist. Now let me feel a little more. Gently scratch or graze my skin with your nails, run your long hair across my body, kiss the softest parts of me, make me quiver.

Start to bite me. Bite me on my neck, hard. Don’t be afraid to hurt me, a little pain is a good thing. Run your tongue along my collarbone, then down between my breasts, and let it flick across my stomach until you reach my hips. Leave soft, wet, lingering kisses on my hips, lick across my inner thighs, and down my legs. Touch and lick the back of my knees. Make me gasp, and squirm. Don’t ignore any part of my body.

Now start to make me want you inside me. Rub your fingers, or your cock against my opening, by now I’m sure to be wet. Don’t penetrate yet, don’t touch my clit, just make me suffer. Bite and kiss and lick my neck, and my breasts while you rub yourself against me. With one hand, grab the hair at the back of my neck and force my head backwards, so you can restrain me, and kiss my throat more easily. If I have enough slack to move my hips, and thrust against your hard member, I will. But don’t let me have you yet. The longer you wait to push yourself inside me, the wilder I’ll get.

I’ll start to struggle in earnest. I want you, I want to free my body and jump on top of you, and force your hard cock inside me. I want it so bad I could scream. Hold my hands down to make sure I don’t get free. After your done torturing me, if you think I need it bad enough, thrust yourself inside me with one hard sure stroke.

Start thrusting inside me, slowly. Every backstroke pull yourself out to the tip, and when you thrust back inside me push yourself in to the hilt. As I start to get close to cumming stop thrusting deep, and just pump the tip of your cock in and out of my wet hole. When I start to go wild, start to moan, start to cry out in frustration, start pumping yourself into me hard, and fast. Whatever you do, DON’T STOP. Right before I’m about to cum, pull out, and don’t touch me for about 30 seconds. I’ll scream at you, I’ll curse at you, but this is the way I want it: to be completely at your mercy, for my pleasure to be totally dependent on your whim.

Go down on me. Lick your way down my stomach, and lick past my vagina to my inner thighs. Let your tongue play around cunt, licking to the left, and right, but not inside, not yet. Slide your hands under my ass and grope me. Lick up towards my clit, and when you get there, lick, and nibble, and suck. Don’t put your tongue inside me, make me wait and yearn for your dick. When you get me close to cumming, stop, and don’t touch me for a few seconds.

Now, fuck me. Thrust yourself inside me and fuck me hard and fast. Grab me by the hips and pull me down to meet your every thrust. When you’ve got me close to cumming, pull out, and free my legs. Grab my ankles, and put my legs over your shoulders. Thrust into me as hard and as fast as you can. See how many times you can get me to cum before you shoot your load deep inside me.

This is what I want from you. It’s too bad I’m too pussy to actually give you these instructions. Since I can’t give them to you, I’ll give them to the world, and hope that some woman will get her fantasy fulfilled.

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