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The fabric of her satin panties had been rubbing against her freshly shaven vagina since she left the house. As she waited for the elevator to open to the fourth floor, she adjusted her underwear to feel more comfortable against the skin of her crotch. All she wanted to do was take them off to alleviate the irritation it was causing. Her husband was pushing her earlier to shave herself in just such a particular way that was a closer shave and left less hair on her groin than usual. Although she agreed at the time it made her pubic hair look much nicer, she was feeling the razor burn of it now. After re-adjusting the front of her panties over herself, she was feeling much more comfortable. She reminded herself it was worth the minor pestilence it was causing, she rather liked how her vagina looked much more like a porn star with the refined small tuft of hair above her sex. It was fun just to prepare herself in a way that she felt sexy for her lover.

Her husband had got into it too, suggesting different perfume than normal and even buying her a new set of sexy lingerie just for her date this evening. He had brought it home from the mall the day before, a set of black satin bra and panty with small bows on the front of the underwear and on the center of the bra. "Black" he said, "in case you leave a sex stain in them, it just shows up better". Obviously he was excited by the first time she came home with a cum soaked pair of panties. He was right too, it looked really nasty to see that white cum leaked onto a black canvas.

She thought back to just before she left the house when he was absolutely giddy for her. He seemed so excited to see his own wife prepare herself to go out to meet another man. He kept asking about what she expected tonight, and if she liked the feeling of getting attractive for him. Truth was, she loved feeling sexy for her new boyfriend. She couldn't remember feeling better about herself, or more attractive in her life.

A loud ding indicated she had arrived on the fourth floor. She stepped of the elevator and looked both directions down the hall to identify which direction the room was located. A sign reading 'Rooms 4039 - 4060' gave her a clear indication of where she was going. She turned to her left and proceeded down the hall. After a few short strides she realized another person was heading the opposite direction her way. She looked up to realize it was another woman, a heavier set woman than she. The gal was striding down the hall in a very sexy stride, a very sexually confident sort of walk. Much heavier than she was, she was built very curvaceously, larger breasts and wider hips were apparent by the skimpy clothing she wore. An extremely short skirt showed most of her plump legs, while a low cut spaghetti strap top displayed a large portion of her upper half along with at least nine inches of cleavage. It was a lot of skin showing for a woman who's body wasn't as flattering as some half her size.

The other woman never broke eye contact with her as she passed, and it made her feel totally uncomfortable. The stare seemed to be one of a sexual lust , and as she cleared past her a long "Mmmmmmm" from the heavy woman confirmed she was being hit on.

She never turned back to look at the plump gal. Shy give her the satisfaction and let her know her crude gesture was obscenely noticed. At least someone else thought she looked sexy tonight for her lover, even if it was a large lesbian. She simply thought "Fat dyke" to herself and moved on down the hallway. Still scanning room numbers, room 4038 was coming up on her left, all the even numbered rooms were on that side. Her goal was only a few steps further, room 4040. As she approached she noticed the door was already open. She shot another quick glance to confirm the room number from the sign next to it. It was her destination in fact, and as she took another stride she could see fully into the room. The first thing she noticed was her fully naked black lover. He was standing a few feet into the room holding the door open, nothing but his large dick hanging between his legs, and an enormous smile on his face welcoming her.

With an equally large smile across her lips, she turned to face him. As she turned however, she caught a glimpse out of the corner of her eye of the other woman she just passed turning the corner toward the elevators and disappearing from sight. Before she could say a word to greet her man for the evening, the reality of the situation hit her like a punch to the stomach. Had the fat lady just left the very room she was about to enter? She looked in the opposite direction to notice there was only one more room left before the end of the hall. Surely, if the other woman would have just left a different room, there would have been the loud sound of a hotel door shutting behind her. She heard no such sound before seeing her in the hall just a moment ago.

She was about to conclude that she must have left this same room, but her lover cut her off by speaking first. "Hey, I wasn't expecting you so early."

