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Someone sent me an email, asking me to write a story about a Mother and Daughter, who unknowingly chat with each other, until they meet at a restaurant. 3 hours later, this is the result, enjoy.


About 2 months ago my daughter asked for her own computer and internet connection in her room. She simply was tired of sharing mine, especially if she wanted some private time. This got me worried, I did want to trust her but it seemed like a strange reason.

"What do you mean private?"

"Well I like to chat, and I am 19. Just sometimes a meet someone on a chat site and things get a little hot. But knowing that you could walk in at anytime just seems to dampen the mood." Was that all, I had myself played a little with the chat sites, so knew that having the computer in my room would not give her that privacy as most of the time, I would come into the room without knocking and kick her off if I wanted to use it. So for being honest, she deserved a present.

"I was saving to buy you a laptop for your 21st, but I was also planning on getting a new car. But I could buy you laptop now and get the car later, but it would mean your 21st birthday present is very early."

"Thank you mom, I love you, I want the laptop now if that would be ok with you, sorry about your car, but if you really don't mind I would love a laptop. Thank you." And she gave me a big hug. So I went to the shop with Sophie and she picked out a laptop, actually I was surprised how cheap they were, when I started to think of buying a laptop for Sophie, I assumed they would be much more expensive, but Sophie picked out the cheapest one which cost less $300, reconditioned. I said she could get something better, but she argued that it was just for a bit of work and the internet. The man at the shop helped me out on how to share the internet and I brought a router, that the laptop would wirelessly pick up the internet. Once home and Sophie and I got the router working, a very happy Sophie had her own computer and all the privacy she needed. I was happy for her, but over the next month I saw less and less of her. She became a chat addict, and with no husband around since he left 2 years ago, I had no one except the people in the chat rooms to talk too. But now I felt I needed human contact. Since my divorce all I did was moan about how I was too old to date anymore, I had little friends and was quite shy around people. So when I started chatting I found my fill, but I still allowed a few hours a day to be with Sophie. She had decided not to attend college just yet, as she had found a job she enjoyed and would soon be earning more money than her father she said, but at the moment it was an apprenticeship. I worked in the kitchen of a local restaurant. My cooking skills were limitless and the Chef was impressed, I worked from lunch to dinner, working 12pm to 8pm, then giving me enough time at home to spend with Sophie during our own dinner and a late night of chatting.

So after a month I decided maybe it is time to meet someone, I was more comfortable to talk on the internet rather than face to face and if someone I enjoyed talking too would meet face to face eventually, then who knows where it might lead. So while I chatted I began to hint that I was single and looking for a date. I was very discrete, so not to look desperate. I found a general chat site that offered people the chance to talk to people in certain counties or areas close by. It was general, which means they could be either male or female. It must have been about a week before I was chatting to someone who could be a perfect candidate, RosePetal01. She approached me first.

RosePetal01: Hi Cheffette04.

Cheffette04: Hi RosePetal01

RosePetal01: Ive been reading ur comments, u seem sad and lonely.

Cheffette04: Is it really that obvious, I was trying to be discrete.

RosePetal01: I could feel ur words, maybe u were looking 4 some1 who understood u.

Cheffette04: So do you understand me?

RosePetal01: I would like to think so, maybe we could talk in private?

I agreed and I invited to talk privately.

RosePetal01: This should be much better, so do u want to tell me about u.

Cheffette04: Well as you can tell I am a chef, and female, anything else I will only give later if I feel comfortable.

RosePetal01: Sorry, did not mean to get personal.

Cheffette04: Don't be, you only asked a question, I was being honest not hurt. Can you tell me a little about yourself?

RosePetal01: I am female also, young, single and female. So why are u sad, is it because u are lonely or something else.

Cheffette04: Do you want the short or long version.

RosePetal01: I really want to know u chefie, so tell me whatever you want, how ever long it takes.

Cheffette04: Thank you petal, it is nice to finally be able to talk about my problems.

RosePetal01: A problem shared is a problem halved, they say.

