tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersInteractive Crossdresser...Dare Me Ch. 05

Interactive Crossdresser...Dare Me Ch. 05


So this is a little story about one night I had with the couple from Australia who were in the original story of this series. They are the ones who gave me my first dare and the idea for this little series, we also continue to chat and recently they got my address because they wanted to send me a gift. We have been chatting for some time now so I felt somewhat comfortable doing this, not to mention they live in Australia so I didn't feel any concern.

A few weeks ago I got the package in the mail, even though they told me it was coming I was still surprised when it actually arrived.

I sent them a message that it arrived and they asked me to chat that night and to not open it yet. So I did.

Later that night after taking a bath and shaving my entire body nice and smooth, and rubbing lotion over my body I logged onto our chat session completely nude.

We chatted for a little while first, they told me how excited they were for me to open my present, and I was equally excited. They told me to open it and put it on then come back to the chat session.

I opened the bag and inside were a bunch of little bags so I took out one at a time. The package was from Fredrick's Of Hollywood, the first bag I noticed was a bra, so I went and got my fake silicone breasts so I could put it on. It was a sexy, all lacy and embroidered flowers, light purple bra, I put it on and situated the silicone breasts inside. Perfect 36dd fit.

Next I took out this rhinestone choker necklace, it was rather wide and a very sparkly purple, I put that on, was a little tight but I'd get used to it, it looked very pretty. There was also matching bracelets so I put those on too.

Next was a matching purple lace and embroidered garter belt, I put that around my waist and fastened it nice and tight. Then the matching thong panties, I pulled those up and in place, tucking under my little clitty; they were nice and lacy and so sexy.

Lastly was a pair of scallop lace top fishnet black stockings so I slid those up my super smooth legs and attached the garters to them.

Wow I looked so sexy, this Fredrick's Of Hollywood lingerie also feels amazing on my body. I didn't do makeup or anything else tonight, so I went back to chat with the Australian couple. They were super excited that I loved it and was wearing it, they told me they wanted a picture when I was 100% dressed up and in their presence but unfortunately something came up and they had to go. So with not much else to do, I watched some porn and masturbated then went to bed. We set up another time to chat a few weeks later.

So a few weeks went by and in that time I also got a new computer, it had a built in web cam which I never had before.

I was a little late to chat with the Australian couple and just wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I told them right away about the web cam and they got super excited telling me they know exactly what they want to do tonight. They said this will become more of a live dare now, and went on to tell me what I had to do first as long as I accepted their dare which I guess they would explain as it was happening.

"Of course", I was excited.

To start they said I had about an hour but I had to set up a private web cam page and give them the log on and password, then obviously get naked and take a shower and make sure my body was perfectly shaven, then apply all my make-up, wig, paint my nails, and glue on my breast forms then when all that is finished come back to the computer and let them know I was ready as they will be logged on by then and can hopefully see me.

That made me a little nervous, as I've sent them some pics of me but always in either an outfit or in lingerie.

A dare's a dare so I got started.

First I got the page all set up and the web cam operational and sent them the password and log on.

Next I showered and meticulously shaved every inch of my body so nice and smooth, and glued on a set of long finger nails.

After some body lotion I quickly painted my toes and finger nails a pretty sparkly purple and let them dry.

I had just gotten the breast form glue so this was my first time applying it but it was pretty easy and my big size DD's went on easily and stayed nicely right in place after holding them for a little while so the glue could set.

Then I started on my makeup with concealer and foundation, I also applied some foundation around my breast forms which made them look so incredibly natural. I put on my false eye lashes and went with a purple and black smoky eye look, then jet black eye liner and loaded on the mascara. My eyes look so damn sexy! To finish I put on shiny pink lip gloss, a little blush and touched everything up a little, I looked so hot like I was ready for a night out.

Lastly I affixed my wig in place which is a light blonde with some darker highlights, and a look in the mirror and I couldn't even recognize myself. It had been a little while since I made myself up like this but with the very naturally looking breasts I just look amazing and incredibly sexy!

I nervously went to the computer and kneeled in front of it as my computer is only a foot off the floor, I don't have a desk.