The smile had completely left her face now and was replaced by a pouty frown. She took another quick glance down the hall toward the elevators before replying, "Apparently not."

He could tell she was aware of the situation and unhappy about it, she was hesitating entering the room. "Baby, I'm sorry but, your not the only woman I see." He turned and walked into the room, expecting her to follow.

As she took a step forward and stuck out her arm to keep the door from closing, she noticed his pants were on the floor and stepped around them. The door shut behind her with a thud and she looked around the room to see more of his clothing randomly scatted about. The bed was a mess too, the sheets and comforter were in a pile on the floor, and a large wet spot was visible on the remaining fitted sheet on the mattress. The room had the look , and even the smell of wild sex.

She watched him walk to the nightstand in the far corner and took a glass of water off the top. As he was sipping at it, she replied. "I know I'm not the only girl you see, you told me you've done this with other women."

He took a long sip that ended with an "ahhhh" as though he was totally exhausted. He set the water down and walked back toward her. "Why you look mad then?"

She was mad, but she tried to sort it out in her head before speaking. Why should she feel hurt about this? It wasn't like her husband just had an affair on her. This was just her boyfriend fucking other women, and she knew about it. His sexual experience was one of the things that drew her to him in the first place. If anything, it was just unexpected for her to see it first hand. It did bother her a little that she was second in line for the night, that she was expected to fuck him immediately after he just fucked another woman. Yet even the thought of that didn't piss her off, it was kind of kinky that this man had a insatiable sexual appetite to fill, and she was his second piece of meat for the night.

Then it occurred to her what was really troubling her. This other woman's body type was so much different than her own, was he genuinely attracted to both of them? She felt like her own attractiveness was in question. "She was just such a chubby girl. You into those women too?"

He chuckled before continuing. "Yeah, she is a chubby white girl, but I'll get down on that too. Even fat girls need love, right? That girl though, is a freak in the sheets." He walked right up to her now and put his hands on her shoulders. "You however, are one of the sexiest women I've ever seen, and I really like that your learning how to love being a freak."

Perhaps she just wanted him to make her feel sexy again, because that comment put her at ease. She leaned into him for a kiss and put her hands on his bare chest as she did so. Her tongue went into his mouth almost before her lips touched his, he drew it into his mouth further with a suck. She offered up her tongue to him and he ran his own tongue against it forcefully while sucking hard against it. He pulled back for only a split second to turn his head and then do the same to her lower lip.

Though very intense, it only lasted another second before he backed away from her. "Why am I the only naked one here?" She took the hint immediately, He watched her pull the straps of her dress off to the side of her shoulders and it crumpled to the carpet. Taking in her semi nude body, He loved her tanned skin against the black satin of her lingerie. She looked a delicious treat, all made up just for him. Her very feminine curvy figure looked outstanding adorned with the thigh highs stockings and matching underwear. He knew she looked good, but had no idea the time and attention her and her husband put into coordinating a sexy outfit on her that was sure to please him. As he looked the sex object in front of him up and down, his hands came to rest on either side of her hips. Just below the thin sides of her thong panties, and right above the top of the lacy end of her thigh highs. He decided her skin there between the black frame of underwear looked too good not to put his hands on. "Lets see those titties, get em' out."

She continued by reaching her hands around her back to un-clasp her bra. Before she completely undid herself, He pulled the front of the bra lower to release them even faster. When her breasts finally came free, he took a long good look at them. They were a fantastic pair of boobs! He loved how her nipples sat perfectly on the front, and how large her areola surrounding them were. He just had to touch them. His hand extended out to her nipple and squeezed it between his thumb and forefinger. After rolling it around for a moment he contemplated a better idea. "Get on your knees for me babe."