Cheffette04: Where to start. My husband left me some years ago, and until then I was a housewife and mother, that is all I have done since I left school. But now I am alone, no real friends but want to try and meet someone. My kids are no longer here so it is just me, I did not plan for this, my husband met someone younger, same old story and left. I feel like someone in the bottom of the toilet, my ex just pulled the chain and I have just been spinning around the bottom for the last few years. But I want, no need someone to help me out, give me something to look forward to, because my job though good, is only something I do for money and a distraction, I need someone in my life. So have been chatting recently to find someone.

RosePetal01: I don't know if I can help u with the dating part, but I would be interested to be ur friend. I used to get on with my family, but I just felt so lost and lonely myself.

Cheffette04: Have you tried dating?

RosePetal01: Yes, but every guy I meet seems to missing something and I either get bored early on or the sex is really bad.

Cheffette04: lol, I used to think my husband was good, as I had no one else to compare it too, but when he left I got a vibrator, then I realised I was certainly fooled by him, men just have no skill in the bedroom.

RosePetal01: Tell me about it, maybe we should date, it might at least be fun.

Cheffette04: Are you being serious?

RosePetal01: A little, until now it was an idea, but if u ever think u might be interested 2 meet, then who knows.

Cheffette04: Wow, I never thought about being with a woman, I would like to think I am honest, so I am not entirely shocked by thought, but it makes me feel uncomfortable.

RosePetal01: Sorry, I did not mean to do that.

Cheffette04: Again, don't be sorry, ever, I appreciate your honesty and candour, it will be nice to get to know you, and if we get more comfortable on the subject, maybe what we both need is a woman and not another crappy guy.

RosePetal01: Ok, let's see where it might lead and if we are more comfortable we could give each other personal information.

So there it was our first chat and certainly not our last, we chatted for the next several works, always between 10 till late. We seemed to like each so much, we discussed things in the news and little snippets of information about each other, likes and dislikes. We just seemed to click and I was getting really close to maybe meeting this person, who knows.

I know what happens next, but when I look back on things now, certain events make more sense. So before I return to the chat I had with RosePetal01 that night, let me mention a chat I had with Sophie during dinner.

"Dinner was good as normal mom, thank you." All through dinner she seemed distracted, her smile forced when she thanked me for dinner.

"Sophie, what is wrong you seem unhappy, or like something is bothering you? For the past month I have not seen you without a smile on your face."

"I am sorry mom, I am just, erm, I want." She blew a long breath, getting her thoughts in order. "I can be honest with you, and you won't judge me for what I might say?"

"Sophie what ever you tell me is by your choice alone, and it is also your choice on how you decide to enjoy you life, no matter what other people might say, including me. But I would like to think that you can tell me anything, so if you want to talk?" Now I feel like a real idiot writing this, because before I say what happens next, if I was not having a one track mind about looking forward to chatting with RosePetal01, and paid more attention to my daughter, I might have picked up on a few clues, maybe several, but as it is, until later in the story, I just did my best as a mother to be there, as a mother.

"I have met someone on the internet, and I plan on asking them to meet."

"Are you nervous about asking or meeting?"

"Both, the problem is that they are older, about your age I think and it is a woman."

"Oh." That was all I could think of to say. I had the same thoughts about RosePetal01, I really wanted to meet her, but her age, mainly our age difference put me off. Our chats were just amazing and I really felt like RosePetal01 was my best friend. But I wanted to start talking more personally, chatting was easy as you did not care what the other person really thought about what you told them, you could not see there face, but now we were getting closer as people, I really wanted a more personal chat, face to face. The fact that we were both woman, was hiding in the back of my brain, but Sophie had brought it too the front part and now I was wondering how I would feel about being with a woman. "Have you been with woman before, I mean are you telling me you are a lesbian?"

"Honestly, I really don't know. Since me and this woman started chatting and I suggested that we could meet, even though we are both woman, the idea is more and more appealing. I have noticed I look at woman more when they come into the shop and have even started to masturbate thinking about woman, so I might be a lesbian. Does that upset you?"

