tagIncest/TabooIntercepted by a Pygmy Ch. 05

Intercepted by a Pygmy Ch. 05


Ouch! I came awake with the dull throbbing of my jaw. I never saw his fist coming, and my Daddy sucker-punched my lights out.

I was hanging by my wrists in the Dungeon. The lights were very bright, and very red. My mouth was stuffed with my cotton panties, smelling of my juicy excitement.

I couldn't see Jerry and I hoped he was alright. I was alone for the time being, but I knew that Daddy would soon be in to play with his little girl.

He strode into the room, wearing only his army fatigue pants and boots. His belt was coiled menacingly in his meaty right hand, his skin already slick with the heat of anticipation.

"I tell you when and whom to fellate, daughter! Your little blowjob fest in there has truly disappointed me. I feel you must be punished. Pygmy, I am going to whip you hard with this belt. I'm going to cut your little ass with it until you bleed. I am going to whip your pathetic little tits so hard that the nipples will look like ripe cherries for a month!" He began to slowly unwind the belt, and I couldn't stop the cry of fear that was swallowed by my gag.

"Dumbass," Jerry muttered as he freed himself from the telephone cord that had been used to hastily bind his arms. He first checked the monitor. Dear old Dad had wisely turned off the dungeon cameras. Jerry remoted to the alternate station and viewed the cameras in time to see Sergeant Fowler, his face clearly visible swing the belt. Then he called 9-1-1.

Daddy wasted no time, striking viciously at my tender butt. In his rage he missed, and the tongue-tip of the flailing belt bit into the puffy outer lips of my bald pussy! I screamed into the gag, pleading with my Daddy to stop, then shuddered in terror. My Dad, half creator of my life had the face of a demon. Anger and anguish painted his eyes, a trembling baleful hatred poured out with his sweat. I closed my eyes.

Jerry stood transfixed as the second blow from Peggy's father's belt cut sharply across both nipples. Despite her suspension, Peggy jerked in agonized spasms, her bound knees jerking to her chest. Daddy dearest took the opportunity to swing the belt upwards, slashing against the backs of his daughter's thighs.

My Daddy pulled the gag from my mouth. "I want to hear you scream better." As calmly as I could, I pleaded with him to stop this, all of this. "Daddy, please. I don't want this. This is no game, this is no act. You're holding and torturing me against my wi..." Whish! Crack! The belt lashed across my face, cutting me across my mouth.

"Cunt child!" My own flesh and blood had just called me the most hateful name I had ever been called. I hung limply in shock. "You know what hate breed is, cunt? It's the offspring of rape. You are hate-breed, you little slut. That's probably why God has punished you by giving you a horny body that won't grow up. No tits, no ass, no hair. You're hate breed. I raped your Mommy, and now I'm going to rape you. In your worthless pussy, in your mouth, in your tight little girl ass. Then I'm going to whip you some more. To prove his point he untied my legs and spread them wide apart, tying my ankles to two steel rings.

"Please Daddy! No-o-o-o!" The unexpected invasión of the huge black inflatable buttplug felt like a blowtorch burning my tiny, tender asshole. Daddy had thankfully lubricated the monster, but my ass was unready. Disregarding my agony, my own father pumped the bulb three times, causing me to nearly black out. He activated the powerful vibrator and began to tenderly stroke my clitoris.

Then, when my bud had throbbed to full hardness, he lashed upward with the belt. My bald little pussy was completely open and vulnerable to this madman.

Jerry had seen enough. He transferred all the images from Peggy's computer to his secret server, except for the scene of her peeing, the masturbation footage and the scene now being dutifully recorded by 4 cameras and five microphones. He quietly deactivated Peggy's website and hid any evidence of their earlier fun, including cleaning the puddle of his semen from the glass top of the coffee table and hastily dressing himself.