Without a seconds hesitation, she dropped to her knees in front of him. She knew what he wanted as she did so, he stepped in closer to her with his penis in hand and aimed to her face. It was limp yet and hung low, but she intended to fix that. She took immediate notice of the large white clumps of cum in his patch of pubic hair. No doubt a left over from the sex he had just had with the portly woman who just left. As she gripped his penis with her own hand it felt sticky and still a bit damp from the mix of his juices and the other woman's. None the less, she took the head of his cock into her mouth and flicked the tip of his penis with her tongue, the residue tasted salty, like sex. As she inched her way down the shaft of his prick, she tasted more and more of the cummy remnants. However she tried to stay clear of the thicker bunches of residual cum clinging to his bush. Though she found herself not minding having his cum covered shaft in her mouth, the excess cluster of white fluids hanging from the wirey hair just look to unappealing to put her mouth near.

He absolutely knew too that she must be tasting the combination of his seed and the other woman's cum on his dick. "Clean that fat bitch's cum off me. Make me all yours again."

Upon hearing this she took it to heart. She removed his cock from her mouth and began licking at it from every side possible to remove all traces of the white sticky cum that covered his black cock. She felt his cock in her hand as it began to tighten up and expand in her grip. It was obvious what she was doing was working to turn him on. She took it personally too to remove all the nasty traces of her cum as he requested.

He pulled his own cock to the side of his hip and pushed his patch of pubic hair toward her face. "You had better get those clumps of her pussy juice in my bush too."

The nasty feeling it gave her of tasting another woman's pussy juice was driving her forward. She engulfed his thick black bush with her mouth and ran her tongue through the rough patch of hair till she tasted the clumps of jism, then she sucked at them as hard as possible to remove them from his bush.

"My nuts were slapping her in the ass tonight too, so they could use a little licking ." He could feel her lips run smoothly from his bush down to his scrotum to give it the attention he requested. She gave it a few quick licks across the front before stuffing the entire sack into her mouth. Once she had the entire thing inside, he felt her suck it toward the back of her mouth and run her tongue around it. While he watched her please his testicles with her mouth, she was staring back at him with her beautiful eyes open. "You look good like that, with my balls in your mouth."

She removed the sack from her mouth and gave it a few last laps with the full length of her tongue before responding. "Thanks, I'll bet I'd look better with your dick inside of my pussy."

His eyes instantly widened. "Is that what you want? Well you might have to be extra nasty for me tonight, I'm a bit worn out from all the fuckin' I've already been doing." Now with a full erection, He took the shaft of his dick in his hand and ran the tip across her entire face. Up and down, left and right he was enjoying touching with it every where on her gorgeous face.

She felt a need to please him in some nasty new way she hadn't yet thought of. "What did ya have in mind?"

The head of his cock was running from her forehead, down the bridge and over the tip of her nose, then rested on her lips for a moment before he started tracing small circles around the outside of her lips. A small amount of pre cum leaked from the tip as he concocted plans for what she could let him do to her. He smeared a small amount of the fluid across her upper lip and watched as her lower lip came up to drag it into her mouth.

"Well, first off, I'm planning on eating your sexy ass like there's no tomorrow. You liked that didn't you?"

"When you licked my butt?" She blushed just a little. "Yeah I liked that a lot actually. I'm sure you know it was a first for me right?"

His wicked smile grew even more. "There are going to be many more firsts for you." He extended a hand to help her up from her knees. Once standing he placed his hands on her hips and spun her around so she faced the bed. He wrapped his hands around her to cup her breasts and leaned in close to her ear. "I'm so proud that you didn't hesitate to taste cum from another pussy."

She whimpered a bit from the pressure his grip was applying to her breasts. "After you encouraged me to try my own, I don't mind so much as I might have before. I was actually a little curious to see what that other woman tasted like."

He gently nibbled at the bottom of her ear lobe and asked. "So you liked it then?"

"I believe I did a bit. I really just wanted to do it to please you. I could tell you liked watching me do it for you.." She could feel him slowly nibble his way up and around the outside of her ear. She had never had her ear chewed on like this before and it made her hot.

"Good, then do something else for me." He dropped his hands to her sides and gripped the edges of her black satin panties. Pulling them down and away from her body, He released them after they cleared her hips and the fell to the floor around her ankles.