"No not really, in fact, now that you mention it, I have noticed the same thing. Maybe we both have just tried to hide it to ourselves. Even though I had you Sophie, the greatest thing I ever did, I might have made a mistake with your father."

"So do you think I should meet this woman?"

"Whatever you want to do, do it for yourself, I cannot tell you what to do. But if you want my advice, try it, see what it's like, maybe I should meet a woman, even at my age I still could offer somebody something." If RosePetal01 taught me anything, it was to not be negative about myself. I put myself down a lot, like when RosePetal01 apologized a lot. We both learnt to be more forthright. So lately I felt that no matter what, I was a kind person with a great personality and if people did not like the way I looked and could not see the person I am, then it is there loss. Plus I was guessing people would say no, but RosePetal01 reminded me also that we are our own worst enemies, especially when we try and guess what other people might think of us, especially when most of the time we are so wrong. I was 41, I still had a trim figure, except the couple of pounds that showed around my stomach, that I had lately been unable to shift; my breasts were smallish, smaller before I had Sophie. But thanks to there size, they had remained pretty sturdy, less weight to make them sag. I had long, straight brown hair, with a few specks of grey showing, and was 5'4". Sophie sometimes mentioned when trying to get me to go out and date, that I was better looking than most 40 year old actresses, who all had to have plastic surgery to keep them looking good. Now that's a compliment.

"Thanks for the advice mom, I think I will go to my bedroom now." I bid Sophie goodnight and tidied the kitchen. I poured a class of wine and went to my room. It was still 9.30, so decided to play some solitaire before meeting RosePetal01 online at 10.

RosePetal01: Hi C, been waiting for an hour to talk.

Cheffette04: Hi P, must be important. What's up?

RosePetal01: I feel very close to u, I think about u all day and have been nervous today, I want 2 meet u.

Cheffette04: Wow, now I feel nervous. Been thinking about you a lot lately as well. But I realised that as I have been making friends with you, feeling closer to you more and more each time we chat, I have been ignoring the fact you are a woman, and that makes me really nervous about meeting you.

RosePetal01: So me being a woman makes u afraid 2 meet me?

Cheffette04: No, not really, it is the realisation that if we meet and we like each other as much in person as we do by chatting, I may have wasted more than half my life with a man, when I should have been with a woman. It would make me feel a little stupid and ignorant.

RosePetal01: Don't think like that c, u may not be gay, if we do find we like each other more as friends, I might be the only woman you will ever like in that way.

Cheffette04: I know but, somebody mentioned something today, and I think that maybe I am gay.

RosePetal01: We should meet then, as we are both new to this, we at least will be less nervous knowing neither of us have no experience in this. If we are compatible, then we can discover things together.

Cheffette04: But what about my age, maybe you should try with someone younger.

RosePetal01: Again, please don't think so little of urself. I like u, not ur age or beauty, but I do think u are probably very beautiful, both inside and out. I like more mature people anyway, and our chats have been fun, interesting and the best I have ever had with a person, other than my mom.

Cheffette04: Ok, before I change my mind, where and when?

RosePetal01: I don't want to force u, if u feel unsure; maybe we should wait till u are ready.

Cheffette04: Don't let my nervousness ruin this, I really do feel it is time to meet; the apprehension of it all is what bothers me. Really. When and where?

RosePetal01: Ok, tomorrow night, 8pm, dinner. Travoli's in town, I will book under the name, Petal. I will also wear a red rose to help you spot me.

Cheffette04: Ok, then p, will leave for now, but can't wait to meet you tomorrow. Night.

And now I slept, nervously, planning in my head the scenario's for tomorrow night, what to wear kept my mind awake mostly. Nothing that says I am interested, nothing that says I have no style, nothing that shows I am a mother that has never dated since the 80's, when disco was still a term people used. So the next day, I called in sick and went shopping, for 4 hours. I went in every clothes shop and shoe store I could find, picking up several different outfits and a few pair of shoes. I even went into a lingerie shop and picked up something fresh, modern and nice, just in case things led further, not that I was planning on sleeping with Petal on the first night. But the thought still occurred that we had dated for the last 3 weeks and that tonight could be classed as the 3rd date, which was a rule I set with my ex all those years ago, as a time in which if we were ready we would and did have sex. When I got home Sophie was not home and left a note on the kitchen table.