I looked at the page which had a text section and a screen which showed what the camera was looking at which was a naked hot looking girl with a penis.

"Wow" was the first message on the screen.

"Now lets have this sexy girl dress in some sexy lingerie for us. "

"Put on the present that we sent you a few weeks ago and finish it off with a pair of stilettos."

"Make sure you can be seen on camera putting on each item."

This was actually really exciting to me, they loved the way I looked and now I was going to dress in front of them, this is hot! So I grabbed all the items they had sent me and my 4 1/2" black stiletto heels and got in front of the camera.

"Put on the garter belt," was the first demand.

I put the garter belt around my waist then fastened it nice and tight, I also watched the screen to make sure I was centered in the camera.

"Now the stockings."

Slowly and sensually I slid each thigh high up my smooth leg and attached each garter.

"Panties next."

I slid the sexy thong up and when in place I tucked my little clitty back behind so I had a smooth feminine appearance.

"You can put the bra on now, even though we love looking at those amazing tits!"

So I slipped my arms through the bra straps next and clipped into place, adjusting my large breasts in the cups.

"Put on heels and jewelry."

So I put on my stiletto's, the choker and matching bracelets and stood in front of the camera in this sexy Fredrick's Of Hollywood lingerie waiting for what's next.

Not to brag but I was looking at the full picture of me on the screen and I looked so hot and sexy!

"God you look hot!"

"Go get a martini glass and your big purple dildo."

So I took my big purple dildo out of the drawer and walked back to the computer to show it to the camera. It is 9 inches long with a nice 3 inch girth, realistic cock with balls and veins, and also vibrates.

Now to get the martini glass, I have to walk down to the kitchen in just lingerie and high heels while all the windows are open and I don't know if my roommate is home, or if he'll walk in the front door.

I thought about a cover up, but I wasn't told I could do that not to mention if my roommate sees me it's not like he knows I do this.

Nervous as hell I venture down to the kitchen, find a martini glass and back up to my room, phew no roommate but I have no idea if anybody was looking in the windows. Probably not.

I show the martini glass and my big purple dildo to the camera.

"Start sucking that purple cock."

So I hold the base of it below the balls, while i'm on my knees in front of the camera and start licking the big veined shaft up and down, then take the large head in my mouth and start sucking it up and down, trying to give it the best blow job I can. As I'm bobbing up and down on the shaft, trying to take as much in my mouth as I can as I look up and see the next message comes up on the screen.

"Fuck that dildo like the slut you are, then while its deep inside you and vibrating, turn and face the camera and stroke your little clitty until you cum, but make sure you cum into the martini glass."

I turn so my ass is facing the camera, I spit on my fingers and rub it onto my little hole after I pull my thong to the side. The dildo is well lubed with my spit so I squat over the huge dildo and lower myself onto it.

The large head is lined up with my hole and I start to sit down on it, forcing the head to push into me.

Gog it's still feels so damn big and it pops into me giving me a quick once of pain until my little hole is used to the head inside me.

I start to push down to take more of the big purple cock up inside me.

It stretches me nice and wide, feels so good now, slowly sliding inside me.

I take more and more of it up inside of me, then I start bouncing up and down on my big purple cock, slowly at first but a little faster and harder.

I slam down on it, taking most of the 9 inches inside me, moaning out loud, I spin on it, turning to face the camera, on my knees with my huge dildo buried inside me, I start it vibrating and pull out my little hard penis from my panties and start rubbing it up and down, trying to make myself cum.

The vibrations along with this super huge, veined, realistic 9 inch cock up inside me is too much to handle. I stroke myself and moan as the pleasure mounts. My cum spurts out of me as I orgasm, I fill the martini glass with load after load of hot cum.

"Now drink all of your cum out of the martini glass."

I turn off the vibrator, so I'm kneeling with my huge 9 inch fat purple dildo deep inside me, I pick up the martini glass full of my cum and look into the camera, then I drink the entire glass, swallowing all my cum.

Oh my God.

Next chapter will be the finish to my story about a man from my town, then this story might continue in the chapter after that.



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Mmmm love to be on cam and instructed too

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