She stepped forward and out of the underwear at her feet, and suddenly felt her lovers hands on her lower back pushing her on to the mattress. Her hands caught her from falling face first onto the bed and right into the very wet spot left over from the previous lady's escapade. As she stared at the darkened spot on the sheets in front of her, she could tell the mixture of semen and vaginal secretions had not yet completely soaked into the fabric. A good deal of milky moisture still was beaded on the surface of the sheets.

"Your gonna suck all the cum and pussy juice off those sheets for me too." It wasn't really a request as much as a statement.

She felt the dominating tone in his voice, it was expected of her to go ahead. Her first instinct was what a gross thought the whole idea was, licking the sheets after some other woman just got fucked there. She pictured this other heavy woman's plump vagina with a liquidy mess running out of it and onto the sheets around her ass. It was a repulsive thought to her, even though she cleaned some of this other lady's cum off a cock just moments ago. This puddle was much bigger, and it smelled like a sweaty vagina.

He could tell by her hesitation she was having second thoughts proceeding. "Go ahead, are you afraid you might like the taste too much? Its just pussy juice, sweat, and cum." He pushed forward on both sides of her buttocks encouraging her.

She tried to clear her mind of the idea being gross and nasty. Besides, it was the fact that it was just so nasty that turned her on by the thought too. The notion that she was acting like such a slut turned her on intensely and drove her forward. Her elbows gave way and she lowered her lips into the surface of the messy blend of sexual liquids. A sucking sound came from her mouth as she inhaled moisture from the pool into her mouth. It had the taste of thick, salty, sweat. She was enjoying the idea that she was acting like such a whore, and went back at the puddle with her tongue this time.

As he watched her engulf the mess on the sheets, he was also turned on by what a slut she was becoming. "Excellent, that might be nasty enough to get me to cum again." He was stroking himself as he watched and listened to the guttural sounds she was making. "You like the taste of that fat bitch don't you?"

Her feet were still on the floor and her knees were locked as she leaned into the mattress, it made her ass look fantastic. He couldn't help to hold back any more and dropped to his knees behind his white slut. His hands parted her ass cheeks revealing her anus, it looked tight like a balloon knot. He attacked the orifice with his tongue in a flurry of sloppy licks and darting thrusts at her hole. He paused only for a moment to ensure she was still doing as asked with the soppy spot on the mattress. Indeed, she was still lapping at the moisture as he instructed.

"That's it baby, keep going." He noticed as she was on her elbows, that she kept her face a good distance away from the sheets and only went at it with her tongue and lips. He wanted badly to see her face buried in the soaked spot on the sheets. Knowing her arms were supporting her, He pulled her arms back toward him, "Hold your ass open for me babe."

She couldn't hold herself up without her elbows and she did in fact bury her face in the pool. She felt the slimy substance on her cheeks and on her forehead now, and she had to turn her head to the side to breathe. Her lover guided her hands back to her sides and placed them on her ass. She did as he asked and pulled her cheeks apart to allow better access for him to eat her. He went back at her butt again but started at the top of her crack and worked his way down again. She could feel him worm his tongue into her anus, the shivers it sent through her erupted in a grunt. "UHH. Oh fuck!"

He liked hearing her moans of pleasure, it pushed him to play with her butt a little more forceful. His tongue pushed even harder at her back door with a force that almost pushed her over. He was trying to force his tongue inside of her, but her tight hole was too firm. He then pulled back and spat on her ass with a thick batch of saliva, which he intended to use as lube to get inside her.

She could feel the wad of spit hit her just above her ass hole and start to run down over her opening. Then she felt his finger came in to run the moisture around the ring of her outlet. She expected it was only there to spread the spit out on her crack, but she felt an enormous amount of pressure against her ass and knew he was persistently working his finger into her. As it infiltrated deeper into her , it sent sensations though her she had never felt before. As he wiggled his finger, it felt like being plugged into a light socket. The rest of his hand was hitting her now around the opening and she assumed he worked it in as far as it would go, it occurred to her she had never had anything this far inside her ass before.

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