Decided to meet that person, wish me luck. Will be out all night, so don't make me dinner.



Well that saves me an excuse as to why I am going out tonight. So I went upstairs and grabbed a shower. Once out I dried and spent the next 30 minutes wrapped in a towel, doing my hair and make-up. Once I felt ready, I put on the new underwear, a white pair of French panties and a lacy bra. I was planning on wearing tights, but after shaving my legs, they seemed good without them. I also shaved my vagina; I felt that to feel younger would be to do the one thing everyone else was doing now. I maybe naive but I knew something about looking nice and sexy. It did feel nice when I put on the panties, my bare lips rubbing slightly against the material. I chose a knee length black dress. I looked in the mirror and was amazed at how different I looked and felt. I looked sexy and almost changed outfits, so as not to give my date the wrong impression, but I decided that for once I was just going to go with it. Tonight I was going to live a little and just see where the evening took me. No matter what, I was going to try and have fun, and if it ended with having sex with a woman for the first time, so be it, I was not going to feel nervous tonight, and I did not want to be alone anymore.

I arrived at 8 preciously and told the woman at the door that I had a reservation for 2 under the name Petal. She told me my companion had already arrived and was seated. So I was led to our table. When I arrived I spotted the red rose pinned to her blouse, but it was when I looked at her shocked face that I sat down after almost fainting.

"Mom." Sophie said. I was too stunned to talk; luckily the waiter came and asked us if we wanted anything to drink. I still had not said anything so Sophie ordered a bottle of red wine, but before he left I asked for a double scotch, no ice. I just stared at Sophie, still unable to think or say anything, while she seemed more and more nervous and scared. I was just too shocked for words. While I waited I went over everything in my head that we had talked about both together in person at dinner and while chatting. There were clues but I was just too lonely to pick up that they were the same person. Our drinks arrived and I drank the scotch in one gulp, while Sophie poured us both a glass of wine. Sophie drank her wine in one go, and then got up to leave.

"Don't leave Sophie." I pleaded, my eyes showing how sorry I was that I had given her the idea that I did not want her here. She sat back down, while I poured her another glass. "I am sorry; I guess you can understand how shocked I am." She nodded. "Did you know?" This upset her.

"Do you think I would have let it get this far if I knew, how could you think I would do something like that, I thought you knew me better than that." She seemed angry now; maybe this was her way of hiding the shock she herself must have felt.

"I so sorry, it was just a question. It just came out wrong, sorry." This calmed her.

"Me too, you simply asked a question and were honest enough asking it. Maybe I am the one that did not listen. So what now, I guess maybe we should just go home and forget this ever happened." She had given me a way out, but my daughter obviously had a reason to find someone on the internet, like me, were we so different. Was it me that had lost Sophie to the internet, or was it Sophie who had lost me. Before I got the internet in my room we spent a lot of time together, but once I got online I was hooked and spent less and less time with her.

"No, don't go, let's enjoy our meal. I think we both need to talk, not just about our chatting to each other online, but what we both have lost since I got the internet, specifically each other. I think that meeting online and meeting tonight, just confirmed how important we are to each other and how much we need each other at home. Not sexually, but we both needed each other for guidance and support. I needed help to move on from your father and to make friends and you as to how to be an adult, getting help to find the right person for you."

"Maybe, let's order first then talk." So we both ordered our meals and started to discuss where we both got lost. When I got the internet I started to chat more, Sophie felt it was important for me to meet new people, but when she felt her mother needed space as well as Sophie needing private time on the internet. That was when she asked for her own computer. I explained that I did want to meet new people, but that I felt I lost Sophie once she got her own computer. We both admitted our mistakes to each other and we began to tell each other how we wanted things to be from now on and how to move forward. This is where things really changed between us.

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