I was cut in half. Daddy...why Daddy? Brought the belt up hard between my spread legs, the pain in my vagina horrible. I blacked out for a second. When I awoke, my father was speaking, shouting. "Gulf One, motherfuckers. And I was there fore four months. Your Mommy the Cunt-Slut was fucking every one of my lazy, chicken-shit friends while I was gone. Knew the only way to hold onto her and make her my own was to marry her. But she wouldn't. She wouldn't that is, until I knocked her up. I had to keep her hanging in chains for nearly three weeks until I was sure my seed had germinated. I fucked her three times a day for three months. I beat her sorry ass, pussy and tits, too. Every damn day. I used to hang her upside down after each rape-fuck, just so the jizz wouldn't leak out of her. Bitch cried to me two months later that she was pregnant with my baby. Had the DNA tested, little pussy, and you're the result of your Mommy's three-week vacation in Rape Land."

He put padded leather cuffs around my ankles and lifted my lower body on chains until I was spread open wide, my heels in the air. My wrists screamed in protest as my body was repositioned for what I knew would be a terrible rape at the hands of my own father.

Leering at me, Daddy gave the bulb a fourth squeeze. He increased the speed of the vibrating plug and grinned wickedly at my screams of agony and arousal.

My father continued to insanely babble, his gravelly voice now punctuated with small giggles and snorts.

"Of course, when your mother and I were first courting, they didn't have contraptions like this!" He gave the bulb another hard squeeze.

I feared that I would be torn in half. I imagined I could feel my life's blood draining from my tortured anus.

I squealed in fright as I watched him unsheathe his gnarled cock and move toward me. "Open wide!"


The police burst in just as my dear Daddy was beginning to shove his cock into me. It took four cops to finally bring him to his knees and cuff him.

The detective on the scene made Jerry tell the story over and over, how I had contacted him because I found out my own father had wired the apartment with voyeur-cams. How he had helped me by coming over to look at the system, only to be interrupted by my insane father. Jerry showed the "covert" videos of me peeing and playing with myself, showed copies of my Dad's payments to a surveillance company and his forgery of my signature on the apartment lease, then ran my first introduction to the bondage dungeon and Daddy's vicious leather belt.

Jerry convinced the detective that I was being videotaped against my will by a ruthless and sexually obsessed father, the same man who had burst in and attacked me when confronted about the hidden cameras.

The case against my Dad was a slam-dunk, and he knew it. He pleaded to a lesser charge and received 25 years for binding, whipping and raping me with the inflatable plug. He would be eligible for parole in fifteen years, but his military career and lucrative construction business were through.

I kept the apartment. Jerry helped me really trick out the website! I have a girlfriend who lives with me part-time and helps generate a steady stream of cash by appearing on the webcams for our subscribers. We've only played together once. She got into it, and I didn't mind it too much. We're making real money now. I think I'll be able to retire within ten years. I'll be nearly thirty by then, but I bet I'll still look like I'm eleven.

Jerry and I are still "friends with benefits." Every once in awhile, I'll seduce him. With or without the huge black plug. I like Jerry's little dick. It fits my tiny pussy beautifully, and I love him for helping bust my Dad.

Also, Jerry is really kinky and is even into bondage. We've had some incredibly hot webcam fun in the dungeon room. . In fact, Jerry's got his own website now. A bunch of our online viewers expressed a real interest in watching him solo, wanking his wee willy. Go figure. It must be that he, like me looks so adolescent.

I recently received a bonafide offer from a wealthy European businessman with a Lolita complex. His attorney contacted me to offer thirty thousand dollars for a weekend with the sixty year-old geezer. I don't know. Gotta think about that one.

Postlogue: I saw my Mom for the first time since she left Dad six years ago when I was barely fourteen. She still looks really hot, even though she's already 38. She and I each laid a small wreath of flowers on Dad's casket before they buried the perverted fuck. Yeah, knifed in prison. What else? I forgave Mom. In fact, she's impressed by my Internet business and is proud of me. I might have her appear in a little mother-daughter thing on my website. Or would that be too sick?

As far as that gigantic, black, inflatable, vibrating butt-plug I stole from my crazy college roommate Belinda:

I still haven't worked up the courage to try and put it into my tiny butthole again.

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